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PRINCE EA - Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince EA, is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist from St Louis, Missouri. My goal for this channel is to make people laugh, cry, think, and love with the ultimate goal to evolve.

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Am I Gonna Die

Am I Gonna Die

5 months ago

Her dad is savage

Her dad is savage

7 months ago

STOP Saying "I Love You"


8 months ago

I Quit

I Quit

Year ago

Yeah, So...

Yeah, So...

Year ago

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The Poetry Of DNA


2 years ago

Who Am I

Who Am I

2 years ago

The Educycle

The Educycle

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2 years ago

  1. Jesus Carmona

    Jesus CarmonaMinute ago

    I m not depressed, I'm just unhappy with my life. I've been in this world for 24 years and done nothing but just dog a hole for my self. 24 years old with no girlfriend, dropped out of school, a job where I hate even if I make good money and a family that I see everyone passing me and doing everything better than I can ever do. I had so many dreams when I was young and now I don't even know. All I know is that every night I lock my self with a bottle of tequila trying to forget my past but I find my self in a worst mood. I wake up the next day hungover hating my self even more because I didn't want to drink last night but I did and now I have to be up for a job that I fucking hate and I have to drink again to go to work without a hangover. I don't even drink because I like it or because I'm an alcoholic. At that point I would I understand it. I now drink because I hate my self and want to block my self from my self. Tonight I decided not to drink up to the point where I black out and pass out. Tonight I tried but here I am taking small sips saying it's my last but tomorrow then I stop and think about my life and hate my self a bit more. And the worst about this full situation is that I'm not man enough to take my own life because I don't want to those family members that said I was going to do that To be right about it. Im just mad at my self I hate my self so here I am typing this as I drown my self in alcohol to wake up tomorrow at 5am and drown my self some more. It's just an endless cycle of downing my self to forget my self than hate my self more so I have to drown my self in alcohol again. I feel lost in life. I don't know where to turn to anymore.

  2. manuel

    manuel5 minutes ago

    this will be a meme in future

  3. Cranky YT

    Cranky YT14 minutes ago

    Before y'all parents waste money on tuition fee for school Watch this

  4. Jaime Escalante

    Jaime Escalante19 minutes ago

    This is what happens when you expect schools to substitute parents.

  5. Jaime Escalante

    Jaime Escalante22 minutes ago

    It's dangerous to present the exception as the rule.

  6. Jaime Escalante

    Jaime Escalante25 minutes ago

    Americans don't know how good they have it, so the favorite leftist pastime is to twist their privileges into oppression. Schools can only do so much in contrast to the greater forces at play in children's lives. Because of this, they should stop asking for more money and people should stop expecting miracles and at least demand children be taught life survival skills. College isn't everything! People get suckered into outrageous student loans because they graduated high school without practicing financial literacy! That's exactly how the money hungry oppression-narrating universities want you - extremely susceptible to group think as well as financially illiterate.

  7. Giuseppe Dion

    Giuseppe Dion36 minutes ago

    people would rather argue than come together. hate than uplift. condescend rather than help. i've kinda ducked off a bit and feel like i'm just living out a prison sentence honestly

  8. Giuseppe Dion

    Giuseppe Dion37 minutes ago

    i live change everyday but it's still heavy. this place sucks

  9. 洪一諾的千金

    洪一諾的千金39 minutes ago

    Fuck you

  10. KasSpeeltGames

    KasSpeeltGames41 minute ago

    Go to holland There is weed legal

  11. The Red Russian Kinzer

    The Red Russian Kinzer41 minute ago

    Fuck homework and tests

  12. Margaret Lalenkawli

    Margaret Lalenkawli42 minutes ago

    Your words inspired me alot..I'll watch every videos

  13. DUO 4K

    DUO 4K48 minutes ago

    He is complaining about cellphone. Let me tell u Mr if there was no devices like this there would be no youtube.

  14. Thanh Trúc Bùi Thị

    Thanh Trúc Bùi Thị56 minutes ago

    The racism is really mean bro

  15. andromeda galaxy

    andromeda galaxy57 minutes ago

    "If you keep hanging out with losers, you're gonna wind up picking the qualities of a loser" Indeed dude, so right now imma really get rid of them now.

