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  1. J.W.C. ComicsSanAntonio

    J.W.C. ComicsSanAntonio3 minutes ago

    Lol, ask a psyco was great 😄

  2. Hunter J

    Hunter J12 minutes ago

    loved the psycho segment these are great incites into the caring nature of game development cant wait for the next episode

  3. Young Discord

    Young Discord28 minutes ago

    Plot twist: troy dabbed because he knows people hate it A true villain

  4. Kaiden Bergevin

    Kaiden Bergevin31 minute ago

    "Stand by for titanfall!"

  5. m k

    m k36 minutes ago

    I fucking loved this !!!!! Just wish it was weekly 😭😭😭😂😂 Great show lads !!!!!

  6. Nobleman Matthew A. Davis

    Nobleman Matthew A. Davis55 minutes ago

    So basically, inter-galactic raiders from Fallout 4. Hm, heh..figures.

  7. Bigboi 360

    Bigboi 36057 minutes ago

    No dlc characters? What the fuck why.

  8. Marqus Clark

    Marqus ClarkHour ago

    Also fix on PC - game runs great in action but open the menu and shut can take 1-5 seconds to respond to inputs

  9. KynasMalala

    KynasMalalaHour ago

    my favorite part of this game right now is that when you command your pet sometimes flak will say "this one was talking shit" its hilarious

  10. GrimReaper4383

    GrimReaper4383Hour ago

    The vault & backpack is not big enough. Am I the only one who doesn't like the intro music?

  11. YO.3

    YO.3Hour ago

    So.... where is Gaige?

  12. Crusading Aggron

    Crusading AggronHour ago

    No questions abour Gaige or Krieg!?!?!?!?

  13. Mr Mann

    Mr MannHour ago

    Not the right song for a trailer.

  14. Russell Mccune

    Russell MccuneHour ago

    I collected a lot of Legendaries but I wanted that nerfed a bit, I don't want the legendary weapons to be this easy to get, I like grinding for the best gear because it helps with the leveling too!

  15. Shahan Rahman

    Shahan RahmanHour ago

    Loving the game and awesome interview

  16. zippybirdify

    zippybirdifyHour ago

    I did FL4K solo on normal to get the story, and the bosses were a little tough but wasn't too hard. I died doing stupid stuff (falling off cliffs and trying to hijack cyclones by standing in front of them) more than getting my butt kicked. I am now in mayhem mode and I feel like I need help which is okay cause once you beat the game you focus on the shooting and looting aspect of the game.

  17. Leonardo R

    Leonardo R2 hours ago

    This was awesome. I always tend to find a channel that is talking about certain games when i buy a new one and i love that the KF family is getting this chance. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes. KFBF ✌

  18. DetriCraft

    DetriCraft2 hours ago

    Motherhucker??? XDDD

  19. KiddoJJ

    KiddoJJ2 hours ago

    Guardians out

  20. Crusading Aggron

    Crusading Aggron2 hours ago

    14 hours on flak lvl 35 just rused through did little to no side missions. Im up to 18 hours on moze just made it to Carnivora at lvl 39 all side missions done so far and crew challenges up to then too, and i have barely farmed. All solo. Lots of fun!

  21. pikey otobed

    pikey otobed2 hours ago

    I'm so glad that my main FL4K is also voiced by one of my favorite USworkrs ProZD.

  22. Indiana Olson

    Indiana Olson2 hours ago

    I have been having the partical effect problem with my iron bear grenade launchers blinding my screen. She is still very fun to play as and I love the vortex augment.

  23. Kane Alvarez

    Kane Alvarez2 hours ago

    ATTENTION: Am i the only one who moves without touching the controller specifically left and i have played w/ multiple controllers along with a newish one I play on PS4 Pro Resolution Mode but idk if its like a analog issue idk or even have a clue

  24. Matthew Martin

    Matthew Martin2 hours ago

    We need a dlc we’re we can play as Steve

  25. yeatles son

    yeatles son2 hours ago

    i think there is friends only (on xbox anyway)

  26. ReiGnJuste

    ReiGnJuste2 hours ago

    I killed all the bosses alone very easily on normal mode. I wish there was a hard difficulty.

