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The 10 Best Songs of 2018
  1. Lise Mitchell Noble - Holistic Vocal Practitioner

    Lise Mitchell Noble - Holistic Vocal PractitionerMinute ago

    The tongue at the start...

  2. Angelo

    Angelo9 minutes ago

    how is his english so good?

  3. BloodAppleKiss

    BloodAppleKiss12 minutes ago

    So glad I found this, thanks to Netflix. After seeing her story on Explained this literally gives me chills. It is SO good! And she is such an inspiration! <3

  4. 「 rubi thii 」

    「 rubi thii 」14 minutes ago

    0:37 oH mY gOd Good to know I’m not alone in this.

  5. Maria Kalamara

    Maria Kalamara25 minutes ago


  6. {*Ari Playz*}

    {*Ari Playz*}51 minute ago

    “I like the taste of blood” Me:I.........don’t.

  7. Rémi LE BLANC

    Rémi LE BLANCHour ago

    Oh putain!

  8. Renée Winde

    Renée WindeHour ago

    I actually thought the whole wide world would know him. HE’S A MF LEGEND

  9. Puja Sabina

    Puja Sabina2 hours ago

    Billie eilish you are so so so pretty ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. lowell thompson

    lowell thompson2 hours ago

    Looks like the drummer would rather be doing something else, like watching Star Wars or something.

  11. Jesus Marquez

    Jesus Marquez2 hours ago

    3:39 INSANE... the way she purposely plays with atonality and dissonance, only to weave it back into the rest of the song.

  12. angle wolf

    angle wolf2 hours ago

    Love you Billie

  13. angle wolf

    angle wolf2 hours ago

    I love broccoli 🥦😔😢

  14. norcal91

    norcal912 hours ago

    The Dream and Pink$ got similar voices

  15. byMika

    byMika3 hours ago

    who's that guy tho ?

  16. Максим Горячев

    Максим Горячев3 hours ago

    нихуя панин отдыхает

  17. ɪᴢᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ɴᴇᴍᴇꜱɪꜱ

    ɪᴢᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ɴᴇᴍᴇꜱɪꜱ4 hours ago


  18. Guido Gazzilli

    Guido Gazzilli4 hours ago


  19. Adam Alfath

    Adam Alfath4 hours ago

    I'm really hate spiders

  20. Novalita H.

    Novalita H.4 hours ago

    This fills my body with feelings 😭💗

  21. IHopeYoureOkay

    IHopeYoureOkay5 hours ago


  22. Mia Rossi

    Mia Rossi5 hours ago

    @6:18 I love broccoli 🥦 😂😂

  23. trapper lozano

    trapper lozano5 hours ago

    Still looking for this beat

  24. Rob cris Burch lorcan

    Rob cris Burch lorcan6 hours ago

    What a song, this is awesome

  25. Olbi

    Olbi7 hours ago

    aaah these kids didn't know they were in the presence of greatness when Zack came out.

  26. xDeqression

    xDeqression7 hours ago

    Why don't you credit song's used in the description?

  27. The Poetish

    The Poetish8 hours ago

    I see Cillian Murphy. I watch. Whatever it is. 😂😂

  28. Alhoor Darwish

    Alhoor Darwish9 hours ago

    I love kids there so cute and I’m lucky cuse all of my sisters and bros are married and have at least 2kids

  29. Alhoor Darwish

    Alhoor Darwish9 hours ago

    I lick the meatel necklace and praslets they taste dealsose and yummy 😋

  30. Joey mcnally

    Joey mcnally9 hours ago

    M O M M Y

  31. MekSmashed!

    MekSmashed!9 hours ago

    Bruh i like tasting all of those things

  32. 3RDi NoMaD

    3RDi NoMaD9 hours ago

    USwork Commenters: “lEt mE jUsT rEpEat wHatS bEen SaiD a mILLioN TiMeS AlReaDY”

