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The King of Random
The King of Random

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Flavor Swap??

Flavor Swap??

Month ago

Don't Mess With Calli
500 Packs of Fun (Dip)
Thank you, Grant.

Thank you, Grant.

2 months ago

Hydro Dipping Nintendo!
Vacuum Packing Humans
How Good Is Smoked Cake?
Reenacting The FOOD FIGHT
This Made a Mess

This Made a Mess

4 months ago



4 months ago

  1. Denisse He Bolin

    Denisse He Bolin21 second ago

    9:59 Did Nick really say “orange juice that you buyed”?

  2. Bunnie Playz

    Bunnie Playz55 seconds ago

    But inside or skittles are white........

  3. rain lucero

    rain lucero2 minutes ago

    are you and nate mareide

  4. Lily LeClair

    Lily LeClair3 minutes ago

    9:11 Nate gets popcorn in his nose

  5. cody bain

    cody bain4 minutes ago

    Put the eye facing down in the fryer

  6. Michelina 4ever

    Michelina 4ever4 minutes ago

    Looks like posca pens but in paint 😂

  7. Flix

    Flix6 minutes ago

    It’s warmer in there because he farted

  8. Flix

    Flix7 minutes ago

    Did that thing even have a engine?

  9. Fred 707

    Fred 70710 minutes ago

    Also Xylene, toluene melts plastics too

  10. Ayyan Shazib

    Ayyan Shazib10 minutes ago

    Man simple melt some original skittles and then make a mould of large skittles

  11. Mariam Bibi

    Mariam Bibi10 minutes ago

    Make candyfloss

  12. Michael Jonathan

    Michael Jonathan14 minutes ago

    What happen if you put a compres vacum chamber inside a vacum chamber lol

  13. Z0L0N

    Z0L0N21 minute ago

    IMO: That isn't cheese. That is orange colored oil.

  14. StodOne

    StodOne24 minutes ago

    It doesent mean that it is slag if it dents . It can be iron with less carbon content , that is how they made katana , using the soft steel for the spine (the steel that dented and bent ) and using the hard steel for blade (steel that shatered)

  15. OFFICAL_ BushBaby

    OFFICAL_ BushBaby27 minutes ago

    Can u dehydrate soap

  16. MoonDogg

    MoonDogg30 minutes ago


  17. Ainz x Aronn

    Ainz x Aronn30 minutes ago

    Rip man

  18. Pgp 2

    Pgp 231 minute ago

    Asbestos gloves might work LOL😂😂

  19. Lyssa Pb

    Lyssa Pb32 minutes ago

    Lilly Singh wants to know your location

  20. Marie Zelinova

    Marie Zelinova32 minutes ago


  21. Chango

    Chango34 minutes ago

    *_some Mozart music_*

  22. * AubsBaubs3000 *

    * AubsBaubs3000 *40 minutes ago

    Omg wow lol 😂

  23. Card Collector

    Card Collector43 minutes ago

    ...and that’s why it says do not drill holes in the dryer.

  24. Mike's Bakes

    Mike's Bakes44 minutes ago

    What's with the nappies/diapers?

  25. Samuel Magnusson

    Samuel Magnusson44 minutes ago

    King of random, there was this thing on tiktok and i wonder if you could test it out. Now i dont know how to send a link but the tiktok user that did it is @matthewandryanuk. The video on their page is them squeesing a tomato.

  26. Kevin Hawe

    Kevin Hawe46 minutes ago

    I wonder if the can of compressed air is cooled in liquid nitrogen, can it then be punctured or cut to pour the liquid out?

  27. AjayKarthi LR

    AjayKarthi LR46 minutes ago

    What if you freeze-dry wet clothes?

