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  1. Vasyl Park

    Vasyl Park7 hours ago

    Square shut up and take my money. Oh and btw if you dont reboot the series I'll bang on your office doors begging till you do. I'm crazy like that. No seriously though crystal chronicles was one of the three final fantasy series that I liked -Crystal Chronicles, tactics advanced, and Dissidia- (I'm not a fan of the main series games they tend to be way too much of a mess story wise for me, I like the more simplistic stories of the spin off games. Also if you reboot the series don't you ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER! make another game like The Crystal Bearers. EVER!!!! That game single handedly killed the series.

  2. M4TT YN

    M4TT YN9 hours ago

    freaking mobile but no PC!? lmao smh to no X1 oof

  3. TerraFilmTV

    TerraFilmTV10 hours ago

    I didn’t know how bad I wanted a remake of this until now :o

  4. Dave Roberson

    Dave Roberson10 hours ago

    To give an idea of how hype this game was back when I was in college, I brought this game out randomly to show a friend in my dorm what kind of games I was into, but then all of a sudden one of my dorm mates saw the box from the hallway and yelled, "no way you have that!" He then proceeded to gather 8 boys and 2 girls who all had game boy advances and wanted to play the game with me and it was an awesome time!

  5. Maniac536

    Maniac53610 hours ago

    How the heck are they able to do cross platform mp with this?

  6. Virtus Tenebrae

    Virtus Tenebrae11 hours ago

    PS4 exclusive? Oh you have got to be kidding me.

  7. Tabby Scientia

    Tabby Scientia13 hours ago

    The new singer is not good at all. Sorry...

  8. Kofi Concubus

    Kofi Concubus14 hours ago


  9. frederic rikam

    frederic rikam21 hour ago

    Is back... Golden boy...

  10. ChronicNuggs

    ChronicNuggs21 hour ago

    There's the 2019 WoW 'remake'... then there's the 2020 FF7 remake

  11. Aan Dahliansyah

    Aan DahliansyahDay ago

    I will hate FF7 Remake for now. I Love it when it came to PC.

  12. Gohan 29

    Gohan 29Day ago

    Por favor, Square, tenéis que poner un parche al juego. Yo soy usuario de Switch y el juego se me crashea algunas veces, es decir, se pone la pantalla en negro. Y he leído y he visto q a mucha gente que tiene el juego le pasa. Dicen que sucede al hacer magias como escudo y coraza. A mí me pasó 3 veces, una en el subterráneo del Festival, otra contra máquinas al extraer coraza supongo y otra contra Viento y Trueno, q también usé coraza. Debéis arreglarlo porque es muy molesto. Por lo demás, el juego es estupendo.

  13. boussalem bahaeddine

    boussalem bahaeddineDay ago

    “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” ― Shigeru Miyamoto

  14. Charles Brown

    Charles BrownDay ago

    Reminds me of Xenogears

  15. Germany Francis

    Germany FrancisDay ago


  16. Nicholas Yourgules

    Nicholas YourgulesDay ago

    One word; "Yes!!!"

  17. 햄찌

    햄찌Day ago

    1:16 I recognise him from Hunter X Hunter

  18. Andrew Ambuhl

    Andrew AmbuhlDay ago

    I'm going to be driven mad when I can't continue this past midgar.

  19. Epic Death

    Epic DeathDay ago

    So we gonna get the game before 2040?

  20. Cesar Cantu

    Cesar CantuDay ago

    Idk how I feel about the battle system.

  21. Join the Nine year old army

    Join the Nine year old armyDay ago

    How do you get the passive royal lineage for him

  22. Juu Jika

    Juu JikaDay ago

    Damn i was about to start playing the Link’s awakening remake on switch before that but now i feel somehow that... i can’t

  23. Juu Jika

    Juu JikaDay ago

    0:20 is that SOLDIER a new character or what? Can’t recognize him

  24. shaq430

    shaq430Day ago

    My dream is a feudal japan samurai themed Final Fantasy. That setting has never really been explored in a JRPG and I think it would be amazing.

  25. Chatshirre

    ChatshirreDay ago

    Thumbnail.. TIFA AND CLOUD Power couple

  26. Kenneth Larson

    Kenneth LarsonDay ago

    Can't wait for hours and hours of Solo and Multiple playing with other Fans ❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰

  27. Auron 888

    Auron 888Day ago

    honestly i´m in awe

  28. GoldenPimp

    GoldenPimpDay ago

    I will buy a PS4 just for this.

  29. Oliver Wilkins

    Oliver WilkinsDay ago

    PS4 port pls

  30. Zombie Crew Games

    Zombie Crew GamesDay ago


  31. JonahtheMann

    JonahtheMannDay ago

    For those of you who don't know Japanese, at 1:53 she says: "Words aren't the only think that tell people what you're thinking," which can also be translated as: "Words aren't the only way of letting someone know how you feel." (「想いを伝えられるのは言葉だけじゃないよ」). You may now scream like the fanatical shippers that you are (myself included).

