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  1. smile cute

    smile cuteMinute ago

    So her dad never had any other kids are boys?

  2. Siala Brown

    Siala Brown2 minutes ago

    I always start (at least) to tear up when I hear the lion king opening. 😢 So beautiful. 💕❤️

  3. Nicholas Zsandor

    Nicholas Zsandor2 minutes ago

    I feel like Bill dodged Hitchens altogether here realizing he was intellectually not a match for him.

  4. Akshat Jindal

    Akshat Jindal2 minutes ago

    9:49 is why i was here.

  5. Cristi CTN

    Cristi CTN3 minutes ago

    Yoooooo on 25 its my bhirday

  6. D Swen

    D Swen3 minutes ago

    His show is fake as can be! Les Stroud is the real guy

  7. AllaboutAlicia

    AllaboutAlicia4 minutes ago

    3:37 I can never stop laughing

  8. Ellie -lake

    Ellie -lake4 minutes ago

    How long ?

  9. midclub3

    midclub38 minutes ago

    The camera getting closer and closer is creepy

  10. nick67uk2002

    nick67uk20028 minutes ago

    What's the music

  11. Michelle Bayandai

    Michelle Bayandai8 minutes ago

    Oof let’s see how billies changed this year I guess.

  12. MohSpams

    MohSpams9 minutes ago

    yall asking questions that he wouldnt need to lie about

  13. Lauren Grimes

    Lauren Grimes9 minutes ago

    He’s so intelligent and inspiring

  14. thanksgiving turkey

    thanksgiving turkey11 minutes ago

    You know we will always love you. Regardless of how megadrastic the changes you will be making to your life will be. Live the truth...

  15. Shanice YourCatsBestFriend

    Shanice YourCatsBestFriend11 minutes ago

    "if you take one of my money's"

  16. Ed

    Ed11 minutes ago

    southern, deep south like Alabama and Mississippi...even Americans try it and don't get it right.

  17. Danielle Diaz

    Danielle Diaz11 minutes ago

    What the heck is this extreme close up they keep throwing in this interview?!

  18. pancakes3ful

    pancakes3ful12 minutes ago

    Women invisibly her movie.

  19. M Portugal Monroy

    M Portugal Monroy15 minutes ago

    Because what you feel, isn't always the truth ♪

  20. Rica Dubria

    Rica Dubria15 minutes ago


  21. Rica Dubria

    Rica Dubria16 minutes ago


  22. Brotkorn

    Brotkorn17 minutes ago

    lets put dead animals inside

  23. Melissa Miller

    Melissa Miller18 minutes ago

    It hurts my heart to think that John would cheat on her!!!! Please noooooooooooo

  24. Google Mailbox

    Google Mailbox18 minutes ago

    Dear Ru Paul, You’re not Oprah.

  25. Marco Zappala

    Marco Zappala22 minutes ago

    he is just the epitome of class and elegance.

  26. The wolfman

    The wolfman24 minutes ago

    She looks like what a skid mark would be personified.

  27. evie xox

    evie xox25 minutes ago

    i keep re watching this imagining what she’ll say in the 3rd year omg i’m gonna cry

  28. Sriranga Bharadwaj

    Sriranga Bharadwaj28 minutes ago

    Aaron is so innocent, as Jesse😂😂doesn't get sarcasm and gets confused

  29. drjwww

    drjwww31 minute ago

    I'm Canadian, and I'll only politely say that everything here sounds like Lily Singh slang that's more or less exclusive to her and those immediate to her.

  30. EMS

    EMS32 minutes ago

    to refresh your spirit 11:42

  31. Saint Walpurgis.

    Saint Walpurgis.32 minutes ago

    This video is so beautiful and moving and emotional. MY GOD. Hearing out mother talk about how much her man loves her - i am in t e a r s.

  32. Richmond Arellano

    Richmond Arellano33 minutes ago

    Sonic doesn't feel so good

  33. Grafferty

    Grafferty36 minutes ago

    Other big tropes include: Familiar song in a minor key Sting at the end Cutting together dialogue to explain the premise - usually THIS. Is done badly AND jars- noticeably.

