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  1. jessica wood

    jessica wood4 minutes ago

    She says dude too much

  2. Mohsin Hussain

    Mohsin Hussain6 minutes ago

    Have Logan a rematch oh your scared to have a rematch if you don't want to have a rematch with Logan anyways if Logan now's that he is not aloud to then he sold won and they gave him 2 points off he didn't have a warning and if he had 1 point off it would be a draw again and the first fight you had with Logan Paul he actually won he didn't lose you lost not him then have a fight with jake Paul he will batter the shot out of you that's why wouldn't have rematch

  3. Tiggy Kirton

    Tiggy Kirton8 minutes ago

    I bet he's happy for her

  4. Debbie Schepers

    Debbie Schepers11 minutes ago

    If anyone thinks he was gonna let her live a life w someone else. No way!! Only reason I'm alive is because he had a heart attack n passed . I so know this Now.

  5. R.a .z.i.q

    R.a .z.i.q23 minutes ago

    Jake: i dont feel like i threw shade at deji

  6. RT Type Beats

    RT Type Beats28 minutes ago

    Deji vs Jake Paul was better than KSI vs Logan Paul. Change my mind

  7. Max

    Max32 minutes ago

    I just want to see someone humble tf outta Jake. He’s been talking reckless every since he beat some gamer dude and it’s really gotten to his head.

  8. Lucas Callaway

    Lucas Callaway35 minutes ago

    He a Lyin ass cornball mannnnnnnnnn

  9. Baboolall Bob

    Baboolall Bob40 minutes ago

    Watch out seven figure gibber is coming towards jakey

  10. manny 2nd amendment

    manny 2nd amendment40 minutes ago

    Ban police.

  11. Claudia Podger

    Claudia Podger42 minutes ago

    All of those traits that she likes in guys, Avan has. When she said she likes weird people, I immediately thought of Avan because she calls Avan weird and she loves him for it ;D

  12. Haydn Lee

    Haydn Lee59 minutes ago

    Fuck jake paul he is a nonce

  13. Lawrence Munroe

    Lawrence MunroeHour ago

    They really thought nothing of it ,I mean being rich and famous and jumping in front of the common applicant is a given .Looking at the sentences already handed down gives a pretty clear indication that we're not talking a lengthy stay in prison .They will also have protection that the ordinary person would not get ,no prison needs bad publicity .

  14. Loopzy GD

    Loopzy GDHour ago

    Jake is gonna pussey Shannon

  15. Hritika Patil

    Hritika PatilHour ago

    A little too much♡♥

  16. nepyk

    nepykHour ago

    Talk with your byrka nx

  17. Alice Snow

    Alice SnowHour ago

    Is it just me or is this girls voice so fucking annoying

  18. may june

    may juneHour ago

    This still photo or khloe looks just like her baby True😃😊😙

  19. KingB

    KingBHour ago

    He didn’t sell them he gave them away

  20. CRME77I

    CRME77IHour ago

    Yeaa the amount of likes on this comment is how many people want to see deji get back in the ring.

  21. Starboy Anas

    Starboy Anas2 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me Name of background music!

  22. Teasha Stewart

    Teasha Stewart2 hours ago

    Older brother D Smoke is handsome. 😘

  23. Le-Anne Pike

    Le-Anne Pike2 hours ago

    Justin has no morals or values, certainly doesn't know how to respect women. So sad, fame eventually passes and then what. Karma

  24. DREA*AZ 520

    DREA*AZ 5202 hours ago

    Coty??.. I guess we'll be seeing Kylie's products in Walmart..

  25. rory Carroll

    rory Carroll2 hours ago

    Jake is so fake

  26. igna zet

    igna zet2 hours ago

    Only down like that I was actually listening it 5 min ago

  27. Jaime F

    Jaime F2 hours ago


  28. Nuxwors

    Nuxwors2 hours ago

    I bet that the show host slept with Logan

  29. Lil Stormy

    Lil Stormy2 hours ago

    Why does the guy look like an old hollowpoint?😂

  30. BigDaddyMacc

    BigDaddyMacc2 hours ago

    he wasent even kocked down on the first hit... the 3 illegal hits rocked him

  31. Boss Raindrop

    Boss Raindrop2 hours ago

    50 dollars??? Wtf lol

  32. D Dre

    D Dre2 hours ago

    Method man and ODB use to kiss on the cheek. Me personally I would never kiss another man but baby joe like YB brother so as long as it's on the cheek it's cool. I hate how they said *a man* like YB just kissed some random dude.

