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Vegan Cheese Taste Test
Will It BBQ? Taste Test
  1. Fredrik FB

    Fredrik FBMinute ago

    this channel got the smoothest intro of all time

  2. Julie Greene

    Julie GreeneMinute ago

    I had a feeling that the second one was a pool noodle

  3. Aubryella Otero

    Aubryella Otero3 minutes ago

    I came back in time to watch this video

  4. djtravieso07

    djtravieso073 minutes ago

    Chicago thick style should’ve been in the final!!!!

  5. Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae3 minutes ago

    Colton Medina, please, never relieve yourself in the dessert.

  6. Aquana19

    Aquana194 minutes ago

    Love their banter in this one, so many witty comebacks 😂

  7. Devilflier

    Devilflier5 minutes ago

    Reminds me of the stuff my grandpapi made me

  8. Kathi

    Kathi5 minutes ago

    Rhett grunting during the chicken walk😂😂😂

  9. 450rmack

    450rmack6 minutes ago

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode of WHO am I inside of. 😂 I bet that ones even trickier. 😄

  10. Mimi Pancakez

    Mimi Pancakez7 minutes ago

    I just introduced my mom to you guys and she was was like 🤨 when she saw the title 😂

  11. leesway

    leesway7 minutes ago

    They are more natural as moms than as themselves

  12. ccandmaui

    ccandmaui8 minutes ago

    “its just like golf but without the whispering”

  13. Poison Apple

    Poison Apple10 minutes ago

    "You were prepared for us to tie" :')

  14. sahalanimation

    sahalanimation12 minutes ago

    This episode is providing a lot of good materials for youresoloud edits

  15. AwesomeKitCat

    AwesomeKitCat12 minutes ago

    I pity anyone who was eating chicken while watching this. Also unsure why Link thinks chickens don't have holes, and humans create those holes...

  16. Hannah Wilson

    Hannah Wilson13 minutes ago

    There’s actually one near my town in Eureka, Montana. Near the Canadian border!

  17. Blake Holland

    Blake Holland13 minutes ago

    Having a pig picking and keeping those NC roots.

  18. Jenny

    Jenny16 minutes ago


  19. Ikari

    Ikari17 minutes ago

    and I thought it was PG clean

  20. Auryon Novak

    Auryon Novak19 minutes ago

    Link: angrily eating chips as Rhett describes reaching into his soul

  21. Baisil Sunny

    Baisil Sunny19 minutes ago

    Why are links always harder

  22. MellowJelly

    MellowJelly21 minute ago

    the sour patches 4 kids was to date one of the weirdest things ive seen on this show LOL

  23. Max

    Max22 minutes ago

    That fishhead interior was more disgusting than anything eaten or shown on this show before

  24. hen ko

    hen ko23 minutes ago

    Rhett: "I dug into my soul..." Link: angrily munches chips

  25. Skye Foreman

    Skye Foreman23 minutes ago

    In breeding it’s a sire and a damn but idk in another circumstance

  26. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown25 minutes ago

    Why don't they use glass bottles for water?

  27. Zeph

    Zeph26 minutes ago

    Will it jam/jelly?? Please 🙂

  28. Ty Hill

    Ty Hill27 minutes ago

    Achievement Hunter shirt!

  29. colt meredith

    colt meredith28 minutes ago

    I wanna see a video of clips of Rhett unhingeing his jaw to eat

  30. Scooterbug1234

    Scooterbug123428 minutes ago

    Ur mom

  31. Landon Nash

    Landon Nash28 minutes ago

    This is one of those episodes isn’t it 😂

  32. Bryanne Delgado

    Bryanne Delgado29 minutes ago

    The moment I saw the title I knew link would have at least one innuendo

  33. Brandon Romero

    Brandon Romero30 minutes ago

    Probably shouldn't watch this with a stomach ache

  34. lollipop princess

    lollipop princess31 minute ago

    What’s going on with Rhett’s hair in this episode?

