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Heath Hussar

Welcome to my channel!! I film my life with my girlfriend Mariah and my best friends AKA the Vlog Squad.

  1. Jordan Weddle

    Jordan Weddle11 minutes ago

    heath trying to rope is triggering me😂😂

  2. Selena Howard

    Selena Howard20 minutes ago

    6:05 R.I.P. headphone users 😂💯 I so badly wanna meet David tbh. It’s a life goal! 🥺❤️

  3. Catherine Vidrine

    Catherine Vidrine38 minutes ago

    Why did president Trump make an appearance at 0:41 💀

  4. Mr.Dave Blank

    Mr.Dave Blank39 minutes ago

    Oh wow this is an actual video and not an ad.. well done.

  5. Sadie Alexis

    Sadie AlexisHour ago

    You know you’re in a healthy relationship when you look back at old videos and see how much you’ve both grown. So sweet🥰

  6. Suz E

    Suz EHour ago

    Wth Matt is starting to talk like heath and zane 😂

  7. Rae Arizona

    Rae ArizonaHour ago

    Jeff is so over his mugshot that he didn't acknowledge the awesome pun! 😣

  8. redpaperscorpion

    redpaperscorpionHour ago

    i had to go back and see why david was so shook when heath said “i have crazy news” or whatever and HE WAS LOOKING BETWEEN HEATH AND MARIAH LIKE “ARE YALL EXPECTING OR ARE YALL ENGAGED” AND IM LITERALLY SO HERE FOR THESE FRIENDSHIPS YES YES AND YES

  9. Leekha Shaolin

    Leekha ShaolinHour ago

    I loveee Davids vlogs for the excitement, but I love Heaths vlogs for like casual comedy (if that makes sense 😂). I literally do my makeup to Heaths videos, cook, clean, sleep 😂💛 so proud of you Heath!

  10. Aizely Perez

    Aizely PerezHour ago


  11. brooklinn smith

    brooklinn smithHour ago

    Y'all should sell those and donate the money to charity for the holidays!

  12. Ashley Miller

    Ashley Miller2 hours ago

    When David put it on the wall and it fell I expected him to yell for Natalie 🤣

  13. carmanov

    carmanov2 hours ago

    who the fuck sleeps on a fucking birthday party that is in a boat ?

  14. redpaperscorpion

    redpaperscorpion2 hours ago

    more lovely heath and jeff content please also jeff is genuinely such a NICE GUY like i’m dead. he’s so comfortable with everyone and polite and his little rants are so funny my god what a wonderful and perfect addition to the vlog squad

  15. sasha yekani

    sasha yekani2 hours ago

    Sell this as merch.

  16. Lianna

    Lianna2 hours ago

    how did no one make a pun out of jeff's mugshot mug

  17. Kameran Spahn

    Kameran Spahn3 hours ago

    Why did he have to pay for it again if he already owned it before it was stolen?

  18. Nuie Briane

    Nuie Briane3 hours ago

    this is sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and funnnyyyyy

  19. Vidhu Raturi

    Vidhu Raturi3 hours ago

    the framerate of this video ...

  20. Singing Cindy

    Singing Cindy3 hours ago

    1:11 Matt hanging out to much with Carly and Erin. OMG Cute. 😂

  21. Bob Aus Metalheim

    Bob Aus Metalheim3 hours ago

    That thumbnail looks like a werd orgy....

  22. Tessanatar

    Tessanatar3 hours ago

    I really enjoyed the editing in this video. Mariah continues to impress me!!

  23. K R

    K R3 hours ago

    So cute. A feel good video.

  24. Ev Ramos

    Ev Ramos4 hours ago


  25. Ev Ramos

    Ev Ramos4 hours ago

    How was Zane and the podcast deletedddddd I need helpppp I love your podcastttt

  26. Linda Herrera

    Linda Herrera4 hours ago

    He should have gotten him a shot glass... mugshot shot

  27. Asia Kolish

    Asia Kolish4 hours ago

    mariah's energy is just so.... *chefs kiss*

  28. Wyatt Pangburn

    Wyatt Pangburn4 hours ago

    Jonah better be in that calendar😤

  29. Jessie Contrerasss

    Jessie Contrerasss4 hours ago

    This dude really loves hes truck

  30. Tiger-Lily Sky

    Tiger-Lily Sky6 hours ago

    “That’s the last time I’ll ever pan to you”

