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  1. Derrick Hallvc

    Derrick Hallvc13 minutes ago

    Oline finally back together been playing with 3 reserves Tyreek and Sammy needed this bye week we need Fuller back Fenton and Ward have looked good we just need to get healthy...My only issues is the late game play calling it's as if Andy doesn't like running up the score or something and Fumbles...

  2. Devon Nelson

    Devon Nelson17 minutes ago

    Cowboys lose : They go up in Herd Hierarchy Cowboys win : They go down in Herd Heirarchy

  3. David Wynn

    David Wynn18 minutes ago

    Words of wisdom from one of the dirtiest offensive linemen to ever play in the NFL.

  4. GambinoRilone23

    GambinoRilone2319 minutes ago

    so if the chiefs win by seven to a contending playoff team but the the raiders win by seven to the Cincinnati bumholes there better? Mind you they have no wins this season

  5. Waldo Jeffers

    Waldo Jeffers20 minutes ago

    Colin: I’ll take the Chargers on Monday. Also Colin: This shouldn’t have been close. What’s wrong with the Chiefs?

  6. Barry McCockiner

    Barry McCockiner21 minute ago

    Schlereth has lost his damn mind .Why would Panthers sign Bridgewater ? They have plenty of Problems at QB with two quality QBs already . Besides , Bridgewater wants to be a starter , not a backup. Is he going to be Kyle Allen's backup in Carolina ? Cam Newton is as good as gone next season . I see Bridgewater going to Tennessee , Chargers , Colts , Jets , or Bucs next season to compete for the starter's role .

  7. jim

    jim23 minutes ago

    This AssClown must think QB's play defense also.

  8. David Wynn

    David Wynn23 minutes ago

    If I were Teddy Bridgewater, I would stand pat until Drew Brees retires and takeover after he's gone. Stay as a backup on a team that is always a Super Bowl Contender in the Saints and extend your career a few years.


    OCPARKWAY27 minutes ago

    I'm not a Patriots fan but they should be higher than 3..They only lost 1 game all year.. I can see maybe 2nd but not 3rd

  10. Levi Sperry

    Levi Sperry30 minutes ago

    Oakland above kc... Hahahahahaha we beat them in 1 quarter... 1!!

  11. Kevin Tyler

    Kevin Tyler30 minutes ago

    Love when they under estimate my Packers

  12. djbigreign

    djbigreign31 minute ago

    Getting rid of cam nonsense 😡

  13. Byron Smith

    Byron Smith33 minutes ago

    So let me get this straight, the Niners were the best team for half a season and now it's Baltimore, yet you have the Niner's ranked 5th, with their only loss coming in OT in the last second, lol. To be fair, I think we will see just how good the Niners are in these next 3 games. If they can escape with at least 1-2 wins, they will be a force come playoff time.

  14. Fredrick Kenley

    Fredrick Kenley40 minutes ago

    It’s lazy analysis. You act as if this an apples to apples comparison. New England has not played a schedule NEARLY equivalent to chiefs. The chiefs have been FAR more banged up. This stupid commentary doesn’t work anymore

  15. k wat

    k wat43 minutes ago

    Y’all complaining he fight nobody then you go fight him then and see if you can give him a L

  16. Mr. Johnson

    Mr. Johnson45 minutes ago

    Has there been any more devastating incident that has single handedly took a team out of contention since the Kareem Hunt situation?

  17. MF West

    MF West45 minutes ago

    “Closer to the dolphins than the Steelers”...oh word??

  18. Nelson Nigel

    Nelson Nigel47 minutes ago

    The league will still rigg it for Rodgers vs Brady. It is the biggest payday in the history of the NFL.

  19. Ali T

    Ali T50 minutes ago

    Ok boomer

  20. Lob_Wiggle

    Lob_Wiggle51 minute ago

    Patriots...Tua join the dark side

  21. Mac Courtier

    Mac Courtier54 minutes ago

    To Cowherd: Maybe you should consider changing your first name after Kaep's latest fiasco?

  22. Vbat 421

    Vbat 42155 minutes ago

    Love the idea of Teddy on Carolina. Chargers? Teddy should be a starter on a team-he turned down Dolphins last year-Carolina is a good potential for his career. Mark is 1000% described the Cowboys "everything is sponsored. America's Team" Vomit! America's Team should be the one that won the most SB.