  35. Taylor Masters

    Taylor Masters32 minutes ago

    9:42 Link: *gives many hints* Rhett: “It’s like seeing things... in clouds..”

  36. Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan33 minutes ago

    Who knew that was a red foam noodle before they even showed it?

  37. Ambers Lil Rose

    Ambers Lil Rose35 minutes ago

    Definitely should have done CHOCOLATE!

  38. scargill1

    scargill135 minutes ago

    It is 2019

  39. Andrew Francis

    Andrew Francis37 minutes ago

    It's just airpods knock offs again

  40. bdrmongoose78

    bdrmongoose7838 minutes ago

    But why would you show it to us, and not let us play along and try to guess. GRRRR!!!

  41. AliciaCCTX

    AliciaCCTX40 minutes ago

    Whataburger has fried apple pie. yum.

  42. ThisIsTori

    ThisIsTori40 minutes ago

    12:50 please make this a GIF. Thank you

  43. Kaitlyn J.

    Kaitlyn J.40 minutes ago

    "Oh! Ohhhh hellloooo~" So graceful

  44. Satyr Satyr

    Satyr Satyr41 minute ago

    9:05 Liam Neeson’s mother?

  45. Moe Blaine

    Moe Blaine44 minutes ago

    You guys should do an episode where you guess what type of Apple it is for the FALL🤗

  46. Kathi

    Kathi45 minutes ago


  47. fanboyash

    fanboyash45 minutes ago

    You guys eating the Hag fish was the craziest thing I've ever seen you guys do or anyone else for that matter.

  48. RandomThingsWithMe

    RandomThingsWithMe49 minutes ago

    When you were grinding the glow sticks it reminded me of when in the movie gremlins when the gremlins were in the kitchen and got blended up and blown up in the microwave

  49. AnaxErik4ever

    AnaxErik4ever50 minutes ago

    The opening joke was my favorite that I have seen in the four years I have been watching Rhett and Link's weekday shenanigans.

  50. Lauren Poland

    Lauren Poland50 minutes ago

    I'm gonna need a part 2 of this game please and thanks.

  51. Dylan Riley

    Dylan Riley51 minute ago

    This is Trumps theme song !

  52. Fransisca Beecher

    Fransisca Beecher51 minute ago

    Some of them are lol and some of them aren't 🤷🏻‍♀️

  53. Tom Barnes

    Tom Barnes52 minutes ago

    I met Nina and I have to say I wish she was half as nice as she seems on this episode. I understand she probably gets stopped a lot by fans but I didn’t pester her or anything. I said I enjoyed her work in the past and it was nice to meet her. Didn’t ask for a photo or autograph just said hello she acted like I was just bothering her I kinda regretted saying hello. Meh whatever I didn’t lose sleep over it or anything

  54. SquirrelyCraft

    SquirrelyCraft53 minutes ago

    hope they researched which crystals can get wet....

  55. doge pasta 69

    doge pasta 6956 minutes ago

    This episode is full of inside jokes....

  56. Tegan Alise

    Tegan Alise57 minutes ago

    I knew that was a pool noodle right away.

  57. NormalGorl

    NormalGorl58 minutes ago

    It's a hole that men frequently make 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  58. Super Moosie

    Super Moosie58 minutes ago


  59. Nrastra08

    Nrastra0859 minutes ago

    Funny episode had me laughing the entire time

  60. dvirores

    dviroresHour ago

    8:33 that forehead... ITS HUMANGUS!

  61. Ryan

    RyanHour ago

    Whenever I looked at mung bean stuff like cakes and all i used to wonder what it tasted like I just realized I've had it a lot we call it moong here mung, moong, makes sense this feels like a revelation hha

  62. pigo

    pigoHour ago

    This is so fake, Rhett gave it away

  63. Jeremy Deschner

    Jeremy DeschnerHour ago

    3 day rollercoaster of emotions and candy.

  64. Dr. Junkenstein

    Dr. JunkensteinHour ago

    I only watch GMM in the morning.

