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  1. halloffamebullies

    halloffamebullies2 minutes ago

    How do you get a assault charge for blasting a guy who is charging you. Don’t start none, won’t be none

  2. Darnell Seahawks

    Darnell Seahawks4 minutes ago

    Go seahawks

  3. Darnell Seahawks

    Darnell Seahawks4 minutes ago

    Its alot of seahawks haters

  4. Darnell Seahawks

    Darnell Seahawks5 minutes ago

    Seahawks are better than what we was last year

  5. Cake Batter

    Cake Batter5 minutes ago

    If a guy who was convicted for killing dogs and running an illegal dog fighting ring can come back with all the distractions that go along with it, and play for not one but two different teams, what's so crazy about a dude who is kneeling during the national anthem? Its not like there hasn't been kneeling going on every Sunday for the past 3 years.

  6. Darnell Seahawks

    Darnell Seahawks5 minutes ago

    Ravens won because we got josh gordon from the patriots

  7. DrD3m3nt0

    DrD3m3nt06 minutes ago

    FatClown is playing loose with the facts, someone please him throw some food.

  8. Darnell Seahawks

    Darnell Seahawks6 minutes ago

    Russell is mvp look at the status we 8-2 ravens 7-2

  9. OkLy Wright

    OkLy Wright8 minutes ago

    I am dying yalll Deshaun Jackson 😂😂😂😂

  10. HemanParkFilms

    HemanParkFilms11 minutes ago

    Disappointed in LaVar here. The focus should be on Myles. He was wrong, period. Saying I was provoked makes him look worse.

  11. Grimm Reaper

    Grimm Reaper13 minutes ago

    Calm down people, everyone is acting like we were attacked by terrorist or a President was killed.

  12. Grimm Reaper

    Grimm Reaper17 minutes ago

    The NFL is getting worse every year. I don’t think Garrett should get more than four games. I’m about done with the NFL and NFL Sunday ticket.

  13. Stephen Beddard

    Stephen Beddard20 minutes ago

    I'm sure that Kunta Kenta shirt isn't going to help him lol

  14. Darnell Timpson

    Darnell Timpson26 minutes ago

    😂😂😂 Did I Ruffle Some Feathers

  15. Lamarr Jones

    Lamarr Jones33 minutes ago

    The one dude is way off criminal intent please and jason whitlock needs to be fire I'm so tire of his views of situations its making my head spin he needs to go period

  16. Jasinto Samora

    Jasinto Samora34 minutes ago

    I think the vikings played a major role in the cowboys loss to the vikings.lol.👍👍👍🤔😊😁😂😄😳🏈

  17. Den Jones

    Den Jones36 minutes ago

    Yall USwork lavar Harrington fight with former teamate M. Westbrook. Westbrook cracked lavar in the eye. Lavar a sucka.

  18. healthya540mg5959

    healthya540mg595936 minutes ago

    agree with the other guys. why does whitlock as the moderator (who can have an opinion of course) disrespect the opinion of the others. please bring in another moderator so that whitlock can express his opinion. A moderator should be a little bit more respectful and shouldn't respond to others opinions with 'for what'? be more professional. Charles Barkley vs. Whitlock would be a nasty one.

  19. Kathy Nawara

    Kathy Nawara37 minutes ago

    he is a has been

  20. Jose Pescador

    Jose Pescador37 minutes ago

    Jason gotta shut up already. The dude is nothing but a puppet and hater. Mason rudolf should be charged with assault for attacking miles Garret’s clean tackle. It’s true, mason was in fact embarrassed and acted like a pre Madonna when he went out and put his hands in miles Garrett. I don’t believe there should be a long suspension on either side. The rule book says that an illegal use of the helmet is a personal foul and a 15 yard penalty. Miles Garrett was only defending himself. If you guys are here complaining about concussions and safety then hold those same rules to mason Rudolph. Imagine if mason rudolf hit miles Garrett in the right spot during the the separation? The use of fists are an illegal use ! Pouncy should be suspended the whole season too. Pouncy has arms and hands that can be used as a deadly weapon (have you seen how big pouncy really is?)

