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Reflecting on Season 8 LIVE
Technology of Dune
  1. HeyPluto!

    HeyPluto!Hour ago

    Come on. Brienne bested Jamie Lannister. Jamie Fucking Lannister himself. No chance Arya can defeat Brienne. No, no, no. It's 2019 and I'm still mad about it.

  2. ouliogroove

    ouliogrooveHour ago

    Like most comments, I just want to say how much I appreciate your work on Dune the books and the upcoming film(s). You are my only source of news for this project. I am taking the opportunity to salute your shoutout to David Parkman whose work is just as equally meaningful to me. I watched the exposé before and it is very professionally done. Aslan himself is aware of David’s work because it has reached so many people. My opinion of Aslan has greatly diminished ever since I watched it. Keep up the good work and don’t fear for the show, « fear is the mind killer »😀

  3. Karen Butler

    Karen ButlerHour ago

    Thank you for clearing the air! Love the Dune universe and your channel.

  4. Fubar AlAkbar

    Fubar AlAkbar2 hours ago

    Race swaps I can tolerate, as long as the character's race isn't specifically mentioned in the book and/or figures into the plot, and if the actor can carry the character's personality well. If they ever remade 2010: The Year We Made Contact, I'd LOVE to see Morgan Freeman as Floyd. If they did a movie of The Mote in God's Eye (YES PLEASE? WE CAN HAZ THIS?) I wouldn't mind a black Blaine or even a black Sally Fowler. But gender swaps? NO. DO NOT DO THIS. There is no reason for it except SJW feels and stupid political crap. Changing a character's gender has a much bigger impact on the plot and who that character is than changing their race. I could accept a black Kynes. I might even cheer it as a neat take on the character. But not a female Kynes. No. I would skip this movie.

  5. midwaygamer98118

    midwaygamer981183 hours ago

    At least asoiaf got some of a good adaption at first not like the dark tower by Stephen king cause I've been waiting for a real adaption of that and it was not so good

  6. Saruv Bet

    Saruv Bet3 hours ago

    Wtf? Herbert didn't use aliens because he thought humanity was special. How could that be racist?

  7. Indominus YT

    Indominus YT4 hours ago

    Better ending would’ve been is if while Daenerys is giving her speech, Jon walks towards her to kiss her and then stabs her. Drogon spits fire at Jon in front of everyone, doesn’t die then he says this epic line, “I am Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne!”

  8. Travis Trestler

    Travis Trestler4 hours ago

    Absolutely LIVE all your videos. So happy you’re doing/have done my favorite SF books such as Dune and Hyperion. Can I make a recommendation for you to read and possibly put on your USwork show? It’s my 2nd favorite sci-fi book series (my favorite sci-fi book is Dune although I wasn’t a fan of the others). Alright here’s my recommendation- Peter F Hamilton “Commonwealth Saga” Series 1: Pandora’s Star Judas Unchained Series 2 The Dreaming Void The Temporal Void The Evolutionary Void I really think you’ll like this series! I’ve recommended it to other sci-fi lovers and have never heard of anyone who didn’t live these books. Just keep in mind it’s a space opera similar to Foundation or the Expanse series. Please let me know if you read!! Thanks for listening 😀.

  9. Alex Lavezzari

    Alex Lavezzari4 hours ago

    HBO will be the reason we never get an ending for this series. GRRM is too busy swimming in his tv money to care anymore.

  10. Alex Lavezzari

    Alex Lavezzari5 hours ago

    Great video! Game of thrones became garbage and Arya was one of the characters they butchered most.

  11. phillip jones

    phillip jones6 hours ago

    Quinn, please check your email for a note from de Passe Jones Entertainment in Los Angeles.

