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  1. what what

    what what7 seconds ago

    Actress of the year

  2. Crystal King

    Crystal King12 seconds ago

    Man, if I ever had the opportunity I'd certiantly never do business with brinks Such fuckary. Girl, you're way too good for this.

  3. Tim C

    Tim C23 seconds ago

    Anyone else would've done the same thing for their sibling.

  4. Ron Fountain

    Ron Fountain27 seconds ago

    Love see in justice brought to justice.

  5. Tsar Kasm

    Tsar Kasm50 seconds ago

    Criminal sympathizers. Fact is, we have zero proof he gave her HIV. We have DEFINITIVE proof she ran him over. You idiots will justify anything against a man these days.

  6. ChopStyx

    ChopStyx57 seconds ago

    I would've went John Wick mode with that pistol

  7. Tash Tash

    Tash TashMinute ago

    Errrm... ''we have no evidence to suggest this bag was placed intentionally to harm someone...'' Correct me if I'm wrong, but exploding plastic bags don't place themselves anywhere do they?

  8. Soul Glow

    Soul GlowMinute ago

    what was the "protocol" umm 3 guard route minimum? I mean doing solo pick ups is a no-no

  9. AmazingSase

    AmazingSaseMinute ago

    You hired a woman and doing this job by herself with loads of cash expecting not get robbed, very smart business practice, let's see how long this political correctness will go, cause someone will pay for the loss.

  10. Darren Gilliam

    Darren GilliamMinute ago

    B performance 🙄

  11. YungChip030

    YungChip030Minute ago

    That’s some light hazing tbh

  12. Iron Man

    Iron ManMinute ago

    I would've never hired her in the first place with her neck tattoes. Looks very unprofessional.

  13. Chris Guyton

    Chris Guyton2 minutes ago

    I would’ve shot them

  14. H

    H2 minutes ago

    “my client was an innocent naked man”

  15. Kyle

    Kyle2 minutes ago

    Wouldn't be the first time a armored car person was fired for being robbed.

  16. Cathy T

    Cathy T2 minutes ago

    Why do we only hear stories about snakes when its something negative? . Snakes only attack when hungry or when they feel threatened.🐍. Its sad that she died but people who own snakes know the risks involved.

  17. Sammy L

    Sammy L2 minutes ago

    This isn’t about straws 🙄

  18. Angry Guy

    Angry Guy3 minutes ago

    For everyone saying she's in on it, evidence please or quiet yourselves. We have a thing called due process in America, she's innocent until proven guilty and yet she's already being judged and sentenced in the court of public opinion.

  19. treeman Micool Jacksonn

    treeman Micool Jacksonn3 minutes ago

    she wants to smash

  20. Justin

    Justin3 minutes ago

    Problem with snowflakes these days.

  21. Amanda C

    Amanda C3 minutes ago

    All of that money is insured. Brinks has no justification for firing her

  22. GOT BOOST i4

    GOT BOOST i43 minutes ago

    Before everybody judges, maybe she's in on it 🤷‍♂️

  23. GenericName007

    GenericName0073 minutes ago

    What protocol did she violate? Also why was she alone? That in itself makes it impossible to secure the truck/money. She’s inside picking up the money anyone can easily set up an ambush outside. I thought it was standard to always have one person stay in the truck at all times.

  24. Vexus Xenos

    Vexus Xenos4 minutes ago

    I'd murder him infront of the judge

  25. microsoftgirl24

    microsoftgirl244 minutes ago

    Looking for all the Home Alone jokes like....👀

  26. Ambrose Potter

    Ambrose Potter4 minutes ago

    Talk to me shiy

  27. SD Canyon Carver

    SD Canyon Carver4 minutes ago

    Can you blame her. This was the most boring and nonsense hearing I have ever seen!!

  28. Juss RaNae

    Juss RaNae4 minutes ago

    And they think it’s funny wtf is wrong with these kids today no respect for elders at all it sad. This old lady was too scared to ask me for help she could barely walk I walked over and helped she didn’t even have to ask she told me she was so scared to ask because of what I might say or do because these young people don’t care bout old folks nomore 💔

  29. V R

    V R4 minutes ago

    Aw damn that was a woman the entire time? What did y’all expect They need a different method of delivering money

  30. Exempt Space

    Exempt Space4 minutes ago

    They got insurance though I wouldn't lose my life over cash money is replaceable a life isn't.

  31. Gabriel Villa

    Gabriel Villa5 minutes ago

    They really bought those little ass things to get High for 5 mins ..

