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  1. Aurel Aldea

    Aurel Aldea53 minutes ago

    Too bad that this channel is not appreciated at its true value:(

  2. Alex

    Alex56 minutes ago


  3. Jake Zingeser

    Jake ZingeserHour ago

    Please do the Jewish-Roman Wars

  4. windwaker0rules

    windwaker0rulesHour ago

    Final fantasy 8 should have gotten a mention because staying low level is somehow advantageous

  5. Runner Comet

    Runner CometHour ago

    Well, you turn away from creator for just a couple of years and then they go full retards and release something like this.

  6. Xuan Bach Lai

    Xuan Bach LaiHour ago

    Encore Watt lol

  7. Cernan WinterFox

    Cernan WinterFoxHour ago

    Yes. Just yes.

  8. James Gordley

    James GordleyHour ago

    An RPG with full Level Scaling is like an Ayn Rand story edited by Bernie Sanders.

  9. FrogChip

    FrogChipHour ago

    so it's Verdun 200 years early

  10. Lem0nsquid

    Lem0nsquidHour ago

    why is the invasion of italy never considered the western front?

  11. Tuss

    TussHour ago

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is another good example of the Skyrim style leveling. If you're level 5 and enter a level 12-16 zone, the enemies will be level 12. If you're level 14, the enemies will be 14. If you're level 20, the enemies are level 16.

  12. Artur Schreiner

    Artur Schreiner2 hours ago

    Babylon 5 or even more so The Expanse for TV series and Homeworld or Space Station 13 for video games are some of the most scifi-ish examples that instantly pop to mind when you draw a line like that, while both Star Wars and Star Trek are arguably pretty much the same kind of sci-fantasy.

  13. K.G .B

    K.G .B2 hours ago

    "Out of 800 horsemen sent out only 420 got out" Nice

  14. Abdullah Amar

    Abdullah Amar2 hours ago

    this makes me sad cuz im muslim

  15. Artemis Fowl IX

    Artemis Fowl IX2 hours ago


  16. RoxyRoo

    RoxyRoo2 hours ago

    I love that the animator took the extra effort of the cat pouncing around at the end. Adorable.

  17. IceBox Studios

    IceBox Studios2 hours ago

    Totally untubular homesicle

  18. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones2 hours ago

    Laughs in Requiem mod

  19. OmegaLittleBob

    OmegaLittleBob2 hours ago

    On screen blood splatter / the screen turning red as you take damage is by far my most hated UI element. I'm trying to get to cover because I've taken damage, BUT NOW I CAN'T SEE WHERE I'M GOING!!!! AHHHHH!

  20. Justin Tomlinson

    Justin Tomlinson2 hours ago


  21. SkyStrikeGames #Yolo

    SkyStrikeGames #Yolo3 hours ago

    Me playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey be like, Me: Eyy! I'm lvl 60! Lvl 55-60 Athenian/Spartan foot soldiers: Bruh!

  22. Adam Carlson

    Adam Carlson3 hours ago

    This is a good video. I forgive you for calling us fascists 👍

  23. Paman0ma

    Paman0ma3 hours ago

    Sulieman... Early Stalin, Man who lead the Ottoman Empire, and was a person to fear. In many ways he was a dictator, But to many others, he was a friend.

  24. Lamith

    Lamith3 hours ago

    Shitty video used to push a narrative

  25. Anthony Sladky

    Anthony Sladky3 hours ago

    My favorite part of Oblivion's awkward level-scaling was that for certain enemies, they would scale by incrementing up that enemy type rather than improving stats. So, if you might run into a Fire Atronach at a lower level, you would instead run into a Frost Atronach or a Storm Atronach at later levels. Same for how a spot where a Claanfear spawns might spawn a Daedroth if you visit at a later level. Wild animals were one such class of enemy, so the spots where Rats would spawn for low-level adventurers became spots where bears and lions would spawn for higher level adventurers.

  26. Arkylie

    Arkylie3 hours ago

    Wait, I've heard this before: "Short Iteration Cycles Are Your Friend." ...when are you guys going to make more Design Club? As a lifelong hobbyist game designer (who's gearing up to use Extra Life as a time to *make* a game instead of just *play* a game), I really appreciate seeing the game levels, moves, and concepts I've grown up with dissected so I can understand the pieces that I've never thought about. The SMB episode was quite the eye-opener!

  27. Jilles Peters

    Jilles Peters3 hours ago

    Can you make a series on the Dutch golden age or Dutch war of independence?

