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FIFA 20 Review

FIFA 20 Review

3 days ago

Ad Astra Review

Ad Astra Review

4 days ago

GreedFall Review
Tokyo Ghoul S Review
Gears 5 Final Review
  1. Great White

    Great White3 seconds ago

    Only way it will stop is via people not buying their games (won't happen) or our governments banning them (could and should happen). Microtransactions is gambling and sets the seeds for addiction in people..... Worrying most of all.... Our kids. I don't buy microtransaction style games, but I do buy games that come fully loaded or with free DLC etc. Will always support those games.

  2. Wisso Chour

    Wisso Chour10 seconds ago

    fifa 20 looks better but losing some big clubs lisence and adding only few scannded faces let me down

  3. VulnixYTB

    VulnixYTB26 seconds ago

    And recommendation has started. Hello my fellow comrades

  4. Alex Moldovan

    Alex Moldovan27 seconds ago

    It'a football game.. Must be about sport, not about silly

  5. Iwan Elcock

    Iwan Elcock49 seconds ago

    Playing the game feels better then last year ign man fking hell

  6. CosManCho

    CosManChoMinute ago

    What's to be exited about? It's just another fps game. How people are not tired of this genre is beyond me.

  7. FullMetalRaven

    FullMetalRaven2 minutes ago

    When is ign gonna go back to just reviewing games alone? Thanks for replying in advance, ign.

  8. Andres Bordoni

    Andres Bordoni2 minutes ago

    Quick recap is that any EXISTING corpse found in the game (That is, any corpse that was NOT killed by a player, like the ones found when you follow a dog or when you interrupt a camp fight) will have blue skin and has a chance to have the glowing green eyes.

  9. TheBlueComet 833

    TheBlueComet 8332 minutes ago

    So is this the Season 3 real trailer. Where’s the game play

  10. ZenmanLovesGames

    ZenmanLovesGames3 minutes ago

    Archibald! What’re you doing here?

  11. TheLEGEND313

    TheLEGEND3134 minutes ago

    *Had to stop watching... Guy's voice was doing my box in... Sorry, no offence*

  12. harunotodoroki

    harunotodoroki4 minutes ago

    Wish this dumb review can be reported and removed

  13. Cooler

    Cooler5 minutes ago

    I bet his "game" is Apex Legends.

  14. Avalon's Peak

    Avalon's Peak5 minutes ago

    this game is terrible. the quests. and the movement of the character. everything about it. waste of my money

  15. Great White

    Great White6 minutes ago

    Never buy.... Microtransactions. Shame on Activision..... Will not buy another of their games until they officially stop doing it. Hope government sorts this out asap and fines them!

  16. Adhi Pradana

    Adhi Pradana7 minutes ago

    what this a crossover episode ??

  17. Ray Wackko

    Ray Wackko8 minutes ago

    Giving 8.8 over Blasphemous.. your just balloney Ign

  18. Timothy Merks

    Timothy Merks9 minutes ago

    Tokyo jungle 2 please 😁

  19. soonermagic24

    soonermagic2411 minutes ago

    This movie inspired me to take a risk, quit my job, and move to Miami. I didn’t make it to Miami, but fort lauderdale. I have a great job, and made almost 900k last year. I was intrigued by working out, and making money, and somehow I owe some of my success to this film. Sounds weird


    FONSTASTIC12 minutes ago

    It just started to seem interesting now

  21. SuperAvocado

    SuperAvocado12 minutes ago

    Looks like this is the first time the dude is playing a game in his life.

  22. Adam Senzai

    Adam Senzai12 minutes ago

    There's like a million things I want to say but I can't decide which would be the most appropriate.

  23. Dessteni Arum

    Dessteni Arum12 minutes ago

    Being an independent woman doesn’t mean that you can't have a love interest....

  24. Cha Kra

    Cha Kra12 minutes ago

    Can’t wait, I’m really enjoying the game, not the same new magic feeling as in BL2 but I’m definitely having fun 👍🏼

  25. Vakaris Gricius

    Vakaris Gricius13 minutes ago

    Eik tu šikt IGN, don't do fifa rewievs ever again, because you don't understand football

  26. Badkoy

    Badkoy13 minutes ago

    This looks amazing! The combat mechanics are great and the movement it's wonderfully crafted.

  27. Dessteni Arum

    Dessteni Arum14 minutes ago

    anyone else was noticing that she was wearing a bnha todoroki shirt?

  28. Salman Ahmed

    Salman Ahmed14 minutes ago

    IGN presenters are overacting all the time .

