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  1. Flip

    Flip5 minutes ago

    Ik someone named bradly freezen no lie

  2. avengers man

    avengers man8 minutes ago

    5:33 close to Nemo dit you go ther

  3. Robert W

    Robert W15 minutes ago

    C.S Louis all the way

  4. Peter Swinkels

    Peter Swinkels18 minutes ago

    It's amazing how fast glass breaks.

  5. Murphy the Turtle

    Murphy the Turtle53 minutes ago

    linus is not a computer nerd. he's a fanboy for some tech companies. and his fans are below average intelligence for anything computer related. If there's no properties window they get confused and angry!

  6. hari haran

    hari haranHour ago

    we all do that

  7. Joshua Shenk

    Joshua ShenkHour ago

    Love that lady. She lives her work!!! So amazing

  8. Cody Mynatt

    Cody MynattHour ago

    I remember that museum I used to go there as a kid


    FISHING WITH CAMO-JOE2 hours ago

    This has nothing to do with algorithm, it's all about pushing the same narrative, a one sided view of the media's agenda..if all the news is the same it must be true

  10. Macro Man

    Macro Man2 hours ago

    alien : dude, that's just a rock

  11. Jonathan Petzoldt

    Jonathan Petzoldt2 hours ago

    I just bought a water filter that claimed to reduce turbidity. Never mind the fact that I was wrong and this is a measurement of water purity. My first thought was “Is this filter saying it filters turbulence and will give me laminar flow? Destin should see this!”

  12. random average guy

    random average guy3 hours ago

    holy mackrel?

  13. أفضل الصور

    أفضل الصور3 hours ago

    انا عربي - Egypt

  14. Mike Patton

    Mike Patton4 hours ago

    This is really what my country is all about. Not whatever it is today pretending to be my country.

  15. Mike Patton

    Mike Patton4 hours ago

    “There’s no such thing as I can’t”. -Andrea

  16. Ender Hunter

    Ender Hunter5 hours ago

    waste of water Why

  17. Fler Games

    Fler Games5 hours ago

    I want to time travel

  18. Arnaldo Angurioni

    Arnaldo Angurioni5 hours ago


  19. foxák

    foxák5 hours ago

    5:30 that cat

  20. Pixelated

    Pixelated6 hours ago

    its so *Classy*

  21. lp8 studio

    lp8 studio6 hours ago

    thank you for posting this stuff!

  22. Nothin's Up

    Nothin's Up6 hours ago

    7:40 It feels like air just had a crack

  23. Cody Simonds

    Cody Simonds7 hours ago

    5:20 Its A BOY!

  24. Raj Kiran

    Raj Kiran7 hours ago

    We all need people like you.

  25. Nothin's Up

    Nothin's Up7 hours ago

    3:30 I felt very uncomfortable at that.

  26. Luka

    Luka7 hours ago

    I’m really glad I live in Norway and not America when it comes to the topic of gun violence

  27. Nothin's Up

    Nothin's Up7 hours ago

    Am I the only one seeing it in 2019

  28. Thuto Eugene Keletso

    Thuto Eugene Keletso9 hours ago

    This always happens in my kitchen and my parents think I'm crazy for playing with it and making sheets with a spoon from the tap

  29. Rhou Land

    Rhou Land9 hours ago

    nice kiler for electronic nano components devices ;)

  30. PyroJasonExplodes

    PyroJasonExplodes10 hours ago

    How about that recoil control?

  31. PyroJasonExplodes

    PyroJasonExplodes10 hours ago

    How did they do the bubble ring underwater?

  32. TavinL

    TavinL10 hours ago

    That is great! If the enemy doesn't goes down with the bullet, the suppressor goes for it! Technology these days is incredible!

  33. Overratedspecies Species

    Overratedspecies Species11 hours ago

    And I am left wondering .. "What is the round thing in that man's pocket??"🤪

  34. Believer Christ

    Believer Christ11 hours ago

    This is too eazy for me.

  35. Gaming Star

    Gaming Star11 hours ago

    i predict that vr will increase average lifespan by 20 years when it gets ultra realistic

  36. LionHeart

    LionHeart12 hours ago

    wait never mind i just realized why that probably wouldn't work

  37. Gaming Star

    Gaming Star12 hours ago

    finally i thought of this so long ago thank god

  38. LionHeart

    LionHeart12 hours ago

    i think the smart thing to do here is to re calibrate the machine to not keep the CG in the center but rather just keep it in the ring of the treadmill, so that way you wont have the problem with it over shooting to re center you and it having to re adjust for the over shot, so now you dont have to worry about adjusting for it not knowing our intent. just a suggestion.