  23. VanquishedAgain

    VanquishedAgainHour ago

    I was unaware that there are specific bowls for fruit loops vs pasta.

  24. thifty bill

    thifty billHour ago

    Great point on the Dallas/NE game. Dallas has the best players in that match up, but far worse coaching.

  25. Nick Gordon

    Nick GordonHour ago

    Chiefs: Win Colin: THEY ARE AWFUL

  26. Patient Panda

    Patient PandaHour ago

    “Thunder Punched em in the lips” Lol.

  27. Slob Lobster

    Slob LobsterHour ago

    Everyone jumping on the bandwagon

  28. William Barron

    William BarronHour ago

    What about Baker Mayfield

  29. Andy Hrbacek

    Andy HrbacekHour ago

    Vikings make amazing comeback and get disrespected. Saints lose to awful never happened.

  30. Logan Roca

    Logan RocaHour ago

    COLLIN the same man who said the chiefs have a problem bc of there defense Now he thinks they could be a dynasty with head coach and QB

  31. Kristian Shynez

    Kristian ShynezHour ago

    Hunter renfrow was mentioned 15 times by colin, he has a fetish for him

  32. NickDaMinnesotaSportGuy

    NickDaMinnesotaSportGuyHour ago

    Ah yes, we can't forget to include "Kirk Cousins is trash in primetime and can't beat winning teams."

  33. Jermaine Nowels

    Jermaine NowelsHour ago

    “Thunder punched him in the lips” 😂

  34. Alex Tafoya

    Alex TafoyaHour ago

    Wilder need to get over that 10 count. It was the right call to not waive it off and fury beat the count and legs were under him.

  35. Tyler K

    Tyler KHour ago

    Packers a top 3! The amount of disrespect they get is ridiculous!! They have beat the most teams with a winning record out of any team this season!! And at 8-2 they should be 3rd or higher

  36. Kevin Hearn

    Kevin HearnHour ago

    Colins an idiot. What young quarterback can’t move? Even flacco in 08 could move. He says so many stupid things.

  37. Rugerman205

    Rugerman205Hour ago

    Preeeach Chris!

  38. Connavar Hawke

    Connavar HawkeHour ago

    if you really need help moving a person from point A to point B and can't teach it with the limited practice time. i would suggest you take aikido. nothing will teach you about a persons movement and how to use it better than that.

  39. Joey Grillo

    Joey GrilloHour ago

    Broncos dethroned pats for a while there

  40. Dear Daniel

    Dear Daniel2 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the perfect picture/Mic placement up until 3:37 😂

  41. TheWarshire

    TheWarshire2 hours ago

    Collin own words. Denver. Still a top 5 defense. Talent everywhere. Lost 4 games by less than 3. They can be a scappy fighter if the qb plays fearless. Vikings make a comeback. They suck because they barely beat denver

  42. Trudy Sanders

    Trudy Sanders2 hours ago

    Colin, comparing a bar fight to a 🏈 game tackle is like comparing smoking a blunt to smoking a 🚬. They're NOT THE SAME!!! Myles was doing his job..."trying" to sack the QB!!!

  43. Carlos Seattle

    Carlos Seattle2 hours ago

    Colin's from seattle

  44. S G

    S G2 hours ago

    How's that Mich St pick feeling Colin...

  45. Zomious

    Zomious2 hours ago

    Larriors at 3 lmao

  46. Christine C

    Christine C2 hours ago

    Colts are the 4th best running team.

  47. DJ MASE

    DJ MASE2 hours ago

    Give Easton Stick a shot!

  48. Steve Butabi

    Steve Butabi2 hours ago

    Ok so last week Seattle beats 9ers but you still rank the 9ers ahead of them. This week 9ers win Seattle doesn’t even play a game and you change your mind lol.

  49. irvin bethea

    irvin bethea2 hours ago


  50. VSauce 4

    VSauce 43 hours ago

    Bridgewater is a mediocre qb that can win with a super good defense and great oline and star wr and a really good run game. If he’s on a team missing any real piece would be a mess. The Panthers oline and Bridgewater would be painful to watch.

