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  1. mechasentai

    mechasentai7 seconds ago

    I'm sure they'll change long before the Washington Redskins ever do.

  2. MiniMight

    MiniMightMinute ago

    -is getting pestered by everyone and criticized constantly and having their interests criticized and belittled all the time- -kills theirself- "IT wAs tHe mUsIc"

  3. Maurice Philipps

    Maurice Philipps4 minutes ago

    I think it's important not to refer to being green as a single issue. To me, there are two distinct issues, CO2 pollution and plastic waste. You can absoutely target both but sometimes you will have to choose which you think is more important. For example, a reuseable cotton or hemp bag needs to be used at least 1000 times before the CO2 impact has outweighed using a single use plastic bag. But it does reduce platic waste.

  4. kirbythebamf

    kirbythebamf5 minutes ago

    Parent: I'm an irresponsible person Everybody else:

  5. J L

    J L7 minutes ago

    So an hermaphrodite murederer would have XXYY chromosomes?

  6. Christian Dela Cruz

    Christian Dela Cruz8 minutes ago

    I think I'm ready to play Pera o Kahon 🤣

  7. kirbythebamf

    kirbythebamf10 minutes ago

    90% of my firearm purchases are impulsive 😜 Sounds like registration to me. Won't work for criminals, you can get a street AK for under what you pay over the counter. None of this is tangible

  8. Brinelle Kaduda

    Brinelle Kaduda12 minutes ago

    I'd like an explanation of this... Not from vox tho.

  9. Christian Dela Cruz

    Christian Dela Cruz12 minutes ago

    **Willie Revillame joined the group chat**

  10. Baldwin xu

    Baldwin xu13 minutes ago

    Poor fish

  11. *Suga Nics*

    *Suga Nics*14 minutes ago

    these kinds of people keeps on potraying sharks as literal monsters and man eaters when it fact, it's the other way aroumd.

  12. prupss

    prupss14 minutes ago

    M - Mental A - Abuse T - To H - Humans

  13. Truth Democracy

    Truth Democracy15 minutes ago

    Hong Kong Bad Protester = brainless zombie (无脑僵尸) Vandalism public transports and facilities. (无脑糟蹋) Destroy your own people properties and vehicles. (无脑毁坏) Interfere your own people daily routines. (无脑干扰) Bully your own people who don't participate Brainless Democracy. (无脑欺负) Is this call democracy? I believe is Brainless Democracy (无脑民主)

  14. qaqsqw

    qaqsqw16 minutes ago

    What's the deal with "okay"

  15. Hipsterjelly214 Real

    Hipsterjelly214 Real22 minutes ago

    How the frick do Saudi Arabians get half of their car off the road 🤯

  16. finnmtbandgaming

    finnmtbandgaming24 minutes ago

    Me and about 20 other people where I live in England went out hunting for clowns when we found a clown it chased my mate with a hammer then my mate turned around and stabbed the clown in the stomach with a knife which put the guy in hospital and there have no been no clown sightings in my area since

  17. Julio Marin

    Julio Marin25 minutes ago

    Sure stead of sitting down and talk about how to save innocent kids n women men do what we usually do... force a peaceful resolution with violence.

  18. Manorama Sarkar

    Manorama Sarkar32 minutes ago

    What do I have to do to become part of of your crew?

  19. Lan Dewell

    Lan Dewell33 minutes ago

    Was an arizona raner, would not be too long in town ~~~

  20. Melton Cartes

    Melton Cartes34 minutes ago

    Who is "Franz LiNszt?"


    InFAMOUSPS437 minutes ago

    What about the types of weapons? Full automatic high rate of fire weapons? Large capacities? How about changing what is legally avaliable to consumers? Don't remove all of them, but no civilian in a relatively safe country needs a weapon that was designed for insurgency.

  22. Bentreq

    Bentreq39 minutes ago

    I started using instagram

  23. kingtkuehn

    kingtkuehn41 minute ago

    Another thing!!! They all received there talent from Me! Your Welcome!

  24. just yee t

    just yee t42 minutes ago

    Just a pointer i aint american but... This craked me up.....or down

  25. conn2580 conn2580

    conn2580 conn258047 minutes ago

    Nobody knows open mike eagle

  26. Tonny Leroy

    Tonny Leroy48 minutes ago

    Definitely Westworld :)

  27. Simoneundvenzy

    Simoneundvenzy49 minutes ago

    WhastApp 00212649050642 من فــــضل الله علي حمــدالله رب العالمين أن الفضــل بيد الله يؤتيه من يــشاء الــطب الحديث تـوصلنا لـعلاج القـذف الـسريع و علاج ظعف الإنـتصاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب 💪

  28. Tiara Burns

    Tiara Burns49 minutes ago

    Apples Do NOT cost that much. You can get a bag of 9 apples for $2.99. The organic ones are $3.99. Where are your sources hun?