  32. Litoz Gamer

    Litoz GamerDay ago

    *Tifa reveal* Audience:AHSHDHWKSHDBDKFBDMDHDHSKSKSMAMHDBDLSHSHSNDGDBDISS *Sephiroth reveal* Audience:..... Whoooooooo!!!!!

  33. John Russell

    John RussellDay ago

    Reno looks badass

  34. John Russell

    John RussellDay ago

    Ughhh! Jessie looks so amazing. I cant stand to go through the Sector 7 Plate again D;

  35. ge0metr1xx

    ge0metr1xx2 days ago

    The voice acting sounds horrendous

  36. Ruchama Polak

    Ruchama Polak2 days ago

    omg I want to play ittttttt

  37. David Wu

    David Wu2 days ago

    Will they have the Knights of the Roundtable and will I need to reset over 100 hundred times to breed the right chocobo? I sure hope so.

  38. zim zum

    zim zum2 days ago

    Thank you for putting turn based combat in final fantasy 7 remake.

  39. DeoVolente

    DeoVolente2 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks the English voice acting is cringe as !@#$

  40. Taikyo

    Taikyo2 days ago

    Cross platform?

  41. George Holmes

    George Holmes2 days ago

    How many times are they gonna remake this shit?

  42. Nauq Nart

    Nauq Nart2 days ago

    Aerith is so gorgeous, how do i supposed to witness her very last moment 😭

  43. Aria kiss

    Aria kiss2 days ago

    Hahaha xbox missing out again. You know a console is dead when companys outright skip it.

  44. kuchikirukia

    kuchikirukia2 days ago

    How do I watch this in Japanese?

  45. A Single French Fry

    A Single French Fry2 days ago

    Time to whip up my old psp and play crisis core again

  46. Westerly Azuaje

    Westerly Azuaje2 days ago

    Final Fantasy 8 Remake Pliss!!!!!!!

  47. Lord Smooshy

    Lord Smooshy2 days ago


  48. Will wallace

    Will wallace2 days ago

    Oh geez they butchered the hell out of that song

  49. Luigi hendryx

    Luigi hendryx2 days ago

    Compra obligada para mí switch :')

  50. Master Markus

    Master Markus2 days ago

    Ah yes, finally we get to see the best characters - the Turks.

  51. KCGB414

    KCGB4142 days ago

    Poor Tifa, what they do to you?

  52. Fufner Keywheel

    Fufner Keywheel2 days ago

    No PC, Oh ok Fuck you then!

  53. Dmitriy Ten

    Dmitriy Ten2 days ago

    RTX is on?

  54. TY L

    TY L2 days ago


  55. Yunz06

    Yunz062 days ago


  56. Syafiq Khazin

    Syafiq Khazin2 days ago

    great now we get to see aerith's death in *HD*

  57. Zevoroth Rappaleano

    Zevoroth Rappaleano2 days ago

    There's a lot of misinformed or unaware commenters in this video so hopefully someone will see this and get a better image of this game. The game is coming out in March of 2020 as the first of *multiple* games, this is game 1- the midgar section of FF7. This is NOT the entirety of FF7, nor will the other segments be expansion dlc- they will be full fledged games like this one. Meaning characters like Yuffie or Vincent will not appear here most likely. Second, shut the fuck up about Tifa's tit size you god damn incels. You're all deplorable degenerates if you really think square enix is trying to deny you your fucking polygonal titties. Third, the other FF7 content (such as crisis core or Advent children) are NOT canon to the remake as this game will be adding and changing story and setting events from the original to be more interesting or just make more sense. This means most definitely a remake or port of games from the FF7 expanded universe are neither necessary or in the planned future for this game, it's entirely standalone save for ITS own sequels. Fourth, the game will have 3 combat options: Normal, Easy, and Classic. You don't have to play this like an action game if you don't want to. Fifth, that is all and have fun folks :]

  58. Mango Babiez

    Mango Babiez2 days ago

    I think I’m a too big BNHA fan because i thought it was Bakugoa and Kirishima fighting in the thumbnail lmao- 😂

  59. Raymond Musgrove

    Raymond Musgrove3 days ago

    Xbox one Please! Why, not since they have given us so many already?

  60. Tito Minerva

    Tito Minerva3 days ago

    i like japanese voice with english subtitle, very nostalgic hope this version include multiple ending...

  61. X0uL09

    X0uL093 days ago

    I just want to go-to the golden saucer

  62. Ralph Macasaet

    Ralph Macasaet3 days ago

    harem king

  63. C C

    C C3 days ago


  64. Billy Bill

    Billy Bill3 days ago

    1:13 Cloud is done with their shit

  65. Ultima STREAMS

    Ultima STREAMS3 days ago

    Damn! Tifa's boobs took a hard nerf!

  66. Chris Reebs

    Chris Reebs3 days ago

    I'm so freaking excited, please put in local multiplayer please and I will bust infinite nuts.

  67. Carlos Ravelo

    Carlos Ravelo3 days ago

    Another console exclusive... oh well I guess I wont be playing it.