  12. Fubar AlAkbar

    Fubar AlAkbar8 hours ago

    I think the strongest points in the casting are Paul, Jessica, the Baron, and Chani. All of them are SPOT ON. I'd have picked Edward James Olmos as Gurney. Now, if this movie had been made 15 years ago when Battlestar Galactica had come out, EJO is, in my opinion, the only person who looked as close to the book's description of Duke Leto AND had the acting chops for the role, as Jurgen Prochnow did in '84. Seriously, Prochnow was dead on, and I am having a very hard time thinking who would look and play as close to the role now. I can't really see Oscar Isaac. Momoa as Idaho? I didn't think so at first, but reading the description in this comment section...maybe. I'd rather see someone less muscular, more refined. Richard Armitage comes to mind, but he has the same problem: too muscular. Kyle MacLachlan could ALMOST do it...that'd be a hoot:P James Callis, maybe? Now, Momoa as Stillgar...THAT would be killer :D I'd like Jim Carter, the guy who played Carson in Downton Abbey, as Thufir. Charles Dance as the Emperor? Yes please. Whoever came up with that idea deserves a medal.

  13. Consciousness

    Consciousness9 hours ago

    It's nice listening to these videos you are calm and collective. I too will hold excitement for when the show airs

  14. Gortume

    Gortume9 hours ago

    I have zero interest in the new prequels, personally, and I was a huge GoT fan nearly all the way through

  15. John Robinson

    John Robinson9 hours ago

    Will you eventually do a series on Frank Herbert & Bill Ransom's Pandora sequence? Been with you since CBG19 Dune club and very much appeciate your clarification on all things Dune! ( And Hyperion is on my reading list now as well! )

  16. marcos bengochea

    marcos bengochea9 hours ago

    i love watching all of your videos, but watching you monologue into the camera is just not doing it for me? why can you just add pictures to set the mood like you used to. cant get past the awkward stares into the camera, love you dude but this new format is not working for our channel. maybe if it was a political Chanel but its syfi just put pictures from the books please!!! no one wants to see you talk into your fancy camera all day. Sorry :(

  17. Señor Juamz

    Señor Juamz9 hours ago

    I kinda felt Farad'n had more of a close teacher/student relationship with Jessica (maybe because I've only heard the audiobook); there never seemed to be any explicit lust between them. He definitely thought she was beautiful, but he came across as having the self-awareness and propriety to not cross that boundary given her history and was more excited at having a mentor that he could actually admire and sympathise with, despite the historical ties between their Houses.

  18. Nougat

    Nougat10 hours ago

    I have faith in hbo but not in Dane and Dave


    MiyamotoMusashi.org10 hours ago

    Well, fuck this movie.

  20. RichieW

    RichieW10 hours ago

    I fear for all things made "in the current year"

  21. macrograms

    macrograms11 hours ago

    is it wrong to hope that David Benioff and Dan Weiss ... die in a fire?

  22. Ordonity

    Ordonity12 hours ago

    *He could hear it bludgeoning its way though the willow grove with the horrifying sound of a bell ringing with each step. He nearly made it to the street light and suddenly stopped dead in his tracks as a deep booMing voice called to him "YOU RUN LIKE NANA ON GOAT MILKING DAY , ED BOY!"* *It wasn't Dorsey any more... the thing had changed into the Son of a Shepard...*

  23. john p

    john p13 hours ago

    Dude, Quin, this is dope.

  24. Valkyrie Sardo

    Valkyrie Sardo14 hours ago

    I read Dune in my childhood and it remains one of my favorite books. I found the sequels increasingly insufferable and never cared to finish the series. Given the people involved in this new project I am not optimistic, particularly when it comes to that lying political activist, Reza Aslan.

  25. Lisa Pressey

    Lisa Pressey14 hours ago

    listening again

  26. Monica Kirkpatrick

    Monica Kirkpatrick14 hours ago

    You’re a babe!

  27. Gruber McTuber

    Gruber McTuber14 hours ago

    I'm so happy you're moving to my next favorite galactic empire story!

  28. Val Cook

    Val Cook16 hours ago

    Yes i think it is to soon as well people are still not over season 8 yet.

  29. Liz-with-a-Smile

    Liz-with-a-Smile16 hours ago

    Legit question here: Why do so many people dislike season 8?

  30. Felipe Rodrigues

    Felipe Rodrigues17 hours ago

    ''Wild man and baleful beast pressed at the borders of their empire'' The wild man are probably the nomads Jogos Nhai. But the baleful beasts idk

  31. 25,000 subscribers 10 Videos

    25,000 subscribers 10 Videos17 hours ago

    HBO is becoming GRRMBO

  32. Izzy Davidson

    Izzy Davidson18 hours ago

    Bran's character and storyline has always been my favorite and I'm always booed for it. XD The kid is bad. ass. and a lot of people choose to ignore it. He's a cripple and yet unlike the rest of Westeros, he and his party are running towards the threat and not away from it.