  32. Chloe Miyo Tv

    Chloe Miyo Tv5 minutes ago

    Them: aLsO bEwArE oF sNeAkErs! 😱😱

  33. john doe

    john doe5 minutes ago

    She should be in jail. She was part of that robbery. If a female can’t do the job they should not be doing this work. She could have taken cover and shoot. Or slamming the door shut. This is a inside job all the way

  34. The toxic Channel

    The toxic Channel5 minutes ago

    Will she still notice if you put knock off brand of ruffles into a real ruffle bag

  35. bill nguyen

    bill nguyen5 minutes ago

    Shes like a mother to them....yall stupid.

  36. FewcallmeKevin

    FewcallmeKevin5 minutes ago

    If you get fired for failure to protect the money then ok but if you get fired for failure to protect the money on a 3 on 1? I'd rather get fired by my boss then by 3 goons

  37. Abhay Mishra

    Abhay Mishra6 minutes ago

    Lol beyond the call of duty ...Come to India . Poor people do cleaning manually without machines in sewers metres deep and people just do not care about them.

  38. Hazique Wolfiw

    Hazique Wolfiw6 minutes ago

    But when he is 11 he havent even hit puberty

  39. David Goans

    David Goans6 minutes ago

    I see the kids at my church doing the same thing I think it's cool

  40. POVgames

    POVgames6 minutes ago

    judges and police should get 10x the punishment but they often get off with a paid vacation for breaking laws

  41. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation.6 minutes ago

    *The fact that 17 year old raises that kid better them most adults is sad.*

  42. Chewbacca 004

    Chewbacca 0046 minutes ago

    She dam tall

  43. The Burrito Girls!

    The Burrito Girls!6 minutes ago

    These cops should be arrested, what they did to this lady was horrible


    STAY WOKE7 minutes ago

    If you grew up in the 80's & 90's then you know all about Lisa Frank stuff. 😍


    DAWADAH YAHUDAH7 minutes ago

    Looks like inside edition just making up stories wow she never shed a tear she's been hanging around these Romans too long and I cannot believe the reporter for one second too staged

  46. Cailyn K.

    Cailyn K.7 minutes ago

    Just because he's old doesn't mean he should get special treatment. He is a criminal and should be punished.

  47. The Kadi

    The Kadi7 minutes ago

    We should all take notes

  48. jaygoodfella56

    jaygoodfella567 minutes ago

    Must've been Maxwell House.... "Good to the last drop"


    BEEZEE BENZO7 minutes ago

    Lisa was the one who found Bin Laden

  50. Justusjay leos

    Justusjay leos7 minutes ago

    This is the absolute saddest thumbnail I've ever seen,😔😔

  51. Troy Holmes

    Troy Holmes7 minutes ago

    It’s not a baby’s ghost but more likely a demon taking advantage of the misery in the situation.

  52. Sawyer Ramos

    Sawyer Ramos7 minutes ago

    waiiiiiiiiiiit! this was dumb as hell! he was leaving, why luck the door? why grab more guns. I mean that part was good other wise you would be dead.... Stop trying to be heros, give the idiot whatever he wants and let him go. Now, your mother was very smart to empty the gun before he got a hold of it. WOW

  53. gamer ___AVERY

    gamer ___AVERY7 minutes ago

    Wow! See this is why you can never trust your friends or anything!

  54. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation.7 minutes ago

    *FBI OPennnn up- ?????*

  55. inglorious_Machina

    inglorious_Machina7 minutes ago

    Typically, dogs can tell whether or not you're in real danger. Chihuahuas just hate everyone.

  56. Alex Loose Cannon B

    Alex Loose Cannon B8 minutes ago

    Well that's what happens when you hire scumbags from New York and foreigners from other countries

  57. viz Rez

    viz Rez8 minutes ago

    Yea mother of 3 die for someone else’s money that’s how companies do

  58. keychaful

    keychaful8 minutes ago

    Disturbing! Never trust anyone!!

  59. Just Someguy

    Just Someguy8 minutes ago

    Fry this monster.

  60. Ayaan Ibrar

    Ayaan Ibrar8 minutes ago

    I think its an inside job. She is too pretty to keep working so her and her man done this inside job

  61. Xyrius D

    Xyrius D8 minutes ago

    Example of no job is worth it. They dont care for you ever. It's all for the benefit of the business. I hope they get sued for firing her in this type of situation! Hopefully she ends up with the thousands.

  62. Raw Oyster

    Raw Oyster8 minutes ago

    Disgusting Company! She was "outguned" and "outmaned" Is she supposed to DIE !??

  63. 786

    7869 minutes ago

    Great effort docters and parents hatsofffff👌👌👌👌👌

  64. DronixPlays

    DronixPlays9 minutes ago

    I didn't have time to draw my gun. What was a pistol gonna do? 🤦‍♂️

  65. Undefined

    Undefined9 minutes ago

    Lol sorry this is funny ....

