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  1. tab By

    tab By34 seconds ago

    He said “you would whoop my daughter... a little Six year old girl” that shows them kids have never been spanked 😂

  2. Lizette Ronquillo

    Lizette Ronquillo2 minutes ago

    It comes when the parent are still soul searching ... 🙄🙄

  3. Lizette Ronquillo

    Lizette Ronquillo3 minutes ago

    I notice that all kourtney's kid has no discipline at all. Even when u see their ig story or interview they are sounds brat kids.

  4. K Rae

    K Rae6 minutes ago

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  5. braska19

    braska197 minutes ago

    Why she need a nanny..she doesnt work she is bone idle..

  6. orando15

    orando1510 minutes ago

    That lil kid a SPOILED RICH KID if they hitting nannies & have anger tantrums. My mom gave me a spanking, a lil spanking aint bad you aint beating the kid to death just gotta knock some sense into them.

  7. J L

    J L14 minutes ago

    Omg you guys she’s 6 years old, she’s going to have tantrums. I completely agree with Scott’s reaction. How dare Corey even think of spanking a little girl, what year is he living in?? He can do that to his own hypothetical kids but ABSOLUTELY NOT to another fam‘s kids.

  8. Daé J

    Daé J15 minutes ago

    I really think that Corey should have said what he meant to Scott because language barriers do exist within the English language due to cultural differences. If you’re not in or exposed to the black community you don’t realize that “whup” means “spank” not “abuse” or “beat up” (at least we hope it doesn’t). That’s why Kim was like “that’s not what he means” because she’s dated and has married a black man.

  9. Kathleen Wilson

    Kathleen Wilson17 minutes ago

    The parents probably don't know the half of how their kids behave because its obvious they spend a lot of time with nannies. Of course their gonna be spoiled, they know their parents are too busy to pay attention.

  10. KrysMarie Hudson

    KrysMarie Hudson18 minutes ago

    Omg this season is kray-kray!!!! #kardashianfansince2007

  11. Tia Snow

    Tia Snow21 minute ago

    I'm sorry but they and their kids need a good dose of Jesus and Jo Frost lmao.

  12. Loraine Kat

    Loraine Kat23 minutes ago

    What do you expect from a woman who upto date still has never been able to make a final decision on the wallpaper choice for her house?😑 and a man catwalking around with a 19year old who is old enough to be her daughter?? Kourtney and Scott are doing a wonderful job raising a future Ted bundy well done , making excuses for a wrong thing a child does to being a kiddy anger

  13. Jennifer Alicia

    Jennifer Alicia25 minutes ago

    What six year doesn’t hit or scratch for no reason. Every one has done it when they were kids. Obviously there is a correct way to say how to keep hands to self and stuff like that. Every parent does their parenting differently. No one should get into anybody else’s parenting, they’ll eventually learn by listening and watching other parents. Parents will not take crap from anybody telling them how to parent one’s child(ren).

  14. Shermaine Ng

    Shermaine Ng25 minutes ago

    Scott is so protective of his daughter, it’s kinda cute aw

  15. Shermaine Ng

    Shermaine Ng26 minutes ago

    Honestly I think Corey is in no position to spank P. It should be Scott to do it.

  16. Esii P

    Esii P30 minutes ago

    Haha sometimes kids needs a little discipline so they can know what's wrong and what's right what to do and what not to do lol

  17. Laura Westenra

    Laura Westenra31 minute ago

    Kris is mother of dragons 🐉. She is the best Kardashian hands down.

  18. Courtney Jackson

    Courtney Jackson35 minutes ago

    Oh Scott, you lost it brother. Start parenting your kid same to Kourt.

  19. Naomi

    Naomi38 minutes ago

    Obviously she's a spoilt little brat

  20. RoyGBiv M

    RoyGBiv M46 minutes ago

    I’m with Corey on this one. I’m a firm believer in spanking. Those who don’t get spanked come out brattier imo!

  21. Coral Andrade

    Coral Andrade53 minutes ago

    Don't come @ Scott sideways low key though...

  22. Lina Cx

    Lina Cx56 minutes ago

    Was it just me but I NEVER would of even thought to hit my parents or my babysitter when I was little because the mere idea was always wrong, but I guess that’s what happens when your raised right to respect your parents and people who care for you.

  23. An

    An58 minutes ago

    Wtf I’m so glad kris didn’t say anything

  24. Miss Healthy Everyday

    Miss Healthy EverydayHour ago

    I could be punched out by those kids and I still wouldn’t leave

  25. Coral Andrade

    Coral AndradeHour ago


  26. wejdan fhad

    wejdan fhadHour ago


  27. Sumer

    SumerHour ago

    Scott’s just tryna act hard in front of Kourtney. He knows damn well Cory doesn’t mean to beat her.

