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What Is Love?

What Is Love?

8 days ago

I Vlogged My Colonoscopy
A Smith Family COACHELLA


8 months ago

Freezing My A** Off!!
A Smith Family Christmas
  1. Anissa BEN HASSEN

    Anissa BEN HASSENMinute ago

    So much love, I cried just watching them being so kind to each other

  2. Mascha Kucher

    Mascha KucherMinute ago

    Happy birthday Willow

  3. Samuel Collot

    Samuel Collot9 minutes ago

    Fdp de Will Smith

  4. Queen 2323

    Queen 232319 minutes ago


  5. айдар кузембаев

    айдар кузембаев21 minute ago


  6. Lisa Love

    Lisa Love21 minute ago

    So creepy

  7. Ana Clara Pimenta

    Ana Clara Pimenta24 minutes ago

    Such a special family <3

  8. dragon ball super.

    dragon ball super.25 minutes ago

    jaden looks scrawny

  9. Kenya Pressley

    Kenya Pressley27 minutes ago


  10. FLux

    FLux30 minutes ago

    I feel so bad I forgot Whoopie Goldberg exists

  11. Tensai

    Tensai31 minute ago

    Jaden's hair looks somehow messed up, got to change the barber maybe...

  12. FLux

    FLux34 minutes ago

    Jaden always has to hold a mic.

  13. FLux

    FLux37 minutes ago

    She is her. I am me. The one's who know, know.

  14. Ashlei Michael

    Ashlei Michael39 minutes ago

    The love in that hug between a brother and a sister. 😍

  15. hunnybuttah sprite can

    hunnybuttah sprite can42 minutes ago

    She’s so talented and kind happy birthday Willow!!!!

  16. Yisus Garcia

    Yisus Garcia50 minutes ago

    que madres le paso a jaden? se ve bien demacrado se parece a it (iti casa telefono)

  17. Viviotic_Galaxy Assassin

    Viviotic_Galaxy Assassin52 minutes ago

    So lit man , 😭💓💓✨✨ HAPPY BDAY GURLLL ☁️☁️☁️

  18. Ianto Jones

    Ianto JonesHour ago

    This is so sweet and scary. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  19. jacan

    jacanHour ago

    Damn demonic, that's what it is.

  20. A.Chataignier

    A.ChataignierHour ago

    I’m not crying. You’re crying.

  21. Amin Valli

    Amin ValliHour ago

    One words describes this families love for one another "Beautiful" ✌

  22. Sonia x

    Sonia xHour ago

    I was gonna ask why are they celebrating a 19? Then he said “hasnt had a birthday party for 5 years”. There goes me judging again.....

  23. Timea Timea

    Timea TimeaHour ago


  24. Mackenzie Harper

    Mackenzie HarperHour ago

    Is that Jaden with those ridiculously stupid looking face tattoos?? Smh!

  25. Izzy J

    Izzy JHour ago

    Please make a podcast

  26. Lovely Foster

    Lovely FosterHour ago

    Happy birthday 🎈

  27. iUravity

    iUravityHour ago

    Is this a vlogging channel ? is will smith vlogging

  28. p-nus inyocoffee

    p-nus inyocoffeeHour ago

    Happy birthday willow ! Ps. Why hasn't will been in a horror movie dang

  29. Classy T Ladybug

    Classy T LadybugHour ago

    What kind of Satanic looking birthday party is this

  30. Wisdom more precious than Rubies

    Wisdom more precious than RubiesHour ago

    I'm not gonna lie I absolutely love willow. She's 2 cute

  31. Ossama Harchi

    Ossama HarchiHour ago

    this party got that PURGE Movie vibe lmao, Happy Birthday Willow

  32. Timea Timea

    Timea TimeaHour ago


  33. zane shepherd

    zane shepherdHour ago

    I don't like all this creepy stuff...it's too scary lol

  34. Rein 18

    Rein 18Hour ago

    Lmao I didn't realize Jada was there she's so tiny I thought she was a little girl 🤦‍♂️😆

  35. Boomboom 64

    Boomboom 64Hour ago

    Baby don't hurt me!

  36. keen teen

    keen teenHour ago

    What a cool party😍 One day when I get rich I'm gonna throw this kind of party hahahahhaha🤣

  37. Rein 18

    Rein 18Hour ago

    He got hit in the nuts 😆🤦‍♂️ 3:33

  38. Rein 18

    Rein 18Hour ago

    Will Smiiith, when did u become such a softie Haha or have you always been 🤔😆. This video is hilarious man...love the way u interact with your family. I can see the bond you all share. 😊❤

  39. Türk Mapper

    Türk Mapper2 hours ago


  40. A leap of Faith

    A leap of Faith2 hours ago

    And somehow youtube recommends it now

  41. Dale Goldberg

    Dale Goldberg2 hours ago

    Even the Robot is throwing shade on Will's dad jokes.

  42. Noura Al-Salman

    Noura Al-Salman2 hours ago

    I remember her when she was a baby with oprah

  43. tiffani ensley

    tiffani ensley2 hours ago

    I want them to throw my 40th bday party! This is dope!

  44. athanasia columbus

    athanasia columbus2 hours ago

    Slamming Birthday Party....HB Willow!!