  66. Thomas Weeks

    Thomas Weeks9 minutes ago


  67. Rahul Sondhi

    Rahul Sondhi9 minutes ago

    You hurt me, abuse me, kick me do whatever ! I leave it on the " karma " but when it comes to my family, I become the " karma ".

  68. TheOne

    TheOne9 minutes ago

    0:24 me trying to get the last slice of pizza

  69. thon2ny 21

    thon2ny 219 minutes ago

    She'll get work easy now. With more appreciative boss.

  70. bandido

    bandido9 minutes ago

    She is in it. Oh yeah

  71. FewcallmeKevin

    FewcallmeKevin10 minutes ago

    I've walked by security companies every night that secure cash from atms and they're never alone always one picking up the cash while the other watches their back with a gun. Bulletproof vest and everything

  72. A Cleric Name Femboi

    A Cleric Name Femboi10 minutes ago


  73. IG : Jetstakeoff

    IG : Jetstakeoff10 minutes ago

    Homie really be vibing tho

  74. riz1738

    riz173810 minutes ago

    I hate people too close to my face when they talk but it was funny

  75. jenn jenn

    jenn jenn11 minutes ago

    Wait how he know who was going on vacation ir staying home

  76. Rexr Gaming

    Rexr Gaming11 minutes ago

    He protecc He attac But most importantly He asks for a beer from the back

  77. Fuck Off

    Fuck Off11 minutes ago

    honestly she should have been paying attention. your loading a truck full of money wat do you expect will happen

  78. Avik Sarkar

    Avik Sarkar11 minutes ago

    Looks totally like an inside job

  79. Mike Spencer

    Mike Spencer11 minutes ago

    Low pay and highly dangerous. You'll do better without a job like that.

  80. smokeyfreshhh

    smokeyfreshhh11 minutes ago

    Give wet willys instead

  81. DJ DJ

    DJ DJ11 minutes ago

    Plots twist: Women can't work in all the fields.

  82. JB Kim

    JB Kim11 minutes ago

    That is a motherly kiss! Some probably have never gotten one of those from theor own mothers. It is a positive thing.

  83. Vito Anderson

    Vito Anderson11 minutes ago

    Im glad they got robbed

  84. Lainey Bowen

    Lainey Bowen12 minutes ago

    My names Lainey

  85. Shut da fuck Up

    Shut da fuck Up12 minutes ago

    I hop she knew them that was a inside job but I’m glad they robbed them the government rob us every day

  86. Jupiter J

    Jupiter J12 minutes ago

    he was laughing because they said “if he lives that long” 😂😂😂

  87. Mark Kimbell

    Mark Kimbell12 minutes ago

    Where's the other guards? That's bull s*** you can see she didn't have time. Brink's should go under them self's. And the guy that's sits behind the desk that fired her should have that job she had and see if they go by protocol.

  88. Red Ficher

    Red Ficher12 minutes ago


  89. Thomas Wood

    Thomas Wood12 minutes ago

    They for sure had her do a polygraph. That is probably why she was fired. I used to do the same job. Pay these people 12-16 dollats an hour.

  90. Vito Anderson

    Vito Anderson12 minutes ago

    What would you do with a gun to your face give the money or get shot in the face?

  91. Ninja fit

    Ninja fit12 minutes ago

    Pos fed ex driver. If these drivers cant handle the long shifts with the very busy holidays then the job is not for them, clearly.

  92. Mallaly Mohammadi

    Mallaly Mohammadi12 minutes ago


  93. My Ko

    My Ko12 minutes ago

    Was an inside job most certainly.

  94. Wood Wood

    Wood Wood12 minutes ago

    Why would a sick system have one female driven around picking up money , it seem like they wanted this to happen, to fire her slick tricks

  95. Blue lives matter 💙🖤💙

    Blue lives matter 💙🖤💙13 minutes ago

    911 what’s your emergency yeah I can’t get out of my seatbelt send the Calvery.

  96. Yianneあいしてる

    Yianneあいしてる13 minutes ago

    Imagine doing that but you cant cause your body is as thin as a stick

  97. Litandharryginny

    Litandharryginny13 minutes ago

    I bet the people he stole from don't agree he is not a threat.

  98. Evil Gopher

    Evil Gopher13 minutes ago

    So what do the other patrons think of their drinking buddy? *shows one guy*

  99. SeanitO Xx

    SeanitO Xx13 minutes ago

    I hope she got her 25% 🤣 $25k + each

  100. joseph bailey

    joseph bailey13 minutes ago

    Anyone else here the Government guy say it would rip apart a airplane then say, " it killed a pilot".