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  1. Yared Pizza

    Yared Pizza4 minutes ago

    7:53 that is Stanley, not Bill

  2. Noel Diez

    Noel Diez6 minutes ago

    Yeah however if this idea was once proper then when donkey drank the potion in shrek 2 he would have grew to become into a human no longer a horse.

  3. ZyZeAnimator

    ZyZeAnimator6 minutes ago

    Y’all, I actually loved Sharpay ;( she deserved better 👊😔

  4. Alannah Holzer

    Alannah Holzer6 minutes ago

    Is it possible that what saladfinger would be experiencing dysphoria through glass brother? Saladfinger gives birth and if he constantly feeling like he isnt a real boy is because he was trans? I dont know just an idea and it would further explain why hes been outcasted from his family

  5. Mshina Sherman

    Mshina Sherman7 minutes ago

    In a alternate universe she did clone herself. If she is a clone then its Rick and Morty from a alternate universe.

  6. Long Hien Huynh (Jackson)

    Long Hien Huynh (Jackson)8 minutes ago

    4:17 I realize the globe haves eyes after that further proving the educator are suppose to be the globe

  7. Petar Mrnjec

    Petar Mrnjec10 minutes ago

    OMG it's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  9. Random Rainbow Player

    Random Rainbow Player13 minutes ago

    Part 2! :D

  10. October Crimson

    October Crimson14 minutes ago

    13:05 ...Apollo Eleven-TEEN?

  11. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez17 minutes ago

    death battles does it better. baahh fake math all over

  12. Cesarea Wright

    Cesarea Wright18 minutes ago


  13. Weapons Cassowary

    Weapons Cassowary18 minutes ago

    Is the *Rat* worthy?

  14. Asgard Ninja

    Asgard Ninja20 minutes ago

    4:21 Coan barely contain the laughter

  15. Maizatul Baizura Mohamed

    Maizatul Baizura Mohamed32 minutes ago

    Where is HiImMaryMary part 2?

  16. the unknown

    the unknown34 minutes ago

    Hello internet i got this song in my head and it gose like this your mom gay. I bet you fort i was ganna sing Michael Myers Also my dads name is Michael 😐🔪 😯

  17. Elijah Wong

    Elijah Wong35 minutes ago

    and then she marries him lol

  18. Jorddin Rood

    Jorddin Rood37 minutes ago

    And honestly I'm starting to kind of hate Disney with they cancellation of Tom's Spidey and overpowering Jean Grey. Especially since Captian Marvel kind of sucks after Endgame.

  19. Jasonorus 789

    Jasonorus 78937 minutes ago

    Leonardo 👍🐢🐢🐢🐢🍴🍕🍕🍕🍕

  20. life of 09aj2011

    life of 09aj201137 minutes ago


  21. Jorddin Rood

    Jorddin Rood40 minutes ago

    This breaks my heart bc as much as I love Marvel, X-Men has always been my favorite. but to be frank, I liked the original Jean Greys plot line where professor x suppressed her powers that she was born with and didnt know about. I liked the Captian Marvel movie, but honestly I'm not a big fan of "I'm the best and no one is stronger than me" big headed character Captian Marvel ended up being. Jean Grey always seemed more down to Earth and human. Like I like powerful woman dont get me wrong. But I want a all powerful HUMBLE woman, not a "oh look at how badass I am" woman. Narcissism doesnt bode well with me. And even as a woman myself I was cheering for Ironman in Endgame when Captian Marvel failed and he took the thrown, so to speak.

  22. Epic Man Darling

    Epic Man Darling40 minutes ago

    You guys should watch You're a Mean One Donald Trump that's paradies you're mean one mr. Grinch

  23. Jobot

    Jobot41 minute ago

    Time to start a cult

  24. Kp

    Kp41 minute ago

    Yeah but if this theory was true then when donkey drank the potion in shrek 2 he would have turned into a human not a horse.

  25. FlowerPower361

    FlowerPower36142 minutes ago

    Do a One Piece theory!!!

  26. Yuri Lynn

    Yuri Lynn45 minutes ago

    Matpat: (makes this video) Aliens: mission failed we'll get them next time.

  27. Amokriin Prolgiid

    Amokriin Prolgiid45 minutes ago

    I always did find it strange that Donkey never had a name, aside from Donkey. I mean, who names anything by what they are? But, if this theory holds any weight to it, that means Donkey had a name at some point, and yet he doesn't use it. And he's for some reason okay with being called Donkey.

  28. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki49 minutes ago

    I think it's Scp 096

  29. (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712

    (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ71252 minutes ago

    Before i watch this i just want to say that i always thought donkey was human, it has been forever since i watched shrek but wasnt that an actual plot point?

  30. Pale!Ender Playz

    Pale!Ender Playz53 minutes ago

    Just to let you know i hate attack on Titan i hate it XD

  31. Carlos Barillas

    Carlos Barillas55 minutes ago

    I thought the little icons on the letters where dirt in my screen 💀

  32. KingKamehameha

    KingKamehameha55 minutes ago

    How can you have a spoiler free version for a movie that hasn't come out yet? Wouldn't you also need a spoiler version?

