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  1. Cécile Manya

    Cécile Manya55 minutes ago

    Bravo Meghan !

  2. Cécile Manya

    Cécile Manya57 minutes ago

    Bravo Meghan.

  3. Terry Hyde

    Terry HydeHour ago

    Exquisite royal clothing and jewelry. Elizabeth ll was beautiful the day she became queen. Today, she looks perfect. 🇺🇸

  4. Mark Parrish

    Mark Parrish4 hours ago

    Better make sure there are no children around

  5. LeoDahVee

    LeoDahVee4 hours ago


  6. ฐิตาภรณ์ โลจายะ

    ฐิตาภรณ์ โลจายะ5 hours ago


  7. Thịnh Lại

    Thịnh Lại6 hours ago

    Trông cái mái tóc của mày chỉ muốn cắt mẹ nó đi lúc nào cũng vuốt tóc xem mà bực mình hãy thôi làm trò 🐱 đi meghan ai cũng ghét tài giỏi gì nổi tiếng bậc nhất ăn chơi cứ như con mình là vàng ý meghan 😁😁😁🐱🐱🐭

  8. Jeka Mikandra

    Jeka Mikandra7 hours ago

    que bien se ven cuando tienen un momento relajado los royals

  9. Johnnye Bewley

    Johnnye Bewley7 hours ago

    The Duchess of Cambridge wins my heart she is a natural with children. And loves people

  10. Ashraful islam kawsar

    Ashraful islam kawsar7 hours ago


  11. Wanda Ashley

    Wanda Ashley9 hours ago

    I. Love. Duchess. Catherine.

  12. Barbara Zebrowska

    Barbara Zebrowska10 hours ago

    She has never has and will not have anything to do with human HEARTS . She does everything without emotions , without passion and heart . She learned how DOLL , dress and react and that’s all , she is the wife of the future king , she only cares about her splendor , her ROYALITY , your heart has nothing to do with it .... you are blind 😎

  13. Monte Moriah Zion

    Monte Moriah Zion11 hours ago

    Patos. Duck's.

  14. stenbak88

    stenbak8813 hours ago

    Kate is going to be an amazing queen

  15. e.72 xD

    e.72 xD15 hours ago

    I live in Luton and hopefully will be going to that highschool I can’t wait!

  16. aliciabrillante

    aliciabrillante15 hours ago

    The little girl was SO cute!!!!!!!

  17. Shaikh Altaf

    Shaikh Altaf16 hours ago

    Allah Hu Akbar

  18. Angelica soledad Le

    Angelica soledad Le16 hours ago

    No hay nada mejor que lo simple y sencillo , mis felicitaciones a su Alteza Real Duquesa de Cambridge

  19. Maggie Dean

    Maggie Dean16 hours ago

    Fantastic speech so inspiring to the youngest and to the world.keep it up the good work dutch & dutchess of when see how you support each other and more in love. God bless you both and Archie in good health, prosperity, and abundantly we love you all❤❤❤

  20. Tome XVIII

    Tome XVIII16 hours ago

    My respect :)

  21. Z Z

    Z Z16 hours ago

    I look at a picture or video on Kate, and I automatically smile and my heart just warms up.

  22. Giorgia Rastrelli

    Giorgia Rastrelli16 hours ago

    Che bello, sembra una semplice nonna che rende onore al lavoro della nipote. Solo che questa nonna è the QUEEN.

  23. Giorgia Rastrelli

    Giorgia Rastrelli17 hours ago

    Grande donna= Grande gesto, spontaneo e fuori protocollo. Brava Kate...rispetto.

  24. realmakebelieve

    realmakebelieve17 hours ago

    Catherine_Duchess of Cambridge has such beauty, inner & outer, that it simply radiates to all those around her.

  25. Pablo Hernandez

    Pablo Hernandez17 hours ago

    A esta mujer no le creo nada , la siento falsa, no le queda es una copia de Meghan y harry. Simplemente no es agradable.

  26. Karina Williams

    Karina Williams18 hours ago


  27. นอมา อาแว

    นอมา อาแว19 hours ago

    ประเทศไทยแลนด์ หากินข้อมูลมามากแล้ว สมควรแก่เวลา - นอมา อาแว ฝากเวรแป๊บ ไปรับไอกี้

  28. Rini Irawati

    Rini Irawati23 hours ago

    Happy birthday to you.(prince harry ).happy family and greething for royal family england.

  29. Raymond Slater

    Raymond Slater23 hours ago


  30. Scarlet pimpernel

    Scarlet pimpernelDay ago

    Bronx Tale moment there. #Thedoortest #Ifnotdumpher

  31. Tecumßeh Oszeola Vitakola

    Tecumßeh Oszeola VitakolaDay ago

    Warum glei in der Nennung „shy“ stehen muß.. Schüchterne Kinder sibd angenehmer als Schreihälse..

