1. john oneal

    john oneal2 minutes ago

    Rock lee vs gaara

  2. joshua crane

    joshua crane2 minutes ago

    And these cunts call themselves journalists.

  3. Anthuan Juarez

    Anthuan Juarez3 minutes ago

    Nate Diaz! ⭐️

  4. Crazy Potato Bear

    Crazy Potato Bear4 minutes ago

    Nate's only chance of winning this fight is being a human punching bag for 3 to 5 rounds, tiring Jorge, and then choking him out. If that doesn't happen, Jorge is going to most definitely slaughter Nate standing up.

  5. SteakOnSpear

    SteakOnSpear12 minutes ago

    So boring, no animosity

  6. TheOriginal GGHarasser

    TheOriginal GGHarasser13 minutes ago

    I will be heartbroken to see either of these guys lose to the other.

  7. Rina Hlua

    Rina Hlua18 minutes ago


  8. scubagravy

    scubagravy19 minutes ago

    Dana Whites basted child 🤣

  9. Zahidul Chowdhury

    Zahidul Chowdhury24 minutes ago

    Why doesn't Dana just get hearing aids?

  10. Grey Man

    Grey Man24 minutes ago

    I could shoot a .50cal machine gun with no hearing protection for 10 years straight (no breaks) and still hear better than Dana White.

  11. Chris V

    Chris V26 minutes ago

    Canelo fight > UFC event. Money don't lie and I am excited for this UFC fight lol

  12. Hearing Visions

    Hearing Visions26 minutes ago

    Dana, invest in some fucking press confrence mic's

  13. Hds818

    Hds81826 minutes ago

    Finally dana doing some cool shit

  14. GC Monkey

    GC Monkey31 minute ago

    500 event without fighting Dana you are a Dick!

  15. Mark Hebden

    Mark Hebden33 minutes ago

    You came here for 02:35 ur welcome

  16. Kanwar Anand

    Kanwar Anand35 minutes ago

    Finally a fight where I love both fighters. Nate Diaz a bit more. PS Dana white what's with the left hand shake with Diaz.

  17. GC Monkey

    GC Monkey35 minutes ago

    WTF is wrong with Masvidal! He aint no Tony Montana!

  18. Christopher Iovino

    Christopher Iovino44 minutes ago

    Love these guys! Fucking gansters!

  19. horacio gonzalez

    horacio gonzalez44 minutes ago

    Damn that’s crazy, how my favorite fighter made a new division lol

  20. Kaulana Keolanui

    Kaulana Keolanui46 minutes ago

    So.... let me get this straight.... these guys gonna fight to see who's the baddest at fucking their mom.. lmao 🤔🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ isn't that what motherfucker is right? I thought it was an insult...

  21. horacio gonzalez

    horacio gonzalez49 minutes ago

    Damn Diaz has to learn to chill bro, he has to much hate in him. Too much rage, I been through there. The same movement

  22. silas maynard

    silas maynard54 minutes ago

    Worst press conference ever!

  23. Jay

    Jay55 minutes ago

    It’s Tony Montana, he’s about to get revenge at Sosssa.

  24. Harry Blox

    Harry Blox56 minutes ago

    He wants to give Diaz the Taco combo

  25. 2aotearoa

    2aotearoa58 minutes ago

    Frank Lopez

  26. Never Broke Again

    Never Broke Again58 minutes ago

    Anybody else hear that nigga at the end say “fuck you dana” lmfao

  27. Darnell Johnson

    Darnell JohnsonHour ago

    @ 18:24 ( FUCK YOU DANA! ) 😂😂😂😂

  28. Sam Samarasinghe

    Sam SamarasingheHour ago

    I've seen the belt already. It's gold and has a picture of Tony Ferguson arm wrestling Chuck Norris in the middle. Good luck guys. My pick is Nate Dogg.

  29. kahdarul ismanu

    kahdarul ismanuHour ago

    My foot is a ballon


    DARK KNIGHTHour ago

    What does a motherfucker mean to Americans? A guy who fucks mothers? If so what is so great to celebrate about it?

  31. janbemo ngullie

    janbemo ngullieHour ago

    Amma fcking hit a joint after this fight in total respect for both this guys...!!!!!BMF

  32. The Progressive

    The ProgressiveHour ago

    what the fuck is wrong with Jorge? One ask for a prediction he's being diplomatic and said it's a dumb question. He's so hypocrite. When people ask him his prediction against Askren, his answer is firm. I like Diaz answer. He is true to himself. A vegan and a true mother fucker

  33. Joseph Moreno

    Joseph MorenoHour ago

    Yeughhhh!! #BMF!

