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  1. Thomas

    ThomasMinute ago

    Probably the microwave oven cheating to get the final blow in the fight games.

  2. M S

    M S3 minutes ago

    Savor your content, boys. We’re about to lose another founder. 🥺

  3. Xerhova

    Xerhova7 minutes ago

    RIP Lawrence

  4. TheGreeny490

    TheGreeny4909 minutes ago

    marketing pitch: Stadia is virtual hardware u rent! But why restrict it to gaming only(if it sucks early). Be the virtual Pc u can be! To reach casual Pc user und NEED to combine it with the Hardware needed. Screen only devise, cheaper then anything with Hardware in ALL screen sizes! Offer all types of Software bundles from casual to deluxe. Improve the Service over time to expand, done.

  5. bobwallett

    bobwallett12 minutes ago

    the youtube comparison isn't apt as it has gotten worse and is filled with ads now and becoming like the television we all stopped watching for that very reason (ads).

  6. krys

    krys13 minutes ago

    Are all game journalists gay?


    DCPJOKER15 minutes ago

    Lol the title is so wrong fortnite died with the new cod

  8. Chris Kioone

    Chris Kioone15 minutes ago

    Tell Bryan Let's play FFXIV

  9. Chris Kioone

    Chris Kioone16 minutes ago

    I work for inside gaming

  10. Michael Magee

    Michael Magee17 minutes ago

    Please Lawrence!!!! All our favorties are bailing... Please dont!!! We barely see Brian, Bruce and Dave left.... Please don't!!!!

  11. Grantonator

    Grantonator18 minutes ago

    Bioware is overworked, resulting in failed games back to back. Bioware is now working on 3 projects simultaneously. Hmmmmm

  12. Mike Avalos

    Mike Avalos18 minutes ago

    Damn everyone is leaving its gonna be a bunch of teenagers soon 😡

  13. ulven crow

    ulven crow21 minute ago

    Cent wait to see this trainwreck

  14. Rase -iwnl-

    Rase -iwnl-25 minutes ago

    I knew fortnite 2 was coming now 3 is on its way

  15. gclayflame

    gclayflame27 minutes ago

    Everyone from the old cast has been kicked out, fired ,or step down and these new guys are so try-hardy it's cring to ultimate levels... I thought I could hold out until they can get their writing better and these new guys get set in place ..but with Lawrence stepping away I'm officially done with this channel. Thanks for laughs though.. been been a fan of Lawrence and Bruce for years now but I think this is done now . Good-bye

  16. Milky Mancakes

    Milky Mancakes30 minutes ago

    I live in the second largest city in Indiana and we still have garbage internet. I can't imagine what the rural folk deal with.

  17. Chicken Speed

    Chicken Speed32 minutes ago

    it's like Brie Larson was the 1st female lead movie

  18. Ralix Tanner

    Ralix Tanner36 minutes ago

    Everytime onlive gets name dropped i put another flower on its grave.

  19. lonecourierjoeyV2

    lonecourierjoeyV238 minutes ago

    Im glad i dont have to see the annoying, terribly edited trailers anymore

  20. Frigate6054

    Frigate605438 minutes ago

    Google Betia 😂

  21. max arriola

    max arriola48 minutes ago

    Lawrence is going to leave like bruce!!]😭

  22. Andrew Diaz

    Andrew Diaz50 minutes ago

    LOL I LOVE Brian but you need to give that man a Ethernet connection on that laptop. Could we setup a monitor and do a Live Stream with him so he can be on video too?

  23. Trevor Allen

    Trevor Allen55 minutes ago

    bear in winter their targeting a theoretic market that currently doesnt really play games with the hope that if the next game of fortnite popularity pops off they could get everything from fortnite kids to candy crush moms to your weird uncle that plays online poker. its the 'casting a wide net' like the wii did, very nintendo. unfortunately that will be hit or miss with it leaning heavily to the miss side. however, if that does work and you get almost everyone into this one ecosystem, even if its only for some games, you absolutely now have the justification for what theyve spent developing it

  24. Justin Xdd

    Justin Xdd55 minutes ago

    Is that trump supporting shirt ?