  27. Heather Pierce

    Heather Pierce2 hours ago

    The split screen is HORRIBLE!!!! All the writing is way too small! Give us back vertical split!!!!!!!

  28. ReiGnJuste

    ReiGnJuste3 hours ago

    Borderlands 3 is king!

  29. Dane Lisslow

    Dane Lisslow3 hours ago

    please do us a flava and make more pocket and bank space in the dlc

  30. stuart schell

    stuart schell3 hours ago

    I wish they fixed the issues(Lag whenever your buddy opens their menu mainly) in the game before this...

  31. stutz1849

    stutz18493 hours ago

    How did they manage to license such awesome music for the Trailers, while the licensed songs used in the campaign where just garbage? XD

  32. kashim73

    kashim733 hours ago

    Anyone else hear them that this will be on Steam. VR thou.

  33. tropolite

    tropolite3 hours ago

    I've played up to Level 32 so far and I've been able to get through KillaVolt and the other bosses quite well. It's been so much fun and challenging. The nutty boss in the manor was annoying but got through it, and second Vault was interesting, but all can be done solo. For me that's good.

  34. Squints_Palledorous

    Squints_Palledorous3 hours ago

    It is a shame they are not adding more playable characters. I thought Fiona from tales could be cool to play as.

  35. HU1212ICAN3

    HU1212ICAN33 hours ago

    I'm proud to say it took me around 72 hours to beat the game and reach level 50, and that I didn't rush through like every other spastic impatient asshat that plays this game. Also I didn't watch a single "how to" video, and died less than a handful of times. Moze red/blue trees.

  36. Nin Sen

    Nin Sen3 hours ago

    I love how instead of taking out his axe or something to defend himself he just stands there as a bloodthirsty skag comes charging at him and the most he can come up with is "OH MY GOD!!!"

  37. Darkeyes

    Darkeyes3 hours ago

    Lol at 12:55 they cut the clip of the porcelain grenade exploit late and you can see him melt for a second

  38. Caleb Lawler

    Caleb Lawler4 hours ago

    So is it just a limited time to download or is it a limited time to play in general?

  39. Nathan Young

    Nathan Young4 hours ago

    2 Things we hate about BDL 3: Troy dabs Ava's fault

  40. Xrtm 46

    Xrtm 464 hours ago

    This game looks amazing but i can play it because of something dumb that ive tried to fix for 3+ hours biggest mistake making it a epic games exclusive tell 2020

  41. The Warden

    The Warden4 hours ago

    Just give me 50 backpack space, 100 bank space, and a way to sort my bank properly. That's all I want. Also don't make Mayhem 3 harder -_- Add more Mayhem levels after...

  42. Some Guy

    Some Guy4 hours ago

    Hey so um, when’s the game actually gonna be fixed

  43. Shann Anigans

    Shann Anigans4 hours ago

    Killavolt is a real old school style boss lol ..... This dude has patterns but hides it by just hitting you with electricity all the time ..... The very second you drop into the arena he zaps you will the floor charges lol ..... He has patterns , learn them and yeah he can be beaten solo early on in the game . I beat him after a few tries when I was lvl 14 or 15 . Lvl matters , guns matter and survival abilities in your skill tree matter ..... Cuz boy this dude keeps you moving lol Yeah he's my favorite side mission boss so far . Very satisfying when you kill him

