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Happy Wednesday!
Rob Dahm Called Me Out
Wednesday Night Live
My Car Was Impounded!
I Messed Up My NSX

I Messed Up My NSX

5 months ago

My Ferrari 488 Crashed!
Koenigsegg WINS Geneva
  1. Harry Correa

    Harry Correa4 minutes ago

    Its A Convertible...

  2. Derrick Anderson

    Derrick Anderson11 minutes ago

    Is Rob married??

  3. Fritz Kocher

    Fritz Kocher16 minutes ago

    Thanks for the heads-up on the smaller companies.

  4. Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman18 minutes ago

    Can you do an update on GM lease return? Anything happen??

  5. eduardoig17

    eduardoig1738 minutes ago

    Or you could just not run out of gas. I’ve been driving for 10 years and never once have I ran out of gas

  6. Fritz Kocher

    Fritz Kocher40 minutes ago

    My worst nightmare. I would get stuck paying for all of the existing damage.


    WRX DRUMMERHour ago

    Never thought to sue my friends who let me ride quads on their farm if I crashed. It was EXPECTED to fix your damage. All would be forgiven. Bunch of pussies we have become

  8. Larry Summers

    Larry SummersHour ago

    All these cars yet you look unhealthy and dirty.... something ain't adding up dude, you a broke dude

  9. most feared conflict

    most feared conflictHour ago

    I want a cuda

  10. Devin mccampbell

    Devin mccampbell2 hours ago

    I wouldn't give AF he died


    CRYIPTIC CREEP2 hours ago

    I'm taking responsibility for this comment.

  12. Andrei Chiș

    Andrei Chiș2 hours ago

    GTA Online: Import Export DLC in real life

  13. Ray Simmons

    Ray Simmons2 hours ago

    Today we see Mr spaghetti becoming a detective.

  14. Mofo Jones

    Mofo Jones3 hours ago

    Either a customer swapped it or an employee did it!

  15. Creig Mac

    Creig Mac3 hours ago

    The GT will go way up in price over time. Recency Bias on display here, buy it while it's a bargain.


    ORTHOKING3 hours ago

    I'm trying to imagine how she was sitting in the back without a seat


    METALFACEDOOM3 hours ago

    Labeling Kevin hart as a comedian is absurd!! 🤭

  18. Mofo Jones

    Mofo Jones3 hours ago

    Im gonna sue that little 🐵 just becuse!

  19. ferkemall

    ferkemall3 hours ago

    Back in the 80s my mates back axel went on his Granada so he hired one out of Herts swapped axels and took it back they office worker types checking the cars and did not notice ! /UK

  20. thirdeyeshooter

    thirdeyeshooter3 hours ago

    Geez. I've watched you run from cops. Stfu. This video makes you look silly.


    OBATALA3 hours ago

    It's absurd because its well... Absurd. Kevin Hart got hurt, but nobody else got hurt... In a "car accident". Paul Walker died from car a accident... Tracy Morgan almost died from a car accident... Lisa Left Eye Lopez "crashed" with several other passengers, she died but they didn't... Errol Spence "crashed" and was tossed from his car... Listen people... Once you get into Hollywood and start dealing with these people, the dark forces behind these entities will come to collect if you don't honor your end of the bargain. Your life expectancy is cut significantly shorter as a famous person.

  22. Amassee Nessen

    Amassee Nessen3 hours ago

    Hold up how does the thief know where the headlights switch is and how the heck does someone not hear a v12 startup in the middle of the night i bet it's an insurance scam or something ...

  23. Harry Correa

    Harry Correa3 hours ago

    At the End of the day nobody is friend when it comes to money

  24. slurb man

    slurb man3 hours ago

    Does he have a video that goes in depth on the union strike stuff goin on?

  25. music 4 the soul

    music 4 the soul3 hours ago

    I've literally been saying the same thing. Who is stupid enough to believe that stupid story

  26. Xx The Savage xX

    Xx The Savage xX4 hours ago

    Its a $500,000 Lamborghini Aventador And not $700,000

  27. Tony Rivera

    Tony Rivera4 hours ago

    You just said the same thing about 100 times

  28. Chris Felkin

    Chris Felkin4 hours ago

    Rob terrorizing Jersey highways in the blue bullet.

  29. bit lit boi

    bit lit boi4 hours ago

    Do they think no one would notice a yellow stolen lamborghini.

  30. ViperGuy Dodge

    ViperGuy Dodge5 hours ago

    That 458 front bumper looks gapped wrong, where the hood meets up. Also, the paint looks off under the shop lights. The body shop guy could have done better on a car like that.

  31. Realgrower

    Realgrower5 hours ago

    Someone put a tire on the car big deal. Get your head out of your ass. The video should be 30 seconds. You must not have shit to do.

  32. Robert K

    Robert K6 hours ago

    This guy has not got a clue about cars, american junk maybe but not real cars from Europe

  33. Bad Santa

    Bad Santa6 hours ago

    May your made up God of choice bless you Rob. You are a good man.

