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  1. Shaun Novorosky

    Shaun Novorosky4 minutes ago

    Talk talk talk is cheap!! MF.... Stop making excuses!! Realize you will never N.E.V.E.R. be in the NFL..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shaun Novorosky

    Shaun Novorosky6 minutes ago

    YOU SUCK!! And will never be in the NFL!!!!!

  3. Sonny Delvaux

    Sonny Delvaux10 minutes ago

    Bro end killed me

  4. Roger Young

    Roger Young10 minutes ago

    OOOOOOOO-wheeee! You don't want to tease that girl anymore!!!

  5. DZ Nation

    DZ Nation11 minutes ago

    Hueytown alabama 56 - 6 homecoming game please come and watch our team.

  6. Ken mil

    Ken mil12 minutes ago

    Yo I play four black nights I’m the 3rd best corner

  7. Albert Rios

    Albert Rios19 minutes ago

    come to palm spring and come watch shadow hills high school we have a D1 player going to orange next year

  8. Henry waltham

    Henry waltham21 minute ago


  9. Drew Coggins

    Drew Coggins23 minutes ago

    8:35 that dog said fuck this bs


    KRUMATIC KONTENT25 minutes ago

    Is he in Canada?

  11. DZ Nation

    DZ Nation27 minutes ago

    Hueytown alabama we won 56 - 6 it was our homecoming game. We got them plays.

  12. marlon9191

    marlon919131 minute ago

    Way to look out for the youth


    KRUMATIC KONTENT32 minutes ago

    I'm Canadian but live in America

  14. Clix_ b11

    Clix_ b1133 minutes ago

    You ain't have to hit us wit da keep .lol

  15. Terance Thompson

    Terance Thompson37 minutes ago

    We got them dawgs

  16. Terance Thompson

    Terance Thompson38 minutes ago

    Go to camden county Georgia

  17. imperiousone

    imperiousone39 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that you cannot hear his foot hit the ball after the first two kicks?? Im just saying, could be legit.....but seems odd.

  18. Hburk 21

    Hburk 2141 minute ago

    Needa go to a newton tx game


    KRUMATIC KONTENT56 minutes ago

    What are d-1s

  20. Dan

    DanHour ago

    @Deestroying should do a motivational 3 min speech with that voice lol lowkey

  21. 321 FPV

    321 FPVHour ago

    I’m pulling for you! Tired of these same bad kickers just circulating thru the teams

  22. gpumble88 70,000

    gpumble88 70,000Hour ago

    Go to Matanzas vs Flagler Palm Coast hs's games

  23. Emmanuel Gallegos

    Emmanuel GallegosHour ago

    Why u got so many fucking ads

  24. Drew Coggins

    Drew CogginsHour ago

    3:26 dude said imma head out

  25. Guestninja 30

    Guestninja 30Hour ago

    Good luck

  26. Manmechetti

    ManmechettiHour ago

    I hope them adidas laced up tight boi 😂

  27. Domino

    DominoHour ago

    U should roll through H town homie gota a lot of talent out here, atleast they did back in the day im sure the young bucks still going ham.

  28. fatboy.with. .goggels

    fatboy.with. .goggelsHour ago

    @destroying u need to come to detroit and see some middle and high school games

  29. Aarik Green

    Aarik GreenHour ago

    I can't believe they made this age restricted

  30. oFluffys

    oFluffysHour ago

    dee come out to tracy ca and watch go to tracy high school

  31. Alexander Wahmann

    Alexander WahmannHour ago

    The purple QB's throw is ugh. Whats he doin with his body bruh?