  33. Trey Carl

    Trey Carl57 minutes ago

    Fast forward to 2019 James Charels exist 0:38

  34. adnethebeast

    adnethebeast59 minutes ago

    a bit of lampshading

  35. The real Boj

    The real Boj59 minutes ago

    Uhhh oof

  36. Tyler Griffin

    Tyler GriffinHour ago

    Numbers. Got it.

  37. Pale!Ender Playz

    Pale!Ender PlayzHour ago

    Hey guys would you rather Be in the world of sword art online or be in the world of attack on titan?

  38. Chris Saurdal

    Chris SaurdalHour ago

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  39. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkHour ago

    Hey mat pls do an episode on the student loan crisis

  40. Jame Andy

    Jame AndyHour ago

    Well donkey may want to additionally be the speakme donkey from the Bible... Its a fairy story too.

  41. the unknown

    the unknownHour ago

    Im haveing a ft

  42. Shena Bentley

    Shena BentleyHour ago

    Also I like diet Coke and now I'm the class weirdo cuz I like diet Coke :I

  43. Ron Valdeza

    Ron ValdezaHour ago

    At around 5:00 you said Electrifying?

  44. Shena Bentley

    Shena BentleyHour ago

    Just throw them into lava idk how they would recover from that

  45. ItsChev notJeff

    ItsChev notJeffHour ago

    5:13 "You deserve a prize. Here, have a head that's always screaming"

  46. SirKnight

    SirKnightHour ago

    This video’s arguments are invalidated cause *(coughcough) its in dub*

  47. LilyofftheValleyFX FX

    LilyofftheValleyFX FXHour ago

    Mr. Krabs represent's capitalistic America, THEN that represents the lack of care corporations have on our environment. PEARL is his DAUGHTER- lol

  48. Shena Bentley

    Shena BentleyHour ago

    Make the next theory on Mario kart for game theory

  49. Jack Cumbers

    Jack CumbersHour ago

    I think the americans have no breaks in between terms though

  50. Yuri Lynn

    Yuri LynnHour ago

    Me: gets a taste of hiimmarymary series from matpat. Me:"IGHT IMMA WATCH IT AT NIGHT"

  51. ZaDeN BaDeN

    ZaDeN BaDeNHour ago

    Okay, those "general" rules actually exist. There are people out there who actually believe in the Paranormal, and even I am. You can't say the Ouija Board is fake because you probably never gave it a chance or did it wrong. There are stupid people out there who don't know what they're getting themselves into, and that's why Mediums and Psychics exist. I'm not going to rant anymore. Those rules do exist, there's no reason for me to be lying about this, so just DON'T underestimate something you can't understand. I care what your personal beliefs are but there are some actual entities out there who haven't moved on and such... Stay safe, be careful. Be logical first but don't prolong.

  52. Roosco Studios And pugtaco

    Roosco Studios And pugtacoHour ago

    Maybe crabs. Mr crabs is the only crab in bikini bottom. And he would definitely not want to look like a cannibal. Or it’s cocaine.

  53. Shena Bentley

    Shena BentleyHour ago

    Note that Patrick EATS the dead corps and says it tastes like licorice. Patrick a monster(possible fore shadowing the next sponge Bob theory)🤔

  54. Are You Happy Yet?

    Are You Happy Yet?Hour ago


  55. AMVLegoMaster~

    AMVLegoMaster~Hour ago

    But... he doesn’t get kicked out for being a poor pilot, it’s for not following orders, and that poor time flying for the crew? He flew fine. The dying experienced pilot even commented that his flying is actually as good as he says.

  56. osama alsayed

    osama alsayedHour ago

    Do the same but with marvel

  57. CIA

    CIAHour ago

    you could be my social studies teacher

  58. Courageous Winecup

    Courageous WinecupHour ago

    I see depression as more of a friend. That one that you now is very insecure and tries to get you to do stupid things because they did it, but you can always rely on them to be there. Because it is.

  59. MechaHawk Gaming

    MechaHawk GamingHour ago

    Almost at 8 mil boiiiis

  60. Abbishek Thakur

    Abbishek ThakurHour ago

    "what will happen if we try to blast MRR. SATAN with kamehameha wave" that should be its title

  61. skull kingdom

    skull kingdomHour ago

    So sumthin black. Love your........

  62. Georgia Hildenbrand

    Georgia HildenbrandHour ago

    Is black widow worthy after she sacrifices herself for the team?

  63. justme ok

    justme okHour ago

    7:50 that was stan not bill 😂

  64. Gerame Galvez

    Gerame GalvezHour ago

    one punch man: *normal punches shield* shield: still alive one punch man: time to serous punch

  65. skull kingdom

    skull kingdomHour ago


  66. WhosAgreekGod

    WhosAgreekGodHour ago

    Well donkey could also be the talking donkey from the Bible... It's a fairy tale too.

  67. Erica_The _Fish_Queen

    Erica_The _Fish_QueenHour ago

    Can you do a theory on who the most powerful avenger is

  68. T.C

    T.CHour ago

    Then,,,, Why did he turn into a horse in shrek 2 instead of a human like shrek did?