  51. Thomas Latraille

    Thomas Latraille3 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of the Chiefs, so my opinion don't matter, but I would have taken the PR nightmare and kept Kareem Hunt, he is exactly what they are missing

  52. Jackson Freeman

    Jackson Freeman3 hours ago

    Raiders literally beat the bungals by 7 points

  53. Jason Rodriguez

    Jason Rodriguez3 hours ago

    That Raider offense is seriously underrated

  54. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac Martinez3 hours ago

    Colon you were one of the folks that wrote Seattle off pre season because of lack of talent now all of a sudden they’re great because of two pieces that really haven’t find much? 🤦‍♂️ week to week you change up a lot

  55. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac Martinez3 hours ago

    Let’s not overreact about this defense but gonna drop them a few spots lol wot

  56. Vivid Lucidity

    Vivid Lucidity3 hours ago

    Lmao everything he said about Aaron Rodgers he could have said about Kirk, except the running game. This dude is a terrible sport analyst and so is everyone else on sports center excluding Shannon sharp, he actually has some good predictions.

  57. Daniel Colburn

    Daniel Colburn3 hours ago

    As a Vikes fan I actually agree with this for once. We have shown a lot of weakness the last few weeks, but have narrowly overcome it. Rooting for the niners this week!

  58. Ken Phillips

    Ken Phillips3 hours ago

    Bro the colts are a better team all together without Andrew luck and Colin uses every excuse now to leave the colts off these lists 😂 talk about “agenda”

  59. Daniel Fawcett

    Daniel Fawcett3 hours ago

    I dont have a problem with this list, I'd drop New England below Seattle SF and Green bay

  60. Louis Broadway

    Louis Broadway3 hours ago

    The Jordan, Lebron, Kobe debate is probably the most common in barbershops all across the world but one thing is for certain, if Michael Jordan isn’t the best basketball player ever, he is without a doubt the most EXCITING athlete of all time. I buy his shoes because as a kids we literally wanted to “BE LIKE MIKE”

  61. John Schmoe

    John Schmoe3 hours ago

    Don't rule out my Saints! We need to keep Teddy to take over for Drew when he's done!

  62. Dragomir Marinov

    Dragomir Marinov3 hours ago

    Not just effortlessly cool. He is the best player to play the game.

  63. Ian Houk

    Ian Houk3 hours ago

    Rapaport always sounds like he's whining with caps lock on.

  64. James Smith

    James Smith3 hours ago

    Well it was Colin! So eat it

  65. P S

    P S3 hours ago

    guy on right looks like a molestor

  66. Jonathan Eaton

    Jonathan Eaton3 hours ago

    Colin putting the Raiders at 9 and above the Chiefs is laughable. Their "big win" was against the bears? They are sub .500. They beat the Chargers by 2 points at home while the Chiefs beat them by 7 on the road without Hill, and 2 rbs and on a terrible field. Then the Raiders beat the worst team in the league by 7 points and that's the win that puts them in the top 10? Until the Raiders can actually beat the Chiefs they are 2nd best in the AFCW.

  67. alextrose7

    alextrose73 hours ago

    Did Chris just say that Kawhi is "low maintenance?" Dude you are TRIPPIN!!! This fake baby Bron replacement forced his way off a team by quitting on them after they'd shown him loyalty and treated him with the highest respect. Low maintenance... are you stupid?

  68. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith3 hours ago

    This is just dumb. Allen has one bad game and now everyone wants to get rid of him

  69. Benjamin Spankowski

    Benjamin Spankowski3 hours ago

    He read our comments about GB being behind MIN and DAL last week

  70. Santa Christ

    Santa Christ3 hours ago

    I’m sorry but if you can’t literally look at the patriots schedule and go “hey that looks a tad easier than any other play-off contender” then you’re playing favorites.

  71. Philip Onen

    Philip Onen3 hours ago

    I'm with Chris on this, load management this early is a rip-off to fans and the league...the players association needs to act on this. I hope ESPN and TNT reduce the paycheck so that the players realize they got to play..... Maybe they should pay players on a game on game basis. Why pay them a full season and have players play half and then some... They are paid to play and they should play when they're healthy

  72. Steven Lindsey

    Steven Lindsey4 hours ago

    Stop trying to bring Whitlock back. Let that racism propel him to where he wants to be

  73. John Slay

    John Slay4 hours ago

    I agree the Ravens look the best right now but I don’t trust them in the playoffs when some of these teams get to see Lamar for a second time

  74. Corey James TV

    Corey James TV4 hours ago

    Looks like someone gets on his knees for Tom Brady.