  65. Ben Meysembourg

    Ben MeysembourgHour ago


  66. wolfieundeadnerdism

    wolfieundeadnerdismHour ago

    That pool noodle reminded me of a cervix

  67. BlissBoy

    BlissBoyHour ago

    The cow was so cuteeeee awwwwwhhh

  68. Kendall Brown

    Kendall BrownHour ago

    Link tries to lose I swear

  69. Abdulrahman Elsharoud

    Abdulrahman ElsharoudHour ago


  70. Holoragium Mediocris

    Holoragium MediocrisHour ago

    That's not fair, I'm on a diet and now I crave nachos

  71. nasr haque

    nasr haqueHour ago

    ROCK 100%

  72. White and Black

    White and BlackHour ago

    ahaha, the best video abt the chalk eating. Nice, thank you, guys!

  73. Alien Kid

    Alien KidHour ago

    Is this a biscuit tasting test or kee and peeles cunnilingus class? Jeez Link 🤣🤣🤣

  74. Ed Hollamon

    Ed HollamonHour ago

    Your mom and I also play this game.

  75. Ray Llosgi

    Ray LlosgiHour ago

    Rhett is a bit terrifying right now. Ok mountain man, I'm sure you have a plan.

  76. mccoobs

    mccoobsHour ago

    Potatoes are a tuber, not a root.

  77. Sapphy uwu

    Sapphy uwuHour ago

    "Shall we Japanese anime?" - Link 2015

  78. runped83

    runped83Hour ago

    that the inside of a chicken thats cooked ? thats nasty , they didnt cook it properly.

  79. Kade Likes Music

    Kade Likes MusicHour ago

    Lmao! "Hey Rhett!" ..... "Hey!"

  80. Dani

    DaniHour ago

    that whole exchange with Link and the “Man-Made Hole” was GREAT


    PEACHYARIHour ago

    Next episode: “Who Am I Inside Of?”

  82. brofenix

    brofenixHour ago

    The booty booty shorts was confusing. The picture was of an apricot......but they said it wasn't ever living. What?

  83. Hailee Bowman

    Hailee BowmanHour ago

    Ashton and Rhett became best friends 12:20 12:53 i loved this lol

  84. Kimberley W

    Kimberley WHour ago

    I didn't think I would see this in my life ever lol

  85. Keith Risk

    Keith RiskHour ago

    This video is how I discovered GMM.

  86. koooo34

    koooo34Hour ago

    Give the whole crew a collonoscopy and play "WHO are we insde of?"

  87. Obsieboo

    ObsiebooHour ago

    I legit guessed the pool float thing STRAIGHT away xD

  88. No Feelings

    No FeelingsHour ago

    This gives me anxiety lololol

  89. Dopemanricky

    DopemanrickyHour ago

    "I know what time it is"

  90. ProofByColor

    ProofByColorHour ago

    That was a gnarly episode.

  91. SaltyGamer TV

    SaltyGamer TVHour ago

    Is that a noodle as am eating super noodles 😭😳

  92. AnnavangSm

    AnnavangSmHour ago

    can you guys just hire her? I want her to be in every episode

  93. M Chapman

    M ChapmanHour ago

    Sure, “Rhink” is cool. But have you considered... *L I T T*

  94. inbal

    inbalHour ago

    this show is going places...

  95. Doug Dimmadome Owner of Dimmsdale Dimmadome

    Doug Dimmadome Owner of Dimmsdale DimmadomeHour ago

    Waking up everyday to watch one of y’all’s videos just makes my whole day

  96. mst3kanita

    mst3kanitaHour ago


  97. zFlaiR

    zFlaiRHour ago

    Anyone remember my OCD (song)????

  98. Thefunnylife Pack

    Thefunnylife PackHour ago

    reat and link will never do will it holaday

  99. Derek Martz

    Derek MartzHour ago

    The gills were insane.

  100. Bethany Daniel

    Bethany DanielHour ago

    "Is that a chicken?" - Kylie Jenner/Rhett McLaughlin *Only one of them was right.*