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Should You Watch Porn?
  1. Nypes

    Nypes31 second ago

    This girl doesn't seem like she has any good qualities other than her looks lol

  2. Sirmel11

    Sirmel1132 seconds ago

    3:05 wtf was up with her comment here?

  3. a a

    a a59 seconds ago

    Shes annoying and boring stop putting her in the videos

  4. springleaves

    springleaves2 minutes ago

    “He has a followers app so he’s an influencer” “Nah I’m just petty” 😂😂😂

  5. Emily Quesnel

    Emily Quesnel2 minutes ago


  6. PNG

    PNG2 minutes ago

    ofc they got one wahmen

  7. Manuel Calderón

    Manuel Calderón3 minutes ago

    I hate when the media homosexualize everything but would be interesting to practice this men with men.

  8. gon404

    gon4043 minutes ago

    The funny thing is, in the conversation, she rated the highest scores to the guys she doesn't really like in the first impression.

  9. pooch

    pooch4 minutes ago

    I mean......this was so different and I feel like I've already seen her before somewhere 🤔

  10. Adam Gillespie

    Adam Gillespie10 minutes ago

    That is a nice table

  11. Adrian Ho

    Adrian Ho10 minutes ago

    That ciara says she's a Christian but does she not realize being gay/lesbian is against the bible god created man and woman for a reason which is reproduction being gay/lesbian is against god

  12. CFCMAMO1

    CFCMAMO112 minutes ago

    Phone says everything about them????? What???

  13. Lyrical Undertkrrr

    Lyrical Undertkrrr13 minutes ago

    “I’m too grown for you” yeah ok lol

  14. germanottass

    germanottass13 minutes ago

    Luca/Lucas, I’m single

  15. Lv 369 Mafia boss

    Lv 369 Mafia boss14 minutes ago

    2:16 really hit me hard cuz being gay is also illegal in my country, it's scary to think that if I come out to the wrong person, I'll end up in prison. I decided to stay safe and not come out to anyone except my 3 friends who fully support me.

  16. Don Lim

    Don Lim14 minutes ago

    Suprise they play brawl stars

  17. RoBro

    RoBro15 minutes ago

    Girl does video where she must judge people based off what they have on their phone yet people are mad at her for doing exactly that.

  18. Nataliya Tsymbalista

    Nataliya Tsymbalista16 minutes ago


  19. Valerie Tan

    Valerie Tan18 minutes ago

    This is legit the best one ever

  20. Merel Verkade

    Merel Verkade20 minutes ago

    Does anyone know Lucas' insta 😂

  21. High Night

    High Night22 minutes ago

    Self-proclaimed sex symbol everywhere

  22. grand theft ana

    grand theft ana22 minutes ago

    Who is this girl and why do they keep using her

  23. Deepak Sah

    Deepak Sah23 minutes ago

    4:40 🤣🤣✌️

  24. shandel vega

    shandel vega26 minutes ago

    Why is no one talking about the part where the guy got exposed with the flesh light and nudes lmaoo

  25. Luke Christensen

    Luke Christensen26 minutes ago

    She said Asian fonts 💀💀💀💀

  26. MissViVega

    MissViVega27 minutes ago

    I cringed so hard when music producer/rapper dude brought up linkin park. Just that whole bit hurt to watch. “It DOESNT even fUcKin MATTER”. I would have eliminated myself.

  27. foci

    foci27 minutes ago

    Making fun of Android users WeirdChamp

  28. Austin Barker

    Austin Barker27 minutes ago

    The guy w the long hair makes me mad

  29. Kat Kelsey

    Kat Kelsey35 minutes ago

    I love Billie eilish laaaà

  30. Spiffy Court

    Spiffy Court35 minutes ago

    Why tf would she eliminate max !!!!! Wtffff she took a big L when she did that!!!! I loved his voice and he was perfect

  31. akumabito2008

    akumabito200838 minutes ago

    She has to be one of the most annoying people ever on this show. Please replace her already!

  32. Eve Baneh

    Eve Baneh38 minutes ago

    Konner was hot 👅

  33. Michelle Cheng

    Michelle Cheng41 minute ago

    In popular opinion, but I think she entertaining. 🤷‍♀️

  34. dona matar

    dona matar43 minutes ago

    okay but lukas cute

  35. Jian How Tan

    Jian How Tan44 minutes ago

    Do cabin crew think the same ?

  36. Dawn

    Dawn45 minutes ago

    This is such a good idea

  37. Dawn

    Dawn45 minutes ago

    Voji needs to stop NO BODY THINKS YOU ARE ZEN

  38. Tommy Vo

    Tommy Vo46 minutes ago

    who else followed Victoria on ig before this

  39. Karmo Lankots

    Karmo Lankots46 minutes ago

    who came here from miniklin

  40. Dawn

    Dawn47 minutes ago

    Marry the petty guy

  41. Deepak Sah

    Deepak Sah47 minutes ago

    Vibetarian what!!!

