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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso

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  1. Rijith Jasper Pabololot

    Rijith Jasper Pabololot37 seconds ago

    Part two or more...pls!!? 👇

  2. serradj soma

    serradj soma48 seconds ago


  3. christophe jesus matias

    christophe jesus matias57 seconds ago

    Ola, ès brazileiro?

  4. Utkarsh Modhia

    Utkarsh Modhia5 minutes ago

    Happens to me everytime I take Mom to shopping!! And I carry all the bags!!!

  5. Ml Army

    Ml Army7 minutes ago

    Adoro qnd vc fala português, fica tão fofinho ahaha ♥️

  6. shorab hossain jamil

    shorab hossain jamil11 minutes ago

    It was like you were looking for her the whole day but when you finally found her she just SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH

  7. actionvine spot is my shit

    actionvine spot is my shit15 minutes ago

    In Delhi (Capital of india) , there is so much traffic that the average speed is about 30 km / hour or 18.6 miles / hour

  8. İ Love._. Cookies

    İ Love._. Cookies17 minutes ago

    The first time l saw you, i though you were like italy or something(no hate Just saying) Ps:you just look somehow like them

  9. Hữu Đoàn

    Hữu Đoàn17 minutes ago

    tao là luyted

  10. Shafiullah Khosti

    Shafiullah Khosti17 minutes ago

    Love you guys 🤣

  11. Sara Crîșmariu

    Sara Crîșmariu19 minutes ago

    Awesome video!!

  12. Visioneer 002

    Visioneer 00220 minutes ago

    Yes! Pineapple is better.

  13. Sidharth Sharma

    Sidharth Sharma21 minute ago

    Why are all moms so great?

  14. mahi urf mahesh

    mahi urf mahesh23 minutes ago

    Ashish chanchlani video is best for rudy

  15. WoW SuCh

    WoW SuCh24 minutes ago

    Me as a friend in a nutshell 1:32

  16. Iris Amin

    Iris Amin26 minutes ago

    I thought Rudy was Mexican hahaha I was the best thing ever doing this video

  17. Deepsan Thapa

    Deepsan Thapa26 minutes ago

    5:42 I have no chick I have no one to touch my ....... Lollipop

  18. XR Humors

    XR Humors27 minutes ago

    Bruh the showering together part i was like behind the scenes were they actually naked in the shower??

  19. Lynne Abi Ghanem

    Lynne Abi Ghanem27 minutes ago

    Hi Random person scrolling through the comments💕 *I’m on the road to 400 subscribers😊👑 any help will do❤️🙏*

  20. lilmil

    lilmil28 minutes ago

    fast and furious without all the shitty actors omg haha... like i don't think its true but still

  21. Abel Ogaketse

    Abel Ogaketse30 minutes ago

    Doctor sooo funny 😄

  22. Shania Plct

    Shania Plct31 minute ago

    We'll need lele and her mom in this video😂😂❤

  23. Pogba Fan

    Pogba Fan32 minutes ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that he goes to the cinema everyday.

  24. Boiled Egg5678

    Boiled Egg567832 minutes ago

    This has a deeper meaning

  25. Abdulelah

    Abdulelah32 minutes ago


  26. BEYBLADE master Battle

    BEYBLADE master Battle33 minutes ago


  27. 3bood Killer of love

    3bood Killer of love34 minutes ago

    Wallah omg anwar moms like my mom Arab mom

  28. asiyah yehia

    asiyah yehia34 minutes ago

    0:45 Mum: “Shway, Shway...” Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Tech_Rider_ Official

    Tech_Rider_ Official36 minutes ago

    Who is after ashish chanchalani

  30. Rudy Mancuso

    Rudy Mancuso36 minutes ago

    Enjoy. Comment below if you want to see more foreign moms.

  31. Asha Alisbo

    Asha Alisbo37 minutes ago


  32. Anderson Rosales

    Anderson Rosales37 minutes ago


  33. Aim Skull

    Aim Skull37 minutes ago

    2:52 I think my mom is a racist 😂🤣

  34. Sanfor PUBG

    Sanfor PUBG38 minutes ago

    ام انور فلسطينية كح فش معها مجال ههههههه

  35. Sanfor PUBG

    Sanfor PUBG39 minutes ago

    4:00 اللحظة الي تتفق فيها جميع الامهات

  36. Majid Lee

    Majid Lee39 minutes ago

    These are always funny

  37. Rapstar Coc

    Rapstar Coc39 minutes ago

    Who came here after Ashis chanchalanis video on iPhone😂😂😂

  38. Prakash Tiwari

    Prakash Tiwari41 minute ago

    I almost watched you 30 to 40 videoes But dont know, why i am still not hitting the subscribe button ( i even suscribed every one of your groups)

  39. sal the guy

    sal the guy41 minute ago

    Brooooo ... Ghetto avengers plsssss

  40. khąlil pu khadra

    khąlil pu khadra44 minutes ago

    @anwar family 💯PS

  41. pice of cacke

    pice of cacke46 minutes ago

    we want another vid like (one man a band) please

  42. Chloe Daniels

    Chloe Daniels47 minutes ago


  43. Lauren_Strange

    Lauren_Strange49 minutes ago

    I just realized our teacher gives us free pineapple pencils!! AWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEEEE

  44. Lizzy Charysler

    Lizzy Charysler50 minutes ago

    Rudy's mum: My neck Anwar's mum: My back Me: My-

  45. Awesome Gear

    Awesome Gear52 minutes ago

    Hahahah nice good edit so fun

  46. Audvin Oidi

    Audvin Oidi52 minutes ago

    Love vids so much ❤❤❤❤❤

  47. lilmil

    lilmil52 minutes ago

    I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS. I want a movie like this. All the characters actually connect

  48. Nymphadora

    Nymphadora53 minutes ago


  49. Beyza Bülbül

    Beyza Bülbül54 minutes ago

    Selamun Aleykum I m müsliman

  50. Fatima Fkelcidhkjf

    Fatima Fkelcidhkjf54 minutes ago

    I Like the arabic mom

  51. Adnan A

    Adnan A59 minutes ago

    I love that they include their moms in their videos

  52. Belén Zurera

    Belén ZureraHour ago

    what is the name of the piano song that appears in all the videos of pineapple?