  28. Helen Fennell

    Helen FennellHour ago

    Kourtneys a fruit loop and Scott on his bad days is a spoiled brat.They both let their kids be ferral and don’t discipline them.Your daughters not blacking our Kourtney,she’s just a spoiled brat and your making excuses for her and if you both took a minute you would understand that a black person saying whup means smack.Although it’s not his place to smack a kid that not his he has a good point..sort you kid out before she grows up and becomes everyone else’s problem.One last thing...that black out bs won’t hold sway with the police or a judge when she’s an adult.🙄

  29. Precious M

    Precious MHour ago

    Discipline your kids properly.

  30. Ryan🦂

    Ryan🦂Hour ago

    Get him scot !

  31. Isabel Medina

    Isabel MedinaHour ago

    ew Kourtney needs to stop defending Scott because he Cory didn't mean beat her, she needs to discipline her kids better than she could her husband.

  32. Stephen Kohonen

    Stephen KohonenHour ago

    Totally with Scott on this one. Don't touch someone else's kid. Let the parent handle it

  33. cicibot

    cicibotHour ago

    ugh, this video just confirms me that penelope is so annoying! she's just a girl, but i never liked her... she and mason are so spoiled and ugly human beings. reign seems cool, but P is the most annoying.

  34. Ich bin Shean

    Ich bin SheanHour ago

    (My first comment is deleted) Now I realize kim is more mature & good it comes to parenting than kourtney. OMG, kourt stop defending your child and start to discipline her right away. She should know how to respect in her age she should already know the right and wrong thing! The same with scott put that energy to discipline your child.

  35. Justine Janisse

    Justine JanisseHour ago

    Pretty sure every human who's ever lived has pulled some aggressive behaviour as a toddler/child. But yah.. She needs to be talked to/punished in away that will help her learn

  36. chelsea

    chelseaHour ago

    the acting

  37. Carol H

    Carol HHour ago

    I feel like they r both wrong , if she dnt care about gettin things taken away then yes she needs to get spanked but i dnt agree other people should b doin that to his kids they should tell the parents & from their the parents should b doing that not kris bf or anyone else smh

  38. gladish jagoyahay

    gladish jagoyahayHour ago

    Decipline should start in parents,,

  39. Anu Suthan

    Anu SuthanHour ago

    Dads can't stand still if u speak about their daughter even it's just joke Scott❤❤

  40. AwkwardlyAwesome

    AwkwardlyAwesomeHour ago


  41. Diksha Tyagi

    Diksha TyagiHour ago

    Angry Scott is hot

  42. Tammy White

    Tammy WhiteHour ago

    That's right scott shut it down!! Corey has no right to discipline their children he's not even a real grandpa!! That's scott and kourtneys job, eventually kourtney will do something about it cause she'll keep loosing nannies and wont be able to work and that'll piss her off!! They're too spoiled!!😊😊😊😊

  43. Archana Singh

    Archana SinghHour ago

    Corey the poor puppet.

  44. Lucia Jimenez

    Lucia JimenezHour ago

    Did she say she used to abuse her nany? and Kris to?! Oh no I always feel for Kris

  45. Isabel R

    Isabel R2 hours ago

    Everyone in the comments talking about how Scott and kourtney she whoop P but then if they do their bad parents 🤷‍♀️🙃🤔

  46. Ericka Exclusive

    Ericka Exclusive2 hours ago

    That’s too far, don’t say ur going to whoop someone else’s kid, like something kids should be whooped but by their own parent, not by some random old dude who has barely even been around

  47. M M

    M M2 hours ago

    I wonder if kim was there... to knock out kourtney😂

  48. Dona Hanks

    Dona Hanks2 hours ago

    Corey didn't mean he personally would spank her if she scratched him he ment if it was his child he would ..spoilt horrible kids kourtney needs to give her head a wobble idiot

  49. H M

    H M2 hours ago

    Penelope is a horrible little human! Is something in her blood ... Like Kourtney and Scott! Just UNBEARABLES!

  50. Knez Fikol

    Knez Fikol2 hours ago

    Wow Kourtney, I was siding with you for over a year, but now that I am seeing you condoning your daughter's behavior... Team Kim. Girl, bye. The last thing this world needs is another rich bullying brat.

  51. Knez Fikol

    Knez Fikol2 hours ago

    Wow Kourtney, I was siding with you for over a year, but now that I am seeing you condoning your daughter's behavior... Team Kim. Girl, bye. The last thing this world needs is another rich bullying brat.