  33. 3RDi NoMaD

    3RDi NoMaD9 hours ago

    Y’all niggas talking about American son are late af

  34. Sollux Captor

    Sollux Captor10 hours ago

    Yall should do punk

  35. macarion

    macarion10 hours ago

    Why does she talk like a wigger, ugh

  36. that guy

    that guy10 hours ago

    Khruangbin you have no idea how precious you are

  37. Jena Cruz

    Jena Cruz11 hours ago


  38. Aaron Diaz

    Aaron Diaz12 hours ago

    “i love pooping”😂🥺

  39. Barbara Myers

    Barbara Myers12 hours ago

    Billie eilish if you see this I want you to know that I love you and I hope you say something idk

  40. realbeckfan

    realbeckfan12 hours ago

    Does thurston love jesus ? I hope so, Nicest guy ever

  41. DelinquentDJ

    DelinquentDJ12 hours ago

    J U I C E

  42. Kori Elle

    Kori Elle12 hours ago

    Pooping right now

  43. Omar Archer

    Omar Archer12 hours ago

    L for not putting 1999

  44. Santiago G

    Santiago G13 hours ago

    I need the missing 90%

  45. Cookie Gacha

    Cookie Gacha14 hours ago


  46. Makenna Little

    Makenna Little14 hours ago

    i love you so much billie #lovesBillieEilish

  47. Eduardo Kuri

    Eduardo Kuri14 hours ago

    I’m playing this at my wedding

  48. Fionna Equestrian

    Fionna Equestrian14 hours ago

    I love blood and dirty jewelry I don’t know why!🤨

  49. Matt

    Matt14 hours ago

    I suppose she was exhausted back then, but the tired vocal style is actually cool. There's some sort of disconnection between the instrumental and the vocals that is entrancing


    ASMR SUGAR14 hours ago

    when they drew the teenage boy, I thought they were gonna have her talk about Jacob Sartourious. sorry, I don't know how to spell his last name! (2:22)

  51. Grayfox

    Grayfox15 hours ago

    i dont like how he actually looks like my dad

  52. RyzeUp

    RyzeUp15 hours ago

    why is she like the funniest person alive..

  53. sisuphos

    sisuphos15 hours ago

    Dude, even GZA can recognize Björk. That should tell you something.

  54. Estevan Hernandez

    Estevan Hernandez16 hours ago

    Nice Mean > Mean2x

  55. got2bgt

    got2bgt17 hours ago

    Mesmerizing - not only just the sounds they're laying down, but the impeccable lighting, hypnotizing background, simple - yet captivating moves, trippy lyrics and all-around "I don't care what you think" attitude. This is the definition of being "Too cool for commercialism."

  56. Tyler Forest

    Tyler Forest17 hours ago

    This "Friday Morning" live at 12:41 kills me softly as ever... man I love this trio band, so beautifully filmed here too !

  57. nicole hosey

    nicole hosey17 hours ago

    literally one day older than billie eilish like when i fond out i was like YOOOOO WTF hahahah im older than herrrrrr

  58. Souls of Death

    Souls of Death17 hours ago

    What problematic political Identity, gtfo.

  59. Fender 1960

    Fender 196018 hours ago

    That drummer is human metronome his timing is impeccable and the guitarist and bassist are the icing on the cake...superb musicianship and chemistry.

  60. videostartutorials

    videostartutorials18 hours ago

    im getting Invisalign in 3 months (the actual trays) and at least I’ll have another thing in common with her lol

  61. Anderson Cruz

    Anderson Cruz18 hours ago

    Melhor festival da minha vida! Sdds desse dia <3

  62. •Swixth Gacha•

    •Swixth Gacha•19 hours ago

    billie: 17 yrs old, looks like 21, acts 5 hahaha

  63. kumatarou

    kumatarou19 hours ago


  64. Erin Redmond

    Erin Redmond19 hours ago

    Her: I lick polls

  65. KidScipio

    KidScipio20 hours ago

    just came back to say she's pretty hot

  66. Janiya Q.

    Janiya Q.20 hours ago

    Billie is saying her opinions in this vid no need to mock her. She is funny lol love her

  67. Audrey Wheeler

    Audrey Wheeler21 hour ago

    I pooped 5 times today and it is 12:17 in the moring help me :/

  68. Laurens Schubert

    Laurens Schubert21 hour ago

    last part: ‘perfomance’

  69. Monish Kumar

    Monish Kumar21 hour ago

    Nice Job, I enjoyed it a lot!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link uswork.info/cUCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ , you may like it :)

  70. Tim Jones

    Tim Jones21 hour ago

    Listening laid in my motorhome on the beach in Morocco, MAGICAL.........

