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  1. ryanEstandarte

    ryanEstandarte54 seconds ago

    That's the first time she didn't use booze in her food. I'm shocked! 😱

  2. Yael Ginzburg

    Yael GinzburgMinute ago

    I am shocked. Raye dont used alchohol in this episode!

  3. Devanshu Shukla

    Devanshu ShuklaMinute ago

    Both of them r great cooks

  4. Mikhaela Lastimoso

    Mikhaela Lastimoso2 minutes ago

    Is it just me or is it that she sounds a bit like Kim Jisoo from BlackPink

  5. Manta Prey

    Manta Prey4 minutes ago

    *Ripple Nipple*

  6. Leila Mangos

    Leila Mangos4 minutes ago

    wow I think this may be Rie's first "make it fancy" desert without alcohol!

  7. Devanshu Shukla

    Devanshu Shukla4 minutes ago

    I love Jackson :)

  8. Delen Potter

    Delen Potter5 minutes ago

    Beginning of all the episodes- make it fancy, outside in End of episodes- make it fancy, inside out I honestly love that!! Rie is a sweet cinnamon roll who needs to be protected at all costs

  9. Bhavya Talwar

    Bhavya Talwar5 minutes ago

    Re-uploading the same video every time 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Andrew Blake

    Andrew Blake5 minutes ago

    Are any of these vegan?

  11. Leila Mangos

    Leila Mangos7 minutes ago

    please please please do more eating your feed videos!!

  12. StrayKids GenderBentFelix

    StrayKids GenderBentFelix8 minutes ago

    RIE! 😍

  13. jaycze dador

    jaycze dador9 minutes ago

    just a question, did they really put 4 eggs?

  14. GachaFwak

    GachaFwak9 minutes ago

    5:58 Rie's "Oi oi oi" is cute hahaha

  15. Jewelle Palega

    Jewelle Palega12 minutes ago

    where's the alcohol . . . WHERE IS THE ALCOHOL

  16. zwean

    zwean12 minutes ago

    where's the alcohol!?

  17. little8

    little813 minutes ago

    They way Rie says "Make it fancy" is so cuuute uwu

  18. Yasmin Alothman

    Yasmin Alothman13 minutes ago

    Great 👏


    TRINITY GAMING13 minutes ago

    That 2 pasta dude, was also the owner of a different restaurant at "The Tastiest Pizza"

  20. Shadowman X

    Shadowman X14 minutes ago

    Eating chicken with honey? What kind of perversion is this?

  21. Ryuichiro Sakuraba

    Ryuichiro Sakuraba14 minutes ago

    Alcohol in vanilla extract is still considered as far as Rie's stint of using booze in her fancy-fied recipes is concerned, right..? I was actually waiting for the alcohol part tbh. Lol. Also: "...it is not easy to be fancy." - Rie, 2019

  22. FATmeister Gaming

    FATmeister Gaming15 minutes ago

    Sad i dont see alix anymore

  23. emoji land

    emoji land15 minutes ago


  24. Wesley Plays

    Wesley Plays15 minutes ago

    Next Video:Can This Chef Cook A 3 Course Meal With *NOTHING*

  25. Md.samiullahggfguj Khanfdfd

    Md.samiullahggfguj Khanfdfd17 minutes ago

    This is getting boring For Rie.

  26. ATeam195

    ATeam19517 minutes ago

    try it with a hairdryer

  27. nisa3chickenheads

    nisa3chickenheads18 minutes ago

    i'm here just to see rie's cuteness

  28. Mary Joyce Malicdem

    Mary Joyce Malicdem19 minutes ago

    rie is literally my favourite chef ever ♥️

  29. Emma Brash

    Emma Brash19 minutes ago

    Do the grilled cheese !!!!!

  30. Dita Zaļkalne

    Dita Zaļkalne20 minutes ago

    Hmmm maby a waffle iron???!!!