  28. Diego Braga

    Diego Braga3 hours ago

    Best video so far

  29. Rhys Causon

    Rhys Causon3 hours ago

    Ahh live action!

  30. Artur Schreiner

    Artur Schreiner3 hours ago

    "Microtransactions aren't going anywhere" Oh yeah? Then gamers are. Back to pirating.

  31. Grim_Director

    Grim_Director3 hours ago

    I love skully mcdeathface

  32. Sylvia Schultz

    Sylvia Schultz3 hours ago


  33. counter18591

    counter185914 hours ago

    There I am, playing Metal Gear Solid 5 and all of a sudden... I start a military organisation in the middle of the ocean then go on missions to Afghanistan and Africa and maybe invade other military organisations

  34. SirRavixFourhorn

    SirRavixFourhorn4 hours ago

    The number of AAA games worth the 60€/$/£ price tag can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Most of them are barely worth 10€ or 20€ if you're being generous.

  35. Justin Archibald

    Justin Archibald4 hours ago

    Hollow Knight is a perfect example of leveling scaling while keeping the feeling of becoming more powerful. You don't see level scaling in normal enemies but instead in the bosses. The stronger you upgrade your nail (sword) the higher the bosses HP get. That way progressing through the world becomes easier, but the bosses still pose as a challenge for the player.

  36. Sylvia Schultz

    Sylvia Schultz4 hours ago


  37. BlazinAsian

    BlazinAsian4 hours ago

    I mean come on! How can you forget his rival?? Galic gun??

  38. BTG Animation

    BTG Animation4 hours ago

    Elder scrolls online did a great job with blanket level scaling. Since 90% of your stats are combat based enemies get slightly easier if you pick the right ones and harder if you puck the wrong ones.

  39. Terri Mcwilliams

    Terri Mcwilliams4 hours ago

    The sea people are the evil ones that took over the world and rule humanity to this day. They have been doing population resets many times in history.

  40. Fergus Crawford

    Fergus Crawford4 hours ago

    Oblivion had tons of hacks to manipulate your character so they can kill the toughest enemies or even max your level early so characters aren't the crazy strong max level characters such as goblin warlords. I liked oblivion for that, I found morrowind completely unplayable and I was sad skyrim left ways of becoming crazy overpowered and took away some of the creativity of oblivion.

  41. Sylvia Schultz

    Sylvia Schultz4 hours ago


  42. Saifullah Habid

    Saifullah Habid4 hours ago

    Simple solution. Just have 1 of your friends be level 1 and then you *ucking being your level 1000000000000000 barbarian

  43. popopBig Bruine

    popopBig Bruine4 hours ago


  44. Sylvia Schultz

    Sylvia Schultz4 hours ago


  45. Злой Кошара

    Злой Кошара4 hours ago

    Hello from 2019

  46. Zayac_the_Engineer

    Zayac_the_Engineer4 hours ago

    No. Mods should follow the UNIX philosophy. I think so.

  47. José jr

    José jr5 hours ago

    "They fear taking action will endanger british business in China" well, why am i not surprised?

  48. CaptainCiph3r

    CaptainCiph3r5 hours ago

    Man, oblivions level scaling still gives me PTSD. Reminder, always level at least one combat skill.

  49. Munitia Blastpaw

    Munitia Blastpaw5 hours ago

    I knew Guild Wars would be mentioned in this video. Though, you should have specified Guild Wars 2, as the original Guild Wars doesn't use reverse level scaling.

  50. The Survivor

    The Survivor5 hours ago

    Wait attack on titan now...I WONDER IF THE SINS ARE MADE!

  51. Sten Puuksmoœn

    Sten Puuksmoœn5 hours ago

    "biggest empire" British empire: *no u*

  52. shauntmw

    shauntmw5 hours ago

    Reminds me of how I hated Final Fantasy 8 because of its broken level scaling implementation.

  53. GhostScythe

    GhostScythe5 hours ago

    Why is this still up?

  54. Clara Ingram-childs

    Clara Ingram-childs5 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  55. The Survivor

    The Survivor5 hours ago


  56. The Survivor

    The Survivor5 hours ago

    Wait SOLID SNAKE IS IN THIS ok i see were this is going.

  57. Zicarx TheGreat

    Zicarx TheGreat5 hours ago


  58. Francesc del Arca

    Francesc del Arca5 hours ago

    this vid aged well

  59. Pax Shmitz

    Pax Shmitz6 hours ago

    You dare commit the sin of going back before 1066.