  16. Bayu Rahmawan

    Bayu Rahmawan57 minutes ago

    my grandfather died twice because of this

  17. Gacha Craz3

    Gacha Craz358 minutes ago


  18. youtube user

    youtube userHour ago

    He is so intellegent.

  19. Ellar Marina

    Ellar MarinaHour ago

    I managed to get over my emotions through prayer and always been positive minded. Never underestimate the power of prayer.😊 Thank u for this video.


    DIANA AWUORHour ago

    Keep it up .I like your inspiration words🙆💪👍

  21. Wydic

    WydicHour ago

    my sky is the night sky in a city. no damn stars and dark

  22. KrakenLian

    KrakenLianHour ago

    For y’all weebs out there, who thinks assassination classroom represents all of the great ways to teach kids Except the assassination lol


    INCOGNIGOHour ago

    I'm here after watching the joker trailer

  24. Nathyn Saylor

    Nathyn SaylorHour ago

    George Washington was homeschooled. Homeschool (if u have friends) is better than going to school.

  25. Tyrants Storm

    Tyrants StormHour ago

    I mean I feel like a hamster without cage mates

  26. Nixon's things

    Nixon's thingsHour ago

    The doomsday clock, is ticking...

  27. Tessie Oof

    Tessie OofHour ago

    It took me a long time to love someone Love is... caring about someone unconditionally even if they don't love you no matter what anyone does or says you will always ALWAYS love them

  28. Lauren Caspell

    Lauren Caspell2 hours ago

    Thank you.

  29. Sage Jinx

    Sage Jinx2 hours ago

    Idk nobody who speaks facts like this guy.

  30. Loreta Pagente

    Loreta Pagente2 hours ago

    When are you making this video where you depressed??

  31. CGGG1 Gg

    CGGG1 Gg2 hours ago

    We sorry God you made us and creating earth for all animals and humans to live but all this human creating is making the earth slowly dying to the end. ITS PEACE DAY

  32. Bubbles Bubbles

    Bubbles Bubbles2 hours ago

    If I wrote this speech, well, I'd get lower grades because I plagiarised it was that good

  33. Xryx 10

    Xryx 102 hours ago

    Only one problem with this video He sued nothing changed

  34. Noah Mukai

    Noah Mukai2 hours ago

    Such a beautiful message in all your vids really inspirational. Keep up the good work and never give up on what you love to do👍

  35. RNC_ KaiDaGuy

    RNC_ KaiDaGuy2 hours ago

    No the reason why they say to put on your mask b 4 others is because if you dont have a mask on while ur putting on someone else’s then you may both faint and die.

  36. MaxtheAlien

    MaxtheAlien2 hours ago

    It didn't work. i'm still being arrested for Area 51 tresspassing

  37. Amex Hawley

    Amex Hawley3 hours ago

    This is slowly happening and im guilty that I exist

  38. Melanie Potato

    Melanie Potato3 hours ago

    Me being scared to pee at night cuz when I turn the light on I think a demon is gonna be there

  39. Sarnnox

    Sarnnox3 hours ago

    Generation X: *doesn't join the rap battle*

  40. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson3 hours ago

    When ever I feel worthless or down I watch one of your videos and they make me me

  41. bsiixlliers 4

    bsiixlliers 43 hours ago

    i’ve learned more from the internet than school

  42. Cow Repz

    Cow Repz3 hours ago

    For real, school's a mistake without friends

  43. DuckFace ·

    DuckFace ·3 hours ago

    Im crying I never cry..this is weird.

  44. ii_tamara_ii Campos

    ii_tamara_ii Campos3 hours ago

    When u have an F on ur grades its the teachers fault for not teaching u good..

  45. Mimi cookie

    Mimi cookie3 hours ago

    Only twelve, and I already know this. Just so this. WE NEED to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. this emotional...

  46. Ezra Bean

    Ezra Bean3 hours ago

    My 3rd period teacher showed me this. This is important.

  47. StarWarsFan1234

    StarWarsFan12343 hours ago

    *just imagine sending this video to the school email address and see how they react*

  48. Pipe Padilla373

    Pipe Padilla3733 hours ago

    You got amazing words my friend and if you can, can you please make another message about the destruction of the earth from the human race and how we can help?