  32. Jonathan Pu

    Jonathan PuHour ago

    lmfao this is weak he can’t even commit to the lie fully because he feels too bad abt it 😂😂

  33. Penguin Playz

    Penguin PlayzHour ago

    Come up to Tennessee and see the nolensville knights play they been killin every one and got a freshman with d1

  34. Jonathan Pu

    Jonathan PuHour ago

    she looked like she’s holding back laughter the entire time

  35. Alex Cruz

    Alex CruzHour ago

    Bro you need to go to Webster city Iowa football team one of the best in the state🏈🏈🏈

  36. Lucid Clapz

    Lucid ClapzHour ago

    Is this the highschool were justin fields went to school

  37. Benjamin Johnson

    Benjamin JohnsonHour ago

    That QB on the white team sucked fam

  38. JP Welch

    JP WelchHour ago

    sponsored by everyone in the motherland we need you in carolina breh

  39. xXTRENTONXx Booher

    xXTRENTONXx BooherHour ago

    You gotta get out there more, just vids won’t cut it

  40. Jo Oli

    Jo OliHour ago

    Is it bad that I got tackled by the left tackle while I played as D end while I trying to get off a block

  41. Justin Gilbert

    Justin GilbertHour ago

    End song?

  42. YTbigball-hauler YT

    YTbigball-hauler YTHour ago

    BROOOO you need to come watch Robinson TX high school 4-0 baby come out please

  43. zyren Collins

    zyren CollinsHour ago

    why is this so funny to me???

  44. Travis Stombaugh

    Travis Stombaugh2 hours ago

    Our kicker in college routinely hit 65 yarders in practice with no rush. Just saying. He ain’t in the league

  45. yfbarah desire

    yfbarah desire2 hours ago

    come and support

  46. yfbarah desire

    yfbarah desire2 hours ago

    wheeler high school football

  47. yfbarah desire

    yfbarah desire2 hours ago

    deestroying should come to atl

  48. nunyabiness

    nunyabiness2 hours ago

    comments need to chill, these are kids who are still developing chill with ur scouting reports ther buddos

  49. Colton Klimpel

    Colton Klimpel2 hours ago

    11:52 had me dying 😂😂😂🤣

  50. Andre Dabney

    Andre Dabney2 hours ago

    D money

  51. Sal Meehan

    Sal Meehan2 hours ago

    You need to come watch Jamir Shepard from Palo Alto Highschool, in Cali. He is committed to Fresno State and is doing the same thing as davante adams. Same highschool, same postilion, and same college.

  52. Arab2clutch

    Arab2clutch2 hours ago

    You the best USworkr ever💯💯

  53. Isaac Stevenson

    Isaac Stevenson2 hours ago

    Should’ve went to a lake Travis football game while you were in Austin

  54. KidKudda Ju

    KidKudda Ju2 hours ago

    Dee Come to Apopka High School this upcoming Friday it’s there homecoming game and they are currently 3-0 they also have the #1 athlete in the state in Jalen Carter

  55. Ryan Chambers

    Ryan Chambers2 hours ago

    Hey I'm a ten yr old kicker place kicker can you do a tutorial or tips video

  56. Juan Ortiz

    Juan Ortiz2 hours ago

    You should go to chapel Hill for football we just won 2 games

  57. Carl Hopkinson

    Carl Hopkinson2 hours ago

    What about reps on 225 bench press??

  58. Khamani Dunn

    Khamani Dunn2 hours ago

    Go to Niceville

  59. Jadon -

    Jadon -2 hours ago

    Your mother will never die..🥀 Like and sub to me to activate.!

  60. abel aweke

    abel aweke2 hours ago

    2:30 dang

  61. brand_2007

    brand_20072 hours ago

    Come to San antonio

  62. BrayBray Washington

    BrayBray Washington2 hours ago

    Damn that's the field I loss on to go to the championship one time

  63. Trashmusic Reviews101

    Trashmusic Reviews1012 hours ago

    Go to a Holland Texas game bro they the best in Texas this year

  64. Bomothy

    Bomothy2 hours ago

    Aren’t u supposed to be playin football in Canada

  65. Michael M.C.J

    Michael M.C.J2 hours ago

    I want the ouro song bro

  66. YoungX Ethan

    YoungX Ethan2 hours ago

    When deestroyings accent comes out

  67. jeremy rueda

    jeremy rueda2 hours ago

    dee come to el paso texas next week its our homecoming game for eastlake high school