  29. Joseph Louwerse

    Joseph Louwerse50 minutes ago

    'Justice' system

  30. GachaSavage XD

    GachaSavage XD54 minutes ago

    Let us all hope that our teachers would not see this video.

  31. Troll Guy

    Troll Guy57 minutes ago

    We should ban murder. That will fix everything.

  32. NCT ist Top

    NCT ist TopHour ago

    Irony. The Europeans sitting on the high peaks enjoying their milktee while hk ppl sitting in their slums with chinese tea. So this is the "good life" that hk is missing of

  33. Terminator XZ1997

    Terminator XZ1997Hour ago

    I don't normally say these kind of things , but the Palestinians simply don't have a convincing case for having a state of their own. That is why nobody takes them seriously.

  34. Jackson Sheehan

    Jackson SheehanHour ago

    there’s a difference between artistic and good

  35. angel luciper

    angel luciperHour ago

    muslim To Muslim War

  36. J N

    J NHour ago

    I bet u the guys at Vox that think of these videos are stoners

  37. Green Tee

    Green TeeHour ago

    white welfare women are the ones he gave it too

  38. NCT ist Top

    NCT ist TopHour ago

    All thx to the UK, poor ppl in hk have to suffer from the consequences now

  39. Asjad Azeez

    Asjad AzeezHour ago

    Jews are illegal immigrants to Palestine. They came as refugees from Germany and Europe, now they drove away the natives with support from England and USA

  40. KP바비 KJ

    KP바비 KJHour ago

    That music is awfull it gives off the depressing vibes

  41. Joseph Louwerse

    Joseph LouwerseHour ago

    *Cough* Trudeau *Cough*

  42. Connor Hoagland

    Connor HoaglandHour ago

    A sentient, living creature which you've lived with for years is definitely a family member

  43. Dragon HK

    Dragon HKHour ago

    Children are going to learn about this in their social studies in the future.

  44. Gavin lau

    Gavin lauHour ago

    I miss my dead dogs , always .

  45. A. Walker

    A. WalkerHour ago

    How do you sleep at night having been part of creating this..

  46. Mitchell Maytorena

    Mitchell MaytorenaHour ago

    When I was a kid I used to play at an illegal dump area. It had lots of building supplies. We would build forts and other things.

  47. bcgrote

    bcgroteHour ago

    Sure, write off their debt, then 1099 them on their taxes for that year! Great idea!

  48. It's Raining Men

    It's Raining MenHour ago

    ISIS & Al Qaeda are US sponsored terrorism.

  49. Sowmya pai

    Sowmya paiHour ago

    Is that doctor Phil at 0:08

  50. KirkLand Subscribe to me pls

    KirkLand Subscribe to me plsHour ago

    well its not a secret anymore hahahahaha

  51. Yacob Gugsa

    Yacob GugsaHour ago

    Welcome to Flavor Country

  52. Crazy Butter72

    Crazy Butter72Hour ago

    So racist Spain steals land from Africans then won’t even let them in to there own land?!?! They won’t hurt anything. And I thought Spain was inviting to diversity this is awful

  53. allen Gina

    allen GinaHour ago

    Hong Kong is known in Asia as super rich country.

  54. S. Hashib

    S. HashibHour ago

    Think how indian Chicken Think about you: "Racist"

  55. Adolf Eichmann

    Adolf EichmannHour ago

    Oh yes, the omnipotent omnipresent state with "failing government" that will not hold for long a bring Russia into deep economic crisis. Rusophrenia : The belief that Russia is about to disintegrate and take over the world at the same time.

  56. SockAnimates

    SockAnimatesHour ago

    when a mummy and a daddy love each other veeeeeeeeeery much...

  57. Adrian Osler

    Adrian OslerHour ago

    before it killed most ppl that worked there

  58. TiAna Nunez

    TiAna NunezHour ago


  59. Lofa Yen

    Lofa YenHour ago

    QIAMAT IS NEAR . Ya Allah😭

  60. Zaid Siddiqui

    Zaid SiddiquiHour ago

    I wake up at 8:40 and come home at 5:20 for my 9-5

  61. C.J. Williams

    C.J. WilliamsHour ago

    I h=think ballad of buster scruggs was more of a riff than a parody

  62. TheXplosifBrosif

    TheXplosifBrosifHour ago

    *Mr. Popo has entered the chat*

  63. NESova.RAR

    NESova.RARHour ago

    it never seemed prevalent to me until I've decided to do DIY skincare and seen how most Indian recipes got lemon or orange in them for skin whitening

  64. Din Zaf

    Din ZafHour ago


  65. pradeep

    pradeepHour ago

    Kachcha theevu thirumba varatum . Apram irukku da . Indian Tamils ah goyyala naanga Indians nu pota Enna ipo?