  31. Rhea Cortes

    Rhea Cortes21 minute ago

    ~scrollin' through the comments on the mention of alvin and rie in one video again~~

  32. We Know What to Cook

    We Know What to Cook22 minutes ago

    Wow 😲 super pie 🥧

  33. Devanshu Shukla

    Devanshu Shukla22 minutes ago

    This child is really sweet

  34. Angelic K

    Angelic K22 minutes ago

    Low key thought it was a watermelon in the thumbnail and couldn’t understand why😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Shahad Alsenidi

    Shahad Alsenidi23 minutes ago

    Kevin though... he's so cute wtf

  36. Jheazel Joy Beldad

    Jheazel Joy Beldad23 minutes ago

    Is this even real that you didnt use alcohol in this episode? Hahahahahahahaha I still enjoyed it anyways ♥️

  37. tu chongo

    tu chongo24 minutes ago

    and the timer?

  38. Piggycorn Jana

    Piggycorn Jana25 minutes ago


  39. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee25 minutes ago

    Gotta send this video to my sisters, they love this drink 😆🍺

  40. Alex Kempf

    Alex Kempf26 minutes ago

    *Ripple Nipple*

  41. Naomi Huff

    Naomi Huff30 minutes ago

    We love Rie!

  42. Anaïs

    Anaïs31 minute ago

    We’re just in September and it was in my recommendation since July

  43. Lola Bianca

    Lola Bianca32 minutes ago

    Tbh I would've taken them to my mums house 😂😂

  44. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia32 minutes ago

    Yummy yummy 🤤🤤🤤

  45. Devanshu Shukla

    Devanshu Shukla33 minutes ago

    Alex's jokes are lame but that's why I love her


    Z3N DIGITAL33 minutes ago

    Rose water is nasty 🤢...

  47. angel park

    angel park34 minutes ago

    Everytime alvin carried the heavy bowl i wanted to help him coz i felt bad 😔😭❤

  48. メルキオルCristina

    メルキオルCristina34 minutes ago

    The fact that when she did the drumroll she did it at her shoulders and not at the table is cute


    SUPER SHAGGY34 minutes ago

    Heroes die But legends never die

  50. Falcon Express

    Falcon Express34 minutes ago

    living vicariously with these recipes


    DIY, CRAFTS AND HACKS37 minutes ago

    They should make a restaurant Made It Fancy

  52. Ryan Lauderdale

    Ryan Lauderdale37 minutes ago

    Sorry Taco Bell, this is the real thing.

  53. imran Nawaz

    imran Nawaz38 minutes ago

    Everyone loves it when Rie says: Make it Fancy

  54. bellmeisterful

    bellmeisterful38 minutes ago

    This looks better than it tastes.

  55. Tim Vincent

    Tim Vincent39 minutes ago

    I half expected him to grab some cartoon characters and start putting them into the 'dip'

  56. Nurin Amani

    Nurin Amani40 minutes ago

    Rie: grind until very fine Me: DAMN YOU CAN RAP LIKE A BOSS?!?!

  57. Enevelope x

    Enevelope x40 minutes ago

    İ love Kenny he is so cute ❤️❤️

  58. Kagome

    Kagome40 minutes ago

    Well there are Jello flower and 3D jello cake

  59. Sribas Chowdhary

    Sribas Chowdhary41 minute ago

    Here are a few suggestions for making fancy Popcorn Canned spaghettios Gummy bears Rainbow lollipops NATO (fermented soybean) Hot Cheetos Canned sausages

  60. Octopus Guy

    Octopus Guy42 minutes ago

    2:08 Thought she was gonna transform into Sailor Moon

  61. Probeast Gamezz

    Probeast Gamezz44 minutes ago

    Only filipinos love sweet tomato sauce

  62. ralph

    ralph44 minutes ago

    straight from the oven yet he touched the tray with his bare hand?

  63. TheDuchess

    TheDuchess45 minutes ago

    6:16 Ripple Nipple😂😂

  64. Kelsie

    Kelsie46 minutes ago

    If you can make hot cheetos fancy, you can do aaaaaaanything

  65. eva sisson

    eva sisson48 minutes ago

    Sushi roll!!!!

  66. Here's Till

    Here's Till49 minutes ago

    Meat is fucking disgusting and yall are ruining this planet

  67. King Slayer

    King Slayer49 minutes ago

    Well now the only thing left is some flour and some- Mom: *FRIENDS* Flour but umm ARENT U SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE Mom: EXCUSE ME I KNOW U DIDNT RAISE UR VOICE AT ME yea i did Mom: DONT GET SMART WITH ME then why do u send me to school

  68. Stephanie Reyst

    Stephanie Reyst49 minutes ago

    " I like the sour cream and onion dip" That killed me...IT'S YOGURT AND LIME!!!!!!