  42. Vivian Nguyen

    Vivian Nguyen48 minutes ago

    Isn't that Victoria from instagram? She's super famous

  43. Hanna Carolina

    Hanna Carolina50 minutes ago

    She’s talking about too many dating apps being a red flag but hasn’t she been in like 5 of these dating videos hahahaha

  44. Christianne

    Christianne53 minutes ago

    can i have sterling?

  45. Angela Neve

    Angela Neve55 minutes ago

    shoutout to Lukas for those ywam kona photos! 😆🏖

  46. Jo Raj

    Jo Raj57 minutes ago

    No violinists??

  47. Cristina . __ .

    Cristina . __ .59 minutes ago

    Bro her laugh is kind of Annoying like she cute but HER LAUGH

  48. Lili Welzel

    Lili WelzelHour ago

    This is hilarious because I'm Hungarian and I also have red hair.

  49. Vivian Nguyen

    Vivian NguyenHour ago

    i love this new terrace house vibe!!!! so different from other channels i love jubilee

  50. Just Ethan

    Just EthanHour ago

    Brandon reminded me of imagine dragons.

  51. chris wang

    chris wangHour ago

    I am not a Scorpio but I would still leave after that question.

  52. schnitzel

    schnitzelHour ago

    "I'm too grown for you" *Literally speak like an 8th grader*

  53. Brittany Moshenko

    Brittany MoshenkoHour ago

    Lucas though😍

  54. Just Ethan

    Just EthanHour ago

    Her: this phone is so old. Comments: Then 6s is ancient then? My iPhone 4s: Hold my big ass plug.

  55. Artime Silk

    Artime SilkHour ago

    Where do people think connections come from?? You MAKE them by going out and meeting people!

  56. Sallyy

    SallyyHour ago


  57. alan0jjang

    alan0jjangHour ago

    I would want to be eliminated based of her personality.

  58. Deepak Sah

    Deepak SahHour ago

    0:44 when chicks enter the room ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ


    ZENYBOHOOHour ago

    We dont her anymore!

  60. Ash Howarth

    Ash HowarthHour ago

    she has that kinda "internet personality" vibe. and wtf is with no short guys??

  61. Ignatius

    IgnatiusHour ago

    Why tf is she so extra

  62. Just Ethan

    Just EthanHour ago

    My phone makes history. And I destroy history,

  63. Raihannah Taylor

    Raihannah TaylorHour ago

    The last comment made by the African-American woman saying that the fitness enthusiasts needed to be more inclusive with the body positive movement pissed me off! A fitness enthusiast is already inclusive with people who are body positive. They encourage people who already love their bodies to focus on there health and learn their bodies to see what it needs. When I was younger (around 16 to 18 years old) I was overweight and I weighed about 200 pounds when I was supposed to have weighed 135 to 140 pounds. I finally went to a doctor about my weight to receive actual advice and not the typical response I would hear at my physical's, "you're overweight and you need to lose weight." Blah, blah, blah I already knew this I just needed help and a direction to take with my weight. Finally, I see a doctor who explained nutrition to me, calorie intake, my daily diet and most importantly genetic body type. She explained there are three main body types: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. The doctor explained I had a mix between a endo/mesomorph body type and that I needed to develop a diet based upon that and work out based on my body type as well. The doctor recommended some fitness trainers and videos for me to watch. Useful doctor! I ended up talking to fitness trainers and not working out with them because I was intimidated by the work out sessions. Some of them recommended cardio (which I do) and even though I haven't lost a lot of weight long story short, I'm currently 24 years old at 190 pounds. Now it's not a major improvement I'll be honest, but it's better than gaining weight over the years. Now, my point. The fitness trainers and enthusiasts I've spoken to all loved their bodies and embraced them. They were passionate about loving their bodies and changing them to fit their physical needs. Hearing them speak about their bodies boosted my confidence to love my own and has helped me improve on my self-image and loving myself. It was so upsetting hearing that because whether you're into fitness or maintaining a certain weight for yourself, loving your body makes you a body positive person.

  64. Spookefied

    SpookefiedHour ago

    People who base other people based on their zodiac are disgusting 🤮

  65. eza chae

    eza chaeHour ago

    Guy watches anime Me:- man just say yes bro he gooood

  66. Andrew

    AndrewHour ago

    Invasion of privacy, just to get some action...

  67. Kristine Medina

    Kristine MedinaHour ago

    It's called Pro-choice and not pro-abortion..its a spectrum of respect for anyone'e opinion and decision in the matter. How a respectful and neutral stand become demonized by an actively antagonizing left field is illogical

  68. Dyp

    DypHour ago

    Her laugh 🤮🤮

  69. Elena Elias

    Elena EliasHour ago

    What is that voji kid doing ? (No hate tho..)