  32. AmpEdition

    AmpEditionDay ago

    You guys are slaves, what a joke

  33. Sumi S

    Sumi SDay ago

    She is charming & extremely genuine while interacting with people especially kids... She may not be a good public speaker .. but she’s definitely a peoples person , a natural!

  34. Shirley Palmer-Hunt

    Shirley Palmer-HuntDay ago

    Just love Duchess Kate.

  35. Tracie

    TracieDay ago

    Is Kate showing a baby bump at 00:58?

  36. Squeaky Cheese

    Squeaky CheeseDay ago

    I love to see her interact with the families, but sometimes I wish they would also give them some privacy to share with each other freely w/o the intrusive cameras.

  37. Nancy Hobson

    Nancy HobsonDay ago

    The Duchess looks very like my own daughter Catherine. They could be twins.

  38. Alex Torres

    Alex TorresDay ago

    Queen Elizabeth got her power blue on

  39. Moray Mac

    Moray MacDay ago

    Two women who despised poor Princess Diana and made her life a misery. The cold hearted Queen Mother who promoted the inappropriate match of that innocent young girl to her pathetic and far older grandson and the unofficial but to all intents and purposes official mistress at court Camilla Parker Bowles.

  40. Hetti Orsini-rosenberg

    Hetti Orsini-rosenbergDay ago

    Please get her something to eat! Far to skinny

  41. Lili

    LiliDay ago


  42. Ingrid Marin

    Ingrid MarinDay ago

    Kate maravilhosa, sempre arrasando 😍

  43. Abigail Southard

    Abigail SouthardDay ago

    Queen Elizabeth is our hero to all of us

  44. Abigail Southard

    Abigail SouthardDay ago

    The Kingdom of Heaven come upon us all

  45. Ioana Neacsu

    Ioana NeacsuDay ago


  46. Giorgia Rastrelli

    Giorgia RastrelliDay ago

    Semplicemente perfetta e spontanea, sempre... adorabile Kate👑

  47. Kee Richards

    Kee RichardsDay ago

    She's just lovely, such a natural and so sincere, no acting, we're so proud of her.



    What does she need that purse for? She’s at home...

  49. Mary McBride

    Mary McBrideDay ago

    I want people to stop trying to shade HRH Duchess of Sussex (Meghan) by always saying future Queen about Kate because no one knows the future but God

  50. Barbara Zebrowska

    Barbara ZebrowskaDay ago

    „ I do not want to but I have to „, this is the role of life of Kate Middleton , without passion and heart , but played perfectly...wife of the future king

  51. Tahir Ahmed

    Tahir AhmedDay ago

    Duchess of Cambridge loves to wear mostly polka dot shirts which suits her a lot..always love to be around children..

  52. Spicy Lady

    Spicy LadyDay ago

    Wow! I'm so amazed how Duchess of Success a great host...i didn't expect speaking in the Crowd or Audience nothing She reads....a good Speaker, an eloquent speaker...a great amazing voice hosting....God bless you more Duchess and your Amazing Family... Your Prince👑👑👑your baby Archie💋💋💋and more blessings being in the Royal Family... God protects & bless you more always....Much love

  53. Mimi Erdobor

    Mimi ErdoborDay ago

    Why can't we hear Kate well when she's speaking

  54. Tome XVIII

    Tome XVIIIDay ago

    So sad he destroy her happiness :( :(

  55. Ludovica Di Domenicantonio

    Ludovica Di DomenicantonioDay ago

    Love kate ❤️❤️

  56. Jill mckelvey

    Jill mckelveyDay ago

    She is making the queen proud, I’m sure!! She is beautiful and so sweet

  57. Perky Perkins

    Perky PerkinsDay ago

    When the little girl smiles aww!!Duchess of Cambridge is so awesome!!!

  58. Getty Hemans

    Getty HemansDay ago

    Froide comme à son habitude. Elle aurait pu se montrer beaucoup plus proche de cette petite fille comme le font Harry et Meghan. Aurait elle peur de se salir ??

  59. Binkle Babe

    Binkle BabeDay ago

    I wish they would allow us to hear the dialogue on these videos!!!

  60. Jeiny Sam

    Jeiny SamDay ago

    "The Children's Princess!" Lovely..

  61. LOWE sonia

    LOWE soniaDay ago

    It is a Fact that where ever Catherine goes . Pleasure smiles are there. Always a delight to see Beautiful, elegant. Perfect clothes. Naturally sweet ,caring. When around children.

  62. Tiana James

    Tiana JamesDay ago

    Duke and duchess of Cambridge🌸🛍💗🦄💜

  63. Elisabeth Kunz

    Elisabeth KunzDay ago

    She is a naturell and you got to like her

  64. A J

    A JDay ago

    She looks underweight .

  65. thegolden amber

    thegolden amberDay ago

    Beautiful Duchess

  66. silvana sulollari

    silvana sulollariDay ago

    beautiful Duchees of Cambridge love you

  67. אריאל גולני

    אריאל גולניDay ago

    Awww cool 😍😍😍😍

  68. S1ay Sh0t

    S1ay Sh0tDay ago

    Prince Harry: i learned a new french word today, Vol de Mort Harry Potter and Dumbledore's army: Expelliarmus!