  44. Shann Anigans

    Shann Anigans4 hours ago

    More quality of life stuff needs to be in this game though . So much loot in this game , that's a good thing .... But as my stockpile of great weapons gets bigger most of the weapons I find I end up selling so a loot as trash / garbage option needs to be in the game If a sell as trash option is there it's a no brainer . The maps need to be sorted out big time Maps of areas that are muti leveled are kind of a nightmare to navigate with the zoom and rotate function , yeah maps suck skag balls Vehicle controls need some work also . The rides feel too unwieldy . Like I'm driving a runaway car if that makes sense lol Waypoints on the maps for quests are ok but could be a bit more accurate This is a direct fault of the map design and how we navigate , so it may well be that if the map is good then the waypoints would be better at guiding us Why can't we track more than one quest ? How we navigate the planets could be a bit more intuitive The game also has a distinct art style non of which makes it into the way we traverse to Galaxy ...... We gotta zoom out and zoom in everytime we wanna planet / zone hop ..... And it just looks meh Those are the ones I'm hoping will get fixed . If I was to pick one ....... Fix the maps lol Done

  45. Chris Paddock

    Chris Paddock4 hours ago

    Zane is the best way to play solo

  46. NazzaN

    NazzaN4 hours ago

    Hahaha I Love the game, I didn't skip credits either, I just watched and read as much as I could, nice stuff 🥊🥰

  47. Whatever Gaming

    Whatever Gaming4 hours ago

    I'm enjoying it but most of the cons are kinda your own problem it's easy to make money without picking up and selling everything you find solo isnt that hard until you can put it on mayhem my con would be that for most story missions you have to follow people that stop running every 5 seconds before running again but even that isnt much of an issue

  48. Promised Triggering Excalibait

    Promised Triggering Excalibait5 hours ago

    Please don't restrict what you guys do in the game because of PC culture. The plot, jokes and characters all suffered because of it.

  49. Hamid Mahmood

    Hamid Mahmood5 hours ago

    cross save, raids im just so hyped for future of bl3 .. so far loving this game except performance issues on ps4 pro performance plz make it stable 60fps most of the time ..

  50. Sean Hennessy

    Sean Hennessy5 hours ago

    I feel called out. I absolutely skipped to the harvest section. Are there plans to make events permanent before support for the game stops? Ask a Psycho was complete gold, by the way.

  51. Devil'sAdvocate

    Devil'sAdvocate5 hours ago

    I just hope for one thing over all the rest. They fix the FPS on performance mode for X1X/PS4 Pro. 1080p with drops down to the 30s is absolutely terrible in 2019. If Gears 5 can hit 4k/60, surely BL3 can hit 1080p/60fps.

  52. Hi11Zones

    Hi11Zones5 hours ago

    I dont see how Greg deserves all these opportunities

  53. Peter Espersen

    Peter Espersen5 hours ago

    Please make more dlc characters!

  54. Maiq The Liar VII

    Maiq The Liar VII5 hours ago

    You can never trust a free roaming ai to not get in your way. But you can always trust an alcoholic without grenades

  55. Frankie Cedeno

    Frankie Cedeno5 hours ago

    Huge disappointment that there won’t be dlc characters. For me the fun of borderlands games starts with the diversity. I have my solo play through, I have a different character to play with a different group of friends and another for other groups. If I only play Amira then I wouldn’t have played Flak, Zane, and Moze! Yes the trees are far more diverse this go around, but the characters are still very different. If anything I say this so that people out there will play with more characters. Besides people don’t stop at level five because of the character they stop because the story is the exact same thing, you have to like the grind but as long as cutscenes are skippable and NPCs mutable I think replays are more accessible.

  56. Shadow Prime

    Shadow Prime5 hours ago

    Lol Zane main here solod the main campaign and started doing multiplayer for the tvhm, didnt find any bosses too impossible cus of the clone being available to distract the bosses, keep up the good work guys

  57. Mozokuni

    Mozokuni5 hours ago


  58. gthakur17

    gthakur175 hours ago

    does anyone else think that the game is easy on normal difficulty. I was able to defeat level 22 boss with level 9 purple gun which was doing good damage. how is that even possible

  59. I am the Jackanope

    I am the Jackanope5 hours ago

    Honestly I’ve played and I want my hype back