  28. Lisa Sluss

    Lisa Sluss47 minutes ago

    Try fixing popcorn in a oven XD

  29. Jamie Sulahian

    Jamie Sulahian50 minutes ago

    Freeze dry a gopro

  30. Al Zaheem Events and Finearts centre Arts Center

    Al Zaheem Events and Finearts centre Arts Center51 minute ago


  31. Isabelle Brown

    Isabelle Brown52 minutes ago

    5:26 cant you just flip the whole board over of it's on the wrong side

  32. Harry Oxley

    Harry Oxley53 minutes ago

    It’s carAmel not Carmel

  33. Randi Thompson

    Randi Thompson57 minutes ago

    Recommendation: before a taste test, you guys should equally ration the food amongst the people in the video with you. Just as a courtesy🤷🏽‍♀️

  34. Kami’s Msp

    Kami’s MspHour ago

    these people really gonna be in orange juice

  35. ohdaniboiii

    ohdaniboiiiHour ago

    Melt down the containers and make a giant Lego

  36. Tahira Mukhi

    Tahira MukhiHour ago

    Freeze dry fruit

  37. savage the ravage

    savage the ravageHour ago

    Freeze dry industrial items

  38. Guess Who

    Guess WhoHour ago

    original gangster cotton candy? of OG)

  39. ItzWilliam

    ItzWilliamHour ago

    Freeze drying mangoes

  40. Cindy Wang

    Cindy WangHour ago

    Could you do something with clear glue sticks

  41. Creations

    CreationsHour ago

    That blender is insane

  42. ALIΞИ

    ALIΞИHour ago

    1:25 don't make this at home kids we can be homeless

  43. Emerge Stem

    Emerge StemHour ago

    like not in a bag

  44. Bri S

    Bri SHour ago

    Wait the inside is white lol.

  45. Eçhø?

    Eçhø?Hour ago

    I saw the hammer not pounding much of the non molten iron rod. I feel like its not strong.

  46. Arrow Horn

    Arrow HornHour ago

    Han Shot First

  47. Sebastian Kelley

    Sebastian KelleyHour ago

    DIY kits

  48. Travel Vlogger New

    Travel Vlogger NewHour ago

    an episode of just a bunch of skittles

  49. Natn

    NatnHour ago

    Yt recommended giving us depression

  50. Vikki Mac

    Vikki MacHour ago

    Does the Mentos thing only work with Diet Coke or do other brands of Diet Cola have the same reaction? If they don't what makes the Diet Coke so special!?

  51. Fanfun Minecraft’s Lab

    Fanfun Minecraft’s LabHour ago

    Put a 3s Lipo in it

  52. AshaRedFox

    AshaRedFoxHour ago

    I’m having a crisis there is no caramel in a Milky Way??? I’m so confused there’s only nougat and chocolate??? Why is there another type of Milky Way How did I not know this existed???

  53. Frost Gaming

    Frost GamingHour ago

    You should freeze dry gushers next

  54. Elizabeth Agnew

    Elizabeth AgnewHour ago

    Why do they have diapers also freeze-dry fast food etc.fries, burgers and nuggets

  55. millie Marchant

    millie MarchantHour ago

    You Should microwave: silicone, fibre glass and resin

  56. kyle hall

    kyle hallHour ago

    i like to see thermite and dry ice

  57. Benna

    BennaHour ago

    Rest in peace, forever a legend

  58. Isabelle Drennan

    Isabelle DrennanHour ago

    Werthers originals in a candyfloss machine. T H E B E S T T H I N G E V E R ! ! !

  59. Violette Stuff

    Violette StuffHour ago

    Me : * already watch 1:51 * 2:25 Me : *"Skip"pidy bap-bap*

  60. Brett Harrison

    Brett HarrisonHour ago


  61. Logan Crump

    Logan CrumpHour ago

    You should’ve cut it with a chainsaw

  62. Howleen Cat

    Howleen CatHour ago

    I have never seen an coconot in real life😐

  63. Marlijn Van der meulen

    Marlijn Van der meulenHour ago

    Freeze dry marshmallows :))

  64. teh kang zheng

    teh kang zhengHour ago


  65. Mohammad Abdul Monib

    Mohammad Abdul MonibHour ago

    big lighted i love king of random

  66. Avery Putnam

    Avery PutnamHour ago

    I’ve been to that exact same store

  67. GoodlenApple

    GoodlenAppleHour ago

    4:21 i c PULL-UPZ

  68. Bobble_OwL 12

    Bobble_OwL 12Hour ago

    Honestly he made me love science so much and made it fun. He also helped me and my sisters with ideas for school and his videos always gave me entertainment and knowledge. Rest in peace.

