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  1. Stacey B

    Stacey BMinute ago

    It’s our favorite guy, FriendArin! I hope he doesn’t have so many potatoes this time around!

  2. SirkSirkSirk

    SirkSirkSirkMinute ago

    oh my fuck, even Ross hits the unecessory 2nd to last switch every time on the first screen. THE GUY WHO MADE THE LEVEL! Are you kidding me? Not a single time did anyone skip hitting that block for nearly half an hour... Ridiculous.

  3. Pantsuhunter

    PantsuhunterMinute ago

    Me, the game.

  4. Calvert

    Calvert2 minutes ago


  5. Max Lai

    Max Lai2 minutes ago

    Earthbound vs. Mother 2

  6. FrenchyMcToast

    FrenchyMcToast3 minutes ago

    "I started a busness as a jack of all trades" "Wait, he's running a business now?"

  7. Andrew Pappas

    Andrew Pappas7 minutes ago

    I agree with Arin, Rachel is pretty cute

  8. xenokatana

    xenokatana7 minutes ago

    Sailor Moon poster in her room :)

  9. Ryan Kelly

    Ryan Kelly7 minutes ago

    ...HOLD UP... Periods go on the inside of quotes?! TIL Thanks Grumps!

  10. Gurgadurgen

    Gurgadurgen7 minutes ago

    Just for anyone who's curious, attitude refers to an aircraft's angular orientation with respect to the horizon below.

  11. Xenon

    Xenon9 minutes ago

    I'm going to have a heart attack seeing Arin skip over the 'start reading' button and read the white text while complaining about the white text.

  12. Ashton Vaughn

    Ashton Vaughn9 minutes ago

    Yes jackcepticeye YEEEES Nice try having more ft other youtubers please

  13. Joshua Hale

    Joshua Hale9 minutes ago

    I wish Ross was here to do his ridiculous girl voice from Sakura Spirit

  14. Anne Foley

    Anne Foley10 minutes ago

    cause they couldn't call it "shitty side quests" the episode. Good grinding anyway, boys. Always a pleasure.

  15. Henrik Foersom

    Henrik Foersom10 minutes ago

    18:39 if Dan actually took his time and gave it a shot to watch dbz and tried i bet he could do a KILLER Freiza impression that would send. (Wait for it) CHILLS Down your spine he would do it so Well that you’d really FREEZE from thinking it’s the Real Freiza that shit would be the COLDEST and CHILLIEST stuff that he could possibly do of an impression i would like to make more chuggaconroy esk puns but unfortunately i first have to find the time to COOL OFF and i regarding these puns i really should CHILL OUT for a moment and take a CHILL pill. (But seriously though if Dan Heard Freiza’s voice, spent about some months practicing it. I feel he’d have it Down pretty damn quick) Ho’s that for a. CRYpothosis (instead of HYpothosis) one might call it. My glorious. PhilosoFREEZE

  16. Mike Linder

    Mike Linder11 minutes ago

    The earth is hollow and there are reptilians with ufos that can fly in and out of the ocean. The earth's molten iron core creates a permanent twilight climate inside the earth. Google it.

  17. SoftheartGames

    SoftheartGames12 minutes ago

    My name is Thomas so this was weird

  18. Kyla Gaming126

    Kyla Gaming12612 minutes ago

    Are you going to finish Undertale?

  19. Victor Fierro

    Victor Fierro12 minutes ago

    I’m getting a Golden Boy vibe from this lmao

  20. βrawl 乱闘

    βrawl 乱闘13 minutes ago

    I wasn't sure about this, but as soon as I saw that interaction with the plant. I just KNOW this is going to be good.

  21. Flurar Inuyi

    Flurar Inuyi14 minutes ago

    Dan ALWAYS makes the "did they only draw one picture" joke for every dating sim.

  22. E

    E14 minutes ago

    5:18 what is with the thumping sound in the background?

  23. Simão Figueiredo

    Simão Figueiredo14 minutes ago

    Just in case this turns out like DDLC, I'll just not watch the comments :/

  24. Alexander Peterson

    Alexander Peterson14 minutes ago

    Doesn’t anyone know what’s gonna be the plan for Phoenix Wright?

  25. Jonboi

    Jonboi14 minutes ago

    The dude-bro voice is supposed to be way more aggressive I remember clearly

  26. i cant think of anything

    i cant think of anything15 minutes ago

    The added subtle sound effects of the fabric are really great

  27. SpaceAceKaiju

    SpaceAceKaiju16 minutes ago

    another weird one. im hoping they play river city girls, seems right up their alley (especially arin)

  28. Higorga09

    Higorga0917 minutes ago

    This game MC be like: "pffft, social skills? Get out of here, filthy casuals. I know people trough their underwear, you simpletons!"