  49. Video Copying XD

    Video Copying XD3 hours ago

    Yes that’s Obama if I ever seen him.

  50. Gacha Lida

    Gacha Lida4 hours ago

    I really agree with this. And also, my teacher did show some of your videos in class.

  51. pepe the frog

    pepe the frog4 hours ago

    Lol gen z is better than all generations combined we have the courage to raid area 51 and we're gonna be the generations with the most entrepreneurs

  52. Nicholas Anastasiadis

    Nicholas Anastasiadis4 hours ago

    Women and Children? What about Men

  53. John homes

    John homes4 hours ago

    Don't live for others live for yourself I have had a blast my whole life until I broke my back in 90 life went downhill and it has tone down a whole lot I can't do anything fun that I used to do camping fishing hiking biking riding I said it home and play Xbox that's become my life nobody comes over anymore because I can't do anything with them kind of boring but I can amuse myself I always have been able to do that later

  54. Isuf Behra

    Isuf Behra4 hours ago

    Bro this dude is spitting facts it’s just sad how our world isn’t evolved enough to see it

  55. Unique Name Here

    Unique Name Here4 hours ago

    evolution is real change my mind

  56. Jesse Mitchell

    Jesse Mitchell4 hours ago

    Not a bad video but what happened to the old school homemade USwork videos that people would make in their bedroom or in their backyard with their cell phone? The USwork videos that they make now look to professionally done they look over professionally done like they’re made on regular TV screen for the movies or regular TV they look too professional and they’re just not like the original USwork videos that people used to make. You used to have young teenage girls making videos crying in their bedroom about her boyfriend are things that they’re going through in their life for situations at school or you would hear someone riding down the road in their car making their own USwork video or either someone in their backyard making a homemade video. But nowadays USwork videos are two professionally over done! . This is not CBS ABC or NBC. USwork videos do not have to be professional and I feel like they’re starting to make them wait to professionally over done with pop-up animation background music fading in and out of screens and all the other who blah bullshit. They’re trying to make them look like a professional movie production or professionally productive TV show and it makes them look stupid. I missed the original homemade videos that people use to make

  57. Jack Stark

    Jack Stark4 hours ago

    So deep

  58. John homes

    John homes4 hours ago

    Dude you're about the most intelligent person I've ever watched on USwork I've been single all my life I'm 60 almost 61 I've been in relationships and all I wanted was out I'm more happier by myself than with other for a permanent relationship you mention marriage I'll leave the state

  59. Kloni Case

    Kloni Case4 hours ago

    Today I had a rough day and this made me happier

  60. Blazey!

    Blazey!4 hours ago

    Sauce pls.

  61. Kloni Case

    Kloni Case4 hours ago

    Neanthrothals are-were smarter than homosapiens

  62. Stone Man

    Stone Man4 hours ago


  63. Aimen Balouch

    Aimen Balouch4 hours ago

    Why is there so many dislikes on this video?

  64. Stone Man

    Stone Man4 hours ago


  65. Julia_ Is_Here

    Julia_ Is_Here4 hours ago

    The world isn't messed up its the the people in it. Some people will start to realize and make a change when its too late... It's so sad 😭😢😢

  66. Wet Flames

    Wet Flames4 hours ago

    1 like 1 tree gets planted

  67. Kloni Case

    Kloni Case4 hours ago


  68. DONNY46

    DONNY464 hours ago

    If only it were that easy 😔

  69. Hi I'm Niangfries

    Hi I'm Niangfries4 hours ago

    The only thing I do with technology is playing with my online friends on a video game lmao M so lonely in reality, but in the internet I'm just having lot of friends. Like what?

