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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan

Hi, I'm Danny Duncan.. I post videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.. Love you guys!
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Not My Best Idea...
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Chase Your Dreams!

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I Love My Job!

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I Didn’t Make It!

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Can You Open This?
Mowing a Cemetery!
I Finally Got it!
Boxing in Public!
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Meet My New Puppy!
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Year ago

Cops Were Pissed!
Making Kids Cry!
  1. RonMagnifico

    RonMagnifico3 minutes ago

    Papa Jim is the most savage person in the word 🚫🧢

  2. Vvs-Hector696

    Vvs-Hector6964 minutes ago

    I love you Danny and always love ur videos <44💘💘💘

  3. DaReXifiy

    DaReXifiy7 minutes ago

    can we get a “bum da bum bum dum” counter

  4. Michael Rider

    Michael Rider8 minutes ago

    Every video gets better and better

  5. John Doeee

    John Doeee8 minutes ago


  6. Aidan Davis

    Aidan Davis8 minutes ago

    Danny is such a good guy, even not clickbaiting the video to not draw attention to himself. He's always so genuine

  7. Brad Rothschild

    Brad Rothschild15 minutes ago

    Daddy Duncan making us feel all these emotions

  8. Hayden Valenzuela

    Hayden Valenzuela17 minutes ago

    j i m m y

  9. Josh Bradley

    Josh Bradley22 minutes ago

    Outro song???

  10. Hannah Tanner

    Hannah Tanner22 minutes ago

    I want to take papa Jim out on a date

  11. Gabriel Ramirez

    Gabriel Ramirez24 minutes ago

    It doesn’t get whiter than Jeeps with a Trump flag and Confederate flag on it smh 😂 2:22

  12. YourLeftAirpod

    YourLeftAirpod24 minutes ago

    5:02 that was the most cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen holy shit

  13. Joey Gardner

    Joey Gardner26 minutes ago

    Can we get more time of Papa Jim??

  14. Anthony

    Anthony28 minutes ago

    As Danny’s numbers go up I hope he never changes

  15. Aero Fn

    Aero Fn28 minutes ago

    Hell yea

  16. Kadeyy XD

    Kadeyy XD28 minutes ago


  17. Sun Hat Kid Jr.

    Sun Hat Kid Jr.39 minutes ago

    Papa Jim a legend.

  18. doob werb

    doob werb40 minutes ago

    This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen! Gives me motivation to develop a personality like Danny’s and be artistic like the filmer/ editor. 🙌

  19. Flaming Dragon

    Flaming Dragon41 minute ago

    1955: theres gonna be flying cars 2019: 10:51

  20. R3D.swifty

    R3D.swifty42 minutes ago

    I love it when Danny does different personalities lotta love from the United Kingdom bro 💙

  21. Broke.builds2

    Broke.builds243 minutes ago

    Dude I loook up to you one day ima be just like you


    VAFLA IZNENADA44 minutes ago

    Wow its insane how fat she got no offence but just wow...

  23. Julian Wilmink

    Julian Wilmink44 minutes ago

    look dm j.038z

  24. Jordyn Reamer

    Jordyn Reamer46 minutes ago

    the flying coke scene was nice to watch

  25. Jesus Nuñez

    Jesus Nuñez46 minutes ago

    That’s what it’s all about bro, follow your dreams

  26. InSaNE Flaree

    InSaNE Flaree48 minutes ago

    Danny for one of your tours you think you could visit vancouver . You got fans in the west side of canada . And great video danny love watching them

  27. Squar3d Guy

    Squar3d Guy50 minutes ago

    Danny I know you probably won’t even get to this comment but just know you’re one of the most inspiring people in my life and is one of the only reasons I want to change my dreams. I’m pretty broke but I don’t care I want to be just as great as you. Also when I get enough I’ll buy some merch to support you my bro. I love you also nice penis

  28. TheGalaticSkyTrader

    TheGalaticSkyTrader51 minute ago

    I think i love Danny Duncan.

  29. I VOE

    I VOE52 minutes ago

    Bring back your cousin Johnny

  30. I VOE

    I VOE52 minutes ago

    Bring back your cousin jhonny

  31. Squar3d Guy

    Squar3d Guy54 minutes ago

    Fuck 12 XD I’m so dead

  32. Glumy

    Glumy55 minutes ago

    Do caveman Jimmy in public lmao

  33. AudaciouS GarzA

    AudaciouS GarzA56 minutes ago

    Mr shitty got scared after looking Danny up an realizing he'll keep his camera man from harm 💪🏽💯

  34. Slam

    Slam59 minutes ago

    Danny Duncan, the reason diabetics can't find diet coke anywhere 😂

  35. Nolan Gardas

    Nolan Gardas59 minutes ago

    Danny make a shirt with papa jim on it and ill buy it

  36. Christian NASA

    Christian NASAHour ago


  37. Judahs Garage

    Judahs GarageHour ago

    “Move that bus “ 🤣🤣🤣

  38. Swordonator2048

    Swordonator2048Hour ago

    What if he turned on you and went wild

  39. Vilmer Paulsson

    Vilmer PaulssonHour ago

    Can you make more videos while papa jim is alive? He might not have that much time left.

  40. Wheresmypod

    WheresmypodHour ago

    cuz ain’t 90 y’all lying

  41. Fozzy

    FozzyHour ago

    i dont understand how you could dislike this video

  42. Mark Williams

    Mark WilliamsHour ago

    look like a young man to me. let him be him as long as he ain't hurting nobody.

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    Lik onfireHour ago

    This place is in gta5

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    Miguel OchoaHour ago

    Why he slap my mans danny like that😂

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    Judahs GarageHour ago

    Great video bro 😂 papa Jim is hilarious

  46. Chunck

    ChunckHour ago

    Why are Americans so bad at football? Hahahahaha, I am Brazilian and whenever I see a North American playing soccer I die of laughter

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    Jacob RuttanHour ago

    She got killed Danny 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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    Ghost OGHour ago

    This is American💚

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    Dude papa jim makes your videos x10 better 😂

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    Matty KolekHour ago

    Frat houses are g...g....gay, to people in the uk it's cringe af seeing videos of frat houses and shit, its unbelievable

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    Wilder DavenportHour ago

    How could dislike Danny?

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    Andy BrownHour ago

    The poop belongs on the Chevy...Dodge is way better!

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    Richy HamiltonHour ago

    Hey man keep up the good vids. U are one of the realist youtubers on here rn. So keep it up man ur my inspiration.

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    6u5t4vHour ago

    Jimmy, I like Caveman Jimmy

  55. delete urselef

    delete urselefHour ago

    That Chevy deserved that

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    Kyle HHour ago

    Launch coke bottles off in the virginity rocks van

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    Andy BrownHour ago

    Rule #1 with Danny Duncan videos...pause it at 00:00 and like it right away

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    Micah EdwardsHour ago

    I got an anti-gun ad lmfao

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    Niklas OrnbergHour ago

    Papa Jim is my hero <3 fucking love him , i died when he says : i better not do that anymore babumbabumbabum <3

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    Why a ak47 get a ar15

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    Buys family member a house, her reaction , “you’re a dick”

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    2:56 y’all hear him say the n-word??

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  76. RedTex

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    Pleb BHour ago

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    ♡sᵠᵘⁱˢʰ♡ᴍᵉ♡Hour ago

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