  21. Super High

    Super High42 minutes ago

    Imagine you had 3 Lamar's on one team. One at QB, RB, and Receiver!

  22. kenneth mccuin

    kenneth mccuin43 minutes ago

    They bullying my QB Lamar at this point. Lamar prove his worth to his Team, NFL, Family, Fans, Friends, and more. This is getting out of hand. I get maybe 15 notification on the Ravens a week, 13 of them is just the media bashing Lamar, the others are Highlights.

  23. Bruce Schermerhorn

    Bruce Schermerhorn44 minutes ago

    Why can't these people just say the better team won

  24. Calvin Williamson

    Calvin Williamson45 minutes ago

    I'll tell you why he clocked the quarterback, Rudolph called him the "N" word point blank! Conveniently these talking head are staying away from this like the plague!

  25. JoJo Kaler

    JoJo Kaler45 minutes ago

    There was a lot of talk about the injuries that faced the 49ers but I did not hear one comment about the absence of Dissley, the absence of Willson, and losing Lockett in the game.

  26. Frank Varela

    Frank Varela46 minutes ago

    Myles Garrett had his chance to add to his season stat numbers. But things just got out of hand. Myles does have real issues that needs to be seen by a professional doctor. He's a ticking time 💣 bomb. And it blew up Thursday night.

  27. J Kes

    J Kes48 minutes ago

    I hate how much I agree with Whitlock and at the same time annoyed with his counter arguments.

  28. Shane Lewis

    Shane Lewis49 minutes ago

    God knows

  29. Vic Damone

    Vic Damone50 minutes ago

    Jason you don’t fit in. Not Myles

  30. dee see

    dee see53 minutes ago

    They caught Whitlock lying 😂😂😂😂

  31. deathstroke

    deathstroke55 minutes ago

    Knew how Whitlock was gonna see this.

  32. JB GamingExp

    JB GamingExp59 minutes ago

    PATHETIC SHOW, PATHETIC SPORT ANALYSIS WANNA BE, just close this show so much unnecessary useless headlines etc

  33. Stopdah8te

    Stopdah8teHour ago

    “A little too goofy for da brothers” 🤣☠️🤣 I’m with Arrington on this one. If Rudolph would have been smart like a veteran and take the hit and let the refs penalize Garrett it would have never gone this far. Garrett’s actions were totally idiotic and he got what he deserved but Rudolph deserved at least a fine or 1 game.

  34. The Chilean Audiophile

    The Chilean AudiophileHour ago

    If you compare Jordan with another player....is because you have no idea what real basketball is....the rest is just allocated skills....like magic said, there is Jordan and the rest of us...

  35. Mr. Earth

    Mr. EarthHour ago

    Jackson is the MVP front runner now! Facts are facts!

  36. Mr. Earth

    Mr. EarthHour ago

    I think the fat old guy is Wilson's biggest fan!

  37. K Sonny

    K SonnyHour ago

    The first dude just wants a white person to get suspended. Racially motivated opinions.

  38. Cory Will

    Cory WillHour ago

    TJ shut ole boy up.

  39. Reefa Hall

    Reefa HallHour ago

    DW4 all day! 🤘🏿🤘🏿

  40. William Schwab

    William SchwabHour ago

    As a law student.... It has been hilarious listening to all these talking heads put on their pretend lawyers hats.

  41. Bobby Williams

    Bobby WilliamsHour ago

    Imagine if Lamar Jackson had DeAndre Hopkins at WR...Even since College Lamar’s body of work of dominance started much earlier than Watson...Watson is a baller tho

  42. samslick90

    samslick90Hour ago

    Rudolph was a willing participant but Garrett started it and swung the helmet Pouncey should be given only one game, for the kick

  43. Aaron Steele

    Aaron SteeleHour ago

    You kneeled for what purpose then you came back to NFL the same people who pay you. Secure the bag .

  44. Bu11et23

    Bu11et23Hour ago

    Getting tired of TJ’s takes... he got a victim mentality

  45. Panda

    PandaHour ago

    7:50 Meme material

  46. Aber Sabeel

    Aber SabeelHour ago

    Uncle Whitlock hates Colin kaepernick.

