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  1. Nolan Forsyth

    Nolan ForsythMinute ago

    Boy these 567 dislikes must be the thugs family. They should have let that guy carry out justice. To hell with these dislike bastards.

  2. Amber J

    Amber JMinute ago

    My fiance is going through a struggle with his doctors too. He has been having extreme dizziness, nausea and shaking for 2 years! All the doctors have done is pass him off to another specialist. No one seems to give a crap.

  3. Shoaib Brohi

    Shoaib Brohi4 minutes ago

    Stupid idiot reporter

  4. Paris 4

    Paris 45 minutes ago

    She still got her baby face and she cute

  5. Mr.Super Doper Awan

    Mr.Super Doper Awan6 minutes ago

    Spread lies and goto war, every amarican war started with a lie. You are stratified liars. Tony and hillary admitted. Your hands are stained with blood of innocent humans .

  6. the messenga cross

    the messenga cross7 minutes ago

    God Bless her she's Precious

  7. ian youd

    ian youd8 minutes ago

    Congrats to you roman for never giving up your a top guy who didn’t deserve this horrible illness glad to see you back.

  8. Raghunandan Kaushik

    Raghunandan Kaushik9 minutes ago

    Lets understand. This is it. Nothing will bring back the dead person alive, all punishments in the world is just to avoid the murderer to not do crime anymore. Here nothing can bring justification for the dead one..

  9. Robyn Lane

    Robyn Lane16 minutes ago

    Aaaaaaw too cuuuute I responded like that to my 1st cranberry also .....but it had vodka in it ....this little mama is beautiful

  10. Janissary35

    Janissary3521 minute ago

    Why can the government kill him but not the dad???? Wtf is wrong in this world let the man have his piece of beef

  11. Dianne Olson

    Dianne Olson21 minute ago

    Would LOVE a Charmed movie!

  12. Sonja Dawn

    Sonja Dawn22 minutes ago

    The black-ish cast live in time square, where's the front door, I want to ring their bell 😂

  13. Fun Time

    Fun Time23 minutes ago

    Funny cute face

  14. Daylon Hilty

    Daylon Hilty23 minutes ago

    Any update on this? Just curious. Awesome story..

  15. Holly Alcock

    Holly Alcock25 minutes ago

    Big brother has cool hair!

  16. Holly Alcock

    Holly Alcock25 minutes ago

    Love this

  17. minepose98

    minepose9826 minutes ago

    Unfortunately she's dead now

  18. Charles Kim

    Charles Kim27 minutes ago

    I totally like her so much.❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️🥰❤️❤️

  19. Charles Kim

    Charles Kim27 minutes ago


  20. Briana Anderson

    Briana Anderson28 minutes ago

    sammme sis sammmee !!

  21. MzBe Youtiful

    MzBe Youtiful30 minutes ago

    😂 I don’t like cranberry juice either.

  22. Ela Kalyoncu

    Ela Kalyoncu30 minutes ago

    Jennie ❤️💯

  23. Bryan Turnbow

    Bryan Turnbow31 minute ago

    It is very encouraging to go to a westboro baptist protest, not because of them obviously, but the counter protesters. It’s like 4 hateful people being counter protested by 50 nice people.

  24. Alexis Matson

    Alexis Matson31 minute ago

    Awww his feelings were truly hurt

  25. Dj Sickbeatz

    Dj Sickbeatz34 minutes ago

    “The Australian labradoodle club of America” What?

  26. Manny Teixeira

    Manny Teixeira34 minutes ago


  27. jennifer dolson

    jennifer dolson35 minutes ago

    You have to be in touch with your feelings, not all feelings are positive, we have all kinds of feelings. The key is to process them and not linger in them for too long. Life is not easy and it's not supposed to me, we all have lessons to learn through pain and hard experiences, but you choose to grow and learn from them or you will end up repeating them until you do. I've repeated many bad patterns before I learned the lesson from them, we all do that, it's the human experience.

  28. Pamela Condila

    Pamela Condila36 minutes ago

    She is so adorable and cutie pie

  29. axejedi ROCK3T

    axejedi ROCK3T38 minutes ago


  30. Ed Camp

    Ed Camp38 minutes ago


  31. Natyoliva

    Natyoliva39 minutes ago

    he has the perfect family.. im jealous, mostly of his wife

  32. rante playz

    rante playz43 minutes ago


  33. Kori Hoornstra

    Kori Hoornstra43 minutes ago

    He's so cute


    KING DXDDY46 minutes ago

    Child Abuse is being hit and thrown around like how I was a abused as a kid.... and jus crying is isnt abuse this world is too sensitive

  35. Aries April

    Aries April46 minutes ago

    Sooo adorable

  36. Xtreme Dude

    Xtreme Dude47 minutes ago

    Honestly telling, if i was the cop protecting the criminal from victim's dad then i would have felt that i am the shittest dumb fuck of the whole universe!