  53. Lisa Pi

    Lisa PiHour ago

    So um... how much is the pineapple pencil? 😂

  54. pretty singh

    pretty singhHour ago

    Mom is miracle 😂♥️♥️

  55. Albanio Kola

    Albanio KolaHour ago

    Did the third cars was Albanian.The dad kept saying "MAJTAS" which means Left in Albanian ?

  56. Mome Xd

    Mome XdHour ago

    كثيير احب هاي المقاطع الي تجمع بين ام رودي وأُم انور 😂❤❤🔥

  57. Enzo Gaming

    Enzo GamingHour ago

    canada for life baby

  58. Muhammad Zayd

    Muhammad ZaydHour ago

    This is so accurate hahah

  59. nawaz hussain

    nawaz hussainHour ago

    StOPppppppppppp lol

  60. Dewi Galaento

    Dewi GalaentoHour ago

    Latin n Arabian, love u so much Rudi Jibawi, Anwar Mancuso 😅😍

  61. Mirza Mendoza

    Mirza MendozaHour ago

    I heard Rudy’s beautiful Brazilian Voice!!!!😍😍❤️❤️

  62. عآشقة وندآيركشن

    عآشقة وندآيركشنHour ago

    we need a theard video of foreign moms !!

  63. Esmeralda Carrilo

    Esmeralda CarriloHour ago

    Lol she grope it

  64. Sam Carter

    Sam CarterHour ago

    1:46 Hitler:Am I a joke to you?

  65. Helma Halimatusadiah Rahmat

    Helma Halimatusadiah RahmatHour ago

    Tua funniest video I’ve ever watch... thank you Rudy and Anwar you made my day^^

  66. Esmeralda Carrilo

    Esmeralda CarriloHour ago


  67. Gustavo GAMES

    Gustavo GAMESHour ago

    super yo amiga!!!

  68. outtaspace

    outtaspaceHour ago

    I love this kind of videos ....


    JOKER AFGHour ago

    Anwar's Mom Go back to your country Rudy's Mom Go back to your country Hhhh

  70. Aboudy Hamody

    Aboudy HamodyHour ago

    Most of you can't understand Arabic until you read subtitle but I learned 3 yrs before lucky to me 😜😜😜😜😜

  71. Markelian Cani

    Markelian CaniHour ago

    Rudy and Anwar are the best duo



    Over acting 😂😂

  73. Saksham Botke

    Saksham BotkeHour ago

    Who came here after Ashish Chanchalani 's video 👇👇

  74. Nayra Moossun

    Nayra MoossunHour ago

    Oh Shrek..

  75. mommy rocks

    mommy rocksHour ago

    Lol so true ,so funny😂😁

  76. Abode Maxl

    Abode MaxlHour ago

    Love it

  77. Mayra I. Hernandez

    Mayra I. HernandezHour ago

    The mommas are so funny and cute! 😂 Rudy’s mom reminds me of my mom! 😂 I love this video 😁👏🏼

  78. Hammad S

    Hammad SHour ago

    roydoy‏مين بهذا الشات عربي

  79. bakr alobaidy

    bakr alobaidyHour ago

    اخ ضهري ههههههه my back

  80. Abode  Alhomse

    Abode AlhomseHour ago


  81. gmr 33

    gmr 33Hour ago

    Hey can I get 5 stars hey can I get 5 stars hey

  82. gmr 33

    gmr 33Hour ago

    You're an Uber not a taxi you want me to be unhappy you get payed to the phone bro I don't like your tone screw this man I gotta go oki see you bro have fun with your shi.. Car

  83. dipali soren

    dipali sorenHour ago


  84. Kevin Onyansh

    Kevin OnyanshHour ago

    Loving this

  85. gmr 33

    gmr 33Hour ago

    What you think I'm stupid because I'm not white I got shirt??? To buy beans and rice I Im not saying that ta all I just don't have any cash give me all your money or ki$$ my brown a$$

  86. Melissa Tan

    Melissa TanHour ago

    Haha omg lmao “Hey, big dick, little dick, medium dick”

  87. Dave D B.

    Dave D B.Hour ago

    At least be happy u have a mom they are the best things in the world cause U wouldn’t be here without them

  88. Danah Alawadhi

    Danah AlawadhiHour ago

    0:45 شوي شوي شوي شوي😂😂😂

  89. Logan Paul

    Logan PaulHour ago

    Moms deserve the Oscars

  90. Early rise And shine

    Early rise And shineHour ago

    That is literally how it be

  91. iiCuriosPhoenixii

    iiCuriosPhoenixiiHour ago

    i love how rudy is brazillian and hes acting like a mexican xd

  92. iiCuriosPhoenixii

    iiCuriosPhoenixii2 hours ago

    i fucking love how i can under stand rudys mom (note im brazillian)

  93. Horatsu

    Horatsu2 hours ago

    As mães atuam mais que os muleks kkkk

  94. Lynn Naiker

    Lynn Naiker2 hours ago

    I love your videos Rudy