  60. Fae Carnifex

    Fae Carnifex6 hours ago

    I never had any problem with this in oblivion. Bandits wearing wierd stuff was strange however

  61. Andrew Schank

    Andrew Schank6 hours ago

    Shaka, when the walls fell.

  62. Timothy Allison

    Timothy Allison6 hours ago

    As I look back at this video all I can think of now is the new Call of Duty game coming out soon that is trying to be even more realistic story wise and gameplay wise and think that they paved the path for us to at least get a bit closer to being able to make games like that.

  63. Kingstad

    Kingstad6 hours ago

    I remember making Oblivion unplayable by spamming lockpick spells at a chest for 15 min. After that I couldnt defeat a single rat

  64. Jak Fool

    Jak Fool6 hours ago

    'Should've used Biker Mice from Mars for the buff rat.

  65. JCLeSinge

    JCLeSinge6 hours ago

    Think you've skipped over the main issue without noticing. A game involving a mother trying to get kids through a warzone would be punishing, emotionally and mechanically. What if one of the kids dies? Early in the game? If the game is mechanically any good, and emotionally engaging, most people will turn off the moment one of the kids dies. Who's going to enjoy labouring on through the wasteland, with two kids left, leaving one behind in the dirt? No one, that's who. Going back to do-over and save the kid breaks your immersion in the narrative. Not doing so breaks your enjoyment because you have already failed. And you'll have to find this out early in the game, that the kids can die. That that's the point. So it's pretty clear why there isn't a Family Escape genre of gaming.

  66. Gailim

    Gailim6 hours ago

    I just needed to chime in and say that Skelly McDeathface needs to be a recurring character on this show going forward please use him a a stand in for all hypothetical bosses in the future, also, when can we buy Skelly plushes? that is all

  67. hitesh kumar

    hitesh kumar7 hours ago

    I think Witcher 3 has the same problem. In a New Game+, an ordinary sword has better stats than your legendary sword. Even petty wolves would take many hits to kill them. I love Withcer 3, but this problem really bothers me.

  68. Glitched_

    Glitched_7 hours ago

    The only frustrating part is that I can’t make art

  69. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon7 hours ago

    Dunkey had a great video on something similar to this in fact. Great to see people share the ssmd opinion.

  70. uri argaman

    uri argaman7 hours ago

    Any suggestions to balance out chess?

  71. himmelsturmerIX

    himmelsturmerIX7 hours ago

    Just passing by contributing a thumbs down.

  72. Clados

    Clados7 hours ago

    Use the metric system, please.

  73. pumpi REEE

    pumpi REEE8 hours ago


  74. feathero3

    feathero38 hours ago

    5:01 I experienced this with Rune Scape. I completely missed a quest to face this grand evil, and when I finally did the quest I beat the boss in 3 hits and got a "legendary sacred sword" that was 6 levels below mine. Lol

  75. IAmSeamonkey

    IAmSeamonkey8 hours ago

    democracy cannot survive this.

  76. Macanada

    Macanada8 hours ago

    As a rat, I'm offended and going to file a genocide complaint to the UN

  77. Kumogakure42

    Kumogakure428 hours ago

    Rats in Witcher 3 in Novigrad on higher difficulties...

  78. Tahallon

    Tahallon8 hours ago

    Sabaton: Shiet we already made The Last Stand album.......welp, guess its time for another xD

  79. autism centeral

    autism centeral8 hours ago

    5:41 farenheit or Celsius?

  80. Gazz Maz

    Gazz Maz8 hours ago

    This is the second time a cock saved a town

  81. Schwalbe

    Schwalbe9 hours ago

    Cover "The Sheep Look Up" as well!

  82. Mr. Magpie

    Mr. Magpie9 hours ago

    Do another Dreamtime episode about the rainbow serpent

  83. IAmSeamonkey

    IAmSeamonkey9 hours ago

    democracy does not survive these things

  84. gkool

    gkool9 hours ago

    Belasarius 6 - Starring Sylvester Stallone

  85. IAmSeamonkey

    IAmSeamonkey9 hours ago

    "no democracy can survive the eight of violence" listen closely USA.

  86. Payadopa

    Payadopa9 hours ago

    Talking about challenge, many games are too afraid to do that.