  33. Nivedh syam U

    Nivedh syam U2 hours ago

    I am confused after this video So I came to the conclusion that jake paul is fake

  34. elon dust

    elon dust3 hours ago

    "What advise would you give to logan paul?" Fousey: well there's this thing called blocking which I don't recommend he should do

  35. Mark El

    Mark El3 hours ago

    Fuck Jake Paul

  36. Muketsu The Great Sage of The East

    Muketsu The Great Sage of The East3 hours ago

    How you get shot in the neck in country hills lol tf

  37. Haru

    Haru3 hours ago

    Imagine someone speaking about real human fears, so you act confused because not being completely fake and unrelateable is apparently so pathetic, that you need to be belittled so others can feel better about how sad they really are.

  38. Terrence Cheek

    Terrence Cheek3 hours ago

    I think Deji should burn those gloves, lol’s! 🤣

  39. D A

    D A3 hours ago

    The world needs more men like this. Praise be .

  40. Dxd Dxd

    Dxd Dxd3 hours ago

    1:28 wtf is this face lol

  41. Cap Talk

    Cap Talk3 hours ago

    Why would you cheat on one of the kardashion like you will have everything you need

  42. Bdz_ Sweaty

    Bdz_ Sweaty3 hours ago

    James Charles ruined the vid🤮

  43. Mr LOC

    Mr LOC3 hours ago

    Stop it, stop it, gets some help

  44. steven webber

    steven webber3 hours ago

    Ewwww bro like soooo fuckkking ccccrrrrinnnggeee

  45. Edward Lopez

    Edward Lopez3 hours ago

    She ugly and got dumped by some nigga named Travis

  46. steven webber

    steven webber3 hours ago

    Who else is tired of this bias channel

  47. Bitto One

    Bitto One3 hours ago

    This bitch needa take a damn shower Looking grimmy af talking ish about other people GTFOOOO

  48. Phyllis Harten

    Phyllis Harten3 hours ago

    Justin is in love with u he never loved Hailey listen Selena you will always be the one love of his life he is your first love

  49. radial径向

    radial径向4 hours ago

    these guys have no life

  50. locastromaia

    locastromaia4 hours ago

    Khloe wants to rehabilitate her brand after the jordyn fiasco. It probably hit her business hard. Girl, still not buying your stuff, though...

  51. Farije Hajre

    Farije Hajre4 hours ago

    The Billie one I mean WHAT that can happen to everyone it wasn’t that big deal she didn’t go to the hospital for that 🙄

  52. Pearcey111

    Pearcey1114 hours ago

    Jake calling Deji broke lol Deji has millions he doesn't spend his money on crap just saves most of it

  53. Ana Banana

    Ana Banana4 hours ago

    what the hell is EVERYBODY doing. at least divorce your "wife" before you cheat. only makes sense but it doesn't make sense to me. ain't like Jake paul is broke and needs the cash so why is he doing this. these youtubers are getting out of hand and out of mind.

  54. Marcus & Martinus X Billie Eilish

    Marcus & Martinus X Billie Eilish4 hours ago

    and thats normal why are you so think about that? this is just normal thing i really do that too but no one will talk about that. and i understand shes fameous but still hunan as we

  55. Jbz_ct

    Jbz_ct4 hours ago

    I don’t blame jake for once. Jake was actually taking thoes punches good. Ryan Garcia is strong af

  56. Alberto Carrera

    Alberto Carrera4 hours ago

    Every day bro got so many dislike 😂

  57. Colleen Frankle

    Colleen Frankle5 hours ago

    When all you people are driving your crappy cars look at kylie driving her million dollar sports car you go girl

  58. Jatin Sharma

    Jatin Sharma5 hours ago

    Love from India kimbo

  59. blacsheep19

    blacsheep195 hours ago

    Why she shaped like a piece of toast?

  60. Colleen Frankle

    Colleen Frankle5 hours ago

    People with money rule the world other people are nothing

  61. Colleen Frankle

    Colleen Frankle5 hours ago

    Poor homeless nobody's I should be dead than be you wear your rags losers

  62. Colleen Frankle

    Colleen Frankle5 hours ago

    Asv sucks his ass

  63. Atelier

    Atelier5 hours ago

    Nile Horn enjoys rubbing Conor Mcgregor's little horn. McGregor was bloody on the matte and his girlfriend Nile Horn who no one's ever heard of deserves to get into a horrible car crash. Little punk🍉🍆.

