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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

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  1. George Rodriguez

    George Rodriguez12 minutes ago

    Let's listen to bill without comments

  2. George Rodriguez

    George Rodriguez13 minutes ago

    Hila so annoying on this ima have to skip

  3. Omeed Siadati

    Omeed Siadati16 minutes ago

    Podcast 145: Hila has left me

  4. George Rodriguez

    George Rodriguez26 minutes ago

    The intro was so awkward ..especially when hila said he looked just like bill .. lol

  5. Papa Boat

    Papa Boat57 minutes ago

    Actually a lot of people from Japan watch you guys

  6. unknown

    unknownHour ago

    USA sucks.

  7. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_KendrickHour ago

    Guess Ethan was too lazy to get an updated thumbnail photo of Link's current haircut.

  8. Melissa Anderson Blue

    Melissa Anderson BlueHour ago

    He’s got his bare feet up

  9. Charles Graham

    Charles GrahamHour ago

    Ethan is super dope sometimes the way he talks makes him sound like a dick cause he's awkward having Hila talk more smooths it out so well

  10. The Avatar Kira

    The Avatar KiraHour ago

    hey get ready for the coming of jesus, cause soon enough he's the only one gonna be able to get a job

  11. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_KendrickHour ago

    You ever notice how they act with guest they don't like, they make them wait outside and then "bring them in" but with guest they like they already have them sitting in on the podcast before its even started?

  12. Laken

    Laken2 hours ago

    I’m mad I can’t order from the rip n dip collab because they don’t have 2xl...guess I gotta lose weight for the next collab 😂

  13. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_Kendrick2 hours ago

    Yea dude y'all need to get off your high horse. All little hypocritical when a lot of the videos you have made have extremely crude content.

  14. Chawsae

    Chawsae2 hours ago

    54:58 bill burr probably rewatching breaking bad

  15. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_Kendrick2 hours ago

    I know this whole thing is cringe meme and the guy doesn't get it because Ethan is basically being the enabler in this situation.

  16. DishLiquidGB

    DishLiquidGB2 hours ago

    "watch out" as an american veteran all i have to say is what ever

  17. DishLiquidGB

    DishLiquidGB2 hours ago

    dont work for d dash its all a scam

  18. camren hartfiel

    camren hartfiel2 hours ago

    I’m not sure if his excitement when she’s running him over in the beginning is for the show but idc he’s such an amazing loving supportive husband it makes me feel good

  19. Bob Builder

    Bob Builder2 hours ago

    SNL kicking out an edgy comedian? Pete Davidson is an edgy comedian himself, he's made jokes about 9/11, a national tragedy where his dad even passed away in as a firefighter, and (I cannot confirm this, too lazy to do research) even made jokes about the Manchester bombing of an Ariana Grande concert, while he was engaged with Ariana Grande who is very vocal about the trauma she suffers from the event.

  20. Ben

    Ben2 hours ago

    Ethans a butt

  21. IndieAustin

    IndieAustin3 hours ago

    can we get an update on belle's spit.

  22. Sham Adams

    Sham Adams3 hours ago

    the 2 party system is a joke, why dont americans really shake up politic and vote a 3rd party.

  23. Dankrupt

    Dankrupt3 hours ago

    1. Why are we calling facts like mkultra a conspiracy theory? 2. The chem trail theory isn’t that ALL planes are spraying shit. What a weird/classic way to “disprove” that theory. 3. I’m too tired to correct all the things wrong in this podcast

  24. SupremeScythe 10

    SupremeScythe 103 hours ago

    Where the heck is your little ceasers bro? The one I go to in Haverhill, MA sells their pizzas for like 6 dollars plus tax.

  25. Hitmonstahp

    Hitmonstahp3 hours ago

    34:08 to skip the ads

  26. Sham Adams

    Sham Adams3 hours ago

    What episode of Legion of Skanks they were talking about?

  27. Sham Adams

    Sham Adams3 hours ago

    Imagine Legion of Skanks on H3 podcast.

  28. Barlos Xantana

    Barlos Xantana3 hours ago

    Only black guy to ever be on h3....

  29. The Time Traveller’s Wife

    The Time Traveller’s Wife3 hours ago

    that face when a girl asks if you’ve had dick cheese and you’re like idk and she’s like ew like BITCH WTF U WANT ME TO SAY

  30. Jaime Paredes

    Jaime Paredes3 hours ago

    Never have commented before... That boy has more class than most...the sad clown with real soul... Your theatrical does not equal your intellect.. Best pod.. Love the "rat", "slept", "kid" n play (fighter)," somethings burning", "Didnt even make a Deheeennnt", joe (what's your last name on news radio) rogan, monday burr, joe diaz... But steve shows "diamond in the rough" love... Revamped fan big "o"

  31. Anastasia ortolano

    Anastasia ortolano4 hours ago

    ETHAN AND HILA 2020!!! Who's with us????

  32. Brennan Smith

    Brennan Smith4 hours ago


  33. Clementine

    Clementine4 hours ago

    Can someone explain 47:00 to me please? What does what hila say mean?