  47. Adrean Ochoa

    Adrean OchoaHour ago

    DeSean jackson😂😂

  48. Andrew C.

    Andrew C.Hour ago

    Lavar forever trying to defend a person at the wrong

  49. J Jackson

    J JacksonHour ago

    The media hates any quarterback that can run.

  50. Troy Mendes

    Troy MendesHour ago

    Being "too goofy for the brothas" is not the worst thing in the world for a black man in America. Just be you...

  51. Jerry Dillon

    Jerry DillonHour ago

    If you’re in a fight, regardless of whether you were the victor or loser, you should be held accountable. Period.

  52. Timbo T

    Timbo THour ago

    Hey guys. Please get Eric Dickerson off of the show. Listen to his comments. Really listen to him. Oh boy! Wrong wrong !!! Smh

  53. Donte Gates

    Donte GatesHour ago

    I see why ol Whitlock is single.... Get ya man's

  54. Ty B.

    Ty B.Hour ago

    This Brady dude is reaching like MJ in Space Jam on that take lol

  55. TribeCash7

    TribeCash7Hour ago

    “Lavar Jackson” -Eric Dickerson

  56. SergKnowsBest

    SergKnowsBestHour ago

    Lamar’s throwing motion isn’t awkward to me I don’t get what the analyst see wit that

  57. SweetHeartFox OwO

    SweetHeartFox OwOHour ago

    Lamar is a great great player and no disrespect to him, but if the NFL allowed hits lamar wouldnt be able to run si much because he wouldve gotten smashed already. I hope he doesnt for the Ravens fans sake and because I hate seeing anyone injured, but one day it could happen that if he doesnt watch himself he could get sidelined. Same goes with Watson if he wants to keep running too. I wish Lamar and Watson the best and a great year, I just had to make a point about riskiness

  58. TribeCash7

    TribeCash7Hour ago

    Can’t wait till this game keep sleeping 😴 on LJ8 😈💯 #RavensFlock

  59. Non Ya

    Non YaHour ago

    Haters keep on hating.

  60. Eric Parker

    Eric ParkerHour ago

    Texans fan. Both QBs are great in their own rite and this is gonna be a great game. It should be the Sunday night game though.

  61. Chillaxing

    ChillaxingHour ago

    And if Dak threw the ball and didn’t get the first down then everyone would have said Garret should have ran it. People acting like they know Dak was going to get the first down. They had the matchup they wanted Deke on a linebacker, the linebacker just made a play. Everybody is a Monday morning quarterback.

  62. Donnie T

    Donnie THour ago

    Sista girl in the yellow a lil thh thhhi thhiiggidy thick thickem uh. Go head sha. Good job all of yall. Good energy darnell

  63. Michael Tamares

    Michael TamaresHour ago

    they not making the finals. sorry, that's a fact

  64. Michael Tamares

    Michael Tamares2 hours ago

    lol. the dan Marino of NBA

  65. Akeem Taylor

    Akeem Taylor2 hours ago

    Whitlock always defends the white guy

  66. Robert South

    Robert South2 hours ago

    Money is on Deshaun. He is the more mature and can read defenses better. Lamar is a badazz running and B type pocket passer

  67. turnerclassic 86

    turnerclassic 862 hours ago

    Deshawn good but he likes big plays too much Lamar doesn’t mind the short game...that’s y the texans have so many injuries

  68. turnerclassic 86

    turnerclassic 862 hours ago

    lamar jackson been doing more with less

  69. albert mcghee

    albert mcghee2 hours ago

    Love this show hating on Lamar. They keep eating crow week after week.