  66. Bella Bella

    Bella BellaHour ago

    I grew up listening to music, even from a young age, and didn’t watch a lot of tv. In 1970, when I was in the first grade, the kids on the school bus were talking about the new Gentle Ben episode, and I didn’t have a clue what the show was about so I said “I heard Jefferson Airplanes new song!”. The kids looked at me rather confused and the bus driver (still parked in front of the school) turned around and looked surprised and laughed. It wasn’t until somewhat recently that I stopped listening to most rock music, but I love classical music and Gregorian chant, along with liking some opera and non-rock music.

  67. Narwhalblast 99

    Narwhalblast 99Hour ago

    Why not do a psychological screening?


    TheKNIGHTELFMOHAWK2 hours ago

    Idk glow puck looked pretty cool to me

  69. I'm Iron Man

    I'm Iron Man2 hours ago

    Small government? Trump's all about government regulations on corporation and tariff on goods from other countries which hurt alot of hard working farmers.

  70. Charles Burton

    Charles Burton2 hours ago

    Cool video, but why do all vox narrators sound like depressed google translate?

  71. Jamie Hudat

    Jamie Hudat2 hours ago

    Vox: OK Me, an intellectual: K

  72. Rainslurp ➊

    Rainslurp ➊2 hours ago

    This is what area 51 raid should’ve looked like

  73. peeteywheatstraw

    peeteywheatstraw2 hours ago

    White people have always been and continue to be unable to handle seeing black people prosper. Anything contrary to the lies they tell themselves to reinforce the fallacy of white supremacy makes them uneasy.

  74. seraphym ignaci0

    seraphym ignaci02 hours ago

    Hey nice medieval baby Sure would be a shame

  75. coolmenthol

    coolmenthol2 hours ago

    chocolate rain ** I move away from the mic to breathe in


    ASHERUISE2 hours ago

    Well they didn't know how to draw cats or dogs either.

  77. Psi Borger

    Psi Borger2 hours ago

    Do they have litter boxes also? I never knew Hong Kong was so into furries...

  78. elwelo

    elwelo2 hours ago

    This video is responsible for promoting false hatred, saying half truths, visit the Dominican Republic and make your own conclusions.

  79. THEFIRE360

    THEFIRE3602 hours ago

    It might be cliche. But man it's beautiful

  80. charlton

    charlton2 hours ago

    The reason is love

  81. froggigger

    froggigger2 hours ago

    I thought Trump & Hannity were going to unzip each other pants and blow ..

  82. SwiPia Sci

    SwiPia Sci2 hours ago

    I came here to hear about Pixar’s Cars Anyone else?

  83. Cipher

    Cipher2 hours ago


  84. Jordan T

    Jordan T2 hours ago

    Long live Israel

  85. 石頭

    石頭2 hours ago


  86. Kevin Ngomane

    Kevin Ngomane2 hours ago

    OK is actually okay though, explain this

  87. Randall Martin

    Randall Martin2 hours ago

    Obama worst foreign policy president ever. Reagan not even mentioned, and he saved the world from possible nuclear war. Helped Germany reunite, ended the Cold War, Reagan is the best President ever.

  88. Robert R

    Robert R2 hours ago

    Anti-Black Massacre! The man layed out on the back of the wagon was a Nationally renoun Doctor; shot and killed by a 16 year old boy.

  89. Brittney Ihrig

    Brittney Ihrig2 hours ago

    What is with that AWEFUL bell ringing in the background! Talk about piercing my eardrums.

  90. Patricia Cortorreal

    Patricia Cortorreal2 hours ago


  91. Bishop Myke

    Bishop Myke2 hours ago


  92. Steven g

    Steven g2 hours ago

    These people will try their hardest to find racism where there isn't any and then wonder why racism won't fade away

  93. unoriginal username

    unoriginal username2 hours ago

    I'm watching this tipsy XD

  94. unoriginal username

    unoriginal username2 hours ago

    I'm watching this tipsy XD

  95. Luy S

    Luy S2 hours ago

    Study their past and you will find out

  96. Bread Master

    Bread Master2 hours ago

    It’s just good character designs.

  97. Guns N' Games

    Guns N' Games2 hours ago

    "This baby looks like he wants to tell you that 'a boat is just a money pit'. XD

  98. Anyone

    Anyone2 hours ago

    Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies lies!!!!!!!!

  99. LaViajerita 87

    LaViajerita 872 hours ago

    Well.. how about when someone is literally 1 ft in front of you or even closer like for a kiss???

  100. Luke Ponce

    Luke Ponce2 hours ago

    1:46 did she really just pronounce "Mozart" the way my piano teacher told me NEVER to say it?