  37. nisar adnan

    nisar adnan47 minutes ago

    I think she reported comedies only . . . . Super joker fit for all type of comedies

  38. Michelle Bremner

    Michelle Bremner47 minutes ago

    What a love story to tell yr kids if they become a couple ,love this

  39. TheChris TheCross

    TheChris TheCross49 minutes ago

    who do u think u are john hammond

  40. ed low

    ed low50 minutes ago

    All popular breeds have this problem. And if Disney portrays a dog, avoid that breed for at least three decades.

  41. Succeshero

    Succeshero51 minute ago

    Good for him!!! 💪🏻👍🏻

  42. Maken Alex

    Maken Alex51 minute ago

    Pakistan the land of the pure

  43. Mendes Gacha

    Mendes Gacha52 minutes ago


  44. Aniya Raine

    Aniya Raine54 minutes ago

    This is important because........

  45. Rostam Sunny

    Rostam Sunny54 minutes ago

    Dumb fucks showing disrespect to my home country. They deliberately show Pakistan in negative light. I thought it was just people talking crap but having been to Pakistan i can say these Americans are fucking dishonest and cannot give u a respect even if they have it in abundance. Fucking low lifes.

  46. Ali Naveed

    Ali Naveed55 minutes ago

    Such poor and one dimensional journalism is the reason that Americans are so poorly informed about other cultures and countries. They believe everything these journalists tell them. ..and perhaps that is the reason why Americans are so disliked everywhere from Europe to Asia...

  47. HPPAV2003

    HPPAV200356 minutes ago

    Protect da killer....

  48. Max

    Max57 minutes ago

    my nigga can move for a big dude shame them pigs didnt let him atleast get a few hits in

  49. Shirley Galbraith

    Shirley Galbraith59 minutes ago

    I have a good best friend name sharon wheeler she my so amazing at L.A Disney Land she always giving back I thank her for helping me with kids I thank this lady for amazing job we have more people like them come on 🌎

  50. Qasim Ali

    Qasim AliHour ago

    No better way to talk about water shortage than spilling water? Also, Im sure that hand pump can not be the only source of water for an entire village as pakistan is not that under developed.

  51. Ali Naveed

    Ali NaveedHour ago

    American journalist at its worst..

  52. Jamil Malik

    Jamil MalikHour ago

    Fake reporting

  53. the jaramogi

    the jaramogiHour ago

    Peeps stop complaining about the biological mother! She was maybe born that way, Time and space cannot be changed! Existence is not a choice.

  54. Lola Greydóttir

    Lola GreydóttirHour ago

    I know this might sound sexist but LADIES - ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCT WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR BODY there is so little research on women-specific issues compared to other medical areas. Too many women have too many stories - took years of complaining, a pushy mother and a women's specialist to get my diagnosis and help. Just trust yourself and never be embarrassed

  55. Mann

    MannHour ago

    Thank you sooo much!😀

  56. Theresa Kleven

    Theresa KlevenHour ago

    Laras dress is beautiful

  57. Tahtahme Xero

    Tahtahme XeroHour ago

    Hows he gonna bring the baby sibling into this? 😂 Trying to make them a cosigner, they cant even focus their eyes yet! 😂😂😂

  58. s rahman

    s rahmanHour ago

    Ask the royals when they come so they can tell u about the luxurious hotel they stayed the beautiful glaciers they saw and most importantly the warm welcome with most hospitable people the recieved please

  59. Charlene Walker

    Charlene WalkerHour ago

    Continued blessings to Lupita and Robin, great interview

  60. hawi hawi

    hawi hawiHour ago

    Honestly buy him a house

  61. s rahman

    s rahmanHour ago

    Reporters having some personal problems with Pakistan OR probably just a hater and racist😂😂😂😂 get a life girl and in 2019 u really need to work on them facts!! I can’t stop laughing and she kept saying lies so seriously 😂😂😂😂😂

  62. Fabio lima

    Fabio limaHour ago

    0:10 I believe in superman now

  63. NPR Music

    NPR MusicHour ago

    Want to watch the full video? Head to NPR:

  64. Joaquin Ramos

    Joaquin RamosHour ago

    Taylor 👸🏼🖤

  65. TGood Dukes

    TGood DukesHour ago

    What does this tell you about church! It's grimy bitches everywhere! She looks like a grimy bitch!

