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  1. Chelsi Fields

    Chelsi FieldsMinute ago

    People are gonna stop throwing their weapons and other evidence into the rivers near Jake 😂

  2. Francisco Xavier Simon Jacques

    Francisco Xavier Simon JacquesMinute ago

    Make a collab video with adventures with purpose Your charisma and their expertise will make an awesome video Also jig and yappy team river treasure with team adventures Wow just thinking about it gives me goosebumps Just do it

  3. beqa RT

    beqa RT2 minutes ago

    I from Georgia

  4. HHxywxrd 2006

    HHxywxrd 20064 minutes ago


  5. Pham Cruz

    Pham Cruz5 minutes ago

    How it would be a ship wreck on a river

  6. maxb.jpg

    maxb.jpg8 minutes ago

    Brilliant you get a mouthful of your friends piss 😂😂😂

  7. Tyreonnas World lover

    Tyreonnas World lover12 minutes ago

    Aww the man peeing lol

  8. Mystic Gamer

    Mystic Gamer14 minutes ago

    Wow I wish I could go there but I'm to young 😆

  9. Sandro Lang

    Sandro Lang15 minutes ago

    What does such a cyrstal cost

  10. Hamdawei حمداوي

    Hamdawei حمداوي15 minutes ago

    Minecraft 🥺

  11. Eles19

    Eles1916 minutes ago

    I am always scared of doing this coz I will probably over think it

  12. Mia Lee Libunao

    Mia Lee Libunao17 minutes ago


  13. DansySansy

    DansySansy17 minutes ago

    DALLMYD: Hope we find something lucky. Few minutes later... DALLMYD: *g i r l s u n d e r w e a r*

  14. Justas Keliautojas

    Justas Keliautojas18 minutes ago


  15. Obsmitchell 3009

    Obsmitchell 300919 minutes ago

    Mate I have been subbed to you since 800k nut I stopped watching you but wow you have 8.95 millions what

  16. Merel Muller

    Merel Muller22 minutes ago

    All homeless people go here,it can change your live

  17. 10k subs with no Bananas getting eaten

    10k subs with no Bananas getting eaten22 minutes ago

    If u find a yellow crystal let me know it might be a banana

  18. Steve Daj

    Steve Daj24 minutes ago


  19. Erik Sviri

    Erik Sviri24 minutes ago

    Talk slower please

  20. manny

    manny24 minutes ago

    Idea: scuba dive in the pond u might find some thing good

  21. Erik Sviri

    Erik Sviri24 minutes ago

    U need to seriously slow down when u talk! I like your videos I like u but when u talk very very fast without breaks it pisses me off so plesseeeee slowwww dowwnnnnnn

  22. David Peters

    David Peters26 minutes ago

    I do have some MUCH smaller amystist

  23. Ruby Bean

    Ruby Bean27 minutes ago

    I love your vids,your vids are awesome keep up the good work:),you are the bet :))

  24. 0fc Tho

    0fc Tho28 minutes ago

    I havent watched u in a long time lol

  25. nickcrawley79

    nickcrawley7928 minutes ago

    My son works at Outback in Commerce ga and saw you but was to scared to go and say hi.

  26. Serinya G

    Serinya G29 minutes ago

    You should do trash hunting for world clean up day in tha waterrr


    CSA ORCA MEDEA30 minutes ago

    Hi pls suscribe to my channel and share it

  28. {GP}{GH}yarne degreef

    {GP}{GH}yarne degreef31 minute ago

    Pls talk slower

  29. The Amazing Athlete High jump and More

    The Amazing Athlete High jump and More31 minute ago

    That was cool

  30. Lily Prasad

    Lily Prasad32 minutes ago

    have you ever been scuba diving in hawwai?

  31. Samantha Flynn

    Samantha Flynn32 minutes ago

    I know this was 2 years ago and you're approaching 9M know but I totally teared up watching this!

  32. BearyLynn

    BearyLynn32 minutes ago

    That's my birthstone ^ 0^) I should find one too!


    DARK KNIGHT TM32 minutes ago


  34. FX

    FX35 minutes ago

    Is that a German Sheppard?

  35. Fallout Shelter

    Fallout Shelter37 minutes ago

    I used to watch u play video games way back

  36. top pubg

    top pubg37 minutes ago

    Hey you you cant find crystals on the surface they are really deep

  37. Bill Kelsoe

    Bill Kelsoe37 minutes ago

    John looks like the guy wearing ladies skin in Silence of the Lambs :D

  38. Derpy Hooves

    Derpy Hooves38 minutes ago

    Jake, man, I do love your videos, but for fucks sake STOP PUTTING ELECTRONICS IN RICE YOU IDIOT! It does nothing but more harm. And blasting it with hairdrier makes it even worse because evaporated water gets under shielding where it does even more damage making it even harder to repair.

  39. Sidney Johnson

    Sidney Johnson38 minutes ago

    Is it me or does everyone have a iPhone x

  40. Mr man

    Mr man39 minutes ago

    4:35 Hope that guy was ok.

  41. gaming with cristea

    gaming with cristea39 minutes ago

    Who else skip to the end me im not skippin but i watch all the vid its cool in the wild

  42. Heather Davis

    Heather Davis40 minutes ago

    it is cool that you find all this stuff

  43. Skylyar Playsgamez

    Skylyar Playsgamez40 minutes ago

    Wow so cool

  44. funkabby1

    funkabby140 minutes ago

    Greetings from the UK, love your videos bud

  45. ihtz- nanie

    ihtz- nanie40 minutes ago

    What kind of camera is that big one???