  39. Mike Stopak

    Mike Stopak12 hours ago

    Hockey player living in Colorado via Alabama! Absolutely love your videos. Your passion is obvious and content always interesting. Thank you for showing the world the wonderful things Alabama has to offer! Great stuff!

  40. Jerico Sunio

    Jerico Sunio12 hours ago

    3:30 looks like the Mortal Kombat Sigil

  41. Caleb Brooks

    Caleb Brooks12 hours ago

    Seems legit

  42. its Daniel

    its Daniel12 hours ago

    My my i cant understand enything.

  43. JonAlan Lockhart

    JonAlan Lockhart13 hours ago

    The mechanics of gradient changes in momentum that occur when stepping from one foot to the other, would have to be considered in the engineering in order to pull this off. It's not a constant momentum, but becomes less differential the faster you go. From the moment when a person reaches forward with a foot, to the asserting of one's center of gravity into that motion, and then finally, the landing which may or may not include a follow through. This one would surprise me if it gets off the ground.

  44. Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha

    Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha13 hours ago

    Can v take a moment to appreciate these people than the Hollywood actors.

  45. The Sea Hermit

    The Sea Hermit14 hours ago

    Fakery everyday, seems to me. no one is in outer space...

  46. Cameron Simison

    Cameron Simison14 hours ago

    I heard only six booms, i think the ten is just you destin

  47. Aaron Baldridge

    Aaron Baldridge15 hours ago

    I have audible on my phone

  48. Satrio Pranowo

    Satrio Pranowo15 hours ago

    i see the thumbnail me: linus, is that you?? then click the video

  49. Adam Zimmerman

    Adam Zimmerman15 hours ago

    They should put this guy in the hunger games because he would totally win it

  50. jason massingale

    jason massingale15 hours ago

    just a random thought. could you do something on a mercury vortex engine? it sounds like a very interesting subject 😁😁

  51. Stephen Paxman

    Stephen Paxman16 hours ago


  52. Inmer Duran

    Inmer Duran16 hours ago

    so confused. Linus on the cover but we get Destin

  53. Daniel Theriault

    Daniel Theriault16 hours ago

    I've tried the bike and it took me 7 attempts to make it across the room twice .. really hard to do.. I was the only one who succeed that day ..

  54. Aldair Villa

    Aldair Villa16 hours ago

    But can you start a fire by smashing sugar?

  55. NecroPanda

    NecroPanda16 hours ago

    imagine this thing malfunctioning and you just see a guy in vr chat do a flip

  56. Comrade Comey

    Comrade Comey16 hours ago

    What are you talking about I act like that all the time

  57. Z Mac

    Z Mac17 hours ago

    Definitely see this on Amazon reviews. It's hard to trust them anymore. Funny though when you come across some Chinese product and all the glowing, 5 star reviews are in terribly broken Engrish. The fact checking against their own content part of this video reminded me of how the dnc used their own fake dossier against an opposing presidential candidate to legitimize their own immoral behavior. Pretty scummy thing to do imho. "See what that says?!" Yeah, you wrote it geniuses.

  58. Logan081

    Logan08117 hours ago

    Davie504 wants to know ur location

  59. Jepperson

    Jepperson17 hours ago

    Respect to all of you

  60. Eric Layton

    Eric Layton17 hours ago

    Thanks Destin!

  61. cz gunman

    cz gunman17 hours ago

    I'm believable how bring wash people are

  62. TLW6767

    TLW676718 hours ago

    I was just watching the in depth set up domino video you have on your other channel. When you asked Lillie if they've ever tried Arial footage. I was wondering if you could test if a drone can create enough downward air movement to knock over or effect the dominos once they're all set up. You'd have to use Steve's swagar stick to set up mass amounts of dominos, which I think is your style. Wouldn't it be so worth it if the drone didn't effect it. You could get amazing footage next time.

  63. The proper Challenger

    The proper Challenger18 hours ago

    Apollo 12 was sadly challenger the explosion mid air

  64. Baw Meh

    Baw Meh18 hours ago

    More trees please

  65. james

    james18 hours ago

    why dont they just have a system that lifts you off the ground instead

  66. Lynn Ulrich

    Lynn Ulrich18 hours ago

    Nasa is a big fat LYING government organization! Stealing our tax $$ to lie to us! Earth is NOT a spinning ball! Wheres the curve? Whats the formula for the curve??


    AMERICANREBEL !19 hours ago


  68. Captain Virtu

    Captain Virtu19 hours ago

    Here’s the real question Why does pasta get soft and eggs get hard when boiled?