  25. TheRazrsharp16

    TheRazrsharp1656 minutes ago

    Stadia is the Ouya of 2019

  26. aWildAsian HasAppeared!

    aWildAsian HasAppeared!59 minutes ago

    Less cool Force Unleashed

  27. Suspicious Nut

    Suspicious NutHour ago

    Trending :-)

  28. Mute Stingray

    Mute StingrayHour ago

    Tell that young man to cut his hair.

  29. WinRAR

    WinRARHour ago

    God damn you guys have all these abnormally high internet speeds of 250Mbps and 350Mbps I’m over here struggling to watch this video at 720 with 30Mbps

  30. Zedaron

    ZedaronHour ago

    And just like that Lawrence is out, just like Bruce and Adam. I'm pretty sure the new guys can fill their shoes just right

  31. Peter Sharr

    Peter SharrHour ago

    Got a Stadia ad, lol.

  32. Bill Birsay

    Bill BirsayHour ago

    I live in London UK and the fastest internet i can get in my area is 28mbps. Streaming aint gonna be working here for a long, long time.

  33. Feverroneous

    FeverroneousHour ago

    I imagine Google were well aware that Stadia was going to suck at release, but they have the money and resources to play the long game and slowly grow a base of 'don't know any betters' as the lag issue becomes less and less of a problem until 10 years later they'll just be another part of every game discussion and other companies will be struggling to keep up with their servers. Or it'll be completely abandoned two years from now. We'll see.

  34. Ty Lewis

    Ty LewisHour ago

    On 4:18 that's whatever. Fighting games in general don't have good netcode. They pretty much all operate on average at best netcode. The best one to test would have been Killer Instinct which has the best fighting game netcode.

  35. The Native Libertarian

    The Native LibertarianHour ago

    Stadia is for the Chinese market of course. Who else would it be for? Decently cheap, mobile gaming, lack of a competitive console market? China is the answer.

  36. Ghost Ravenstorm

    Ghost RavenstormHour ago

    Google will kill this before it can grow into its prime. Remember what happened to USwork annotations?

  37. Dag Desmond

    Dag DesmondHour ago

    I often find myself leaving a channel when I start seeing unfamiliar faces and my favs lessen their screen time. I Have never felt this way with inside gaming. Everyone so cool.

  38. TheOdd101

    TheOdd101Hour ago

    I got invIted to the xcloud preview and that worked very well most of the time. I feel like this service is going to do best with the people who already know games, like xbox and playstation.

  39. Sori Fierce

    Sori FierceHour ago

    Conor and Autumn are both amazing, but don't leave us Lawrence ;0;

  40. Michael Smeltzer

    Michael SmeltzerHour ago

    Saw this coming. Stadia is gonna be like this for a while. Also, thanks for letting us know Lawrence. You've been doing this a while so we hear ya when you wanna take a step back from it all. IG is in good hands with everyone here so I'm happy :)

  41. Zombie n Cloud9

    Zombie n Cloud9Hour ago

    Is that an "last Podcast on the Left" t-shirt? Hell yeah 😎

  42. Scott Doherty

    Scott DohertyHour ago

    How did it feel when kawhi tore your heart out and made jojo cry

  43. jordan snodgrass

    jordan snodgrassHour ago

    I just got into the Xcloud beta and it's really good. I had no problem playing Halo 5 firefight off of my phone using my home wifi. I have midrange internet in Iowa.

  44. Aaron George

    Aaron GeorgeHour ago

    If this is true an Bioware makes Anthem owners pay for this it will seal the games fate.

  45. CrimgyAf

    CrimgyAfHour ago

    I think my biggest takeaway is that Starbucks has better internet than me

  46. Joel Sutton

    Joel SuttonHour ago

    *Lawarance announces stepping back *Everyone else "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

  47. grimreaper3896

    grimreaper3896Hour ago

    I cannot stress this enough that Anthem had great potential...... HOWEVER the shit leadership and management led it to the white hot TRASH FIRE it is. And the ironic part of it... It was not EA's fault. They need this overhaul to work not good, nor great..... but excellent, perfect. I would hate to be in Bioware's shoes because NONE of what I said would be easy to pull off (even the EA part).