  69. William Kwok

    William KwokHour ago

    This is like a really tiny potato rumbler

  70. The Rabit W0LF

    The Rabit W0LFHour ago

    You should sell freeze dried Skittles so we could try some.

  71. systematic101

    systematic101Hour ago

    my guess is the cells in the watermelon have been completely destroyed spilling it's contents out. When you eat regular watermelon you don't destroy the cells.

  72. Mohamud Issak

    Mohamud IssakHour ago


  73. Parul Chotaliya

    Parul ChotaliyaHour ago


  74. Cody Blakeley

    Cody BlakeleyHour ago

    Frezze dry magnetic putty

  75. Emerge Stem

    Emerge StemHour ago

    try putting just plain unpopped popcorn in the dryer

  76. Nya Jack

    Nya Jack2 hours ago


  77. Nya Jack

    Nya Jack2 hours ago

    You put wayyy too much water in your spines

  78. SiimplyPower!

    SiimplyPower!2 hours ago

    try doing marshmallows

  79. Anthony Moore

    Anthony Moore2 hours ago

    its because of the heat waves and temperature and volume of the dryer

  80. Bode Smith

    Bode Smith2 hours ago

    Can you make a fun dip ice cream and a popsicle

  81. Turja Kar

    Turja Kar2 hours ago

    Can you make popcorn in vacuum chamber??

  82. Charlie Speaks

    Charlie Speaks2 hours ago

    You could probably cast magnesium if you pour it in inert gas like argon. So magnesium couldnt burn no matter how hot it is.

  83. dj osearth

    dj osearth2 hours ago

    this is almost useless unless you can hook it up to a bigger and less expensive in the long run, fuel source.. Am i wrong?

  84. Louis Foglia

    Louis Foglia2 hours ago

    Do you really need a sponsor to buy coke?

  85. Mallory Butler

    Mallory Butler2 hours ago

    Put the salt water taffy in a soda or make them bath bombs!

  86. Ell Seldal

    Ell Seldal2 hours ago

    I play AFK arena.

  87. #themakeup Cuties

    #themakeup Cuties2 hours ago

    The spin made me Motion sick

  88. QuAd Mix BiSheS

    QuAd Mix BiSheS2 hours ago

    Make lollipops with them

  89. Antii_fame

    Antii_fame2 hours ago

    I dont have a freeze dryer but i really want freeze dried skittles 😔

  90. dezinemill

    dezinemill2 hours ago

    Freeze dry some squishys

  91. dadrion day

    dadrion day2 hours ago

    Cake 🎂 I

  92. Queden Mitchell

    Queden Mitchell2 hours ago

    And try freeze drying agave ndctor and try making cotton candy

  93. Madzz

    Madzz2 hours ago

    Mum: Don’t play with fire it’s dangerous Me: where’s my gloves ...

  94. Kaylee Halstead

    Kaylee Halstead2 hours ago

    You should try pickles. There my favorite snack

  95. Dianna Gallegos

    Dianna Gallegos2 hours ago

    the chilli powder probably wouldve worked better if you used the candy chilli powder brand named Lucas

  96. Kevin Tube

    Kevin Tube2 hours ago

    Put a sponge in a vacuum pump

  97. Abhishek Rajbhar

    Abhishek Rajbhar2 hours ago

    I tried making pancakes without baking soda. It sucks.

  98. Oscar Scadding

    Oscar Scadding2 hours ago

    R.I.P best man ever

  99. gamer fox

    gamer fox2 hours ago

    Wow why do all the greatest dye young

  100. chloelol

    chloelol2 hours ago

    I thought ut was freeze Dry-candy