  33. Dr Thuganomics

    Dr Thuganomics18 hours ago

    to be honest after Thrones i'm really not into Got series for a while , i have my attentions in watchman , the new golden compass series and the Dune tv series. from HBO thrones i want nothing for a while. I just want Winds of winter to come out

  34. Jack Wheeler

    Jack Wheeler18 hours ago

    GRRM put it best, Fire & Blood is his Silmarillion.

  35. Uneducated Buffoon

    Uneducated Buffoon19 hours ago


  36. Chickenbone

    Chickenbone19 hours ago

    Following your first video of Hyperion I got all four on audible. The first two were really cool, but the third book is completely garbage. I'll definitely be returning them for my credits.

  37. Kothar

    Kothar19 hours ago

    I'm more excited waiting for a door of stone then winds of winter.

  38. George Reynolds

    George Reynolds20 hours ago

    This is the first time I think someone got the story correct. Everything you said was dead on. You actually read all the books. Odd how rare that is for commentators on the Dune series.

  39. Bobert Zorgan

    Bobert Zorgan20 hours ago

    Im hoping this will be an anthology series

  40. Monster Paradise

    Monster Paradise21 hour ago

    1:10 it took me a day to understand what pennywise meant there. With night beast and moving muds

  41. Melissa Schulz

    Melissa Schulz21 hour ago

    I like the idea that Melisandre is a fire wight.

  42. SupportGaming 2019

    SupportGaming 201921 hour ago

    yup tyrion became a moron after he killed his dad.

  43. BriarLeaf00

    BriarLeaf0021 hour ago

    HBO probably wants to crank out as much GRRM stuff as they can while they still have so many assets, from sets and costumes/designs to CGI that they want to make use of before it degrades/becomes outdated. I fully expect to see assets reused throughout the various series they have lined up.

  44. Watcher on the Wall

    Watcher on the Wall22 hours ago

    My heart is so heavy with the lost opportunity that HBO let slip away. If only we would have got all this in the show 😭.

  45. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez22 hours ago

    I listened to all your Dune breakdowns and many of your GOT videos. Your voice would be EPIC for GOT audio book. Please make this happen!

  46. Anton Miller

    Anton Miller23 hours ago

    I got that Watchmen trailer that starts with "people wear masks to hide their trauma" as the ad during the Quaithe segment 😂 I think USwork is trying to tell us something!

  47. Dr Boom

    Dr BoomDay ago

    George RR Martin has been getting into alot of old celtic and germanic stuff lately. The cover practically has a triskelion on it, and the work he did with From Software is said to be very celtic and germanic inspired.

  48. SecretSchnitzel

    SecretSchnitzelDay ago

    No interest in The Long Night / Blood Moon. Fire and Blood however, I'm interested. I could imagine it being an anthology based series, with each season being about a different period. I'd imagine it'd be pretty fast paced similar to parts of Tudors.

  49. Armando Luna

    Armando LunaDay ago

    He just had to stay on the desert with jessica to stop it. He just kind of tried to stop it.

  50. Jake

    JakeDay ago

    Watching the dance of the dragons is gonna be so painful

  51. Tim from the basement

    Tim from the basementDay ago

    This is a bad move, their first prequel should've been Robert rebellion. That way they can somewhat fix the bad taste people have for the series 💯

  52. Kingston

    KingstonDay ago

    I want to see the dragons. The silver one and the red one. I want to see the war between the black and green

  53. The Hour Man

    The Hour ManDay ago

    Thank god it's not a prequel that follows Ned. I would have hated that.

  54. Jamilah Hardiman

    Jamilah HardimanDay ago

    Before I see a bit of footage from either of these projects I better be READING TWoW. I’m not a part of the sect of the fandom that are partial to threats but this man is getting up in age and I would really like to know how this saga ends.

  55. Abel Sephaos

    Abel SephaosDay ago

    Glad to see the Tvrtle Cvlt is still going strong!