  52. Janet Marquez

    Janet Marquez2 hours ago

    Scott is at a loss. Both parents are having such a hard time. Corey's suggestion of " whoopin'/whippin' " of the tuckus is not bad. Scott is in a bad place because of his daughter at the moment. I would be too! He is a totally involved dad and that alone is admirable. He is frustrated and reacted. Just like Penelope, she is frustrated and is reacting. She is in the reach of the Paparazzi and that is horrible. Camera's fimling all the time is not normal. They see how their parents have to deal with Paparazzi and that stress transfers to kids. Who knows exactly all that happens behind closed doors, I mean ..they are a REAL family. People seem to forget that. I don't watch the show, I get the news here on USwork. You don't have to watch, to see that they are hurting for many different reasons. Penelope most likely needs more one on one with Mom and Dad. No boyfriends or girlfriends around and a lot more talking and sharing, just them. It is possible that the new people surrounding their parents is having a negative reaction. I wish P the best!

  53. Taresa Weil

    Taresa Weil2 hours ago


  54. Wilma Swanepoel

    Wilma Swanepoel2 hours ago

    I will whip that kid aswell...that simply means they are not disciplining there kids....why does the kid black she possessed.she must take her for deliverance.

  55. Super Annie Oakley

    Super Annie Oakley2 hours ago

    Kourtney making excuses abt "P" "blacking out"/temper tantrum like it's no big deal is the reason it's continuing. U obviously love & care for your child, but discipline is apart of that love. There's more than one way to discipline a child. It's better to find that solution now, than later! Oh, there's nothing wrong w a pop on the bottom, but beating a child is a huge problem! BTW, I've raised 4 very happy, well adjusted, employed & contributing citizens of our community, so I speak from experience. #nosnowflakesinmybrood lol

  56. Riverdale Fan1

    Riverdale Fan12 hours ago

    It’s just a whip, like she deserves we don’t want her to turn into the brat her mom already is?

  57. TheGirlsNextDoor

    TheGirlsNextDoor2 hours ago

    He was speaking hypothetically. I’m sure he wouldn’t whoop her because Black Parents don’t whip other people’s kids but we will snatch them up real quick by the collar and give them a little pinch. 😂

  58. Megan Pearl

    Megan Pearl2 hours ago

    I feel so bad for that nanny, that’s just not right and the fact that her parents are defending her is sad

  59. TheGirlsNextDoor

    TheGirlsNextDoor2 hours ago

    Middle child syndrome.....

  60. Pooja Varma

    Pooja Varma2 hours ago

    Kourtney so confidently saying that she used to slap her nannies to justify Penelope's actions is so alarming and laughable. I thought Kourt was such a supermom, but she's a little delusional if she thinks her daughter 'blacked out'. Kids do bad things, there's no need to be defensive and blame others.

  61. Mackenzie

    Mackenzie2 hours ago

    I said whip! 😂😂😂😂

  62. Tylenna Kindschi

    Tylenna Kindschi2 hours ago

    Scott and Kourtney you are doing the right thing spanking does more harm. I wish I knew you guys read the comments but my daughter used to hit people too I would tell her no thank you and than explain that it wasn't nice and hurt my feelings or their feelings. Try this with Penelope, maybe more family dinner time with mom and dad can also be a solution she could be acting out in a way but I agree no to spanking

  63. Lanca Sev

    Lanca Sev2 hours ago

    That was so awkward to watch

  64. Marechal K.

    Marechal K.2 hours ago

    I don’t know Penelope nor do I know how they kids act behind doors. Some kids do have episodes. If she truly does and your not just making excuses then you need to figure out how to help her. Discipline differently, get medical help, child psychologist or something. She definitely going get older. You can’t be just scratching people at any age

  65. Lisa K

    Lisa K2 hours ago

    Simmer down Scott!!! 😂

  66. Winson Wijaya

    Winson Wijaya2 hours ago

    bad actors lol

  67. Monique Hill

    Monique Hill2 hours ago

    Has Kim’s drs let her know the correlation between plastic surgery and autoimmune diseases??

  68. gale boe

    gale boe2 hours ago

    I think Scott need to cool off he will see this issue differently afterwards.

  69. Bridget Brisa

    Bridget Brisa2 hours ago

    Your opinions will remain your opinions and Penelope will remain Scott and kourtney 's daughter who will neva suffer in life..we all mess up with people but stl i wouldn't too tolerate anybody hurting my daughter in the name of disciplining her bse nobody felt my labar pains and Corey is not connected to Penelope in anyway so he is just astranger...

  70. Paulette g

    Paulette g2 hours ago

    Scott chill. Kids are kids but there is a line teach them respect when their young before they end up later in prison. I got little ones i know what they can do but trust me i correct that real quick and let them know why you dont do that. Im a single mom with no one else to help with my kids so i want my kids to respect others.

  71. Bridget

    Bridget2 hours ago

    Which episode is this?