  31. Rob Smith21

    Rob Smith216 hours ago

    Anyone know why he blurrs logos

  32. MASTER tevez

    MASTER tevez6 hours ago

    i have rewatched this video for over 54 times now BIG REEEEED EVEN IF I WRITE THIS COMMENT LATE BUT STILL WORTH TO WRITE IT love your channel man i was here frome the start frome the vine begining watched all your vines 2 and zane's ( favourit youruber )

  33. SmokeWeedEvaryDay

    SmokeWeedEvaryDay7 hours ago

    you can go by heath bars... cause the rhymes are sweet and your name is heath ...... and you got bars

  34. Hannah Crighton

    Hannah Crighton9 hours ago

    David umm chepolete (i am Australian dont blame me )

  35. shin chin

    shin chin9 hours ago

    Heath has lost to much weight, he dosent even look the same anymore and his attitude has changed, lol that girl has ruined heath

  36. Lee Smith

    Lee Smith9 hours ago

    is the blurring so those brands don't get a free ad? Really all about the money hey.

  37. Zeineb Diallo

    Zeineb Diallo9 hours ago

    That's so sweet of Heath to do that for his friends Also David looks sooo cute

  38. Nukem

    Nukem9 hours ago

    Very good today!! I would say better than Yellawolf

  39. Szabolcs Fekete

    Szabolcs Fekete10 hours ago

    Someone stolen your car and not reported to the police, than you found it and buy it again.. what an idiot...

  40. Karime Lissette

    Karime Lissette10 hours ago



    TREJAN CRIGER11 hours ago

    Jeff’s Paul Walker that’s why he didn’t want to drive over there

  42. Carl Matias

    Carl Matias11 hours ago

    i love the vlog squad calendar

  43. anika iyer

    anika iyer12 hours ago

    Why is this like ten minutes of Scott showing off

  44. Riley McKinney

    Riley McKinney12 hours ago

    When is the finish of the story in the podcast

  45. Bits N Bridles

    Bits N Bridles12 hours ago

    Finally someone else that can’t touch their toes I’m literally 15 5’2” and pretty thin but I have 0 flexibility I’ve never been able to touch my toes even when I was in dance and gymnastics.

  46. vlog squad edits

    vlog squad edits12 hours ago

    I need one of those calenders

  47. *tooshy tashy*

    *tooshy tashy*12 hours ago

    Why did it say "David Dobre"?

  48. Stephanie Gonzalez

    Stephanie Gonzalez13 hours ago

    where is Liza in the calendar?


    _ MAKEOUTHILL13 hours ago

    Im surprised They didn't have to pay to drive those cars 😂

  50. Kelly Brueger

    Kelly Brueger13 hours ago

    Dying to know who the 13 ppl are haha

  51. Anneliese Guerrero

    Anneliese Guerrero13 hours ago

    jeff speaks in a tone of voice as though he’s reciting a very deep and meaningful poem

  52. Enryce_ 21

    Enryce_ 2114 hours ago

    when you hear the flip flops that shit kills me lmaooooo

  53. Arandeny Moreno

    Arandeny Moreno14 hours ago

    Such a cute calendar but what about my girl Natalie 🥺

  54. Samantha Garcia

    Samantha Garcia14 hours ago

    I want a calendar!!!!!

  55. Amanda Brownson

    Amanda Brownson14 hours ago

    Are blurring the logos really necessary?

  56. Taylor Eames

    Taylor Eames14 hours ago

    Poor Joe sitting there just wishing he was included in the vlog squad. 🙁

  57. Psychonaut Uriel 00

    Psychonaut Uriel 0014 hours ago

    How do I get a shoutout lol

  58. Chris

    Chris14 hours ago

    *_His next video is all muted because he decided to play copyright music everytime he filmed_*

  59. Chris

    Chris14 hours ago

    5:39 who's david dobre?

  60. Lacey Satterfield

    Lacey Satterfield15 hours ago

    Omg cute - Erin everyday every Second

  61. Bluxio

    Bluxio15 hours ago

    5:53 Zane: “Warrr words”

  62. karla avila

    karla avila15 hours ago

    Omg so proud of you for taking this step

  63. Jay Anzaldua

    Jay Anzaldua15 hours ago

    Jeff’s mug with his mugshot 😂

  64. Zozo

    Zozo15 hours ago

    Wya Hong this video now it’s crazy how much weight Heath loss (not that he’s really big here) but he face is so much thinner now

  65. Zozo

    Zozo15 hours ago

    Why wasn’t Mariah in the calendar:(

  66. Alex Hughes

    Alex Hughes16 hours ago

    This was awesome. Love the thought that went into it.