  87. pieman243

    pieman2439 hours ago

    what do you mean shotgun approach SLUGGA APPROACH

  88. William Walters

    William Walters9 hours ago

    Level scaling is the worst. One of the best things ever was getting stomped early, but then wading in later, when you're stronger, into these previously unstoppable bad guys and then just wiping the floor with them. But, when every encounter is just as challenging, not harder, not easier, you have no sense of progress. You can't use your hard-earned keyboard/controller dexterity skills, or loot/level-up skills, tools, and powers, to defeat greater challenges if all the "challenges" are just as challenging wherever you go. It's like, "I learned how to play and get good at this, I went through the work to get some cool stuff. But now all the rats/mooks/slimes in the basements can kill me with one hit???" Grinding can be abused by both players and developers, true, but I should at least have the option of grinding if I'm having a hard time with a difficult bit, without the bit suddenly becoming way over my head again. Or going back to a place that was filled with giant bugs when I was level 1 and now finding filled with Ascended Eldritch Horrors. Let me stumble into a place where I can accidentally get pounded into the ground like an awkwardly-shaped nail, but also let me go back there when I'm strong enough to be the hammer.

  89. Animiles

    Animiles9 hours ago

    I actually really hope Pokémon Sword & Shield get some kind of level scaling. Training Pokémon is rather tedious at higher levels since there is usally only one area to train..

  90. Genesis23OPB

    Genesis23OPB9 hours ago

    what about bad enemy design tho? the dragons in skyrim for example: they basically force you to use ranged attacks, playing a strictly melee character is somewhere between impossible and suicidal, because the bite attack can one shot you. so unless you mod the snot out of skyrim, its just average at best.

  91. This is Patrick

    This is Patrick10 hours ago

    Bethesda's RPG is the epitome of bad level scaling. Enemies that you can cap with three hits suddenly became bullet sponges that took half of your infinite ammo supply to kill.

  92. Mikimaous

    Mikimaous10 hours ago

    You never played any of these games now did you?

  93. fazeen Casen

    fazeen Casen10 hours ago


  94. TruthNerds

    TruthNerds10 hours ago

    2:27 "and nowhere is this illustrated more than in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion" *Dragon Age: Origins has entered the chat*

  95. 71775926

    7177592610 hours ago

    The cited problems are actually addressed by the dynamic leveling in Guild Wars 2, which is weird since you cited that game. Players that are higher level than the level range of the map is scaled down. So the issue of everything being immediately accessible doesn't stand. The issue of not feeling that you're getting stronger is also addressed by GW2. For example, performance boosts such as the benefits from Superior tier Runes and Sigils that are you can only equip after Level 60 remain there even if you go to a Lv 1-15 map. At Lv 1-15 you'd not have unlocked all your utility skills and traits from your specialization lines. Also, having a full set of Exotic or Ascended equipment at Lv 80 will give you a slight stat advantage compared to wearing equipment of a lower rarity. All this is still true even after downscaling. The dynamic leveling feature of GW2 only tunes down your stats, but doesn't affect other aspects of your character progression. So, at a Lv 1-15 map, you are stronger at lv 80 than when you were at Lv 15, but still at a level where the fights retain a tad of a challenge. This would be level scaling done right.

  96. ninjamonkey2251

    ninjamonkey225110 hours ago

    Brain graphics are sweet.

  97. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith10 hours ago

    ADOM has a really interesting level scaling variant where monsters don't spawn at level according to your level, but instead spawn at level according to their base level + how many of their buddies you're killed. So by default, Jackals are very low-level canon fodder enemies, but because you might have to kill so many throughout the game, they're also one of the more dangerous late-game threats.

  98. watwatwat

    watwatwat10 hours ago

    Prefer oblivion scaling to skyrim.just becaus3 Ur lvl in oblivion is linked to specific skill lvls unlike skyrim where each skill counts to ur lvl, so u can actually be prety op in ur secondary skills and just encounter fodder cause u actually low lvl. Let gamers break ur game if they can, that's wat i think

  99. Flick-i-da-wrist

    Flick-i-da-wrist10 hours ago

    I think AC Odyssey and overal AC’s level scaling/progression system is out of whack. Yes it’s there to help you explore more but I don’t really care. If I complete the story missions I should be at an appropriate level. Not level 12 going 13 in a level 15 area. It’s annoying because if you just want the story you regularly find yourself grinding for XP

  100. watwatwat

    watwatwat10 hours ago

    Lvl scalling is overused and usually prety bad