  46. Foo Fang Learn

    Foo Fang Learn42 minutes ago

    Wow it looks so nice!

  47. Pegasus Gamer

    Pegasus Gamer44 minutes ago

    Just use xray.. you'll find tons

  48. SachiIndrani 19

    SachiIndrani 1944 minutes ago

    Hello Im From Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 ILove USA UK And Indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 Salam NKRI❤

  49. Lily Keri-pie

    Lily Keri-pie44 minutes ago

    Girlfriend- Jake I want a new phone Jake- Ok just let me go diving and I'll get one for you

  50. Sepppe04

    Sepppe0444 minutes ago

    Lol"imma use this tool"

  51. Gary

    Gary44 minutes ago

    Great video as always very interesting would you keep a Rolex watch if you found it and it was worth a lot of money

  52. Taes Strawberries

    Taes Strawberries44 minutes ago

    awww im bout to cop some merch

  53. DaZe sway

    DaZe sway45 minutes ago

    Oh my gosh that was my phone and I just got it in the mail I’m joking my mum or dad would never buy me that😭


    REI MISTER46 minutes ago

    me caryveli varr

  55. Gacha koraline

    Gacha koraline47 minutes ago

    I SMELL diamonds!!

  56. shower music review ,

    shower music review ,47 minutes ago

    New rust ore update be lookin fresh

  57. Qiwen Liang

    Qiwen Liang48 minutes ago

    Love the content and keep up the good work😁👍

  58. Julie Grayson

    Julie Grayson49 minutes ago


  59. Noizz ShadowYT

    Noizz ShadowYT50 minutes ago

    Inirestinng what

  60. manas chhotray

    manas chhotray52 minutes ago

    did u get billionaire

  61. Gage Harden

    Gage Harden52 minutes ago

    Amythst isn't that rare tbh it's petty common I collect these kinds of crystals but that's a pretty good find.😄👍👍

  62. Adriel Thomas Reyes

    Adriel Thomas Reyes53 minutes ago

    I found one and my first one was so DARK and BIG

  63. Jessica G

    Jessica G54 minutes ago

    Oh my gosh where do you live I want to get one

  64. Mr. Poem

    Mr. Poem57 minutes ago


  65. Michael T

    Michael T58 minutes ago

    Liked and subscribed

  66. albert hodgetts

    albert hodgetts58 minutes ago

    why do u cut the string ?

  67. Kaileigh Nascimento

    Kaileigh Nascimento59 minutes ago


  68. Александр F

    Александр FHour ago

    greetings from Russia.very cool! good luck in your search!

  69. W R

    W RHour ago

    I you go diving in a river and look for stuff - you might end up with one thing....This guy goes to one spot in shallow water and get a whole box full of stuff - staged much? Can't believe no one else would look in the same spots in shallow water.

  70. Kathryn Hodgson

    Kathryn HodgsonHour ago

    Wow! Almost 9 million subs. I’ve been watching you so long I remember when you hit 100,000. You were humble and appreciative then, and are still so now. The scenery in today’s video was gorgeous!

  71. gamer22 44

    gamer22 44Hour ago

    I shit you not I killed to venomous snakes today..

  72. RUS YT

    RUS YTHour ago

    7:05 amethyst

  73. Emilio Soto

    Emilio SotoHour ago

    from my minecraft big brain that not right

  74. Emilio Soto

    Emilio SotoHour ago

    why they diggin dirt with a pickaxe???

  75. Fab Plays

    Fab PlaysHour ago

    Why dont anyone bring any machinery to help

  76. raven lord guerrero

    raven lord guerreroHour ago

    Hindi ya totot o

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    Gacha Life VideoHour ago


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    Random WeeklyHour ago


  79. Ralf Toes

    Ralf ToesHour ago

    With all your treasures you can make a diamond playbutton yourself

  80. Not Lexi

    Not LexiHour ago

    I would keep them :) the **phones**

  81. Sumin Choi

    Sumin ChoiHour ago

    the toy is ffrom the game called skylanders

  82. ItsjeboyGaming 3911

    ItsjeboyGaming 3911Hour ago

    I have 3 rare Amethyst Crystal

  83. Treeoflive Treeoflive

    Treeoflive TreeofliveHour ago

    I Love your videos because your are always Smiling and Happy and you clean up the Rivers. I like treasure she's so cute and i like your Girlfriend to she's so friendly and beautiful. Thank you for making great videos😊

  84. Gåmęr Gürl

    Gåmęr GürlHour ago

    roses are red violets are blue im so shook so are you 😏

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    Dragon KnightHour ago

    My heart is so warm right now how you giid are you i subcribed cause of you greatnes and i like the content soo you are soo good and gid will givu something back for you good things❤❤

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    Devi KunHour ago

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    Darran ThushanthHour ago

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    Joshua AustinHour ago

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    The Great HeisenbergHour ago


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    Can I Get 1,000 Subscribers With A little VIDSHour ago

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    YouLetGoWhy?Hour ago

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  94. ZoeDoesUnboxing

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    Nonix MalloHour ago

    11:25 Well you see, we call that "THE DOGGY STYLE"

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    Jordan’s SportsHour ago

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    ErikSGHour ago

    minecraft v.0.99999999999999

  98. Flame

    FlameHour ago

    14:07 DA PART ( *If I found a rare diamond emerald or crystal imma poop mah pants* )

  99. ini gw :D

    ini gw :DHour ago

    I feel sad for the cameraman

  100. Black Mafia

    Black MafiaHour ago

    So we back in the mine got our picaxe swinging from side to side side side to side