  69. mystic gamer

    mystic gamerHour ago

    my brain hurts

  70. Felipe Alarcón

    Felipe AlarcónHour ago

    What would happen (an object that cant be stopped and a object that cant be moved) that doesnt exist (an object that cant be moved would need to have all the matter that exist or basically infinite) but what would happen the unstoppable object would pass trough the object that cant be moved without being affected simple

  71. Veronica Servin

    Veronica ServinHour ago

    He lost of weight and looks older

  72. justme ok

    justme okHour ago

    Do doctor sleep!!!

  73. dinewalton

    dinewaltonHour ago

    The creature are Angels and the movie is about the Rapture. When people see the angels, the angels shows them heaven and that is why they keep saying "its beautiful" and that is why people want to kill themselves. In nature, small lizards can smell bigger lizards that they think will eat them. In the movie, the birds can smell the bigger wings of the angels and they think they are predators, that is why birds get scared when the angels are near.

  74. ManNaim

    ManNaimHour ago

    It's America, it's us... Bruh im Malaysian

  75. willywonka wild blebleble

    willywonka wild bleblebleHour ago

    nitro gliserin smell like carimell I thought

  76. AG 360

    AG 360Hour ago


  77. Staw Hat Luffy Pirate King

    Staw Hat Luffy Pirate KingHour ago

    Matpat pls be my lawyer

  78. Mase Tpotts

    Mase TpottsHour ago

    You could argue that donkey is king midas just saying, same royal backstory

  79. Tom Time

    Tom TimeHour ago

    The last on is not a donkey

  80. M3anman5

    M3anman5Hour ago

    My question is though if a test was ran the day before the main incident that started it all on sparrows (the only bird that it was used on that we know of so far) then why didnt anybody see green light. It's still a worldwide incident so even if the light was smaller there should be some kind of mention of there being a light or something but nothing?

  81. deceptions

    deceptionsHour ago

    scrooge is duckwing duck

  82. WhosAgreekGod

    WhosAgreekGodHour ago

    Dr. Stone pissed me off in two ways, 1 the "light" couldn't have penetrated people in deep sea subs, caves, basements, or space... So they would have lived on. 2 after the "only survivors" reached the earth instead of go to the cities where all the books, preserved food, tech, gas, and medicine are at they... lived in some island devoid of people and start inbreeding... Another thing after inbreeding for... 3700 years their genetics would have been so wonky that by the time senku found the village they would have already died off hundreds of years before hand. I love the science and chemistry aspects of this anime but some of its logic is flawed and so are it's views on deep time and human genetics. Also now that I think about it, if it was an AI then it could have simply up loaded the peoples minds into a central computer and had the people live their lives in the digital space like nothing had happened, their flesh and blood bodies would have just withered away the people non the wiser.

  83. Ya Boi Diglett

    Ya Boi DiglettHour ago

    Light can't kill goku, he isn't human

  84. Fellisa Wolfy Gaming__125

    Fellisa Wolfy Gaming__1252 hours ago

    It's America, It's us. I'm Indonesian.

  85. flamegamer808 boi

    flamegamer808 boi2 hours ago

    GAYM3 T+30RY

  86. Chris Saurdal

    Chris Saurdal2 hours ago

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  87. Jason D'Ambrosio

    Jason D'Ambrosio2 hours ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that schaffrillas is still delaying the shrek 4 video

  88. Garret Williams

    Garret Williams2 hours ago

    B4 this video: a parisitic creature that kills theifs After this video: a parisitic alien that murders villians D A R K

  89. lildecoy

    lildecoy2 hours ago

    NASA was also founded in 58'

  90. Jack Cumbers

    Jack Cumbers2 hours ago

    The calendar has my birthday on it.

  91. FPGNinja157

    FPGNinja1572 hours ago

    29 more years to go until that Gucci singularity happens 👌

  92. GlitchBox Animations _Prophet_

    GlitchBox Animations _Prophet_2 hours ago

    Hows that throat Matpat?

  93. Abby Kersh

    Abby Kersh2 hours ago

    maaaaaaaaan i would've much preferred this ending

  94. devon thomas

    devon thomas2 hours ago

    matpat; thank you for covering this! i love you man! this series rocks!

  95. Imogen Davidson

    Imogen Davidson2 hours ago

    Scariest thing about this theory: *If Donkey is just a boy that got turned into a donkey-* *Then why the f did he have sex with a dragon.*

  96. Jame Andy

    Jame Andy2 hours ago

    I have examine this earlier than and the donkeys from pinocheo by no means got here to mind, my first thinking was once the biblical donkey that was once allowed to discuss to inform its proprietor to give up beating it.


    ISAAC TUTTLE2 hours ago

    Snoke is a clone of Darth Pleuguis... And Snoke cloned Palpetene

  98. someone something

    someone something2 hours ago

    yeah it was kinda obvious

  99. esmeralda dominguez

    esmeralda dominguez2 hours ago

    Wait, what song at 0:44 ?

  100. Aidanamite

    Aidanamite2 hours ago

    I have ponder this before and the donkeys from pinocheo never came to mind, my first thought was the biblical donkey that was allowed to talk to tell its owner to stop beating it.