  29. Twenty øne Phans

    Twenty øne Phans18 minutes ago

    my favorite joke will always be "A DYSLEXIC MAN WALKED INTO A BRA" said exactly in the tone Arin used

  30. Kyle Kennedy

    Kyle Kennedy18 minutes ago

    Calling it now. This is going to be up there with the all time great episodes, and I fully expect, no, DEMAND that some choice animations come out of this as well.

  31. Brianna AhMu

    Brianna AhMu19 minutes ago

    Good god, 8 and a half minutes in, all the creeps, and NO game play. This game is weird.

  32. Saifuu Suri

    Saifuu Suri19 minutes ago

    What if you Wanted to play The Wiki Game But Arin Hanson said WRITING SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Fortunateson1969

    Fortunateson196919 minutes ago

    Christ almighty Arin doing the Snake voice while talking about the plant killed me "Eughhh Para-medic...Is that a plant?? What kind of plant is thisss???"

  34. HuffTown

    HuffTown19 minutes ago

    What the fuck is this game?

  35. Dirty Merlin

    Dirty Merlin20 minutes ago

    I know the game is about hunting for panties, but I think 'pantsu' actually does mean pants in Japanese. I believe the Japanese pronunciation of "panty" sounds very close to the English word.

  36. DOOM Master

    DOOM Master21 minute ago

    Having the worst day, and I'm crying/laughing. Fantastic

  37. Mik Kurzhal

    Mik Kurzhal21 minute ago

    Poor Jordan couldn't keep a straight face in the opener

  38. Luke H

    Luke H21 minute ago

    As soon as I saw "be aware", I knew this was going to be gold.

  39. Brian Thornsburg

    Brian Thornsburg22 minutes ago

    Im confused on the objective. Is this just an elaborate panty hunt?

  40. revjim123

    revjim12322 minutes ago

    A broken vcr? It’s a ruse. Plinkett just wants to watch his Night Court tape. Go anyway, because pizza rolls

  41. James Bamford

    James Bamford23 minutes ago

    Even Danny Sexbang doesn’t go so low as the panty thief.

  42. Analogic Paradox

    Analogic Paradox24 minutes ago

    Pantsu Hunter Pantsu +Hunter PANZER!

  43. Ghosty Skull

    Ghosty Skull24 minutes ago

    I haven't watched the let's plays in a while and this is definetely a good series to come back to

  44. Christopher Naylor

    Christopher Naylor24 minutes ago

    5:26 Not everything is about african Americans. You will eventually have to accept that fact.

  45. bleach cake

    bleach cake25 minutes ago

    For 2 likes i will eat my OWN ass

  46. Trevor Fry

    Trevor Fry25 minutes ago

    The animated video of this is gone and I am so sad!

  47. zane.A.X.V

    zane.A.X.V25 minutes ago

    17:16 ohhh shhittt

  48. Herowebcomics

    Herowebcomics26 minutes ago

    Wow! They get to play as a panty stealing stalker! ADVENTURE HO!

  49. Sloan A

    Sloan A27 minutes ago

    i can already tell by the thumbnail this is gonna be good

  50. Wolfenstrike

    Wolfenstrike28 minutes ago

    Rooples Pooples: Pantsu Hunter.

  51. Mikes Drag Race

    Mikes Drag Race28 minutes ago

    Is this another Doki Doki situation?

  52. SapphireAquamarine

    SapphireAquamarine29 minutes ago

    *How's it going dude*

  53. Peter Daley

    Peter Daley29 minutes ago

    500 episode series please.

  54. Anoahmous

    Anoahmous30 minutes ago

    ah shit, here we go again.

  55. Maddog

    Maddog30 minutes ago

    I miss sone arin!

  56. Austracy

    Austracy30 minutes ago

    I prefer karai pantsu.

  57. Miss Hooligan

    Miss Hooligan31 minute ago

    Oh dear goodness.. This is gonna be interesting..

  58. Ashton Vaughn

    Ashton Vaughn32 minutes ago

    HELL YEA Dan(in puzzle room) your wearing a nirvana shirt? YOU'VE EARNED MY RESPECT MAN WOOOO.

  59. Tims Content

    Tims Content33 minutes ago

    P L A Y M O A R

  60. Paul Mica

    Paul Mica33 minutes ago

    This is hilarious

  61. Fabian Willms

    Fabian Willms33 minutes ago

    hey, man from the future here. you will love this series !

  62. Kagamine

    Kagamine34 minutes ago

    *c o k e o n t h e m i r r o r*

  63. Jakob

    Jakob34 minutes ago

    More Heave Ho!!!

  64. Jaime Vieira

    Jaime Vieira35 minutes ago

    MORE of "grab my hand" Please

  65. Jan Malawski

    Jan Malawski35 minutes ago

    11:27 suits Giorno Theme 3:42 moment.

