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We Have Witnessed History
We Were All Lied To.....
  1. Marcos Acosta

    Marcos Acosta9 minutes ago

    Nobody: Jimmy: *“Pause 👁👄👁”*

  2. Jack Bowen

    Jack Bowen29 minutes ago

    Looks down at watch “in about four months”🤣

  3. Andydude

    Andydude43 minutes ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate this guy at 1:35

  4. caoboi

    caoboi48 minutes ago

    Dwyane wade is the best

  5. kentin costille

    kentin costille48 minutes ago

    Cassius Stanley

  6. Tyroxinas -

    Tyroxinas -Hour ago


  7. Mysza Q

    Mysza QHour ago

    Nike: We have best players in NBA Under Armour: U sure?

  8. DumbfoundedDumbo

    DumbfoundedDumboHour ago

    So what ab black mamba

  9. FtG Sug4rD4ddi

    FtG Sug4rD4ddiHour ago

    Top 3 to me is ( not rated by number I put for them ) 1 bronny 2 shareff 3 Zaire

  10. Jeffrey Zorilla

    Jeffrey ZorillaHour ago

    5 pt. Game

  11. kcazzzzz

    kcazzzzz2 hours ago

    how is this evenly matched? kobe got outplayed by a 39 year old jordan. jordan never got outplayed by a young kobe

  12. Riddick Balatbat

    Riddick Balatbat2 hours ago

    Abueva stronger ❤

  13. Joy Peterson

    Joy Peterson2 hours ago

    10 crackheads!! I’m done

  14. Palmer Swei

    Palmer Swei3 hours ago

    They sold themselfs to the company so company rules must apply.

  15. Akihiko Chimon

    Akihiko Chimon3 hours ago

    Milwaukee In 7 2021 NBA Finals

  16. chris steezyyy

    chris steezyyy3 hours ago

    “all the sudden she’s a b-ball guru” doesn’t even know what team mj played for 🤦‍♂️

  17. Lilmane 2000

    Lilmane 20003 hours ago

    u forgot about ron artest elbowed james harden when harden was on okc

  18. XD bigchungus1738

    XD bigchungus17384 hours ago

    Jxmy: puts kd on pyramid Yao ming: am i a joke to you

  19. nba 2k19 mobile gamer

    nba 2k19 mobile gamer4 hours ago

    Michael Scottie and rodman was more better than them

  20. Soul Eater

    Soul Eater4 hours ago

    brittney griner sounds like a full grown man bruh

  21. DOS YETE

    DOS YETE4 hours ago

    abueva bobo

  22. Sean Carlos Carunungan

    Sean Carlos Carunungan5 hours ago

    Calvin Abueva 😁😁😂

  23. the pro hi

    the pro hi5 hours ago

    YOUR SAYING THE 2ED NAME WORNG (I would know bc Im greek an djust that and bcmy uncle is his name xD)

  24. Mike M

    Mike M5 hours ago


  25. Antonio Kim

    Antonio Kim5 hours ago

    Check her Adam’s apple sounding like that

  26. Antonio Kim

    Antonio Kim5 hours ago

    Dwight was behind him. It wasn’t right over him like Vince Carter on that Chinese player. Now that’s a dunking on someone

  27. Najed C. Macarimbang

    Najed C. Macarimbang5 hours ago

  28. Kobe's World!

    Kobe's World!6 hours ago

    Why is Steph Curry on top of Dirk?