  34. GrowMarc GT

    GrowMarc GT6 hours ago

    You should write a comic book you create too much stories

  35. Black Tuner Car Club NO OuHtlet

    Black Tuner Car Club NO OuHtlet6 hours ago

    Is it me or does rob look like wallace from the movie wallace and gromet 😂😂😂

  36. Blacksmithdidit

    Blacksmithdidit6 hours ago


  37. djko kane WHHR HOOD HEAT RADIO

    djko kane WHHR HOOD HEAT RADIO6 hours ago

    I want the donk!!

  38. The Primary Focus

    The Primary Focus6 hours ago

    I feel like this will be a similar fate for the new mustang gt 500

  39. None Ya

    None Ya7 hours ago

    Used exotic rental car..... ummm. No

  40. Michael Hardy

    Michael Hardy7 hours ago

    thats blue white smoke, thats not fuel thats coolant or oil

  41. Star Studio Kids

    Star Studio Kids7 hours ago

    Simeon said to franklin to repo the car 🚘

  42. Terry Bates

    Terry Bates8 hours ago

    I think the poor Cuda should sue all three of can barely tell it's a barracuda now.......they made it a BarelyCuda. Kevin could barely see over the fuckin steering wheel anyway though so he shouldn't be allowed to have a car like that

  43. Noah Hassenzahl

    Noah Hassenzahl8 hours ago

    Ford makes a good ford gt

  44. ohyeayea

    ohyeayea8 hours ago

    Shame, the name Supra used to have a weight behind it, now it just disappointment.

  45. mint do it for dale

    mint do it for dale8 hours ago

    The car is junk

  46. yash purohit

    yash purohit8 hours ago

    Why the owner didn't lock it

  47. soulslaveone

    soulslaveone8 hours ago

    Hybrids are so stupid when batteries has gotten as good as they are in 2019. Model 3 does 500km, no sweat. Why do anyone want this crap?

  48. Kavinsky Smith

    Kavinsky Smith9 hours ago

    You, BOUGHT an AMG gt IN BABY shit bronze and were surprised that no one really rented it? like why didnt you get it in green and call it a Gullwing AMG GT like they had on the Grand Tour?

  49. clinton epps

    clinton epps9 hours ago

    If the barracuda had all the modern gear from a hellcat or similar , so it was basically a rebody using a older rust free shell then no one but the driver is at fault, cause it might come down to every car owner putting roll hoops in there cars

  50. Sweet T

    Sweet T10 hours ago

    Turkey powered

  51. Yamayuki Rizky

    Yamayuki Rizky10 hours ago


  52. DasNuk

    DasNuk10 hours ago

    In AZ it's at the cops decision if he wants to tow your car for no registration.

  53. Sa yan

    Sa yan10 hours ago

    He has millions of dollars... instead of telling each other „hey, we are alive, forget the car, they are doing even dumber things...

  54. triri21

    triri2110 hours ago

    Read USC TITLE 49 30101, 30301, 30501, ETC..( ENTIRE SECTIONS PLEASE), then the state VTL statutes people!!.. see where the conflict is, that's your remedy for these so-called traffic coourts!!!!! LOL...

  55. polarweiß

    polarweiß11 hours ago

    Do you want hairy meatballs use keep.

  56. 9timomancil

    9timomancil11 hours ago

    They wanted to go to the club

  57. Avg Vet

    Avg Vet11 hours ago

    The Supra should have been the Celica instead.

  58. Wimpz

    Wimpz12 hours ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that during the late 1800’s a baboon was employed by a railroad company as a signalman. He never once made a mistake and worked for the railroad til his death...

  59. Byron Parkinson

    Byron Parkinson12 hours ago

    Ya I know every speeding ticket I've gotten is because my car is a cop magnet had nothing to do with me SPEEDING. what a bunch of spoiled brats.

  60. watchingitallhere

    watchingitallhere13 hours ago

    Rob can Keeps his hair, but can't keep his cars.... aww.

  61. watchingitallhere

    watchingitallhere13 hours ago

    Rob can Keeps his hair, but can't keep his cars.... aww.

  62. Kie

    Kie13 hours ago

    Rip the engine out and have Rob in the engine bay running as hard as he can while wearing a horse mask.

  63. mrcarguy15

    mrcarguy1513 hours ago

    He was right no doubt but he is hard to listen to....

  64. Things2Remember

    Things2Remember13 hours ago

    The NSX is probably the best looking car ever.

  65. Dwight Brown

    Dwight Brown13 hours ago

    Just to let you know every major farm has a full time diesel mechanic and those guys can just listen to the engine and tell you what you need, a 20 under the table and you are gold. There's a guy near me , as i am pulling in he walks out and say's hey did you know your #4 injector needs a rebuild?

  66. Kevin Quartemont

    Kevin Quartemont13 hours ago

    So many people and apparently insurance companies associate slow with safe and in many instances it is much worse than speeding. It's all relative to flow speed and which lane you are in. Here in California, they must teach slow traffic, stay to the left as I constantly encounter idiotic, and also dangerous, drivers going under the speed limit in the left lane all the time. I guess it should make sense that I find the right lane to be the fatest, best flowing lane.