  56. Brock Brown

    Brock BrownDay ago

    It’s a shame the whole adorning ploy ended up leading to absolutely nothing. Are they doing anything meaningful in the books?

  57. Carlos Gutierrez

    Carlos GutierrezDay ago

    O dankitty dank

  58. jiminator

    jiminatorDay ago

    Lets be honest. The ending of GoT is pretty much what was predicted in the books. It going to be just as bad when the final books come out.

  59. Mircea Donciu

    Mircea DonciuDay ago

    The Legend they kinda forgot.

  60. Jose Luis

    Jose LuisDay ago

    WTF!!!! A knight of the 7 kingdoms would be much better!

  61. AmazonKC

    AmazonKCDay ago

    I’ve seen the new GOT prequel trailer. It’s a cartoon... I really hope the show isn’t a cartoon. That would be really disappointing.

  62. melvin shermen

    melvin shermenDay ago


  63. Alan Pennie

    Alan PennieDay ago

    Ryan Condal's name is so like Bryan Cogman's (who was originally going to be show runner) it's kind of ridiculous.

  64. Rocksparadox From the blocks

    Rocksparadox From the blocksDay ago

    This is a great, detailed and extensive explanation of parts of the Dune story and a wonderful debunking of the sjw drivel produced about this subject! I only have one question for the ''journalist'': How does ''race'' fit into this story, how can only Paul be the ''mighty whitey''' if *EVERYONE* in Dune has the same complexion? :) ''Rational man attacks journalist'': '' Journalist is a whiney, delusional, ideological follower of identity politics''.

  65. adarian

    adarianDay ago

    GRRM is running scared of finishing his series after the backlash from season 8. He will never finish the ASOIAF as his own ending was received terribly and he will just keep churning out prequels and other side material and raking in the money till he dies. That is what I believe will happen even though I really want the series to continue.

  66. G Cruz

    G CruzDay ago

    Time to start flogging the dead dire wolf 🐺

  67. Smitty

    SmittyDay ago

    They'll have to animate a lot of dragons who all look different not just balaryon

  68. Latrell Perry Perry

    Latrell Perry PerryDay ago

    If it was up to me they would’ve been at war with the white walkers all of season 8 and then war for the throne in seasons 9 and 10 and then season 11 the final battle of ice and fire with Danny vs Jon Winterfell vs I guess Kings Landing idk but you get the point

  69. C Williams

    C WilliamsDay ago

    Gotta keep milking that cash cow

  70. Merlijn metatron anticrist/hesus

    Merlijn metatron anticrist/hesusDay ago

    word dune is 10,000 times beter than star wars (feels always to me as a "dune clone"

  71. Merlijn metatron anticrist/hesus

    Merlijn metatron anticrist/hesusDay ago

    hope there will be a rpg made over "une............ first game was very good, love it as child

  72. David Cook

    David CookDay ago

    Great video and great channel. You have a very pleasant speaking voice, but one thing nags at me. You have a habit of pronouncing the short e vowel as a short i vowel. It may be part of a regional accent I'm not familiar with, but everything else about your speech is standard US English so it stands out to me. It is particularly obvious with the word 'men'. Other words to a lesser degree. Hopefully this is seen as constructive and not bashing. Some examples from the last five minutes of the video: 15:53 'min' rather than 'men' 16:09 'mintioned' rather than 'mentioned' 18:16 'intinded' rather than 'intended' 20:04 'plinty' rather than 'plenty' 20:16 'impathy' rather than 'empathy'

  73. s1w1b me

    s1w1b meDay ago

    I dont know what it is but i love your voice. Especially when you are doing videos about Dune. Love all your content really.

  74. rene L

    rene LDay ago

    Guild! guild!

  75. Soda Popinksi

    Soda PopinksiDay ago

    I also have a bad taste. My most disappointing thing about GoT was s8e3 and how the walker king was killed. However, there are only 3 other arge shows to compete, lotr, witcher and WoT. Who is to say any of those will be better? I may have to tune in to the hbo shows because there's no competition.

  76. Mifta

    MiftaDay ago

    I don't want it...

  77. Ser Lt Giles

    Ser Lt GilesDay ago

    Bravo Quinn Bravo!!