  70. James Bond

    James Bond4 hours ago

    This was beautiful it really spoke to me ❤️❤️

  71. SPILL THE TEA 101

    SPILL THE TEA 1014 hours ago just watch this

  72. Lost Soul

    Lost Soul5 hours ago

    This man is the best

  73. LoGiC PhoenixYT

    LoGiC PhoenixYT5 hours ago

    No joke this is true

  74. Oscar Davis

    Oscar Davis5 hours ago

    Everyone:your a failure Prince Ea:say sike right now

  75. FrancisOf TheFilth

    FrancisOf TheFilth5 hours ago

    So many inspired 8 year olds and adult autistics in this comment section. I'm so happy prince EA has given you a safe haven

  76. Conner T

    Conner T5 hours ago


  77. theodd vacodo

    theodd vacodo5 hours ago

    Those 27,000 people who disliked the video are retards and suisidal

  78. The great Canadian bagel

    The great Canadian bagel5 hours ago

    I got tears in my eyes from watching this

  79. Hector Gaming_28

    Hector Gaming_285 hours ago

    This helped , thanks!( ^,_^)

  80. M3RK noscoper45

    M3RK noscoper455 hours ago

    The 13k people who disliked this are on school boards

  81. Alexandria J.

    Alexandria J.5 hours ago

    Saving our planet isn't complicated beacuse if us kids can raise awareness to prevent futher damage than the adults that run our planet can listen and learn but they are too busy worring about their money and stocks. Well there won't be any money to felx if we don't save the trees

  82. SPILL THE TEA 101

    SPILL THE TEA 1015 hours ago

    "I'm guessing you probably know what is the Amazon Desert, right? Well believe it or not, it was once called once called the Amazon Rain Forest, and there were billions of trees there, and all of them gorgeous and just um. Oh, you don't know much about trees, do you?" He spoke the future

  83. Dino Destroyah

    Dino Destroyah5 hours ago

    Here we are being fat asses and being super greedy

  84. jason ellis

    jason ellis5 hours ago

    Preparing everone for the sentinel alignment next year 2020

  85. Bridget Sadler

    Bridget Sadler5 hours ago

    Im Homeschooled 🥴

  86. Limbo _

    Limbo _5 hours ago

    I... am back from leaving the video because I’m to scared to admit I’m sorry, I’m sorry... I’m wrong, embarrassing and stupid.

  87. Maddie B

    Maddie B5 hours ago

    Science proves that if ice if in water as it melts the water level stays the same... I’m not saying that the water level isn’t rising but it’s not as bad as people are making it up to be

  88. Limbo _

    Limbo _5 hours ago

    Popularity: the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people... Liked, admired, supported, *by others* .This does not mean yourself. When you have the popularity to be loved by others, you worry about what they do, not yourself. Our main advantage as being humans is the ability to process emotions and to think. When we throw that away for some random person, we’re just robots and no longer our true human selves

  89. Fierce《AK0》 Toy

    Fierce《AK0》 Toy5 hours ago

    Omg I found this video with 666k views

  90. Limbo _

    Limbo _5 hours ago

    I hate how in school if you don’t go to college you are known as an idiot. It’s saddening and stupid and wrong,!

  91. Snail Noodle Soup

    Snail Noodle Soup5 hours ago

    I came here because I remembered “The Amazon Desert”.. The Amazon burning.. :((

  92. Tony Rowan

    Tony Rowan5 hours ago

    Stay unmarried people! Please stay unmarried!!

  93. Random Games

    Random Games5 hours ago

    Am in gold cost Australia 🇦🇺

  94. Kampen fortsätter Hatet ska brinna

    Kampen fortsätter Hatet ska brinna5 hours ago

    So deep man

  95. Legos Explore

    Legos Explore5 hours ago

    Student react to prince ea reacts to students react to prince ea sued the school system

  96. Daniel B

    Daniel B6 hours ago

    "if you're unhappy, a relationship won't improve it, it'll expose it" the like dislike ratio on this video is as good as i've seen and almost as good as it should be

  97. Janette Borja

    Janette Borja6 hours ago

    Im not black im not white im grey

  98. RedPig

    RedPig6 hours ago

    We have a video complaining about baby boomers, but no mention of them being all like “VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE!!! Its not like the us had terrible gun laws, or a terrible school system, or terrible parenting!!!!”

  99. El Erick Chon

    El Erick Chon6 hours ago

    I wonder what the Billie Eilish fans well think

  100. Cheer Tastic

    Cheer Tastic6 hours ago

    Prince ea! Pls be our president