  34. Rohit Kashyap

    Rohit Kashyap38 minutes ago

    My boss in a meeting,which should have been a email.

  35. Charlie 1

    Charlie 138 minutes ago

    I'm English and don't know most of these

  36. Jane Vlogs

    Jane Vlogs38 minutes ago

    Nooo I’m not gonna wait 4 day I want it NOW 😡😡😡

  37. Kyle Watson

    Kyle Watson38 minutes ago


  38. G. G

    G. G41 minute ago

    I laughed way to much and my friends judged me, I love this

  39. Jessica Raffa

    Jessica Raffa41 minute ago

    My absolute favourite, such an inspiration. Thank you Ru for everything. ✨❤️

  40. Jyoti thapa

    Jyoti thapa42 minutes ago

    She look so happy now ❤

  41. Ryan Scherbluk

    Ryan Scherbluk45 minutes ago

    So victims that are exposed to radiation are not contagious to others interesting. But I’d imagine there clothing would be.

  42. WE_Tubers

    WE_Tubers46 minutes ago

    Sounds like wubba lubba dubdub

  43. yeeyee

    yeeyee46 minutes ago


  44. BlueFlameXLover

    BlueFlameXLover49 minutes ago

    Why everyone hates twilight!? It’s the best movie!

  45. flyx

    flyx49 minutes ago

    Why does nick’s voice actor actually look like him

  46. UnkleRiceYo

    UnkleRiceYo52 minutes ago

    As if PWC need to be there

  47. potato bug

    potato bug53 minutes ago

    He looks like 5. And 50 at the same time.

  48. Madie Inez

    Madie Inez54 minutes ago

    They pullin a trailer on us like that smh, ya’ll betraying my trust

  49. Emily Reeve

    Emily Reeve54 minutes ago

    Aww I love this I’m so glad she happy now I’m so proud <333

  50. FALpwn

    FALpwn55 minutes ago

    This guy is a low-key coffee connoisseur.

  51. Hans Puelinckx

    Hans Puelinckx55 minutes ago

    Beautiful,modest are all the greats.

  52. James Girven

    James GirvenHour ago

    This is the poshest "British" slang

  53. CrackedAmoeba Railfanning

    CrackedAmoeba RailfanningHour ago

    Barbara: “They didn’t have chutzpah, so for that reason, I’m out”

  54. GamerEphavenYt lll

    GamerEphavenYt lllHour ago

    Past Billie:270K Future:6.3M

  55. Oscar winner 2022

    Oscar winner 2022Hour ago

    Hun , Imma be co-staring with you soon.........just wait♥❗

  56. Jon DeAraugo

    Jon DeAraugoHour ago

    Never heard them explain “suuuu” which they say in their songs

  57. Emily S

    Emily SHour ago

    drinking game: count how many times RuPaul says "actually"

  58. matthian nieuwoudt

    matthian nieuwoudtHour ago

    its look cgi towards the end, thats so odd

  59. A YouTube Guy

    A YouTube GuyHour ago

    cant wait for the movie to come out

  60. Nora Birkén

    Nora BirkénHour ago

    Jaeden looks exactly like my cousin and it’s terrifying

  61. Regimantas Radzevičius

    Regimantas RadzevičiusHour ago

    We need more information for university project.

  62. Bailey Xiong

    Bailey XiongHour ago

    I have been waiting!!!!

  63. vilja wredberg

    vilja wredbergHour ago

    wow this was the first video i ever saw of her🥰

  64. bandito

    banditoHour ago

    why does it feel like the interview just came out. insaneee

  65. Buket Sınmaz

    Buket SınmazHour ago

    I just came for for the thumbnail. It was funny :D

  66. Rose Emmanuelle

    Rose EmmanuelleHour ago

    finally a southern slang one that's actually accurate

  67. Mallory Pineda

    Mallory PinedaHour ago

    That was accurate on the South Carolina , I’m from North Carolina

  68. Awry Jex

    Awry JexHour ago


  69. Jacob G

    Jacob GHour ago

    Rob admitting that Chris had no layers is the validation of my theory that that show had great characters and dropped the ball with later-season development.