  34. Chris Christian

    Chris ChristianHour ago

    Más Vidal es el gran favorito y si es cauto ganará,si no,perderá por ko

  35. sameer zayed

    sameer zayedHour ago

    I think Kevin lee is the biggest bitch on earth and should be cited for being a hoe khabib will wreck bitch ass kevin lee

  36. sameer zayed

    sameer zayedHour ago

    Kevin Lee is a bitch ass hater he just upset cause he knows khabib will fuck his world up royaly kevin Lee lost to tony and tony is a bitch I can't wait until khabib runs thru the ufc fighters like butter

  37. Andrew Speller

    Andrew SpellerHour ago

    What a terrible sell. Is anyone interested in this fight after seeing these two stroke each other of 18 minutes?

  38. Dominic Padilla

    Dominic PadillaHour ago

    Dana never hear the questions 😂

  39. Zach Wells

    Zach WellsHour ago

    some real fighting coming up with these two....not all that hype for your money fights. screw that.

  40. Lorenzo Gonzalez

    Lorenzo GonzalezHour ago

    First Question: Nate how you liking New York Nate: So far so good Crowd: boooo Dana: “Shit were having mic issues” Nate: So far so good it’s beautiful out here Crowd: woooo yeahhh

  41. alphatrion100

    alphatrion100Hour ago

    Nate wins.

  42. Drew

    DrewHour ago

    9:08 Boo Canelo haha

  43. Muha Mmed

    Muha MmedHour ago

    Crazy Conor

  44. Karyn Ariana

    Karyn ArianaHour ago

    Cannot wait, I must be put in s straight jacket until the fight.

  45. Karyn Ariana

    Karyn ArianaHour ago

    I'm in love with both!!!!

  46. Scott Lau

    Scott LauHour ago

    There's no "AV" in UFC

  47. Karyn Ariana

    Karyn ArianaHour ago

    I like them both, can they both win?

  48. Karyn Ariana

    Karyn ArianaHour ago

    Diazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Jorge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Fight Everrrrrrr!

  49. Harry Nuttz

    Harry NuttzHour ago

    Is that a fuckin Valentines day themed Leisure Suit? Looks clean brotha, real clean!

  50. Nick Arellanes

    Nick ArellanesHour ago

    I’ve been a boxing fan for years and I will watch Diaz Masvidal over Canelo even it was free

  51. Валерий Хохол

    Валерий ХохолHour ago

    Если кто сможет, переведите... ЕБАНУТОЕ общество! Пусть бы отсосали ему.

  52. Renato Palma

    Renato Palma2 hours ago

    "How can you call yourself the baddest mother fucker if you're a vegan" Said a tom brady blowhard, who the hell is that guy, he should stick to suckin brady ass

  53. jt jt

    jt jt2 hours ago

    Best shit ever 😂👍

  54. Cordero Martinez

    Cordero Martinez2 hours ago

    A gangsta fight but nobody even understands Jorge message.... scareface said to the Diaz brothers. 🤣 everyone is like bad Scarface suit but that shit went way over a lot of people’s heads.

  55. dlayne21

    dlayne212 hours ago

    Masvidal looks like a bull fighter and nate still looks like a G. Nate already won the BMF belt lol

  56. Sujan Sitaula

    Sujan Sitaula2 hours ago

    Diaz is no way near compare to masvidal yes his chin is amazing and cardio is amazing but masvidal will fuck his Ass..

  57. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones2 hours ago

    If aliens came i would love yo send nate up byhimself and we all watch him negotiate with them lmao

  58. Sam

    Sam2 hours ago

    $4.2 billion and Dana can't hear the questions...

  59. Gabe

    Gabe2 hours ago

    yo, yo, yo... testing, test, test... I am the baddest mother fucker in the game. Defending champ Nate Diaz

  60. Nense Rengma

    Nense Rengma2 hours ago

    Man cnt wait

  61. Ted La Curan

    Ted La Curan2 hours ago

    I give Nate all the respect . It's great to see him happy.

  62. Nosfeast

    Nosfeast2 hours ago

    Crowd was great but the damn reporters questions sucked ass hair.It's like if the fighters are not trash talking like crazy the reporters have no clue what to even ask.How about something simple like..You both have been in the game a long time are you both surprised this fight has not happened sooner?Or do you guys think you will become good friends after this fight.Or even when you guys do smoke after the fight what kinda weed will it be.I mean anything but the dumb ass shit they was asking.