  29. Hazy

    Hazy6 hours ago

    9:13 what the fuck she sounds like a whole guy💀💀💀

  30. Jake Light

    Jake Light6 hours ago

    kevin griffin jr does play b ball

  31. Guito Dae

    Guito Dae6 hours ago

    The nets aren’t the bobcats

  32. Grandizer 45

    Grandizer 457 hours ago

    That bitch got some balls...literally

  33. WillDaBeast

    WillDaBeast7 hours ago

    bruh donovan mitchell got that max 40.5 too

  34. South Bound

    South Bound7 hours ago

    Jeremy Linn is an average basketball player

  35. Stay Positive

    Stay Positive7 hours ago

    Is this with endorsements or no

  36. NotBleach

    NotBleach8 hours ago

    What was the song at the beginning of the video

  37. joel siologa

    joel siologa8 hours ago

    Get rid of 3 secs in the key

  38. Teeep

    Teeep8 hours ago

    Is that woman on like testosterone? Or tranny

  39. miguel bean

    miguel bean8 hours ago

    They dont get paid every two weeks

  40. Lyte H20

    Lyte H208 hours ago

    Now kawhi has that leadership skill

  41. Noel Vijayakumar

    Noel Vijayakumar8 hours ago

    RiP trap sax music

  42. South Bound

    South Bound8 hours ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a Satanic pedophile.

  43. MTG. 600

    MTG. 6008 hours ago

    What’s the second best he used? Anyone know

  44. Mr.E

    Mr.E8 hours ago

    Guessed the password?

  45. Evan Colbert

    Evan Colbert9 hours ago

    Thunder took the biggest L EVERRRRRRRRRR

  46. Julius James

    Julius James9 hours ago

    Damn he was a grimey a** ni**a smfh...

  47. Willis Willis

    Willis Willis9 hours ago

    U kinda ruined the video by talking

  48. Álainn Danae Gaddis

    Álainn Danae Gaddis9 hours ago

    4:24 bruh 💀

  49. Shifttube

    Shifttube9 hours ago


  50. PUBGhunt wyb

    PUBGhunt wyb10 hours ago

    He good but I think curry have that bruh

  51. Marty Lovingood

    Marty Lovingood10 hours ago

    Enes Kanter said Zion is overhyped yet zions overall is better than his in 2k 😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  52. Blaz3 _

    Blaz3 _10 hours ago

    brittney be sounding like a guy dawg

  53. Gary Stimely

    Gary Stimely10 hours ago


  54. Fanaya Tsegaselassia

    Fanaya Tsegaselassia10 hours ago

    Anybody here after they give draymond green a max contract (5 years) ??

  55. WELambert01

    WELambert0110 hours ago

    Let me see? Play in the NBA get big fat contract. Play in college: one injury done. 4 years of college, excuse me 2 years of college would benefit Kobe, Andrew or Dwight, how? Don't give me that maturity BS, the record speaks for itself.

  56. Mike Jay

    Mike Jay10 hours ago

    Females dont compare to men no matter how good the girl is hahaha

  57. Mike Jay

    Mike Jay10 hours ago

    Sucker dancing after a sucker hit...

  58. Mike Jay

    Mike Jay10 hours ago

    Kanter is a BIG OL BITCH

  59. Roderick Peterson III

    Roderick Peterson III11 hours ago

    5:23 He football tackled that nigga!

  60. Jeremy Fryson

    Jeremy Fryson11 hours ago

    Shomario Richards. Nogales 1995. Check him out.

  61. Cj

    Cj11 hours ago

    100% loyal equal to you in that form and non dangerous

  62. Cj

    Cj11 hours ago

    All you had to do was make the clone

  63. Thiago Meindl

    Thiago Meindl11 hours ago

    And Shannon Brown ?

  64. Ali Abdul Rehman

    Ali Abdul Rehman11 hours ago

    Ah man regretting watching this as a LeBron fan you are making valid points and making sense. It does matter it’s a sport of skill man. We enjoy watching them because they are extraordinary human beings they have mastered this skill and when you add PED it changes everything. PED has ruined all sports

  65. Ethan Exner

    Ethan Exner11 hours ago

    That’s what ya get for going to ttun

  66. Ali Abdul Rehman

    Ali Abdul Rehman11 hours ago

    Wait what no one wants too do that. Even if they did wouldn't Lebron Sr shut that shit down

  67. MTG. 600

    MTG. 60011 hours ago

    This was personal for Jxmy 😂😂

  68. Prince Thomas

    Prince Thomas11 hours ago

    Lol never trust a Nigeria

  69. MTG. 600

    MTG. 60012 hours ago

    Cowherd is Literally the definition of a hater 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  70. Ethan Exner

    Ethan Exner12 hours ago

    “Big hit” and “index finger” don’t go together

  71. Ahmad Murshid

    Ahmad Murshid12 hours ago

    9:01 puberty smacked the femaleness outta her wtf that’s kawhi in a movie


    I'M JUST SAYING12 hours ago

    Very good analysis.