  69. hivadar nami

    hivadar namiDay ago

    I see kate boring with fake smile.she has no talent , no confidence, no idea and no personality from herself. Kate never held a job and doesn’t have a cause or interest. she follows what she’s told to do.Please stop promoting and praising her

  70. Zeitun Ahmed

    Zeitun AhmedDay ago

    The children princess 👸 💞💕❤️

  71. Aiq Fyan

    Aiq FyanDay ago

    My beloved Duchess of Cambridge 👍 👏 ✌

  72. Jeff Wong

    Jeff WongDay ago

    So beautiful👍

  73. Mrsandmom5

    Mrsandmom5Day ago

    Catherine is very sincere.

  74. BWIYE

    BWIYEDay ago

    Beauty with a brain. 😍💙

  75. Annie Crenshaw Cullins

    Annie Crenshaw CullinsDay ago

    Everyone that meets the Duchess of Cambridge is enchanted by her. She's so lovely.

  76. paperchain 123

    paperchain 123Day ago

    Love that woman

  77. livelove &laugh

    livelove &laughDay ago

    She looks lovely, I love this outfit she has on. Beautiful❤

  78. Saad Albadri

    Saad AlbadriDay ago

    Duchess of Cambridge has great look of responsibility that deserves respect and admiration!

  79. Emma Baly

    Emma BalyDay ago

    The Duchess of Cambridge - fabulous as always. 🧡

  80. 135hovis

    135hovisDay ago

    She is a real asset to the Royal Family. I'm sure it'll be her that, in time, will take over more of The Queen's duties. As much as The Duchess of Cornwall will be the next Queen Consort (and rightly so!!!), she's shy and doesn't interact as well with the public as the younger Duchess of Cambridge

  81. Sharon Edelmann

    Sharon EdelmannDay ago

    What a down-to-earth woman. You can see what a great mother she is by how she interacts with other children.

  82. Ashu Pataudi

    Ashu PataudiDay ago

    Love Princess Kate + Sir William 👑🌷💖💫 Love Royal Family 👑🌷💖💫

  83. Taiwan China

    Taiwan ChinaDay ago


  84. Elizabeth Harris

    Elizabeth HarrisDay ago

    She is so beautiful, inside and out! God bless her and God bless our Queen!❤️🙏🏻👍🏻🌷✝️🇬🇧👸🏼

  85. CKLG

    CKLGDay ago

    Our BEAUTIFUL and SMART and perfect future Queen 👑 Thank God!! William picked the perfect woman.

  86. Joke Johnson

    Joke JohnsonDay ago

    What has she gone to do there?? Very poor recording.

  87. Saller

    SallerDay ago

    When I see how many people the Royals have to meet all the time, how many hands they shake, how many hours of smalltalk... I would go bananas. They never seem to be annoyed though. you really have to be born to be able do that all the time..

  88. maria cristina carozze

    maria cristina carozzeDay ago

    Lindo mesmo ; não me canso de ver os vídeos em que a Duquesa de Cambridge compare nós lugares principalmente em instituições de ensino e hospitais a gente vê que que todos sem exceção querem ter pelo menos um olhar dela e a olham com admiração e ternura e recebem também !😉😍😘

  89. Mary Reed

    Mary ReedDay ago

    Keep up the good work, Duchess 😊

  90. Kirey Sandoba

    Kirey SandobaDay ago

    My lovely Duchess

  91. A whisper of Patricia

    A whisper of PatriciaDay ago

    Katherine Duchess of Cambridge is a wonderful role model for women around the world. 💙

  92. Melieth Middleton

    Melieth MiddletonDay ago

    I wonder if she is expecting...💖👶

  93. Milagros Quintero

    Milagros QuinteroDay ago


  94. V K

    V KDay ago

    The Duchess of Cambridge is very polite with everyone which makes her the "The Princess of People's heart"❤️❤️ 😍😍💕💕

  95. Karamoko Divaka

    Karamoko DivakaDay ago

    The future queen arrives,make a row and clap your hands.

  96. Tranquility 32

    Tranquility 32Day ago

    I just ADORE Duchess of Cambridge!!! And the clip at the end with the beautiful little girl is just PRECIOUS! <3

  97. one 1994

    one 1994Day ago

    i love her so much...<<3

  98. Katie Francis

    Katie FrancisDay ago

    Love you duchess of cambridge ,,,,😘😘😘😘😘 you are my most favorite royal ,,,,,,,,,,,l love your outfit ,,,,,,,,you are always stunning ,,,,love you soo much ,,,,,,,our future queen ,,,may god bless you

  99. 456inthemix

    456inthemixDay ago

    She looks terrific.

  100. lebkha

    lebkhaDay ago

    She is going to be a great queen consort