  67. ChillinCruzin

    ChillinCruzin13 hours ago

    Dam he left! He should of stayed to b a hero now he a dick who leaves u in a accident! Wtf !

  68. Chance Macdonald

    Chance Macdonald13 hours ago

    Anyone here who likes car channels? If so look no further look up NEUTRAL DROP on USwork please you wont regret it😊👍.

  69. Chance Macdonald

    Chance Macdonald13 hours ago

    Anyone here who likes car channels? If so look no further look up NEUTRAL DROP on USwork please you wont regret it😊👍.

  70. albarr300

    albarr30013 hours ago

    Couldn’t the customer not pay and not accept the charges.

  71. Erik Hadinger

    Erik Hadinger13 hours ago

    Typical Hollywood personal responsibility na!

  72. Justin Kelly

    Justin Kelly13 hours ago

    What do you mean the AMG GT wasnt a hit? It was having a blast on the track 😂.

  73. Eazy Toribio

    Eazy Toribio14 hours ago

    This is why YOLO is bad

  74. Bob Smith113322

    Bob Smith11332214 hours ago

    It's gonna ship over seas. Those homies came up. That shits in a container rn.

  75. KaptainBasketball

    KaptainBasketball14 hours ago

    Lol i clicked on this for different reasons

  76. Omar McLemore

    Omar McLemore14 hours ago

    Who remembers watching this right when they first got their drivers license? I do

  77. Rudy Aguilar

    Rudy Aguilar14 hours ago

    ¿Bad hombres? Wtf man

  78. Robert Lutz

    Robert Lutz14 hours ago

    I grew up on Long Island and If I had 100 mil liquid I still don’t think I’d build a dream home in the tristate area. A 100 acre spread outside Nashville sounds way more appealing...

  79. Lai Yuin Hong

    Lai Yuin Hong14 hours ago

    some people just lost their brain when driving

  80. Om B

    Om B14 hours ago

    Short answer : he's broke . Saved you 10 minutes . Just kidding I didn't watch the video

  81. Danny Galvan

    Danny Galvan15 hours ago

    Not a GT350. The steering wheel for one, is not the GT350 alcantara steering wheel.

  82. Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG

    Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG15 hours ago

    Somebody cuts Rob off causing him to slam on brakes. The door flying open & yanks Rob out the passenger door. 😂

  83. Theodore Misc

    Theodore Misc15 hours ago


  84. msimcox2

    msimcox215 hours ago

    Anyone else think that the 458's bumper is a shade darker than the hood and fender?

  85. NPC #011011001

    NPC #01101100115 hours ago

    Wait why are they trying to get tickets?

  86. Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG

    Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG15 hours ago

    What do you think the depreciation on the 2020 vette will be in a couple years? I think that's gonna be huge. I have a feeling there will be some kind of a major issue with them that will eventually show itself within the first year because it's a chevy.

  87. CeezDawg

    CeezDawg16 hours ago

    Ya donkey

  88. Teo Ebratt

    Teo Ebratt16 hours ago

    I’m sure some of your customers are also subscribers to your channel. I wonder how they feel when they hear you recounting their shitty behavior?

  89. Don Riedel

    Don Riedel16 hours ago

    Sell that Supra. It's a blasphemous auto.

  90. Clement Wong

    Clement Wong16 hours ago

    2:40, he mentioned the person in the back didn't even get hurt. Then at 3:07, he mentioned the person in the back was injured. So did she or did she not get injured?

  91. Infj

    Infj16 hours ago

    It's just funny what celebrities think they can do in the world

  92. Don Catherman

    Don Catherman16 hours ago

    You use the word ignorent wrong.ignorent means miss informed....and your telling us things we don't know.? I don't think so.... And you did it not once but twice..I don't think you know Jack about the law.. sueing is wrong in this situation,,,i agree with that informed us of bait bull shit..I would not trust you on any car tour either.....

  93. Non Zamfir

    Non Zamfir16 hours ago

    This guy may know his cars, but he needs some help in his fashion choice... these clothes do not fit him, or at least don't fit his body type...

  94. Righteous One

    Righteous One16 hours ago

    That's how it is when you're rich new wife new friends no one solid so of course expect lawsuit

  95. Righteous One

    Righteous One16 hours ago

    How can you sue it was made to Kevin Hart's liking so they drive Kevin Hart's car and Wanting to Sue either Kevin Hart or the manufacturer that made the car but it was made to Kevin Hart's liking get the f*** out of here.

  96. Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG

    Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG16 hours ago

    Tow truck drivers have to have cdl's for years now. Once you get a cdl you will never get out of another ticket by a cop or judge. They nail you for everything because you are considered a professional driver.

  97. oliver415

    oliver41516 hours ago

    The driver of the car is in the hot seat bc he was the operator at fault. He's liable for any property damage and or any injuries that he may have caused. He can try and file a claim under his own insurance (if he has any) or it's a UM case..

  98. Alexander Martin Causey

    Alexander Martin Causey17 hours ago

    skip to 1:20 if you've still got your hair.

  99. 17 hours ago

    Got a good deal for a disabled vet?

  100. Keith Adams

    Keith Adams17 hours ago

    Holy spaghetti