  75. Jorge Ortiz

    Jorge Ortiz4 hours ago

    Colin coward is a idiot

  76. Brandon Willis

    Brandon Willis4 hours ago

    He said Myles Rudolph and Anthony Calloway, smh

  77. James Do

    James Do4 hours ago

    I feel like you’re overvaluing Tua’s mobility, you keep comparing him to Kyler and Russ, both of them were all star athletes with dynamic athleticism. Tua can scramble for a few yards here and there, but he’s never going to win a game with his legs and with his injury history he’s not running like them.

  78. Giants/Mets/Blazers

    Giants/Mets/Blazers4 hours ago

    Cam is going to go to a team that nobody expects, but the Bears would be sick!

  79. Tee Tee

    Tee Tee4 hours ago

    Why should Teddy B go to the Panthers Colin? Just a week or so ago you said Kyle Allen was so great. Love how the Media's narrative changed so quickly. During halftime in the Panthers- Falcons game, I heard Tony Gonzales say the Panthers should rethink about trading Cam. This was after months of him saying Kyle Allen is really good and they should trade Cam. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  80. nolo _UPR

    nolo _UPR4 hours ago

    At least Mayfield has some company in Colin's hate-the-Browns list...

  81. Tim Clark

    Tim Clark4 hours ago

    I'm a Chiefs fan and he is right......but it was unrealistic to expect a team to rebuild a horrible D in one year......Has that ever been done before?

  82. Mark Krudy

    Mark Krudy4 hours ago

    "Minnes..shoot me..."

  83. ArtOfWaveTv

    ArtOfWaveTv4 hours ago

    People still value dude opinion he knows nothing 😂

  84. Brayan

    Brayan4 hours ago

    Bro dak?

  85. Brayan

    Brayan4 hours ago

    Andrew luck retired

  86. Kisembe Namusyule

    Kisembe Namusyule4 hours ago

    Colin has it wrong. The Jets should draft Tua and trade Sam Darnold to the Chargers for the 11th pick.

  87. Mark Reed

    Mark Reed4 hours ago

    Best top 10 all year

  88. Kisembe Namusyule

    Kisembe Namusyule4 hours ago

    He slid in Sam Darnold with Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson? 2 Qb’s who won Heismans in college and are good NFL players?

  89. Vann Apragal

    Vann Apragal4 hours ago

    Funny, how Seattle fell out of the top 10 because they are on a bye week.

  90. Tel-All Productions

    Tel-All Productions4 hours ago

    Really, Chargers dominated the first half almost 300 yards of offense! Sucked in the red zone and Rivers picks...Chargers and Lynn is a good defensive mind. It's rivers and Kicking that's been killing them this year. Typically it's the special teams

  91. Patrick Booth

    Patrick Booth4 hours ago

    I mean, the chiefs were an offside from going to the super bowl last year

  92. BucaneerBri

    BucaneerBri4 hours ago

    More rare to make it in NBA. Supply & demand. Only 5 starters

  93. BJ Young

    BJ Young4 hours ago


  94. BJ Young

    BJ Young4 hours ago


  95. mezzo forte

    mezzo forte4 hours ago

    Clowney was a non factor against saints because the saints oline is good

  96. BJ Young

    BJ Young4 hours ago


  97. Justin Lail

    Justin Lail5 hours ago

    Philip Rivers to Carolina makes sense. He went to NC State, he played under Norv in SD, he's still good enough to win it all. Cam to the Chargers sells tickets. Boom, both problems solved.

  98. The Walking Ducky

    The Walking Ducky5 hours ago

    Aye props to colin for admitting he was wrong about the raiders... cus history shows up colon will say one thing negative about a player or team then 9 weeks later say the exact opposite and be like "I've always said this "


    GCV HAPPY5 hours ago

    Wilson is the best

  100. Deere Nunez

    Deere Nunez5 hours ago

    You're testing you chances with Kwahi. Lebron will bring you more rating cause he is better. Unsubscribed.