  66. FlandYEET

    FlandYEET36 minutes ago

    Me when I see a cutie walking by 6:25

  67. ahmed almkhlf

    ahmed almkhlf37 minutes ago


  68. Arin Jäger

    Arin Jäger38 minutes ago

    Arin "Reads" (tries to, anyway) [is this game on switch?! WHAT?!] thanks but no thanks, I prefer mizugis over pantsu (like the ones that are hanging in the room on the right wall) 3:D

  69. Sure, Buddy

    Sure, Buddy38 minutes ago

    I wish someone would tell Arin that it is acceptable to put quotations inside of punctuation.

  70. Theodore Relic

    Theodore Relic38 minutes ago

    If he's looking for her unmentionables, then look outside on the balcony, where she....left....them...hanging. (cough)

  71. Sam

    Sam39 minutes ago

    Ive always wondered how to get panties out of the washer too. I just have to keep buying new ones

  72. emoji movie

    emoji movie39 minutes ago

    "DoN't CaLl AlLiE a DuMbAsS"

  73. Itosalix

    Itosalix39 minutes ago

    Baby Park would have been epic.

  74. the Don of Creativity

    the Don of Creativity39 minutes ago

    16:13 But the worst part is no one has found the american commercial for it from 1995, just print ads, & I really hope someone finds it and post it on USwork, cause I always wanted to see what it's "This Game Stinks" marketing would be like in TV commercial form during the "Play it Loud" era of Nintendo's marketing (cause during that time, Nintendo's commercials can get pretty over-the-top and funny, just watch a few on USwork and you'll know what I mean), I can even see the commercial being a newscast parody or a commercial similar to the Super Mario All-Stars commercial where they show random stock clips with tabloid newspaper pictures, tourist photos, and gameplay of the game while discussing how much the game stinks, I don't know, what do you think?

  75. Kat Foster

    Kat Foster39 minutes ago

    What is this game?!?😂😂 who thought this was a good idea?😂

  76. Evan Lucia

    Evan Lucia41 minute ago

    ya gotta do a full playthrough

  77. Jay A

    Jay A41 minute ago….suchapantiesfan….. ….O.O....

  78. ProfessorRaptor25

    ProfessorRaptor2542 minutes ago

    i like to think that in all these dating sims its the same guy looking for love and always striking out cause of the weird stuff.

  79. Tucker Cobble

    Tucker Cobble42 minutes ago

    i have no idea where this is going and i'm on board for every moment.

  80. Leevi Kukkonen

    Leevi Kukkonen42 minutes ago

    I guess battle kid never came back to that plant

  81. Baylor May

    Baylor May43 minutes ago

    What panties are Dan and Arin wearing?

  82. Theodore Relic

    Theodore Relic43 minutes ago

    Looking at the posters at the head of Haruka's bed, can I assume this takes place in the mid-late 1980s? I can. I can't recognize the poster to the right but the one to the left is clearly the movie poster for Urusei Yatsura Movie 3, which came out in I think 1985.

  83. Militant Pacifist

    Militant Pacifist44 minutes ago

    Happosai is that you?

  84. Vietnam Gamer

    Vietnam Gamer44 minutes ago

    What a clarifying introduction

  85. Kristian Thomsen

    Kristian Thomsen44 minutes ago

    I love Arin's Dating Sim Protagonist voice

  86. Charlite

    Charlite48 minutes ago

    0:36 - me on the right

  87. afro Jezuz

    afro Jezuz48 minutes ago

    OH MY GOD HE'S DOING THE HERO VOICE!! I missed it so much. ;u;

  88. C PLUS/plus

    C PLUS/plus48 minutes ago

    No Arin please not the dude bro voice

  89. ElUziel

    ElUziel49 minutes ago

    Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in

  90. Jonathan Graber

    Jonathan Graber49 minutes ago

    I think this is an example of *YIEEHIEE*, I think we do need to YEAH

  91. Nate Harlan

    Nate Harlan50 minutes ago

    This Is my favorite series I've seen in a LONG time it's so simple yet complicated and fun to watch you guys made my day today

  92. Artistspooks 325

    Artistspooks 32551 minute ago

    Please do a full playthrough of this. I already laughed my head off

  93. ChigginWhengz

    ChigginWhengz51 minute ago

    Take my hand

  94. Bubblegum

    Bubblegum52 minutes ago

    The voice arin did is absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to listen to

  95. Jarrod Dobben

    Jarrod Dobben52 minutes ago

    Who's gonna tell them the period goes outside the quotations

  96. Nac0 Snackman

    Nac0 Snackman54 minutes ago

    Those are Real bayblades not the shity american plastic ones.

  97. Snowkuu

    Snowkuu54 minutes ago

    The period outside of the quotation marks was actually grammatically correct

  98. Oldar_Devs

    Oldar_Devs54 minutes ago

    I thought the period goes outside the quote if the quote ends the overall sentence.

  99. Gage is Me333

    Gage is Me33354 minutes ago

    10:13 that throw well done Arin first try

  100. Riley Kingi

    Riley Kingi54 minutes ago