  69. Macaroni Macaroni

    Macaroni Macaroni51 minute ago

    Unskippable ads are unbearable enough. Yakult ads are torture.

  70. Darknight1312

    Darknight131251 minute ago

    Is the guy with the earrings doing a punishment or is he/she tran sexual

  71. Filetsteak

    Filetsteak51 minute ago

    A good burger should have raw meat in it

  72. Madi Layne

    Madi Layne52 minutes ago


  73. Micheryl Arkee Siendo

    Micheryl Arkee Siendo54 minutes ago

    Why is it so easy to spot a uniqlo shirt

  74. Marissa Li

    Marissa Li54 minutes ago

    How are you supposed to calculate butter in cups?

  75. aayushi jogi

    aayushi jogi54 minutes ago

    I dunno why....... But I've watched these recipes SOOO MANY times..... But they still manage to make me hungry every time I watch them😂😂😂

  76. Souhardya Pal

    Souhardya Pal54 minutes ago

    Ist this a repeat.?

  77. Lina M

    Lina M54 minutes ago

    Rie: It’s not easy to be fancy Also rie makes stuff fancy under 30 minutes.

  78. Jules

    Jules55 minutes ago

    octopus-shaped w e i n e r

  79. 3 Girls Gaming

    3 Girls Gaming55 minutes ago

    "I like my chocolate chip cookies like I like my bank account... LOADED!"

  80. the researcher

    the researcher55 minutes ago

    I made this for me and my mom and this is the second dish I have ever made and it turned out really good. Thank you for the videos.

  81. Aurora Blue

    Aurora Blue56 minutes ago

    I feel like I've already seen this

  82. Tameem

    Tameem56 minutes ago

    I would make the honey glazed one,but w out the honey cuz honey is disgusting

  83. Jariah Mckay

    Jariah Mckay57 minutes ago

    I tried to make these last year! 😂 and watching it now I understand why the cookies I made didn't turn out how I wanted them. It's going take me 10 tries to get these cookies right 😂😭🤷 Pumpkin cookies though 😍👌 so easy!

  84. Mr.Rabbit

    Mr.Rabbit58 minutes ago

    make it fancy

  85. MHD ChiBo

    MHD ChiBo58 minutes ago

    That is just unescessory and overkill

  86. sniper 2010

    sniper 201058 minutes ago

    Stop using alcohol please

  87. Mrs. Pringles

    Mrs. Pringles59 minutes ago

    9:27 he’s so cute lmfaooo

  88. Amanda Walters

    Amanda WaltersHour ago

    Never clicked on a video so fast! I love these videos.

  89. Audrey

    AudreyHour ago

    legend has it that Rie only wears one earing

  90. hakuna.

    hakuna.Hour ago

    Can I make the classic truffle using condensed milk instead of cream?

  91. KVStarStruck22

    KVStarStruck22Hour ago

    Sorry cant watch it. The way you say fancy and all these corny moves is retarded. Lol bye for now.

  92. j c

    j cHour ago

    Finally another ‘Make It Fancy’ 👏

  93. Octopus Guy

    Octopus GuyHour ago


  94. Lou Kitsune

    Lou KitsuneHour ago

    I love the way Rie pronounces Graham crackers 😂❤️ She is one of my favorite Tasty producers❤️

  95. My Super Secret Profile No One Knows About

    My Super Secret Profile No One Knows AboutHour ago

    why do i always watch these videos when im hungry

  96. Insan3TV

    Insan3TVHour ago

    Pretty sure baking your chicken isn’t frying it

  97. Saania Salahuddin

    Saania SalahuddinHour ago

    I love how Rie's trail of thoughts always leads to alcohol...

  98. Sophia Weng

    Sophia WengHour ago

    Can I not use the espresso powder? Cause I don’t have expresso powder and I can’t buy it from the store’s

  99. Gideon William

    Gideon WilliamHour ago

    What are shallots

  100. Manomay Jain

    Manomay JainHour ago

    No alcohol in this !!!