  70. Ariel Anderson

    Ariel AndersonHour ago

    I live for ru’s laugh!!

  71. drew wilson

    drew wilsonHour ago

    "Pure Barry" doesn't mean pure brilliant, it's "pure Barry White" or "pure shite!"

  72. james harison

    james harisonHour ago


  73. M. Katu

    M. KatuHour ago

    Wanna hiding Ghee every new zealander knows what this means lool

  74. first name last name

    first name last nameHour ago

    Bro Elmo litterally doesn't age

  75. drew wilson

    drew wilsonHour ago

    Sweden's one of those countries you know nothing about but would move there for life.

  76. Zom

    ZomHour ago

    Seriously..... a trailer?

  77. Laura Pennington

    Laura PenningtonHour ago

    “I was thinking of a Pap smear” 😂😂😂

  78. France Dy

    France DyHour ago

    We can't deny Lily and chinchilla have chemistry

  79. Libby Edwards

    Libby EdwardsHour ago

    Ugh can't wait 😍😍😍

  80. TAYLOR _ QUEEN 13

    TAYLOR _ QUEEN 13Hour ago

    *2017 : Green* *2018 : Black* *2019 : Green* (three year 🔜) 💚 . . . . *2020 : ??? "Black or green" !!?*-

  81. Ebony Daniels

    Ebony DanielsHour ago

    As someone from South Carolina, I have heard or used all of those sayings 😂😂😂

  82. Alfie871

    Alfie871Hour ago

    I was hoping he would talk about Californication! I loved every scene Eddie Nero was inn!

  83. All eyes on Sha

    All eyes on ShaHour ago

    They must be stoners 😂

  84. Mark Woldin

    Mark WoldinHour ago

    Minute 9:18: Penn says that "without exception" they didn't do instant stooging. Wrong! I was up on stage 30 years ago in New York and Teller asked me to let him take my watch. Of course I did, then he produced it when I was returning to my seat. It was beautiful. I liked being part of the dupe.

  85. big boi

    big boiHour ago

    im fixin' ta like this video

  86. Stacey Go

    Stacey GoHour ago

    Tyl for Hasan Minhaj and Trevor Noah 😭😢

  87. Aziz Murtuza

    Aziz MurtuzaHour ago

    dammit im too early for the good comments

  88. GamerEphavenYt lll

    GamerEphavenYt lllHour ago

    Hey Mate

  89. ꧁༒•Why so serious •༒꧂

    ꧁༒•Why so serious •༒꧂Hour ago

    "RUB A DUB DUB" remind me of Rick catchphrases 🤔

  90. micheal stephanie

    micheal stephanieHour ago

    An Arse is being a bit of a tit. Looool

  91. iUploadVideos4Fun

    iUploadVideos4FunHour ago

    Sounds like Robert Deniro.. Looks like Walter White...

  92. Gecko 24

    Gecko 24Hour ago


  93. NIVEA

    NIVEAHour ago

    chadwick just exudes regalness. my king.

  94. Shaikha Hasan

    Shaikha HasanHour ago


  95. мистер кролик кролик

    мистер кролик кроликHour ago

    Who is girl?

  96. Najeeb Siddiqui

    Najeeb SiddiquiHour ago

    “Everybody on the show is a steroidal version of who they actually are “ Except nick offerman and Chris pratt.

  97. Lukeny Silva

    Lukeny SilvaHour ago

    isn't he looking a little bit too thin??!

  98. K.O. Sounds

    K.O. SoundsHour ago

    Kinda upset they didn't do American Psycho for 2000, but that was still a good film. Love me some Willem.

  99. Rana Mo

    Rana MoHour ago

    It's so stupid that pumpers where created for the "internet", because I clicked on it, I'm probably going to watch the first few seconds at least, and if the movie looks bad I'll move on anyway, even with a pumper before the actual trail. Stupid idea. I hope it dies.

  100. Shucks

    ShucksHour ago

    Okay miss Cupcake 🤣🤣