  34. Billy Fusco Jr.

    Billy Fusco Jr.4 hours ago

    I didn't think this was bad at all. I do think Ethan can work on his interviewing skills from this point (this was a YEAR ago, so I'm sure he's grown a bit since then)

  35. IvelLeCog

    IvelLeCog4 hours ago

    I feel like if you watch one of Yang's interviews, you've seen them all. His talking points are pretty much word for word identical in each of the interviews he has had. I understand that his talking points are his talking points but it would be nice to see him articulate these points in different ways rather than reading from the same mental script.

  36. abigail alvarez

    abigail alvarez4 hours ago

    I love seeing the footage through Hila’s handheld camera!

  37. Sham Adams

    Sham Adams4 hours ago

    Have you guys thought of doing a fashion show with teddy fresh?

  38. hddd

    hddd4 hours ago

    erik came a long way from salvia rips

  39. Sham Adams

    Sham Adams4 hours ago

    I wish these podcasts can be timestamped.

  40. Damian Black

    Damian Black4 hours ago

    Kermit tig ol bitty fked miss piggy

  41. Tony Rios

    Tony Rios4 hours ago


  42. Ivin3690

    Ivin36905 hours ago

    wait so other races' feelings matter less than black people's, Ethan?

  43. cough pillbox

    cough pillbox5 hours ago

    I'm sorry, hila, but your clothing line is a little creepy. The models look like they're grown adults that are into roleplaying as children.

  44. Steve Black

    Steve Black5 hours ago

    1:51:15 are you actually that stupid ethan or can you not come up with anything better? He clearly doesn't support gun control he's mocking those that do when they come up with stupid ways to implement gun control, he's saying that by what Chris supports he wouldn't even be allowed to own a gun, he would be targeted by the own laws he wants implemented. Stop being stupid.

  45. Hell_Pike

    Hell_Pike5 hours ago

    From a former infantryman, congrats guys!

  46. Mark Cho

    Mark Cho5 hours ago

    omg ethans understanding of the VAT triggers me lmao....

  47. Mario E.

    Mario E.6 hours ago

    1:03:10 - "Home of the Free, Live in my Basement and drink my Pee" - - You got your annual quota covered with that one...

  48. 3rd Street Saint 69

    3rd Street Saint 696 hours ago

    I was never proud to be an American... Until Hila became a citizen! Yeah baby! 'Merica, FUCK YEAH!

  49. Ashley Sheley

    Ashley Sheley6 hours ago

    Your video is literally 2 hours and 31 minutes long. So how can you even talk? His video had 3-4 different topics in the video. It wasnt just 2 hours on chuck e cheese. And it was technically an hour and 31 mins long. So an hour less than yours!

  50. The Time Traveller’s Wife

    The Time Traveller’s Wife6 hours ago

    i wish snapchat had like a seperate page for for my eyes only i don’t need my friends being like “oh what’s in my eyes only” like bitch you don’t want to see it... i don’t want you to see it... nobody wants you to see it stfu snapchat smh

  51. Manuel Haro

    Manuel Haro6 hours ago

    Imagine doing it the illegal way while Hila did it the proper correct way

  52. Fresh Heat

    Fresh Heat6 hours ago

    The audio is so bad lmao

  53. sammy45654565

    sammy456545657 hours ago

    the jew-chink thing is because he's asian but is largely focused in economics. he's taken a more typically "jewish" path, where asians are more excited about being doctors than lawyers or bankers. that's how i interpreted the stupid joke

  54. Ralph Mubs

    Ralph Mubs7 hours ago

    Some actually on point questions very nice !

  55. max barbosa05

    max barbosa057 hours ago

    Can Ethan talk about big boy being the new papa of all pizza

  56. Steve Black

    Steve Black7 hours ago

    "here's trump with these young girls" **Proceeds to show video of Trump dancing with girls in their late 20's to 30s** Jesus, can ethan and the far left actually say anything correct to try and destroy trump? But trump did slap one of them on the ass and we all know men that are attracted to women are bad in 2019.

  57. Michael Daly

    Michael Daly7 hours ago

    Remember when Ethan was going on a diet?

  58. Maria Del Valle

    Maria Del Valle7 hours ago

    GUYS. Andrew Yang is using ideas created by Karl Marx! Damn I wish I could vote.

  59. DeeKay

    DeeKay7 hours ago

    lost me at donate to yang. yikers

  60. RiverC4

    RiverC47 hours ago

    Listening to this while delivering pizzas for pizza hut as he says they had the best delivery time 😎

  61. Duke

    Duke8 hours ago

    Is God Damn It Ian available on iTunes?

  62. ——

    ——8 hours ago

    don't fuckin assume hila can't handle the gatsby she is a p r o f e s s i o n a l

  63. prodbykill4u

    prodbykill4u8 hours ago

    I've always been a philosophical person, questioning my surroundings and why we do things, and I always thought that I was crazy for always pondering these things, but hearing this man speak just reaffirms my belief that it's okay to question why we do things. The fact that this man has contemplated his whole life about the meanings of existence inspires me to seek out the truth. My own truth.