  68. Prodigy Robinson

    Prodigy Robinson2 hours ago

    My mother makes bracelets like the ones you where and her insta is @sticks4urstix

  69. Elias Herrera

    Elias Herrera2 hours ago

    Go to Mater Dei football game

  70. Sword Stone

    Sword Stone2 hours ago

    Allen Texas bro, holy shit

  71. Cjbofficial

    Cjbofficial2 hours ago

    You have to come to Gruver Texas, and watch the #1 ranked tightend jaylen conairs. Committed to Oaklahoma

  72. TheLionkingdom

    TheLionkingdom2 hours ago

    They did all that hype shut and lost lol

  73. Trill Sammy

    Trill Sammy2 hours ago


  74. Creasy Quik

    Creasy Quik2 hours ago

    Yo Dee was nice af on the field. Gotta get back on💪

  75. Michael Richter

    Michael Richter2 hours ago

    Deestroying is a 89 or 90% kicker at least give him a tryout.

  76. OppPlays- Games

    OppPlays- Games2 hours ago

    Centennial Highschool.... Go coyotes go we just beat ironwood ridge 38 to 7

  77. Javen Belk

    Javen Belk3 hours ago

    1:03 what song is that

  78. PalmPlays

    PalmPlays3 hours ago

    Both teams suck

  79. Ticktacktoe2

    Ticktacktoe23 hours ago

    who the fuck is dock?

  80. DrewMania

    DrewMania3 hours ago

    This kid even has the NFL caliber first and last name

  81. Rich Regal651

    Rich Regal6513 hours ago

    Come to Robbinsdale cooper mn

  82. Jonathan Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez3 hours ago


  83. Chris Tatts

    Chris Tatts3 hours ago

    Bro you went to wrong city in Texas.. need to come to Houston and go cover Thurgood Marshall Buffalos.

  84. jay eberhardt

    jay eberhardt3 hours ago

    come to mt horeb high, average d2 football team and stadium lol

  85. DASHEY 231

    DASHEY 2313 hours ago

    Come to Denton Guyer our starting QB is already committed to A&M his name is Eli Stowers

  86. Anthony Fejarang

    Anthony Fejarang3 hours ago

    His hair looks like anime’s hair in Carolin

  87. Breck Keo

    Breck Keo3 hours ago

    Come to elk river Minnesota my brother is the kicker we have the most rushing yards in the nation almost every season and my brother is ranked #1 in the state, keep in mind dee is a goat

  88. Gabriel Lyles

    Gabriel Lyles3 hours ago

    gotta come to Merrillville, Indiana the Pirates 5-0 and 21st in the state.

  89. Dilly Z

    Dilly Z3 hours ago

    Yo skinny ass trynna kick 😂 beautiful

  90. Big Wheels

    Big Wheels3 hours ago

    Mr.130 How did you do it?

  91. Awsome Gaming

    Awsome Gaming3 hours ago

    You in Texas fool come to whitney tx

  92. Wilmot Boys

    Wilmot Boys3 hours ago


  93. William T

    William T3 hours ago

    Dee come to the st Thomas aquinas in Overland Park Kansas It’s a hell of a game this week

  94. Sebastian Lavin

    Sebastian Lavin3 hours ago

    Go to Lakeway tx it is near Austin and that have gone to the finals 5 times in a row

  95. Zachary Cannon

    Zachary Cannon3 hours ago

    Dee come out to Kings Mountain High we play Stuart Cramer on the road next week

  96. Big Wheels

    Big Wheels3 hours ago

    I got 69 dollars on you with my friend he’s got dock

  97. Big Wheels

    Big Wheels3 hours ago

    We need a nigga count

  98. SNOW Z

    SNOW Z3 hours ago

    Why the fuck are you beating on a 14 year old

  99. Rubic twist

    Rubic twist3 hours ago

    This shit go hard🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  100. Got To Love Pets

    Got To Love Pets3 hours ago

    When my dad used to coach and someone couldn’t catch a ball for the life of them ever he would say “ he can’t even catch a damn cold” I think it’s funny but what can you do?