  70. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams2 hours ago

    The man kick him in the nuts also

  71. Antonio

    Antonio2 hours ago

    Dickerson said the wrong names all through this segment 😭😭

  72. kvmi1986

    kvmi19862 hours ago

    Lavar is a joke

  73. Nintendad816 *

    Nintendad816 *2 hours ago

    Not saying Watson will win MVP but I would take him over Lamar Jackson because longevity and he has throwing qb. You could put Watson in any offense where Lamar very few but I do think Lamar and Wilson are front runners for mvp

  74. Albert G

    Albert G2 hours ago

    Whitlock is the real 100%

  75. Lil Flop Junior

    Lil Flop Junior2 hours ago

    Can heavy, Lmar light on his feet... he gonna keep running, LOUISVILLE PRODUCT

  76. Michael Franqui

    Michael Franqui2 hours ago

    He never supports his own people he lives in the 60s still scared and wanted to kiss massas behind I cant stand him god forgive me

  77. Maya Dukes

    Maya Dukes2 hours ago

    That boy was overacting talking bout criminal charges

  78. Michael Franqui

    Michael Franqui2 hours ago

    Fatlock a uncle tommy white wannabe c**n

  79. Gray wa

    Gray wa2 hours ago

    Is everybody manning and Brady they said mahomes and Watson now watson and Jackson they said Mayfield and mahomes

  80. Tommie Anderson

    Tommie Anderson2 hours ago

    The throwing motion is overrated just get the job done.

  81. Kenny Oliver

    Kenny Oliver2 hours ago

    Garrett better get a longer suspension then burfict. What Garrett did could be considered assault, Burficts hit was at least a football move.

  82. keith norton

    keith norton2 hours ago

    Lamar's a much better passer

  83. Dee Brown

    Dee Brown2 hours ago

    Where’s Wiley when you need him

  84. The Great Western Trendkill

    The Great Western Trendkill2 hours ago

    0:27 No need for that gesture, hater. That's facts. Harden is overrated but what he does is in fact historic. Say it with your chest next time.

  85. Mandel Harvey

    Mandel Harvey2 hours ago

    Lamar with a better team won't have to do as much. Watson Will look more spectacular in a losing effort.

  86. HardGrindProductions

    HardGrindProductions2 hours ago

    It's funny how calling somebody races has become worse than races acts and behavior

  87. Robb Schmelzle

    Robb Schmelzle2 hours ago

    Easy for him to say, Watson has Hopkins easily the best wr in the nfl

  88. nate rf

    nate rf2 hours ago

    Take Russell and Lamar off their teams. Who would be the worst team?

  89. Robert Slack

    Robert Slack2 hours ago

    Two people cant be wrong at the same time. Okay.

  90. byron peterkin

    byron peterkin2 hours ago

    Doesn't matter what anyone's opinion is. We all have one. Lamar just need to go out there and be consistent doing what he's been doing all year. Play his game and nothing else matters

  91. Beastmode Block

    Beastmode Block2 hours ago

    Good point Lavar!!!

  92. Dave Lopez

    Dave Lopez2 hours ago

    Not one bit of sense was spoken here.....cancel this lame show.

  93. Q _Heartless

    Q _Heartless2 hours ago

    This man out here averaging 40 and we still complaining. Clearly there's an objective the media has against him

  94. J Redeyes

    J Redeyes2 hours ago

    Whitlock always side with white people, thats crazy

  95. Rich Ə Wrych

    Rich Ə Wrych2 hours ago

    This is how many haters Lamar Jackson will prove wrong in his career ⬇️

  96. S C

    S C2 hours ago

    Thank you! That’s what everyone is missing. He only had one free arm because the Steelers players had the other. It was a reflex more than anything #FREEMYLESGARRETT

  97. Apophis E.N.D

    Apophis E.N.D2 hours ago

    So they missed Rudolph kicking him in the nuts?

  98. Sammy Angel

    Sammy Angel2 hours ago

    Lavar makes a valid point. Mason wanted to start something physical with Garrett, the DE shouldn't have reacted that way, but I think Mason needs to get fined as well.

  99. trufiend138

    trufiend1382 hours ago

    Watson will have his best game of the season...and perhaps if not of his career to date, to win. Lamar just has do what he’s been doing. 22 pass attempts. And 70 yds rushing. And ravens win. Assuming Ravens D don’t lay an egg. And the game is in Baltimore. Home Field matters. Final score 30-24 Ravens.

  100. TMI TMI

    TMI TMI2 hours ago

    ric: how has the clips prove they're the best in the league? the season is 10-11 games in. why is he still talking basketball when he said he swears that kobe would never wear a laker jersey again.