  45. Young Gunna

    Young Gunna2 hours ago

    2:01 not sure if Mr smith did a lil green green with Willow :D

  46. []S i e r r a-S e n p a i[]

    []S i e r r a-S e n p a i[]2 hours ago

    Happy late birthday willow!!!

  47. TITIO Eltinho br

    TITIO Eltinho br2 hours ago


  48. Shlery Croisanf

    Shlery Croisanf2 hours ago

    Wow happyness it's powerful in this family. Happy birthday Willow

  49. Maheswar Tudu

    Maheswar Tudu2 hours ago

    Hindi yah moviece Mujhe chahie

  50. Augustine Alexander

    Augustine Alexander2 hours ago

    Hey willow...am in to you..

  51. Kxng L.

    Kxng L.2 hours ago

    Really beautiful! I've always struggled with trying to define love and always have had trouble with loving anyone. This kind of gave me a different perspective on it, especially the part where he talks about the acronym L.U.V. This definitely spoke volumes!

  52. jung petra

    jung petra2 hours ago

    Happy Burzeltag from Germany

  53. Adali Perez

    Adali Perez2 hours ago


  54. daezjn

    daezjn2 hours ago

    she didn't have a birthday for 5 years says a lot about her :) she's not the typical celebrity princess. Happy Birthday Willow!

  55. Broken Wizard

    Broken Wizard2 hours ago

    Meanwhile back in africa...


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  57. mapula pertunia

    mapula pertunia2 hours ago

    Thank you for this...

  58. Zie Elotas

    Zie Elotas2 hours ago

    I love Willow.

  59. Elveida Dixon

    Elveida Dixon3 hours ago

    Hbd, Willow...

  60. VeRoHdezM

    VeRoHdezM3 hours ago

    Will and Jada.. you guys have such a beautiful, kind and loving kids.. 😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗 I love seeing familia like this.. Congrats

  61. Sam Sparv

    Sam Sparv3 hours ago


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  65. Alexej Ivanowitsch

    Alexej Ivanowitsch3 hours ago

    6:13 vs 9:26 Will smith won by perfection

  66. nicolas badilla

    nicolas badilla3 hours ago

    Hola como estan xd

  67. Yaaz Santana

    Yaaz Santana3 hours ago

    Happy birthday 🥳 willow

  68. Anup Mohra

    Anup Mohra3 hours ago

    Jaden Smith, u r ma fav since 4m da very bgnin,,, u look much gr8r with other den pink hair-do

  69. Libras and Lions

    Libras and Lions3 hours ago

    Beautiful. Lots of selfish, narcissistic people hittin the dislike. Knock it off.

  70. Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson3 hours ago

    both your kids dress like they been eating magic mushrooms since birth

  71. Mr Guru

    Mr Guru3 hours ago

    1:56 😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Dubois Ellie

    Dubois Ellie3 hours ago

    Tellement vrai

  73. Merra Nolani

    Merra Nolani3 hours ago

    wow willow she's gettin old omg😭😭😫

  74. Stacey Palmer

    Stacey Palmer3 hours ago

    Willow seems like shes growing up mentally healthy...however Im a little concerned about her brother...will definitely keep them in prayer!

  75. Kashif Niazi

    Kashif Niazi3 hours ago

    you can catch a real girl less than a robot price she will kiss you and do many more hahahahaaa

  76. inganan ni ngokgok balsam tondano

    inganan ni ngokgok balsam tondano3 hours ago

    robot like music like dance 👀👀🙋

  77. seifu fantahun

    seifu fantahun3 hours ago

    Saitanic cults

  78. Mark Sheldon

    Mark Sheldon3 hours ago

    Nobody: Will Smith: "can I punch the shark in the face"

  79. Treasure Trez

    Treasure Trez3 hours ago

    And what other people to do it other than Satanist themselves huh🙊

  80. PG Mobile Rp100

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    Troy Crith ll4 hours ago

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    Uh we wet coochie

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    Troy Crith ll4 hours ago

    Nah we aint seen no blacks like him yes

  85. MMontano

    MMontano4 hours ago

    Aww 🥰 so much love. Happy Birthday, Willow!

  86. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith ll4 hours ago

    Nah for real.and cali needs me now.nah makem.sit there and say wow we do have no money yes

  87. kingku talukdar

    kingku talukdar4 hours ago

    happy birthday day willow.sorry but wtf is happening with jaden.he is looking so weird

  88. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith ll4 hours ago

    Uh yes like.zero blacks

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  91. zillik4u

    zillik4u4 hours ago

    Thanks Will. But actually, thanks. This will help me to grow as a person.

  92. SavageHippie

    SavageHippie4 hours ago

    so weird.

  93. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith ll4 hours ago

    Uh nah killew

  94. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith ll4 hours ago

    Tyler give me all your money not at all

  95. newbie wicked

    newbie wicked4 hours ago

    So many unfortunate kids out there only dream of such birthday parties

  96. Marilym Avila Rivas

    Marilym Avila Rivas4 hours ago

    Pobriño wuil ,

  97. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith ll4 hours ago

    Spike said it neighber your highness

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    Like Ellen yeah

  100. Jenchu lichaeng

    Jenchu lichaeng4 hours ago

    Whose here to find jennie? ✋