  72. Jeannette S

    Jeannette S2 hours ago

    I’m sorry I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩

  73. Linda Howard

    Linda Howard2 hours ago

    Team Corey all the children's are very can't allow 6 year miss behave in that manner Kourtney and Scott need to discipline that young lady .

  74. london alexis

    london alexis2 hours ago

    There are non violent ways to discipline kids. My mom used to beat us and it never solved anything.

  75. Sailor Moonbeam

    Sailor Moonbeam3 hours ago

    He’s white so he doesn’t know whip

  76. Martin Sanchez

    Martin Sanchez3 hours ago

    You can tell Corey wanted to get under Scott’s skin. They might have some type of beef

  77. Grendell White

    Grendell White3 hours ago

    I understand Scott’s frustration. You don’t tell someone that you would whip their child and would have told them later. Also, hitting children or anyone is never the answer. There’s a better way to go about it.

  78. Wendy Hamilton

    Wendy Hamilton3 hours ago

    The real problem is they don’t discipline their kids !!!

  79. Nicole Rico

    Nicole Rico3 hours ago

    I thought Kourtney was mom of the year

  80. Maria

    Maria3 hours ago

    I get what Corey meant hypothetically... like if your child scratched someone's face you should discipline them. I don't believe hitting your children is constructive but Kourt is making excuses saying she slapped her Nanny as if that's ok and that there's nothing she can do about it. She could explain to P that it's wrong and make P personally apologize to the Nanny and maybe even write her a letter of apology. But Scott is not wrong for wanting to be protective against a man that is an outsider telling him how he should discipline his daughter.

  81. Christina Lawson

    Christina Lawson3 hours ago

    Seems like they don’t correct their kids at all. Scott is an idiot for going off when it’s the truth You gotta disapline the child for doing that kind of stuff .I feel bad for the nanny that’s my opinion

  82. PAM Roxx

    PAM Roxx3 hours ago

    Scott was being a good and protective dad Scott was on fire

  83. Ramona Wilson

    Ramona Wilson3 hours ago

    So, Penelope scratched the Nanny in the face. What's next, in eight years she shoots her classmates? Perhaps, a good spanking would help stop the violence with young kids.

  84. shishterr

    shishterr3 hours ago

    man if i scratch someone in the face my mom would beat me up with her chanclas cuz i should know better bcuz she raised me rightt

  85. Alexa Graves

    Alexa Graves3 hours ago

    Okay but like dude WHAT are these comments.. yes we should discipline our kids but NO ONE is putting THEIR hands on MY kids. Ever. THEY can spank THEIR kids No one else. They choose. They're the parents. I WISH someone would touch my kids. "Whoop??" Seriously

  86. No one has this picture of yOOngi dO tHeY??

    No one has this picture of yOOngi dO tHeY??3 hours ago

    Discipline ain't bad Period

  87. goldenhours

    goldenhours3 hours ago

    I don’t see the other k family kids spoilt as kourtney’s one

  88. Twinkie*

    Twinkie*3 hours ago

    I wonder if these people would survive a zombie apocalypse?

  89. Victor Garcez

    Victor Garcez3 hours ago


  90. Mahsa Shirazian

    Mahsa Shirazian3 hours ago

    I feel like we're forgetting that Kourtney said she used to slap her nannies.

  91. Jenina Mazon

    Jenina Mazon3 hours ago

    Damn! Scott is just being a protective dad as he should. Js

  92. Star Robinson

    Star Robinson3 hours ago

    Jonathan’s face is so disproportion.

  93. Ashlyn Gabor

    Ashlyn Gabor3 hours ago

    Kourtney & Scott are complete idiots

  94. Larissa Zavala

    Larissa Zavala3 hours ago

    She needs consequences or she’ll turn into a spoiled brat. Not spanking but punishment yes. Like no play time for a day or two or something or to bed early

  95. Nirosha Khan

    Nirosha Khan3 hours ago

    Sick and tired of Kourtney drama since day one and she is still doing it. She will never change. I feel sorry for her kids.

  96. Nirosha Khan

    Nirosha Khan3 hours ago

    Lost respect for Kourtney already!

  97. Traci Devine

    Traci Devine3 hours ago

    What the HELL happened to Jonathan?? He looks TERRIBLE. 🤪😲😵😱

  98. Mandy Stroud

    Mandy Stroud3 hours ago

    U needed khloe there she would have been on scotts side

  99. Reese James

    Reese James3 hours ago

    I thought she got her career from a sex tap- never mind

  100. Rambling On

    Rambling On3 hours ago

    I agree they need to punish their daughter but, if anyone touched my kid I would have a problem with it. Good for Scott for saying that. If my mom spanked my daughter that’s one thing(she wouldn’t regardless). But not my mothers boyfriend.