  68. Edward Kelstrup

    Edward Kelstrup3 days ago

    So far combat still looks like shit. It looks like FF 13's in a way. Yay...let's just spam buttons instead of actual gameplay and strategy.

  69. John S

    John S3 days ago

    Best cutscene in the game. Thump thump thump.

  70. Francisco Olivares

    Francisco Olivares3 days ago

    Everything is great but it would be awesome if the characters actually yelled during battle when communicating with each other instead of just using their normal personal voices and a VR version as well! Barrets voice acting is done perfectly.

  71. Nehemiah Moore

    Nehemiah Moore3 days ago


  72. Karma Android

    Karma Android3 days ago

    I love how they made Barrett sound just like Mr. T.

  73. I'm No Ser

    I'm No Ser3 days ago

    my body is ready...

  74. testingphase

    testingphase3 days ago

    The only thing I dislike are Cloud's thin frame. Just looks silly with that big sword. Especially those arms, small sticks.

  75. Vb Lv

    Vb Lv3 days ago

    i hope this time will be the truth, don´t like the E3... grapichs look like Adventure children (not good cuz so much time ago from this) and play-style and dinamycs look like keeping classic (it´s cool) but i don´t like the fragment of dialog that i saw in this trailer... this game shone in the past, i hope that still keep golden and don´t kill the legend. Esperemos a ver...

  76. Antonio Norwood

    Antonio Norwood3 days ago

    Graphics are great, Story great, voice acting okay, gameplay/feel looks okay, but probably will feel repetitive like batman, can't wait to use the knights of the round lol.

  77. dublev78

    dublev783 days ago

    It's like watching my Ford Model-T childhood get turned into a 2019 Ferrari. I can't wait.

  78. Gölök Z L Buday

    Gölök Z L Buday3 days ago

    Vincent wakes, what, in Chapter 3? FF fully died totally with that 12 engine. Oh and so many more cut scenes the percentage of play is likely down. Your watching so much more, playing so much less.

  79. autotactic

    autotactic3 days ago

    WHAT FUCK IS THIS SHITTY SOUND OF THE WIND REMIX?! they better put the original as an option Did you get influenced by Trap or something?

  80. PrincessAurora

    PrincessAurora3 days ago

    So, who will Cloud choose between Aerith n Tifa?

  81. Paolo

    Paolo3 days ago

    I maxed him in the original event with all his weapons

  82. Akira Entertainment

    Akira Entertainment3 days ago

    Please bring Crisis Core to PS4 please

  83. tsrif tsal

    tsrif tsal3 days ago


  84. punchEtc

    punchEtc3 days ago


  85. DooBiEz

    DooBiEz3 days ago

    The original was THE BEST game I've ever played. The remake looks good too, but I wanna stab my ears listening to the crappy, cringy voice-acting. When will they learn to do it right? SMH.

  86. Luther DePapier

    Luther DePapier3 days ago

    I wish they had just made a new one for what I believe will be the first HD title in the sub-franchise. I love Donna Burke and Sins of the Father but, I wish they had just let the original soundtrack just the way it was, it is still perfect to this day.

  87. Josh Aiken

    Josh Aiken3 days ago

    2020 IS the future.

  88. Chaos in Fallout

    Chaos in Fallout3 days ago

    One thing that sucks is that this is just disc one of 3 meaning we beat this part and we will have to wait like 2 more years just to see nebelheim and cid and chocobos

  89. Jo Mormont

    Jo Mormont3 days ago

    So I guess now we know to switch to Japanese voices for sure.

  90. Drip Drip Scars

    Drip Drip Scars3 days ago

    Still absolute horseshit that this game is a ps4 exclusive

  91. Dani Bengo

    Dani Bengo3 days ago

    The soundrack sounds...different 🤬

  92. Guano Crazy

    Guano Crazy3 days ago

    Mixed feelings. I like what I see, but the fact that they're going to take a full game and make it episodic. If this trailer is any indication, then they'll split it up into four episodes at the very least, and at $60 a pop? I liked Final Fantasy 7, but come on...

  93. Dankovski Mark4

    Dankovski Mark43 days ago

    Hmm, good enough to consider bying the game, but not good enough to consider bying the console. Good thing, I have friends who can I can borrow from.

  94. Matt Mitchell

    Matt Mitchell3 days ago

    first of all I am 53 years old.. FFVII to me is the greatest Video Game RPG of all time!! It had Great Characters Great Story a lotta hidden gems and I have played it so many times I can damn near quote all the text by heart. Then they said lets remake and update it.. Hell yes!! I dunno if its ever happened before but the FFVII Remake has a Chance to become the GREATEST RPG EVER FOR A SECOND TIME!!! now that this is outta my system back to building my Time machine cause March 2020 cant get here fast enough!!

  95. GoGoDandy

    GoGoDandy3 days ago

    I jizzed when they showed the released date 0303. 2020

  96. jose martin andes

    jose martin andes3 days ago

    vincent should be here right?


    GHOST ᴻ SPECTRE3 days ago

    tifa 😘