  66. Rejoice Attueyi

    Rejoice AttueyiHour ago

    This is real and heart melting

  67. DublinGreen

    DublinGreenHour ago

    3years on just 1k view people don't like to learn stuff that saves. If this was irrelevant celeb break up or gossip it would have had millions of views in 2 hours

  68. Spykee Brar

    Spykee BrarHour ago

    Love you hellboy

  69. St John's Soup Kitchen

    St John's Soup KitchenHour ago

    With Woody she felt valued... that's what they call it. He was touching her when she was a kid and he's still doing it.

  70. Capitol Limited productions

    Capitol Limited productionsHour ago

    Ok so I understand the video and all but... Why is youtube just recommending this to me now?

  71. Jan Michael Gatal

    Jan Michael GatalHour ago

    the one portraying Anna is just too exaggerated , ugh!

  72. Wuotans Krieger

    Wuotans KriegerHour ago

    Now spend your life on a building site and let's see what you look like then Mr CEO!

  73. sivama sivama

    sivama sivamaHour ago

    Pakistan wants lots of funds for christian missionaries in pakistan from william and kate visit. Reham khan is arranging to stop funds from rebel countries

  74. Areeba Irfan

    Areeba IrfanHour ago

    American have to find flith in everything. What a mentality. 😐

  75. ysl_443 ysl

    ysl_443 yslHour ago

    She should actually go into business...she's bgreatvat whatvshe does

  76. Sia LaterZ

    Sia LaterZHour ago

    Thanos would NOT be in awe. And I was NOT blown away. Would’ve been okay had you not set high expectations. This is just the dance team wearing costumes. Pretty average.

  77. Micheal Williams

    Micheal WilliamsHour ago

    How cute

  78. Babar Hussain

    Babar HussainHour ago

    Low Life GMA 👎🏻

  79. Mark Wriant Señorin

    Mark Wriant SeñorinHour ago

    what if they were sentenced to death penalty and the parents or any relatives will do the honor of killing them😂😂 wow

  80. Flow Awai

    Flow AwaiHour ago

    I love you Selma Blair! 💝🙏🏽

  81. Castle

    CastleHour ago

    *I thought my fucking Internet was buffering, turns out was the beeping*

  82. Mark Wriant Señorin

    Mark Wriant SeñorinHour ago

    😂😂😂😂 poor diving skills

  83. Travis Cypert

    Travis CypertHour ago

    Don't blame him at all because we're going to protect the Killer I don't think so

  84. sivama sivama

    sivama sivamaHour ago

    i saw imran and qureshi standing behind the journalist near the wall.

  85. Travis Cypert

    Travis CypertHour ago

    To be honest I do not blame him

  86. Amin Muhammad

    Amin MuhammadHour ago

    More like indian propaganda video, no water in Islamabad ha, ha, ha

  87. jennifer stewart

    jennifer stewartHour ago

    How did you feel when you had 2 celebrate a young boy dancing sexy in drag On your morning show Was that the lowest oint of your life?? Or just another day ??

  88. Elise Erickson

    Elise EricksonHour ago

    this is the kind of content im here for

  89. ell

    ellHour ago

    Super cute 🥰

  90. walid vlogs

    walid vlogsHour ago

    Pakistan 🇵🇰💖

  91. Obey_Awesome

    Obey_AwesomeHour ago

    I mean I would do the same if someone I loved got murdered

  92. Alberto Gatica

    Alberto GaticaHour ago

    My man on acid , he tweaking

  93. Arsalan Ahmad

    Arsalan AhmadHour ago

    Pakistan is not a third world country who need the royal good btw just so u know only thing they can do is show Pakistan to their followers as it is which is pretty stable and beautiful, changing views of totally wrong negative media perception about that country

  94. Term Inator

    Term InatorHour ago

    She is coping by taking in young dick!

  95. Manpreet Boparai

    Manpreet BoparaiHour ago

    Good morning America 🌞🌻🌞🌻🌞 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 So cute baby 🍼.. Lots of love 💕 💞💓💗💖 Bye bye... 😘😘😘😘😘

  96. Kim Lang

    Kim LangHour ago

    Rosè so smart and her voice so sweet and she looks so beautiful with her outfit makes me fall in love with her 🌹❤️👸

  97. Edwin Perez

    Edwin Perez2 hours ago

    I cannot believe the government is not funding the school the government just spending all the money on military equipment🤦🏼‍♂️

  98. Sajal Tariq

    Sajal Tariq2 hours ago

    Well come. Feeling happy to see kate .seems like diana . Love from pakistan to cute couple😘😙😍

  99. game in

    game in2 hours ago

    Kate a replica of princess Diana :-)

  100. Make racists afraid Again

    Make racists afraid Again2 hours ago

    Protecting a killer