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Winter Bear by V
  1. 꽃구름

    꽃구름22 seconds ago

    0:33 석진이 울면(?) 달랠 용도로 갖고 다니는 알제이인가..

  2. Kartika Nirmala

    Kartika Nirmala46 seconds ago

    I'm late

  3. bleu sky

    bleu skyMinute ago

    Jimin is perfection.

  4. Agus Sulistio

    Agus SulistioMinute ago

    Like jungkek like v

  5. Kim noah gann

    Kim noah gannMinute ago

    Kim taehyung???

  6. alena elzabeth rear

    alena elzabeth rear2 minutes ago

    But but but but......... What happened to the snicker bars

  7. dana mohammad

    dana mohammad3 minutes ago

    1:00 jhoooooope😂💜

  8. ray bacchus

    ray bacchus3 minutes ago

    JIMIN My angel my world

  9. Tae7 hyung

    Tae7 hyung3 minutes ago

    *Nothing , taehyung just feeling himself*

  10. Veronica Castro Villegas

    Veronica Castro Villegas3 minutes ago

    Buena foto 👍

  11. Tae7 hyung

    Tae7 hyung5 minutes ago

    Jimin playing with balloon is so cute 💜 🥺

  12. Vante Taekook

    Vante Taekook5 minutes ago

    Dios me puso tan nerviosa que no lo podia ver fijo lpm💜

  13. Мин Юнги

    Мин Юнги5 minutes ago

    0:49 у Стаффа на ремне ЭрДжей 🥰😉 Чиминка тут просто ПРЕЛЕСТЬ! Люблю 🌸💞

  14. sudhamai srikumar

    sudhamai srikumar7 minutes ago

    0:32 still can't believe Jin's RJ keyring he put for the staff is still there 💜 *how sweet*

  15. Eva Gomez

    Eva Gomez8 minutes ago

    My babies

  16. CNBLUE Forever

    CNBLUE Forever8 minutes ago

    Jiminess overload

  17. Park Naila

    Park Naila10 minutes ago

    Jiminahh ❤❤❤

  18. 045 mangae

    045 mangae10 minutes ago


  19. Wenddy Hastumi

    Wenddy Hastumi10 minutes ago

    Jimin so cute , he slime so funny and beautifull , oh , my heart !!!

  20. Krizha Marie Orrica

    Krizha Marie Orrica11 minutes ago

    The hairstylist of jimin has a rj keychain😍uwu💜

  21. 겨울곰돌

    겨울곰돌11 minutes ago

    바리톤 목소리 넘 좋아. 섹시춤 대박

  22. Kitty22b

    Kitty22b11 minutes ago

    When their alone for 5 mins 😂😂😂

  23. Princes Santos

    Princes Santos12 minutes ago

    Cuteee 💛

  24. aurora arafiles

    aurora arafiles12 minutes ago

    Namjoon: Im pure Me: like 0% of pure 😭😭

  25. 시운

    시운13 minutes ago

    il est vraiment trop beau

  26. Doredo's World

    Doredo's World13 minutes ago

    How can i get this song in mp3 version.. I don't want Halsey on it.. You got the link?

  27. momarmy phils

    momarmy phils13 minutes ago

    Jungkook hope you stay as clean cut as this beginning nice cut hair!!!!

  28. Thalia Aldunate

    Thalia Aldunate13 minutes ago

    So cute baby

  29. bts army

    bts army13 minutes ago

    Fore ever army❤TATA 💕💕👧

  30. katie subliminals nyañ nyañ

    katie subliminals nyañ nyañ14 minutes ago

    Jimin is gay =-O

  31. 전루이

    전루이15 minutes ago

    じょんぐくさーん ってㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  32. naila rafa

    naila rafa15 minutes ago

    2019? 😂

  33. 시운

    시운15 minutes ago


  34. Đòń'ț Ţâļķèū Ťò Mě

    Đòń'ț Ţâļķèū Ťò Mě15 minutes ago

    i wish i was the balloon

  35. Nagham Baaj

    Nagham Baaj15 minutes ago

    ❤❤❤❤دخيلو اناا😇🤭😊😊❤

  36. shrushty kolhe

    shrushty kolhe16 minutes ago

    Jin was so cute Hi how are u? I'm fine thank u😂😂😂😂❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  37. Thư Quỳnh

    Thư Quỳnh16 minutes ago

    지민 아 ~ 너는 내 마음을 쓰러 뜨렸다💞💞💞

  38. Dila dilo offical

    Dila dilo offical16 minutes ago

    Happy birthday kim taehyung

  39. Janhvi Srivastav

    Janhvi Srivastav17 minutes ago

    why cant i find any other video of his participation in 2014 isac?? he isnt even mentioned in the event

  40. jikook forever

    jikook forever18 minutes ago

    Fucking jikook is real

  41. 짼사랑

    짼사랑19 minutes ago


  42. park jimin

    park jimin19 minutes ago

    jimin's voice😍😍

  43. loml143

    loml14319 minutes ago

    How do they get so lucky to work for bts?

  44. Melissa0726

    Melissa072619 minutes ago

    Borahae 💜

  45. Novak عناد

    Novak عناد21 minute ago

    وين الصيدات حقينا ؟!