  70. AMADA

    AMADAHour ago

    So she doesn’t care about personality traits?

  71. Wrzkrz

    WrzkrzHour ago

    I would’ve disqualified myself as soon as she said ‘lit’

  72. JWC

    JWCHour ago

    8:18 That ain’t it chief, she really moved her hand like that

  73. Sallyy

    SallyyHour ago

    No offense but the way she speaks doesn’t make her seem intelligent idk 🥵

  74. 恺晴Myuca

    恺晴MyucaHour ago

    Anyone notice the Asian girl attract the Asian guys?😂

  75. ryfel99

    ryfel99Hour ago

    Voji sucks the life out of every scene he's in

  76. Samantha Castillo

    Samantha CastilloHour ago

    Do you but i would rather be with 1 person 😂 each to their own

  77. william

    williamHour ago

    the America military literally screws them selves over every country they go to.

  78. yves grandma

    yves grandmaHour ago

    3:52 girlie doesn’t know the difference between gender and sex 😭😭😭 how does it feel being an absolute dumbass

  79. Ian

    IanHour ago

    The girls that go to community college are so self conscience about it, I go to community and I’m loving it. I’m glad to be here and I’ll be transferring soon.

  80. No other Like my own skin

    No other Like my own skinHour ago

    Can you make episodes of these people? Religion / faithful Catholic Jewish Islam Muslim Hinduism Buddhism Judaism Paganism Sikhism Jainism Shinto Atheist Spiritual Confucius Taoism Louisiana Voodoo

  81. Ivana Flores

    Ivana FloresHour ago

    I personally think that children are a big milestone in life, mostly because of leaving a legacy. Everything that my parents have taught me and that i have learned and will learn I will want to pass it to my kids.

  82. Sarai Kashani

    Sarai KashaniHour ago

    “I think you’re incredibly well-spoken and intelligent...and you shouldn’t care that you’re going to community college.” Sounds like a migroaggression is brewin’ lol

  83. Xandaddy

    XandaddyHour ago

    I’m saying this now: VOJI WILL FIND HIS SURFER GIRL

  84. fbspin

    fbspinHour ago

    Why she gotta talk like that??

  85. nova svd

    nova svdHour ago

    That black guy just said: *"we spend to much money on immigrants, laws are laws"*

  86. Philistine Ayad

    Philistine AyadHour ago

    I’ve considered becoming vegan. People like Erin are a real turnoff. She’s so damn mean and pushy.

  87. FashionForever

    FashionForeverHour ago

    Why you gotta choose the abg...

  88. Brandon Cleereman

    Brandon CleeremanHour ago

    Why are there so many Brandon's in these videos???

  89. Mee Young

    Mee YoungHour ago

    "Influencer" my ass

  90. Captain Troll

    Captain TrollHour ago

    Climate change isn't real, you've all been brainwashed by dummies like these people

  91. sailaway258

    sailaway258Hour ago

    They actually dont seem compatible to me like shes too cheery and upbeat and giggly and he seems like the opposite

  92. dale janse

    dale janseHour ago

    Plz get other girls on..

  93. Alex Manning

    Alex ManningHour ago

    You see, even if I'm in a relationship my partner and I would respect each other enough to not go through each other's phones. So I don't like this idea personally 🤷

  94. Kimberly Logsdon

    Kimberly LogsdonHour ago

    You should do people with ptsd think the same. It should with that it more than just military because other suffer with ptsd as I do due to my childhood trauma.

  95. L. Bay

    L. BayHour ago

    Please find someone to tell this information too even if you did find someone and they “didn’t care” find someone else there is someone who cares. Most importantly Jesus cares and HE will fight your battles

  96. Fräulein Traveller

    Fräulein TravellerHour ago

    this girl was unbelievably annoying. who agrees?

  97. Nelly Omeike

    Nelly OmeikeHour ago

    Oh boy it’s the spiritual guy again

  98. vegan feminist

    vegan feministHour ago

    FYI in my country the ratio of iOs/Android would be the other way round. 80 percent of ppl have Android phones here...

  99. well

    wellHour ago

    the model ig feed is not what i expected lol usually the models have like nice cute aesthetically pleasures feeds but these models have regular ones :|

  100. Ashley A

    Ashley AHour ago

    I'm 27, and I dont blame the moms for thinking the way they do. I've dated my significant other for a long time, didnt live together but really worked through a lot of things growing up. Taking our time and learning from eachother.. got married and just working things through.. definitely happy. Although it just really depends on the person. I dont think the living together is a good idea, seems to be just temporary and not much of a committment. Unless that's how you want it. I just think that if you love someone and both people want to make it work. It'll work. Marriage is what you make of it and it can REALLY be a beautiful thing. No doubt about it. Its SUCH a special bond and connection from my experience.