  48. Christian Cabanero

    Christian CabaneroHour ago

    That lag joke with Brian that was so easy to miss was really clever. Honest question, why is he often, but not always, on a laptop?

  49. TheRealSh1zz4m

    TheRealSh1zz4mHour ago

    just get Brian a damn cell phone

  50. Nicholas Brent

    Nicholas Brent2 hours ago

    Wondering how many of these issues are related to system configuration and security protocols?

  51. Fern Dizzle

    Fern Dizzle2 hours ago

    No Lawrence I miss your witty jokes!!

  52. TheTACOBOYZ1

    TheTACOBOYZ12 hours ago

    Didn't know the actor was a fan... It makes sense now

  53. Captain Captain

    Captain Captain2 hours ago

    The stadia would have been so much more successful if they did a monthly streaming fee as opposed to buying the games at full price and only technically renting them. It's bs.

  54. zabu 49

    zabu 492 hours ago

    Every ad I got on this video was for stadia lol

  55. Mark Tyler

    Mark Tyler2 hours ago

    Their probable banking on 5G. That's the only way I can see this being anywhere near competitive.

  56. Brian Forrest

    Brian Forrest2 hours ago

    Lawrence, NO!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being awesome, and we trust your judgement.

  57. kais295

    kais2952 hours ago

    Especially the single moms lmao. I just discovered this channel.. you earned a sub

  58. Christopher Rafferty

    Christopher Rafferty2 hours ago

    Yes us ppl are very dumb

  59. Qsaws

    Qsaws2 hours ago

    I use Shadow which is cloud gaming too and it works great so far, not convinced for multiplayer games but for games like assassin's creed it's great.

  60. Nick Charlie Prather

    Nick Charlie Prather2 hours ago

    I remember when Bruce was “taking a step back” Sadness.

  61. dannySh00tEr24

    dannySh00tEr242 hours ago

    Another one bites the dust... 😞😞

  62. Brian Forrest

    Brian Forrest2 hours ago

    Stadia ad before this vid=win.

  63. Pyramid

    Pyramid2 hours ago

    So in a couple of months or years you think Google will surpass the physical limitations of speed of light?

  64. FringedWig46

    FringedWig462 hours ago

    title not about half life? doesnt seem right

  65. ThunderGod Kunai

    ThunderGod Kunai2 hours ago

    This staff is amazing, I get my Lawrence fix in FH stuff and look forward to seeing these other faces in IG things!

  66. Rhett Olson

    Rhett Olson2 hours ago

    And I got a stadia ad before the video even plays.

  67. CJLogix

    CJLogix2 hours ago

    This game is boring and repetitive, and at times can be really frustrating. BUT... it's a Playstation exclusive so 10/10

  68. StoneApparatus

    StoneApparatus2 hours ago

    Autumn bout to bust some death grips lyrics

  69. Edmund Yates

    Edmund Yates2 hours ago

    So let me see you have the Google stadia controller but you're relying on other people's reviews to formulate your opinion and if it's not project x cloud by Microsoft you should never play it because Google is going to run your life and know exactly what you're going to do everyday okay

  70. Ivan Samardjiev

    Ivan Samardjiev2 hours ago

    Thank you LAWDOG for addressing that thing. We know that things change and seeing your and Adam's children on this show brings tears to my dry eyes.

  71. Aurelia Stars

    Aurelia Stars2 hours ago

    You take your break Lawrence you deserve it! I actually don't mind seeing more of pretty boy Conor lol

  72. Andrew DuBois

    Andrew DuBois2 hours ago

    Lawrence... c’mon man wtf.

  73. StoneApparatus

    StoneApparatus3 hours ago

    First a oy Vey now a soyboy joke? Absolute madlads editors

  74. Becky Kali

    Becky Kali3 hours ago

    Maybe Americans are more critical of the game because it takes place in America and is a commentary on America.