  46. aisosa gamer

    aisosa gamer21 minute ago

    I love you

  47. Levi akramamn

    Levi akramamn22 minutes ago

    SO CUiTe😗😗😗😗😗😝😝😝

  48. park yuna-jay

    park yuna-jay22 minutes ago

    I am proud of you

  49. park yuna-jay

    park yuna-jay22 minutes ago

    Sorry to be late 💔

  50. Ismot jarin

    Ismot jarin23 minutes ago

    Jin's high note 3:00 just fabulous. And both of their expression 😋✨

  51. Alyce

    Alyce23 minutes ago

    I miss Jikook...🤞🏻

  52. Ly Khánh

    Ly Khánh25 minutes ago

    Cute Jimin is a baby

  53. MK Dude

    MK Dude25 minutes ago

    2019 guys?? Wait im crying! 😭 Its been a long journey.. But its all worth it Bangtan! 💜

  54. Winter bear

    Winter bear25 minutes ago

    태형아!!!!! ㅠㅠ

  55. Yamuna Vincent

    Yamuna Vincent26 minutes ago

    Y he is so cute

  56. Veronica Castro Villegas

    Veronica Castro Villegas27 minutes ago

    Oooh👏👏 bravo

  57. Park TaeKook

    Park TaeKook27 minutes ago

    Wow....V handsome

  58. Natario AG

    Natario AG27 minutes ago

    Omg so so so so so so cute

  59. kim nam Tuấn kim

    kim nam Tuấn kim27 minutes ago

    Có ai người việt ko nè

  60. Haira Haira

    Haira Haira27 minutes ago

    shit these famous 'human' have made our children confused between girls and boys .and they do it for money not more .it does not matter if it affects children or not

  61. Kãrmãå is ready for you

    Kãrmãå is ready for you29 minutes ago

    He is perfect💯✨ I mean all members of BTS- 💜

  62. yw coco

    yw coco29 minutes ago


  63. ACE Stace

    ACE Stace30 minutes ago

    Love from India 🇮🇳 ❤️❤️

  64. Haira Haira

    Haira Haira30 minutes ago

    a kid who looks just like a girlllllllllllllllllllllll

  65. 오잉

    오잉30 minutes ago



    GRP REVELACÍON30 minutes ago

    Tan encanta 😍😍😍...que bello mi byas🤗

  67. ARMy kokoi

    ARMy kokoi31 minute ago

    당신은 진정으로 왕, 왜 당신은 바레인에 오지 않아, 그것은 사우디 아라비아에 가깝습니다 😭💔

  68. ssyy kkk

    ssyy kkk31 minute ago

    Jimin ♥️

  69. Aysen Alkan

    Aysen Alkan31 minute ago

    Balonuna kurban olayım senin JİMİNNNN

  70. taehyung. slime

    taehyung. slime31 minute ago

    tae looks like a bear when he is wearing dat jacket💕

  71. ssyy kkk

    ssyy kkk31 minute ago

    Jimin 🐱

  72. Büşra Nur ÖZEREN

    Büşra Nur ÖZEREN33 minutes ago

    0:19 Taehyung 😂

  73. Kris32 rk

    Kris32 rk33 minutes ago

    Baby're just playing with ur toy while I'm silently enjoying my slow death here.💜😘😘😘

  74. Sonal Raghavendra

    Sonal Raghavendra33 minutes ago

    I feel like every member deserves a 100 points..... They've brought a change in the lives of millions of people around the world.. Including myself..... I love you BTS!!!! 💜💜💜

  75. jett hime

    jett hime34 minutes ago

    BTS breathes 3:39. ARMY 🤯 💜💜💜

  76. 김소영

    김소영35 minutes ago

    Jimin 🤩

  77. JimHani Hanie

    JimHani Hanie35 minutes ago

    cute reaction .. holding a balloon and mess up his hair... 😅

  78. 김소영

    김소영35 minutes ago

    Jimin ♥️

  79. XxDepressiondarkxX Queniehan

    XxDepressiondarkxX Queniehan35 minutes ago

    XD oh i get it the shoes noise

  80. 김소영

    김소영35 minutes ago


  81. Aezha azrira

    Aezha azrira36 minutes ago

    Could u guys tell me what is the title song of that

  82. Determination Termination

    Determination Termination36 minutes ago


  83. S E

    S E37 minutes ago

    *How To Be A Balloon* All I have to do is Inhale My Belly XDDDDD

  84. Laura Chan

    Laura Chan37 minutes ago


  85. Lil Bottella

    Lil Bottella38 minutes ago

    Horny gay.

  86. camy _kookie

    camy _kookie38 minutes ago

    God dammit my eyed are sweating 🥺

  87. mita rospita02

    mita rospita0238 minutes ago

    RJ......what are you doing there????😂

  88. Prabriti Limbu

    Prabriti Limbu39 minutes ago

    BTS plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz come to NEPAL PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I MISS YOU A LOT PLZ MAKE MY GREAM COME TRUE PLZ😗😗😗🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😔😔😔

  89. Irene Jasmin

    Irene Jasmin40 minutes ago

    My adorable child 😍🤗

  90. Nerve Arouse

    Nerve Arouse40 minutes ago

    Forever young <3

  91. Haboosh Hussein

    Haboosh Hussein40 minutes ago


  92. strawberry. milk

    strawberry. milk40 minutes ago

    lil cutie

  93. • yupi •

    • yupi •41 minute ago

    stop it my heart hurts. *aHHHHH*

  94. BB R

    BB R41 minute ago

    지민아 너무 사랑해..... 💜

  95. Deidara Tsukuri

    Deidara Tsukuri43 minutes ago

    0:30 RJ is so cute uwuu💕💞

  96. Menchukookie Jeon

    Menchukookie Jeon43 minutes ago

    I admire Taehyungie for putting so much effort in memorizing "Every moment is a precious memory".😁😁 i love BTS so so so much!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  97. Taehyung ocha

    Taehyung ocha43 minutes ago


  98. Rin chan

    Rin chan43 minutes ago


  99. Sleepy Pudding

    Sleepy Pudding44 minutes ago

    awe the director and the lil RJ keychain 💖💖

  100. Sandra Almaraz

    Sandra Almaraz44 minutes ago

    Cute cute 😘🙆🙏👍💖