  73. Sandra Young

    Sandra Young12 hours ago

    I remember the dedication Kemble did for Gathers

  74. MTG. 600

    MTG. 60012 hours ago

    Lol the coach watched an NBA game once by accident and said he knows basketball so they made him coach

  75. Itlog Tv

    Itlog Tv12 hours ago

    Abueva is a beast so yeah 😂😂

  76. noche te ipsum

    noche te ipsum12 hours ago

    I think Jet was an under-rated player. He was absolutely instrumental in that Dallas run. I'd like to see you do a thing on Terry....maybe compare him to the original JET? (Kenny)

  77. Penel Ghartey

    Penel Ghartey12 hours ago

    When micheal Jordan looked in the mirror he sees nothing because theirs only one Jordan


    SLIM JONES12 hours ago

    They catch him but can’t find murders and shit smh

  79. noche te ipsum

    noche te ipsum12 hours ago

    Hopefully "load management" will become a thing. It arguably worked last year. Rest is as valuable as exercise.

  80. Kenneth Allen

    Kenneth Allen12 hours ago

    Look at the career averages tho and not 11 games. Mike Washington yrs really the man was 40 🤦‍♂️

  81. J P

    J P12 hours ago

    dude why do you talk so much?kukoc nailed it, so where is the problem


    I'M JUST SAYING12 hours ago

    "with the strength of 10 crackheads." That almost made me 💩 myself.😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Tariq Aslam

    Tariq Aslam13 hours ago

    That chics voice is so fuckd up, calling him out, and little man. Wtf.

  84. Max Hudson

    Max Hudson13 hours ago


  85. Kid Fury

    Kid Fury13 hours ago

    After antetoloumpo

  86. tim hood

    tim hood13 hours ago

    Track and field is one of the dirtiest sports out there. Any PED stories to share?

  87. Max Hudson

    Max Hudson13 hours ago

    Play props on your videos man they're really f****** good. I don't even watch sports

  88. Max Hudson

    Max Hudson13 hours ago

    Anyone remember the shack Foo Arizona tea?

  89. Jansson

    Jansson14 hours ago

    Bullshit clickbait asshole

  90. pointsur1

    pointsur114 hours ago

    Yo, you all need to stop comparing all these young cats to Hank. If SHAQ couldn't stop him, nobody would. Back in the 80's, we lost THREE great players that never got to the NBA: Hank Gathers, Len Bias, and Ben Wilson.

  91. F00LSG0LD215

    F00LSG0LD21514 hours ago

    Shaq is NOT 7'1

  92. Jarexx Suvexx

    Jarexx Suvexx14 hours ago

    Lol, who cares. People are so filled up with some much racially motivated hate against rich minority individuals that they are totally blind to realize how transparent they are.

  93. TheBsheep

    TheBsheep14 hours ago

    Portland doesn't always miss though. They found 2 great players in Dame Lillard and CJ MaCullum. Those guys were virtually unknown coming out of college. Can't forget about Braandon Roy...he was kind of unknown coming out of college too.

  94. Wedge Antilles

    Wedge Antilles15 hours ago

    Jordan was on his bullshit *LOL*

  95. Al Quappo

    Al Quappo15 hours ago

    Jesus I’m speechless...

  96. kennapop3

    kennapop316 hours ago

    An inspiration.

  97. Marilen Almazan

    Marilen Almazan16 hours ago

    I got 51 vertical leap

  98. Kareem Amara

    Kareem Amara16 hours ago

    How is 6'3 small

  99. David Herndon

    David Herndon16 hours ago

    "Rank" doesn't mean crap. Whole video takes huge steps back for thinking that matters, at all.

  100. CELESTY channel

    CELESTY channel16 hours ago

    Im from philippines and calvin abueva is one of the reason why pba is now dead because of cancer players