  67. Hayley Slotboom

    Hayley Slotboom16 hours ago

    if y'all don't stop using plastic water bottles....we gonna have a word

  68. Karianne Washington

    Karianne Washington16 hours ago

    Make the vlog squad calendar for sale!

  69. Randy Meister

    Randy Meister16 hours ago

    They rly missed the opportunity to call it a MUG SHOT

  70. Alexis Mount

    Alexis Mount16 hours ago

    The way he calls her bubba 🥺🥺🥺

  71. Ray Henry

    Ray Henry16 hours ago

    I followed this story back when Matt and Zane talked about it, but I thought it was over. But honestly, I’m so glad that you found it

  72. Remington Lee

    Remington Lee17 hours ago

    Camping with friends is so much fun!! The squad actually goes camping would get so many views.

  73. carishannon76

    carishannon7617 hours ago

    baby you got so many ads on this vid congrats

  74. Elissa Love

    Elissa Love17 hours ago

    I love how heath said " frozen water" and I was like " :) " and didn't realize he didn't call it ice....

  75. carishannon76

    carishannon7617 hours ago

    I love the edits in this video amazing job!!!!

  76. Antha _14

    Antha _1417 hours ago

    The frozen water thing with jeff I had to pause the video and laugh for 5 mins.

  77. Virza Farabi

    Virza Farabi17 hours ago

    I love this couple. God maria is so cool girl ever

  78. Tasha K

    Tasha K17 hours ago

    Freddi Fish 😩😩😩😩

  79. Superior Chaplain

    Superior Chaplain18 hours ago

    Little did he know, one day he'll own a lambo...

  80. Casey Matthews

    Casey Matthews18 hours ago

    5:53 Zane: "Wharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrthe words?"

  81. Christina Saenz

    Christina Saenz18 hours ago

    Ummm... can I get a vlog squad calendar!!

  82. Lupe Serrano

    Lupe Serrano18 hours ago

    Ok but like what did David think was gonna happen at 9:15 without tape 😂

  83. Egidijus Baltrusaitis

    Egidijus Baltrusaitis18 hours ago

    You are most funny and sincere person i watch on USwork 👍🥰🎉😁

  84. josie berry

    josie berry18 hours ago

    "Woah look at that buff daddy"

  85. Miss Ebs

    Miss Ebs18 hours ago

    The calendar is needed in my life!

  86. Niamh Johnston

    Niamh Johnston18 hours ago

    David: No, it’s really cool. I love it. I love seeing everybody here, it’s sick. me: 🥺🥰🥺

  87. Sose andrews

    Sose andrews18 hours ago

    Did Heath just say David Dobre? 🤭

  88. Molly Blancaflor

    Molly Blancaflor18 hours ago

    I feel like there was a perfect opportunity for a sick before and after shot right there at the end. Mariah! Didn't you watch Trading Places?

  89. 48lilly

    48lilly18 hours ago


  90. Brandi Pritchett

    Brandi Pritchett19 hours ago

    Totally should make that available for us all.

  91. sophiab123

    sophiab12319 hours ago

    this was actually really cute video omg

  92. Katherine Owen

    Katherine Owen19 hours ago

    Someone tell Scott he’s doing great

  93. Calista Perez

    Calista Perez19 hours ago

    if u reacted to the tik tok i made of u i’d die

  94. • cracker •

    • cracker •19 hours ago

    An adult *size 2 in kids* Me:*a 13 year old,size 8-9 in womens*...

  95. Brittney Self

    Brittney Self19 hours ago

    I've never seen someone so excited about another person's car.

  96. Joshua Castillo

    Joshua Castillo19 hours ago

    Has sun visors. Continues to use hand to block the sun

  97. Furrbal

    Furrbal19 hours ago

    3:48 Matt is a literal Barbie doll 😂❤️

  98. Haley

    Haley19 hours ago

    David’s little “Thank you Heath” was adorable

  99. Laura L

    Laura L19 hours ago

    this was such a good way to make a sponsored video!

  100. Mykala Bilodeau

    Mykala Bilodeau19 hours ago

    love this