  69. F.13

    F.1319 hours ago

    So, he sad there's about 100 sounds in IPA, but he didn't say that there's only 42-44 in english.

  70. F.13

    F.1319 hours ago

    3:19 his sound like a slavic language(I'm russian).

  71. Alaskan Animation

    Alaskan Animation19 hours ago

    I knew all of this

  72. DJsharp707

    DJsharp70720 hours ago


  73. MagnificentXXBastard

    MagnificentXXBastard20 hours ago

    Sorry to dampen the enthusiasm here boys, but 20 million trees is nothing more than a symbolic gesture, they are hugely overselling this. 20 million trees will only offset the US carbon footprint from half a day. So you'd have to plant 20 million trees twice a day to make just the US carbon neutral, not even talking about the rest of the world. Just for scale, there are 800 million dead trees just in colorado right now, most of them due to the effects of climate change.

  74. Tran Clan

    Tran Clan20 hours ago

    You have really nice nuts

  75. Tran Clan

    Tran Clan20 hours ago

    You have nice nuts

  76. Layla Ybarra

    Layla Ybarra21 hour ago

    😂 lolz

  77. Craig Simpson

    Craig Simpson21 hour ago

    Well we have just lost over 1.6 million hectares of trees in NSW and QLD to bushfires.

  78. PlaneClouds

    PlaneClouds21 hour ago

    Yea its flat 9

  79. Myrmid0n_

    Myrmid0n_21 hour ago

    so basically that's how to speak russian


    OMG-ITS-JAMES21 hour ago

    Greta: how dare you!

  81. de vintage

    de vintage21 hour ago

    I'm glad to see they have someone open them manually cuz I tapped mine fore extra support and sent it without thinking of auto opening machines so pheeww

  82. Vapor LP

    Vapor LP22 hours ago

    this is redy player one

  83. 100,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    100,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos22 hours ago

    We italians will come for you

  84. Ian Dunstan

    Ian Dunstan22 hours ago

    I would be interested to hear you apply the physics to more advanced, multi layered laminated armor.

  85. Dogwood Bear

    Dogwood Bear22 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Don Pettit sound like he suffered brain damage from the radiation of "space"?

  86. Riley German shepherd

    Riley German shepherd22 hours ago

    2:42 AND IIIIIIII-i-IIIIII will always love youuuuuu

  87. Nesly Leonvil

    Nesly Leonvil22 hours ago

    When he said “I don’t want to die “and just smiled blankly staring off into the wall....that would be a sad ending of a movie instead it was real making it more touching.

  88. Alex Landherr

    Alex Landherr22 hours ago

    At 2:29, a human tape drive?

  89. Zechariah Barajas

    Zechariah Barajas23 hours ago

    This video is making this man bank. 77 Million views wow

  90. Christiam Ceja

    Christiam Ceja23 hours ago

    Can they get you high??

  91. Kevin Scollan

    Kevin Scollan23 hours ago

    Hey bruv have you seen the crazy Ukraine guys with their tesla chair if not check out Kreosan on UTube these Ukrainian lunatics crack me up, by the way you wouldn't catch me getting struck by that coil gun. Yer a better man than me Gungadin 😄😉

  92. DV8340

    DV834023 hours ago

    My fav part of this video.... the love of the moment and sharing it with those loved ones. Time is precious

  93. Casparthepro

    Casparthepro23 hours ago

    0:30 He got out of the helicopter, set up a camera. Went all the way back into the helicopter, to film him getting out of the helicopter. LOL

  94. Charlene M

    Charlene M23 hours ago

    I was living in Hawaii when a marine helicopter crashed into the ocean it sounded like thunder I felt so bad for those young boys and men killed out there 😞

  95. LinconBio

    LinconBio23 hours ago

    Like playing a fps with the motion blur slider all the way up.

  96. dylan Erasmus

    dylan Erasmus23 hours ago

    You should make a laminar flow dome that u can walk into.

  97. Sorry For My Bad English

    Sorry For My Bad English23 hours ago

    Had to click to make sure I read that right.

  98. Jose Flores

    Jose FloresDay ago

    Can you do a slow mo of a bullet ricocheting off of something?

  99. Space nugget Baz

    Space nugget BazDay ago

    I live in Australia I’ve mined an opal at another opal mine at lightning ridge I don’t live there btw

  100. Engineer

    EngineerDay ago

    5:56 We all know Who this someone is ; ) Talking about these small creatures aka butterflies... well, their complexity is beyond ROCKET SCIENCE!