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  1. NajeeTechPro

    NajeeTechPro14 seconds ago

    Great Amazing video on The Flash Season 6 Trailer - Smallville Superman Crisis On Infinite Earth Breakdown

  2. Batman Pop's

    Batman Pop's18 seconds ago

    Can't wait to see what New speeds Berry will break next 😃

  3. Kaibaman41

    Kaibaman4128 seconds ago

    Still hard to believe Tom Welling is in Crisis! Today has been one hell of a day for the Arrowverse

  4. The Black Mask

    The Black Mask34 seconds ago

    It's a bird, it's a plane... *It's Tom Welling Superman !!!*

  5. Tom Griffin

    Tom Griffin35 seconds ago

    I'm here so quick there's only 6 views and 12 comments... I feel so proud ❤

  6. MrMack for the win

    MrMack for the win38 seconds ago

    Oh and first comment

  7. TheDCLogical :.

    TheDCLogical :.55 seconds ago

    I hope Tom doesn’t have a minor role. The Crisis Event will either kill his Superman off or Brandon Routh’s version.

  8. Rohit Bhatia

    Rohit Bhatia55 seconds ago

    Yessssssss he is the OG Superman!

  9. BigMahaaa

    BigMahaaa55 seconds ago

    Please reply I’ve loved ur channel for years

  10. Ohh OnJah

    Ohh OnJahMinute ago

    Hello (bad English)

  11. Michael Nusbaum

    Michael NusbaumMinute ago


  12. Caleb Williams

    Caleb WilliamsMinute ago

    “ babe I’m serious shut up. Charlie’s on tv!”

  13. ScopeShot

    ScopeShotMinute ago

    To whoever is reading this right now, I hope you fulfill all of your biggest dreams in life! My dream is to make others through my videos :)

  14. MrMack for the win

    MrMack for the winMinute ago

    I'm just here to listen to Charlie say things that's not been confirmed...only welling is returning that accurate😎

  15. MikeYT

    MikeYTMinute ago

    Hi Charlie can’t wait to watch this video love your content I was in the middle of a video but I left it for this

  16. ron bragin

    ron braginMinute ago

    Also michael rosenbuam said he might be in the crossover too i met him at toronto fanexpo

  17. Haley S

    Haley SMinute ago

    Love your Flash videos. I can’t wait to see Crisis on Infinite Earths.

  18. Umobin8 Legend

    Umobin8 LegendMinute ago

    Yoooo back at it again

  19. Ur mom Ur mom

    Ur mom Ur momMinute ago

    Your the best

  20. Elijah Thompson

    Elijah ThompsonMinute ago

    I need to watch NOW!!!

  21. Thunder Andy

    Thunder AndyMinute ago

    Super man is not faster the flash guys

  22. ALEXR7

    ALEXR7Minute ago

    Smallville best cw show ever.

  23. typical watcher

    typical watcherMinute ago

    Top 5 comments

  24. Raghu Seetharaman

    Raghu SeetharamanMinute ago

    Tom Welling returning as Clark Kent!!!!!!! for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

  25. JoeLoe

    JoeLoeMinute ago

    Bro please no more fake trailers, you keep uploading the same thing over and over

  26. Link The New Hero of Hyrule

    Link The New Hero of HyruleMinute ago


  27. JohnnyJohnsonReacts

    JohnnyJohnsonReactsMinute ago

    Somebody Save Me!!! I can’t wait for the crossover!!

  28. wow55

    wow55Minute ago


  29. John Cardenas

    John CardenasMinute ago

    Somebody save me




  31. Charles Xavier

    Charles XavierMinute ago


  32. Havoc _

    Havoc _Minute ago

    Hell yes I’m so ready


    OFFICIAL_AAMinute ago

    Love new flash suit

  34. TheDCLogical :.

    TheDCLogical :.Minute ago


  35. jacobo_23

    jacobo_23Minute ago


  36. Dimple T Varghese

    Dimple T VargheseMinute ago


  37. THEgamingNOOB

    THEgamingNOOBMinute ago


  38. Williams Thottungal

    Williams ThottungalMinute ago


  39. Nyc_ Roddy

    Nyc_ Roddy2 minutes ago


  40. A.J July

    A.J July2 minutes ago

    I think it would be cool if Dante played Lu Ten in flashbacks. He'll have played the person who is like a son to Iroh and then the person who is Iroh's son.

  41. William SMITH

    William SMITH12 minutes ago

    Awsome video

  42. Emergency Awesome

    Emergency Awesome12 minutes ago

    Here's my Tom Welling Superman *The Flash Crisis On Infinite Earths* video and Easter Eggs. They finally did the thing! Post all your theories in the comments. This is huge!

  43. Melonboy

    Melonboy17 minutes ago

    Still got hope for a spiderverse in the MCU? Oh wait. Well let's see how Phase 4 pans out.