  71. Sara G.

    Sara G.21 hour ago

    Thanks for showing me this after 4 years, USwork

  72. Alberto Fragoso

    Alberto Fragoso21 hour ago

    One year ago he announced album coming soon. Yesterday he said it's finished. My body is ready.

  73. Fabiam Wolf

    Fabiam Wolf22 hours ago

    el guitarrista usa peluca?

  74. Alyssa

    Alyssa22 hours ago

    I always liked goths they seemed so cool;-; and i builded tree houses with my friend

  75. Alyssa

    Alyssa22 hours ago

    Blood/ pools / iron that stuff does tast guud

  76. Jan pangilinan

    Jan pangilinan22 hours ago

    I just love their voices.. pillow talk with the Twins would make me come by the bucket

  77. Jan pangilinan

    Jan pangilinan22 hours ago

    She’s talking to my soul

  78. Blank

    Blank23 hours ago


  79. Max Kul

    Max Kul23 hours ago

    0 fans LOL

  80. Chelsea C

    Chelsea C23 hours ago

    She's a whole vibe, I swear lol

  81. John Bevan

    John BevanDay ago

    Not only is this amazing music and an excellent performance, but I couldn't help noticing how the audience sat quietly and took it all in. No fighting, no yelling and screaming. A beautiful, peaceful event.

  82. Tica Young

    Tica YoungDay ago

    Girl you weird but I love it

  83. MELWIN

    MELWINDay ago

    2:28 yung lean is snusing

  84. tou tou

    tou touDay ago

    ok. but like how uon know bruce springsteen tho. really just blew me

  85. tou tou

    tou touDay ago

    lmfaooo yo he stupiddd

  86. Evan Stegenga

    Evan StegengaDay ago

    Nast murdered this

  87. Bill Knight

    Bill KnightDay ago

    Drum solo at 33:05 is omg!!

  88. Eine Rakete

    Eine RaketeDay ago

    why isnt he famous in germany? legend!

  89. Joshua Alt

    Joshua AltDay ago

    I was not a Goth but I hung out with them in High School because I was an outcast too, I loved them because they were real friends. I just didn’t find the need to be a poser. I was who I was and was teased for it.

  90. J_ Custer

    J_ CusterDay ago

    2019 ... never heard of him anymore after 2 songs, i guess

  91. Edgard Ferreyra

    Edgard FerreyraDay ago

    "Musica para Soñar" dream music ...will be fantastic to see again in Argentina!!!!

  92. Dollree Mappmmk

    Dollree MappmmkDay ago


  93. Dollree Mappmmk

    Dollree MappmmkDay ago

    It's gona be a GOOD year!!!!!✌️❤️😊

  94. Uettechat Fertyuiop

    Uettechat FertyuiopDay ago

    0:41 le "ho putain" une merveille

  95. Isabella Sciachitano

    Isabella SciachitanoDay ago

    i kinda disagree w billie when she said that parents are lazy to send them to school, no sis it's the law no tryna have my parents go to jail. i mean yeah that's cool she learned stuff by life skills but not all of us can be homeschooled like her.... no hate fr no hate just my opinion

  96. Александр

    АлександрDay ago

    это настолько ахуенно

  97. Joe Morton

    Joe MortonDay ago

    "Style Hopping"???!!!!??!!! That's right... They're just a little "style-hopping" dinosaur! Ate a rabbit for a snack... IMHO

  98. Joe Morton

    Joe MortonDay ago


  99. Peter  Moulinex

    Peter MoulinexDay ago

    To me the lyrics say everything I need to know.

  100. Earth

    EarthDay ago