  64. CoolGuy TheKid

    CoolGuy TheKid8 hours ago

    I wish you could get Idubbz or Shane dawnson back on the podcast that would be so fl*pping ebic!1!!!1

  65. TheBloodBanshee

    TheBloodBanshee8 hours ago

    I've been saying it for ages, no one out-pizzas the hut!

  66. 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content

    1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content8 hours ago

    why Ethan looks older than Bill?

  67. Clayton Goodman

    Clayton Goodman8 hours ago

    Congratulations, Hila! I'm so happy for the both of you.

  68. Chris Conaway

    Chris Conaway8 hours ago

    It's "bristle" you fucking idiot. Don't take me the wrong way, I still love you. I'm calling you an offshoot because you said "brustle" with such confidence. That's not even a fucking word lol.

  69. Dave A

    Dave A9 hours ago

    man, that Teddy Fresh hat is so tacky

  70. snipofhonor

    snipofhonor9 hours ago

    what glasses is Ethan wearing in the 'I want to be a GOAT so bad' in the Ethan and Hila channel

  71. Jazmine Lakey

    Jazmine Lakey9 hours ago

    Did you know farts are dangerous if you're not wearing underwear

  72. Jazmine Lakey

    Jazmine Lakey9 hours ago

    Kermit the frog love Miss Piggy's titties

  73. Butter nuzzles noir ve

    Butter nuzzles noir ve9 hours ago


  74. Pete S

    Pete S9 hours ago

    Looks like KFC and Lincoln knew exactly what they were doing.

  75. Courtney Vaughan

    Courtney Vaughan9 hours ago

    Zack cute af

  76. Victor Gonzalez

    Victor Gonzalez9 hours ago

    nobody: ethan: so gRRrrrowing up

  77. Frank Magana

    Frank Magana9 hours ago

    Hill really said Joe Budden instead of Joe Biden🤣🤣. Who else caught that?

  78. Dayrahl

    Dayrahl9 hours ago

    I can agree with hila video game female are just the worst models

  79. cartoonfreak9

    cartoonfreak910 hours ago

    You need to do a dating show for Zach if he's looking, he's cute

  80. jimmyt1988

    jimmyt198810 hours ago

    Well done guys n girls. Very much needed podcast. Know that you're making a difference for the best. I was very impressed with Andrew. I'm feeling hope for the future.

  81. Duke

    Duke10 hours ago

    Never realized how nice Ethan's hands were till he enacted his wiping routine. He should be a hand model

  82. Jr. Lamples

    Jr. Lamples10 hours ago

    Congratulations Hila and I know it was for Israel but thanks for your service

  83. ASHIGARU94

    ASHIGARU9410 hours ago

    53:38 when you're already high on hila's citizenship and the other drugs also kick in

  84. Nowah Taylor

    Nowah Taylor10 hours ago

    I think i ran into dan on omegle because i can recognize his voice. First off fuck you for skipping me like that and dark souls is a good game.

  85. Raquel Anselmo

    Raquel Anselmo10 hours ago

    Is Ian, by some chance, fan of SuperMega?

  86. Franky FUNI

    Franky FUNI10 hours ago

    Zach does such a great job on soundboard

  87. Carlos Felix

    Carlos Felix10 hours ago

    Say goodbye to healthcare! 😂

  88. Max Ayley

    Max Ayley11 hours ago

    Make some more videos on h3h3, podcasts are pretty weak now


    PARADOXICLES11 hours ago

    The United States is NOT "America"! there are 35 American countries, the US is one of them. You mean to say "US citizen" NOT "American citizen" i highly doubt she is a citizen of all 35 American countries.

  90. anna alicia

    anna alicia11 hours ago

    papa sam houston bless

  91. pandab34rYT

    pandab34rYT11 hours ago

    That intro was so heartwarming. It's fun to see you guys goofing around.

  92. Carter Morris

    Carter Morris11 hours ago

    Nice shirt boogies got on.

  93. JessietheLookout

    JessietheLookout11 hours ago

    Ethan, you can be pissy about somebody saying rude shit to you but you just exposed his email to over a million people. "what can they do with an email?" wow dude how naive of you. watch your ego.

  94. 79obrien

    79obrien12 hours ago

    I came back to watch this to remember how mean Ethan was. Keem does deserve it but it is really brutal.

  95. alex myre

    alex myre12 hours ago

    Zach has Vincent Vega vibes

  96. Matthew Hoenig

    Matthew Hoenig12 hours ago

    51:09 I can't wait to have a gamer president

  97. ashvudu

    ashvudu12 hours ago

    Ethan- "the word chink isn't that offensive" Ethan later in the podcast- "chink is very vulgar and racial"

  98. GangaGremlin

    GangaGremlin12 hours ago

    Lmao did it get demonized?

  99. SHADOW 1

    SHADOW 112 hours ago

    Mr beast is hella humble doesn’t like to talk shit that’s why he has the success he does

  100. Critzy

    Critzy12 hours ago

    Nothing on climate change?