  44. fred westry

    fred westry21 minute ago

    Perfect for blade to come to morbious

  45. Pat Byrne

    Pat Byrne31 minute ago

    I predict a big return for Evil Morty

  46. Raul Alvear

    Raul Alvear34 minutes ago

    I think silver surfer will debut in Doctor Strange movie will be hinted towards as he’s going through all those realms and realities. I’m sure strange will come across eternity and all the supreme entities And of course Galactus And the Silver surfer

  47. Professor Posh

    Professor Posh34 minutes ago

    "He's helping his former enemy defeat his biological father". You gotta check out the comic book about Zuko's mum.

  48. Preston Short

    Preston Short38 minutes ago

    I think they are gonna back door mutants in the eternals movie and set the stage for x-men from there

  49. Sebastian Maregatti

    Sebastian Maregatti41 minute ago

    Y’all what if we start a company pool our money and buy Sony?

  50. Wyatt WYckoff

    Wyatt WYckoff41 minute ago

    Omg Charlie I just saw an IGN story saying the Cw confirmed Tom wellings Superman for crisis! Plz do a video I love smallville!

  51. Cameron D'Entremont

    Cameron D'Entremont42 minutes ago

    Vid on Welling in the Arrowverse crossover plz

  52. Anna Garcia

    Anna Garcia42 minutes ago

    Finnaly i cant wait

  53. Stevie Grant

    Stevie Grant42 minutes ago

    If u record it is it the same like dvr

  54. Patrick St. Peter

    Patrick St. Peter42 minutes ago

    Personally, I think Tom Felton could do a good Silver Surfer.

  55. Dane Massie

    Dane Massie45 minutes ago

    Season 4 theory..... it will blow my mind because the wait will be worth it

  56. Aiden O'Sullivan

    Aiden O'Sullivan47 minutes ago

    But what does this mean for spider man PS4

  57. James Sebastian

    James Sebastian50 minutes ago

    There will be something about time travel? Like go back to the ice age or maybe go back to the future.

  58. Miguel Soto

    Miguel Soto51 minute ago

    I truly have a feeling that a bunch of X-man crossover Easter eggs will pop-up In phase 4

  59. Finley Mackinnon

    Finley Mackinnon54 minutes ago

    Flash is venom

  60. Beetleguese

    Beetleguese54 minutes ago

    The boulder better be Dwayne Johnson

  61. ember moto

    ember moto59 minutes ago

    Theory for x-men: so we know that there is a multiverse out there and Doctor Strange has a movie coming up called the multiverse of madness that is going to have Wanda in it. Wanda is also going to have her own tv show called Wandavision that has been confirmed to connect to the doctor strange movie. I think Wanda has gone nuts and is using her powers to create an ideal world where she is living a life with Vision that is Dick van dkye style sitcom. Doctor Strange get wind of this tires to stop her causing her powers to go nuclear which rips a hole in the multiverse causing characters like the X-men to be displaced form their universe into the MCU. This could also be how we get characters like the fantastic 4 and Galactus.

  62. Tristram Shandy

    Tristram ShandyHour ago

    Letting Gendry have more lines in that final council/court would've made more sense but I also LMAO at Gendry trying to threaten Jon's life with a whole Arya and Sansa Stark sitting right there

  63. Fabiola Charles

    Fabiola CharlesHour ago

    He can play an younger General Hiro

  64. Soul Patch

    Soul PatchHour ago

    My theory is that Phoenix person is working with evil morty. Evil morty helped Tammy bring him back, and they’re getting revenge on rick.

  65. Tana man Can’t be stopped

    Tana man Can’t be stoppedHour ago

    No, Thor could handle the gauntlet, he’s way stronger then captain America

  66. Anthony Armstrong

    Anthony ArmstrongHour ago

    I'd like to throw in my nomination for Denzel Washington as Blue Marvel. "I guarantee it."

  67. Christina Marie

    Christina MarieHour ago

    I don’t think it’s homelander’s son.

  68. Greg LeVitre

    Greg LeVitreHour ago

    Another reason to hate Steve Jobs. The Mouse must be destroyed.

  69. Mike Lykan.

    Mike Lykan.Hour ago

    So BrightBurn could be Homelanders son too. He gets around faster than ATrain. And yes the show is brilliant bring on season2.

  70. Tzvi Feinberg

    Tzvi FeinbergHour ago

    Are you going to make a video about the potential Apple/Sony buyout?

  71. Jose Flores

    Jose FloresHour ago

    It's getting released on my birthday

  72. Thomas L

    Thomas LHour ago

    If fucking love this show watched all series at least 20 times

  73. Krydex 009

    Krydex 009Hour ago

    Ya know they might have been calling a shot by showing up at the opening of the simpsons. Sounds like they intend to go on for a long time to come. Let's just see what happens, baby.

  74. Uncle Jesse

    Uncle JesseHour ago

    Charlie your the best source for information when it comes to this stuff. You never spin, you never include drama. Just facts. And your opinions are rooted in thos facts, and are pretty spot on. Unbiased information and giving quality sound content.