  75. Garcia

    Garcia3 hours ago

    Damn he stepping back...Lawrence..nooo. Well hope Conor and ur other kids can keep adding those funny personalities.

  76. The Dark Zone

    The Dark Zone3 hours ago


  77. Bob Dobbz

    Bob Dobbz3 hours ago

    LMFAO. The bridges say "bridges" and they made a hat about it! 😂 I'm sold.

  78. Ben

    Ben3 hours ago

    Goes to show how out of touch people are, especially when they make bullshit like the stadia lol

  79. Fisho D

    Fisho D3 hours ago

    Soooo the entire original Inside Gaming crew is gone. So literally as happened year ago. Well, I guess FunHaus is enough comedy for me then.

  80. J. Rambo

    J. Rambo3 hours ago

    Nintendo 64 shits on this and its still the best console ever

  81. Sean H

    Sean H3 hours ago

    5:24 Exactly Lawrence, you hit the nail on the head.

  82. Bryan N

    Bryan N3 hours ago

    I'm on 300mbs fiber connection, my jump does not lag like that. So if you're trying this in your office I'm pretty damn sure you're being limited.

  83. Christian Donaire

    Christian Donaire3 hours ago

    You wont believe it..... I got a Stadia ad before this video started

  84. Diethoc

    Diethoc3 hours ago


  85. Matty2guns64

    Matty2guns643 hours ago

    I miss Adam and BRUCE!!!! Bring Bruce back! I say that, but I know it's never gonna happen :(

  86. DeadlestSpartanGroup

    DeadlestSpartanGroup3 hours ago

    InsideGaming Dead Confirmed. Meh I'll still be coming back to watch.

  87. __

    __3 hours ago


  88. phillyguy0987

    phillyguy09873 hours ago

    Lawrence: I'm stepping back and won't be on as much, leaving it to Conor and the others. Me: Ight...Imma... head out....

  89. Joseph Seda

    Joseph Seda3 hours ago

    google should also figure out, that we all need an airplane mode, deadzone mode, and a travel mode.

  90. Ray S

    Ray S3 hours ago

    Is Lawrence going on a "sabbatical"? :(

  91. LogicWorldz

    LogicWorldz3 hours ago

    Lol and Microsoft still thinks cloud is the future of gaming? Lol this proves without a doubt that streaming is not a valid option for gamers

  92. Potato army Bre -_-

    Potato army Bre -_-3 hours ago


  93. Rodrigo Augusto

    Rodrigo Augusto3 hours ago

    So, no one from funhaus will be on screen from now on? Good bye than.

  94. rumblerobotblueteam

    rumblerobotblueteam3 hours ago

    Google glass was cool and will be again, you'll see!

  95. Manuel Paredes

    Manuel Paredes3 hours ago

    So sad Lawrence won't be on daily, still love Inside Gaming though

  96. Pietro Franceschi

    Pietro Franceschi3 hours ago

    Y'all with 300mb internet Mine reaches 1-2mb when it's good

  97. dukaka

    dukaka4 hours ago

    I was juuuuuuust starting to get over Ashley from The Know and Lawrence was a big reason for that. Now I have to start that process all over again. Props to Lawrence for being so upfront about it tho.

  98. Johan Smallberries

    Johan Smallberries4 hours ago

    Maybe I’m an old man screaming “get off my lawn!”, but I don’t trust google to be in charge of your gaming experience. USwork is constantly moving the goalposts, and everybody just has to accept it. Now imagine stadia truly does squash all console competition, then suddenly they pull some “Hey guys, we’re being sued by some parents in Indiana because their kid shot himself after playing call of duty 15 on stadia, so we’re now pulling all games with guns in them for review by our child safety panel.”

  99. Craig Bouchard

    Craig Bouchard4 hours ago

    Conor is easily my favorite

  100. Fidelator

    Fidelator4 hours ago

    Dislike for including your socialist worldviews, the games do suck though