  78. The Sith Governor

    The Sith GovernorDay ago

    Im done with the series change my mind george will die before the next book gets written and the new shows will never reach the height of the old show

  79. Ozzie Solo

    Ozzie SoloDay ago

    The reason why she's the best character on the show because most the other characters sucked towards the end.

  80. GuyInkognito

    GuyInkognitoDay ago

    Very good video. Euron is the ultimate badass!

  81. Daniel G

    Daniel GDay ago

    I would be much more invested in a sequel to Game Of Thrones, than a prequel. We know, it goes nowhere at the end.. But with a sequel they could do something like 3 Eyed Raven created a surveillance state and so on. They could repair it a bit

  82. Humza Khalid

    Humza KhalidDay ago

    Talk about duality...yin n yang...a black man that sounds white n a white woman that sounds black n both have their reasons n history living in the world we live in keeping balance within all things;)

  83. Joe Endel

    Joe EndelDay ago

    Prequel = boring. I am out

  84. The Boy

    The BoyDay ago

    Halfway through the book. Haven’t read it a few months tho

  85. coo3disk1

    coo3disk1Day ago

    Why would anyone waste their time with this series anymore after D&D ruined it?

  86. Abel Sephaos

    Abel SephaosDay ago

    Fear the Old Gods, Laurence!

  87. Eyeland Ninja

    Eyeland NinjaDay ago

    What people don’t realise is that there’s a transaction between writers and readers/viewers, and that it to get a good payoff for the time they’ve invested in your works. Fucking off to go work on other projects and not finishing what you started is negligent and unappreciative. If you want people to stay interested in your series, then you have to keep working on and finish your series. It’s called the writers’ promise. The whole reason people don’t start reading books or watching a series until a few seasons have passed is because they don’t want to waste time investing in a series that the network will cancel or the writers won’t finish. George left Game of Thrones in the hands of some cronies, and that horrific last few seasons and ending will unfortunately, and most likely be the legacy everyone remembers. Other writers should learn and not make the same mistakes.

  88. Zack Krueger

    Zack KruegerDay ago

    I think HBO shot themselves in the foot with the last season of Game of Thrones. I'd love to see the prequel cover the Dance of Dragons if possible, however I think it'll take one hell of an effort for them to recover from the damage Dave and Dan did.

  89. Konnor Ternus

    Konnor TernusDay ago

    They could do each season spanning 30 years.

  90. Konnor Ternus

    Konnor TernusDay ago

    This book literally has the coolest dragon battle scene I’ve ever read/imagined.

  91. Konnor Ternus

    Konnor TernusDay ago

    I liked this book the best out of the series. #TeamMaegor

  92. Sarah Matthews

    Sarah MatthewsDay ago

    I will give anything GRRM writes a chance if Dan and Dave isn't writing it. I hate what they did! I will never rewatch the show, because of how bad they ruined it, but I love the books.

  93. Youtuber

    YoutuberDay ago

    Another show based on a George RR Martin book ? We are saved !!!

  94. Yeshwuh

    YeshwuhDay ago

    why's ur oily ass always wearing the same white knight nasty incel outfit omg, and dont put ur fucking face so god damn close to the camera my lord we dont need that the whole time fucking hell u weirdo

  95. duane oldsen

    duane oldsenDay ago

    I appreciate your honest caution.

  96. Isaac Bruner

    Isaac BrunerDay ago

    He's just toying with at us at this point, from atop his enormous Scrooge McDuck-esque pile of HBO money. He's never going to finish the book, I gave up hope a long time ago.

  97. Samantha Fisher

    Samantha FisherDay ago

    After how Danys story ended, I just can’t even pretend to care about this. And I’m team Targaryen. But in the end it doesn’t matter cause all the Targs r gone, so what’s the point. Still not ok...😞

  98. echo winter

    echo winterDay ago

    What is your equipment and how much it cost. I want to be like you mate 🤩

  99. Wade Cooper

    Wade CooperDay ago

    Here from 2019 and you were right she went to shit

  100. Master Charles Diltardino

    Master Charles DiltardinoDay ago

    Liet kynes being a woman makes no sense. Booooo