  75. Alex MacKenzie

    Alex MacKenzieHour ago

    The idea that Kevin Feige was planning all this from the start has blown my mind!

  76. rbgrider

    rbgriderHour ago

    With all due respect why is Stan Lee talking as if he created Galactus and the Surfer?? Give it up for Jack Kirby please

  77. Rachel Brown

    Rachel BrownHour ago

    Are you gonna make a video about The announcement that Tom Welling is coming back for Crisis?

  78. Brandon Malouf

    Brandon MaloufHour ago

    Spiderman has the symbote in in the final fight

  79. Jacob Molina

    Jacob MolinaHour ago


  80. candk too

    candk tooHour ago

    Silver Surfer: Henry Cavill

  81. ussocomfreak

    ussocomfreakHour ago

    Why are so many people expecting things from the comics to happen? The show has obviously taken a different route than the comics and I, for one, am really excited to see what they do. Similar to Umbrella Academy.

  82. Ilja Leunissen

    Ilja LeunissenHour ago

    the lotr tv show is about aragorn

  83. Adam McDougan

    Adam McDouganHour ago

    My favorite Joker moment was in The Dark Knight where he was hanging upside down, face-to-face with Batman himself saying how he couldn’t let him go and why Joker won’t kill him cause he’s too much fun. Then he explains how Harvey Dent is his “Ace in the Hole” to show Bats that even if he did manage to take him down, the poison of his madness would still be there and he still would have succeeded in all the chaos and destruction he caused and that’s another reason as to why he’s labeled as arguably the greatest Joker ever and not to mention one of the greatest movie villains of all time! And then it ends with Batman rushing off to help Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent while The Joker is just hanging there, laughing at his triumphant scheme while Gotham’s police force prepare to apprehend him. 🤡

  84. Haven Snow

    Haven SnowHour ago

    Evil morty will turn out to be mr poopie butthole

  85. Elijah Giordano

    Elijah GiordanoHour ago

    @5:31 Spider-Man Homeless 😂

  86. candk too

    candk too2 hours ago

    I believe the broken negotiations between sony/Disney is a ruse. What better way to surprise fans than to pretend that they can’t intertwine?

  87. Novacane

    Novacane2 hours ago

    not all heroes wears cape

  88. Alejandro Moreno

    Alejandro Moreno2 hours ago

    Are those Mexican 'bolillos' ?? lol

  89. Joe Carrillo

    Joe Carrillo2 hours ago

    So Rick and Morty are from dimension C137 but then they leave and go to a different dimension when Rick Cronenbergs it, so what dimension are they in? is it C138 or what ? And so Beth is not a clone she is not the original Beth nor is Jerry the original Jerry or summer the original summer they are all in Cronenberg Dimension so how do enemies know to find rick C137 in the dimension he ia currently occupying with Morty?

  90. Scargost the artist

    Scargost the artist2 hours ago

    I want an Etrigan/ Jason blood movie. Justice League dark would be cool.

  91. MrCrewsernator

    MrCrewsernator2 hours ago

    This is a marvel vid but I'm waiting for you to do a video on Tom Welling being back!!!

  92. xXJixerXxTGOD

    xXJixerXxTGOD2 hours ago

    Thank God he got cancer. Fuck he basically was a walking ball of cancer his whole life. What a piece of shit doesn't like 2 of the greatest things ever. Comic books and video games are the best things ever!!! Never liked or trusted him this locks down that bias for me. Apple phones are kinda gay anyways🤣😭😭😂😂😂 unless ur a skanky white bitch from the suburbs. I've only ever fucked wit Galaxy's💯💯

  93. Benjamin Kurian

    Benjamin Kurian2 hours ago

    What if they changed the audio now for publicity and that's why you can't see Nick Fury talking all that references.

  94. Aaron Aguirre

    Aaron Aguirre2 hours ago

    PLEASE buy Sony so Spider-Man returns to the MCU along with Venom, Carnage etc where they belong!!

  95. Chase Morgan

    Chase Morgan2 hours ago

    Love this sort of stuff! Keep em coming

  96. Pizza Baratheon

    Pizza Baratheon2 hours ago

    Pretty sure we can all agree that this is gonna suck

  97. King Kay

    King Kay2 hours ago

    Jerry confesses he's gay, rick will look like he's a homophobe. Rick and Morty ends. It is current year after all.

  98. Urick Mann

    Urick Mann2 hours ago

    Mysterio supposedly saved the planet while iron man saved the entire universe so i wouldn't call him the greatest superhero of all time

  99. Ecoworker97

    Ecoworker972 hours ago

    Hope you do a video on Tom Welling returing in Crisis. He's back everyone. Love that he and Stephen will share the screen before Arrows over

  100. Cyril Moore

    Cyril Moore2 hours ago

    The DCEU is better