  63. private account

    private account2 hours ago

    Man, I love the respect between Diaz and Jesus. It's one of those fights where I'll buy the pay-per-view like Bill Gates instead of the Bryan Callen route.

  64. user 11

    user 112 hours ago

    Diaz is Savage

  65. Ted La Curan

    Ted La Curan2 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy ....

  66. Andrew Alvarez

    Andrew Alvarez2 hours ago

    Two crazy mother fuckers. I def will be watching the fight. Rooting for a good fight. I hope they get paid 💵💰

  67. Chuck Frank

    Chuck Frank2 hours ago

    Bru....I CAN NOT FUCKIN WAIT for this fight!!!!!!!

  68. RiK Rivine

    RiK Rivine2 hours ago

    i cant Pick Just watch..

  69. RiK Rivine

    RiK Rivine2 hours ago

    Omg Its gunna happen...

  70. Myles Murphy

    Myles Murphy2 hours ago

    Tony Montana

  71. free style

    free style2 hours ago

    This two guys no need to trash talk each other,,cause they are both real bad ass,,,the're will be a huge bloof on the floor.....its a gangster vs gangster

  72. Charles Freiburger

    Charles Freiburger2 hours ago

    Jorge looks like he already won

  73. Vanessa Romero

    Vanessa Romero2 hours ago

    Diaz: "this fight is supper necessary" Masvidal: "i aint suprise mutha sucka!!"

  74. STPfuzzDemon

    STPfuzzDemon2 hours ago

    Diaz: "I need to avoid that knee."

  75. M. T.

    M. T.2 hours ago

    Those Nate Diaz fans in the audience are annoying as fuck.


    RAUL HERNANDEZ2 hours ago

    why is diaz mic always dead? they dont want him to talk ?

  77. Gavin De La Cruz

    Gavin De La Cruz2 hours ago

    0:37 I bet that made Askren feel good

  78. gook4dubb

    gook4dubb2 hours ago


  79. MrNoluv

    MrNoluv2 hours ago


  80. em KO

    em KO3 hours ago

    im astounded that nate diaz and tony ferguson have never fought!

  81. axe valkyrie

    axe valkyrie3 hours ago

    I can't wait to see that BADDEST MADAF*CKNG BELT. 😂😂😂

  82. Poppapump Bernardi

    Poppapump Bernardi3 hours ago

    Nate looks a little anxious here!

  83. Ghostpepper 510

    Ghostpepper 5103 hours ago

    Both guys are great but i got Nate Diaz !!

  84. Ruben  Raya

    Ruben Raya3 hours ago

    To legends respect to both Cuban American Mexican American gonna be a good fight 👊💯

  85. Ramit Inyah

    Ramit Inyah3 hours ago

    This is a fight for all the low IQ inbred fans.

  86. Matthew De Guzman

    Matthew De Guzman3 hours ago

    that vegan question is really stupid just looking for attention

  87. Jashinder Mohinder

    Jashinder Mohinder3 hours ago

    The level of respect these guys have for each other in incredible

  88. megh

    megh3 hours ago

    What does being the baddest motherfucker have to do with being vegan?? Stupid question

  89. Vidhan Agrawal

    Vidhan Agrawal3 hours ago

    UFC mics sucks but guess wat conor still entertained people by those fucked up mics.....

  90. Jose Meza

    Jose Meza3 hours ago

    Now we'll see what is better, Cocaine vs Weed!!

  91. Armel Saavedra

    Armel Saavedra3 hours ago


  92. Leonardo Reyes

    Leonardo Reyes3 hours ago

    18:24 Hahaha “Fuck you Dana!”


    KUPHSER3 hours ago

    How many years will it take for ufc to nail sound issues at their press conferences 🤦‍♂️

  94. Cam

    Cam3 hours ago

    Diaz Army 💪🏼

  95. 4Given

    4Given3 hours ago

    Y'all can come back and like this later..nate's gonna win.


    AS1ANAM3R1CAN3 hours ago

    Hyped for this

  97. JBI Tile

    JBI Tile3 hours ago

    Love the way these two gangster respect each other. Good shit!!

  98. Mark Reep

    Mark Reep3 hours ago


  99. Ask The Pro DJ

    Ask The Pro DJ3 hours ago


  100. Paul Whitaker

    Paul Whitaker3 hours ago

    Nate playing with the mic is hilarious! This is what UFC needs humble dudes who respect each other no trash just straight talk.