  29. dead boyfriend

    dead boyfriend16 minutes ago

    They are infinitely more interesting and funny than the Key and Peele characters

  30. Mad Mad

    Mad Mad16 minutes ago

    Rambo the Game ....no thx

  31. 1 BlackAnt

    1 BlackAnt16 minutes ago

    Remaster more Splinter Cell games!!!

  32. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname16 minutes ago

    17 seconds in: Aight imma head out

  33. Irfan Shah

    Irfan Shah17 minutes ago

    EA - One more single player game, this can't be happening.

  34. Star Beard

    Star Beard18 minutes ago

    Pennywise,Joker and then now this?

  35. NOT YOU

    NOT YOU19 minutes ago

    It's a headband, not a bandana. Yeah I know, headband doesn't start with B.

  36. lukecage275

    lukecage27522 minutes ago

    I'm only going to watch it if there's violence and badassery.........Oh cool.

  37. Biswajit Guha

    Biswajit Guha23 minutes ago


  38. Parikshit Singh Phagura

    Parikshit Singh Phagura23 minutes ago

    I know, Link's Awakening never stood a chance.

  39. Renats V

    Renats V25 minutes ago

    When she sang i skipped intro.

  40. marshmellow303

    marshmellow30325 minutes ago

    Hahaha you can't review the game with the starting gear! Look at that multitool! Lol you gotta lot to learn homie.

  41. the last man standing Wesley Gibson

    the last man standing Wesley Gibson26 minutes ago

    Miris cuma punya satu doang

  42. Supreme TaaanXz

    Supreme TaaanXz26 minutes ago

    PES is DEFINITELY better this year

  43. the last man standing Wesley Gibson

    the last man standing Wesley Gibson26 minutes ago

    Tank nya udah karatan

  44. the last man standing Wesley Gibson

    the last man standing Wesley Gibson26 minutes ago

    Tank nya udah jelek

  45. kolloro

    kolloro27 minutes ago

    I remember playing this game when i was 5 now im 11 but i still love this game

  46. the last man standing Wesley Gibson

    the last man standing Wesley Gibson28 minutes ago

    Very Noob Tank

  47. the last man standing Wesley Gibson

    the last man standing Wesley Gibson28 minutes ago

    Not a Russian Tank

  48. the last man standing Wesley Gibson

    the last man standing Wesley Gibson28 minutes ago

    Noob tank

  49. Heath 187

    Heath 18729 minutes ago

    Hey can anyone spot the name of the first song? I can't figure out which one it's a remix of.

  50. Elexiel

    Elexiel29 minutes ago

    I am very confused

  51. Anthony Rivera

    Anthony Rivera29 minutes ago

    This is the exact same as No Mans Sky before release.. the gigantic hype then a gigantic letdown. The dumbass actors and scenery do not amp the gameplay and every video nearly is the exact same walking running and balancing garbage. Boring, lame, repetitive fetch quests and the gameplay nearly entirely consists of walking and making sure you dont slip.

  52. darrell martin

    darrell martin31 minute ago

    I like the it

  53. Galactic Cucumber The First

    Galactic Cucumber The First32 minutes ago

    2:09 when you want to see if friendly fire works

  54. lostn65

    lostn6532 minutes ago

    Put it on the Switch and I'll think about it.

  55. VikingFyre

    VikingFyre32 minutes ago

    I still don’t understand the hype and appeal of this game.

  56. Randall Reiter

    Randall Reiter32 minutes ago

    This is one movie series I like all of them. I own Rambo 1 to 4, and will get 5 when it comes to dvd.

  57. kfashooo Tv

    kfashooo Tv32 minutes ago

    The dislikes 😭

  58. Ben Schoemann

    Ben Schoemann33 minutes ago

    Jesus, spoilers!

  59. Keith Robinson

    Keith Robinson33 minutes ago

    The movie is available to rent and purchase on Vudu now. I say that because, the studio apparently doesn't want you to know. There's still no share option.

  60. Haven Lewis

    Haven Lewis33 minutes ago

    Why am i freaking out that Colby and Brennen were in this trailer

  61. brandiago

    brandiago34 minutes ago

    The suggestion this movie represents a stereotype of Mexicans says more about you.

  62. Enna Stalkingwolf

    Enna Stalkingwolf35 minutes ago

    This is the kind of dating Sim I'm into

  63. ben appetit

    ben appetit35 minutes ago

    such a great game.

  64. OzzyMaster2010

    OzzyMaster201036 minutes ago

    what's the music playing through the intro and most clearly @ 0:41? anything i could listen to independently, or video only?

  65. The One Guy

    The One Guy36 minutes ago

    We want a game where you can play whole Ash's journey, from start to the end.