  64. Green Neon

    Green Neon5 hours ago


  65. CaYlYa

    CaYlYa5 hours ago

    Jake is fake crying

  66. abigail tongov

    abigail tongov5 hours ago

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  67. XxXfuxkThatHxeXxX 666 -Original_Razik

    XxXfuxkThatHxeXxX 666 -Original_Razik5 hours ago

    If lil xan is gonna have a kid His Kid:*_-watcha u saying dad-_*

  68. Salih Özdemir

    Salih Özdemir5 hours ago

    I guess it's still a victory for "Black America".

  69. Kathy Kinder

    Kathy Kinder6 hours ago

    Everyday Bro is Better Iconic

  70. Milena Sabine Dauwe

    Milena Sabine Dauwe6 hours ago

    What if we cared about climate change as much as we cared about news like this ?

  71. ThePizzasHaveRisen

    ThePizzasHaveRisen6 hours ago

    0:55 she thinks he is looking at her T I D D Y S

  72. lol today

    lol today6 hours ago

    I wonder how much the knife sold for since the gun that killed Trayvon Martin sold for 100k.

  73. Eshkas Persona

    Eshkas Persona6 hours ago

    These videos honestly laag

  74. *kane* *brO*

    *kane* *brO*6 hours ago


  75. gArLic brEd

    gArLic brEd6 hours ago

    Billie Is literally copying Jolyne Kujo hairstyle lmao

  76. Ira H

    Ira H6 hours ago

    Logan is a bitch he lost and now he is trying to get a appeal

  77. Big Yasar

    Big Yasar6 hours ago

    Don’t chat Breeze when you Sneeze 🤧

  78. Rais PLAYZ

    Rais PLAYZ6 hours ago

    Ryan Garcia did what we all wanna do




  80. sub 2 freshi

    sub 2 freshi7 hours ago

    Oh my god Jake stop hunting for subscribers GOD

  81. Bethany F. Knowles

    Bethany F. Knowles7 hours ago

    ‘I stopped caring mid-sentence’ might be my favourite thing that has ever been said on this channel

  82. Sophie Weston

    Sophie Weston7 hours ago

    This guy is a dick head paul needs to do one

  83. Just AViewer

    Just AViewer7 hours ago

    Well, even if he did it, why do people demonize him? If he did it, it's because she was cheating on him. I'd kill that cheating bitch and that smalldick too if I were him.

  84. Shibutaroしぶ太郎

    Shibutaroしぶ太郎7 hours ago


  85. Will Loll

    Will Loll8 hours ago

    Like if drake is smashing

  86. Dr King Schultz

    Dr King Schultz8 hours ago

    This woman is far too old to be talking about these USworkrs...

  87. Meghan Cochran

    Meghan Cochran8 hours ago

    I love the pink candy bucket in the back even tho Halloween is over! LOL

  88. angel kani

    angel kani8 hours ago

    bruh lil tay get a life....wait do you even have one i mean what life???

  89. denibi world

    denibi world8 hours ago

    Demilovato pregnent news uswork.info/videos/djRF--FjDps-video.html

  90. Joshua Monteri

    Joshua Monteri8 hours ago


  91. Oxelord

    Oxelord8 hours ago

    Jake is such a bellend

  92. Luke Atchley

    Luke Atchley8 hours ago

    Ok but if this was a random person would we react like this. No.

  93. Angys Landamo

    Angys Landamo9 hours ago

    Fuck You Jake Paul My Man Bust Your Mouth And You Shade On Him Fuck You And Team 10 #TeamKSI And #TeamDeji #Tank

  94. Unknownzy

    Unknownzy9 hours ago

    Deji an JJs mom vs Logan’s mum

  95. Matt Lammers

    Matt Lammers9 hours ago

    I like that beat


    CHASE HERRIDGE9 hours ago

    Fuck cardi fuck migos they stabbed x fuck y’all niggas

  97. Ms Smith

    Ms Smith9 hours ago

    These people always lying

  98. April Jane

    April Jane9 hours ago

    Tbh Harry leaked his own nude and his singles so I mean he could have

  99. Thicc Skett

    Thicc Skett9 hours ago

    ‘Isn’t a dancer’ lmao are you guys dumb I-

  100. Princess Lavene

    Princess Lavene10 hours ago

    Didn't they already fight