  66. Korva Lolka

    Korva Lolka36 minutes ago

    This crap looks like u watch through half blinded blured eyes of hobo on morning hangover.

  67. Jin Lee

    Jin Lee37 minutes ago

    Sly will make rambo 20 so that he makes some more money, ridiculous

  68. Thor-Robert J

    Thor-Robert J37 minutes ago

    Super Flash Broooooos

  69. Tony Flynn

    Tony Flynn39 minutes ago

    I just realized that this song was in the style of early 2000's rap videos. ugh

  70. Unknown L

    Unknown L39 minutes ago

    Just bring back the old as well as static shock

  71. WimpyKelv12

    WimpyKelv1240 minutes ago

    Reading all these hate comments really hurt. I like both shows...

  72. Thor-Robert J

    Thor-Robert J40 minutes ago

    Untitled Bruce Game

  73. Adan Gomez

    Adan Gomez41 minute ago

    Don't think even a well made remake is worth full price

  74. kara

    kara43 minutes ago

    This is gold, but we want shogun 2 remake..

  75. Logan Rhodes

    Logan Rhodes43 minutes ago

    PC release...

  76. Kamikaze Hound

    Kamikaze Hound44 minutes ago

    Im just glad the Batman Whose Laughs finally hit Dcuo. I just wish dcuo advertised more to get more people back playing. Infinity War and End Game actually helped a bit and they arent even DC💀

  77. Michael Crawford

    Michael Crawford44 minutes ago

    "Niece and potential love interest"? What movie did you see?

  78. Pure Wuji

    Pure Wuji45 minutes ago



    PARADOXICLES47 minutes ago

    Battle At Big Rock was NOT a "surprise", any one who pays attention has been waiting for it for a while now.

  80. Kiran Bahirwani

    Kiran Bahirwani48 minutes ago

    game time is 1:2:19

  81. fgmachine

    fgmachine48 minutes ago

    Just seeing the bosses gave me some nostalgic flashbacks.

  82. blindlyblinded

    blindlyblinded48 minutes ago

    Nice..finally a fresh new storyline with new characters..cant wait!!

  83. AY 787

    AY 78749 minutes ago

    Is this a documentary coming out soon of a moove?

  84. Ayan Srivastava

    Ayan Srivastava50 minutes ago

    Whoever made this list has never played a Cod game in his whole life . I can bet on that.

  85. michael owens

    michael owens51 minute ago

    I prefer the new teen titans from DC over this trash, I don’t even know why I clicked on this but I regret it, I miss the OG titans but if you want to see titans go watch TT VS JUSTICE LEAGUE OR TEEN TIANS JUDAS CONTRACT that is the closet thing to the original we will ever get😔

  86. Javier Solis

    Javier Solis51 minute ago

    Great commercial I know I’m going to like the game but I just bought wildlands last week so I’ll buy breakpoint in a year when they fixed all the bugs and put more cool stuff in the game lol

  87. davester grey

    davester grey51 minute ago

    I thought this is the gameplay campaign 😑

  88. Jay

    Jay52 minutes ago

    This is the prime reason two nukes weren’t enough

  89. Varad Kabra

    Varad Kabra53 minutes ago

    Carry Minati wants to know your location

  90. XPheno

    XPheno53 minutes ago

    bro i have got a question with what account can i download mortal kombat for the ps vita i have got a europe account and the game is not available on the europe account please help

  91. Julio Patrick

    Julio Patrick54 minutes ago

    This final kill hahaha

  92. Justyn Abrams

    Justyn Abrams54 minutes ago

    What happened to Brock and Misty? Also jesse james and meowth?

  93. Derek D'Arcy

    Derek D'Arcy55 minutes ago

    This looks like it was going to be something else and then they made it RE

  94. Kawaii Music

    Kawaii Music55 minutes ago

    this movie looks like trash it would be better if it was an anime instead

  95. Aayush anand

    Aayush anand55 minutes ago

    Is the game auto save? I don’t want to lose all of my progress right now.

  96. Batman The World's Greatest Detective

    Batman The World's Greatest Detective55 minutes ago

    Awesome news and hope michael rosenbaum also returns

  97. Derek Kirk

    Derek Kirk55 minutes ago

    Stop smashing people's pots! psycho

  98. fujoshi fever

    fujoshi fever57 minutes ago

    i have kosmemophobia. fear of jewelry. or more like disgust of jewelry

  99. Borderlands808

    Borderlands80857 minutes ago

    I really like his review. Tells it like it is and is fair. 👍🏽

  100. Turtle and avengers Lover_plays YT

    Turtle and avengers Lover_plays YT59 minutes ago

    Even if u failed the test remember cap tried to choke a robot