Surfaces Music
Surfaces Music
Surfaces Music

band based out of texas made up of colin padalecki, forrest frank, and alexa padalecki.

  1. Roseanne Gaile

    Roseanne Gaile21 minute ago


  2. Piang Sol

    Piang Sol27 minutes ago


  3. The T Fam

    The T FamHour ago

    Best time:

  4. Mayara Bezerra

    Mayara BezerraHour ago


  5. Mushtaq Nawab

    Mushtaq Nawab3 hours ago

    so gooood

  6. Veronica Villalpando

    Veronica Villalpando4 hours ago

    You are very good singer

  7. k f

    k f4 hours ago


  8. John paul Pabalan

    John paul Pabalan5 hours ago

    This is so good!

  9. sandro hinojosa vento

    sandro hinojosa vento6 hours ago

    It sounds like a fresh version of "Steal Away" of Robbie Dupree.

  10. Eva Axman

    Eva Axman7 hours ago

    I just found this band and I am obsessed! Thanks for brightening my day!

  11. Mr. Awesome

    Mr. Awesome8 hours ago

    What i play. When I get home from school

  12. Sherymar Asjali

    Sherymar Asjali9 hours ago

    here b4 1m

  13. Sweet Otaku

    Sweet Otaku9 hours ago

    Lol the Morning Announcements at school brought me here.

  14. Filip Christiansen

    Filip Christiansen11 hours ago

    I'm so glad i found these guys

  15. Artusic

    Artusic12 hours ago


  16. Piezzang Van Zyl

    Piezzang Van Zyl16 hours ago

    Liking this🔥🔥

  17. Clea Recio

    Clea Recio17 hours ago

    it's 2019 and 1 month left 2020 but, i'm still listening to this song. ❤

  18. daphy the alien

    daphy the alien17 hours ago

    Really needed this bcause exams are killing me rn

  19. aisyah.A

    aisyah.A19 hours ago


  20. wooopppss

    wooopppss19 hours ago

    Whattt is Hannah doing in a bop!!!

  21. Memeboi

    Memeboi19 hours ago

    I legit listen to this to releave my stress lmao

  22. Lane Dark Star

    Lane Dark Star22 hours ago

    Your music is soo good, Very aesthetic, love it! Greetings from Brazil~ (=`ェ´=)

  23. Blvckwarz

    Blvckwarz23 hours ago

    I love this

  24. Bek W

    Bek W23 hours ago

    Can we talk about the cute as background animation too though ❤️

  25. melea dunglao

    melea dunglaoDay ago

    Khalid vibe ❤❤❤

  26. DrasBH!

    DrasBH!Day ago

    *I'm actually here because I found Surfaces through Forrest Frank.*

  27. Karen Took The Kids

    Karen Took The KidsDay ago

    Everybody gangsta till Jake paul shows up at your job and why does the singer sound like khalid i-

  28. Mossy

    MossyDay ago

    Anytime I’m in a bad mood I put this on and I’m just ... happy

  29. Jine Butterfingers-

    Jine Butterfingers-Day ago

    Who came here thinking it's a *PUBG* video lmao..

  30. R A N D O M

    R A N D O MDay ago

    I was here at the beginning ;)

  31. towa dbz

    towa dbzDay ago

    A gacha life love story is the reason i discovered this booootiful song UwU

  32. Roshni Chiluka

    Roshni ChilukaDay ago

    I heard this song at Panera Bread the other day.

  33. Beybifu

    BeybifuDay ago

    Betül Değişen den gelenler

  34. NatPlayz

    NatPlayzDay ago

    I'm watching this on a sunday-

  35. Fakhry Ramadhan

    Fakhry RamadhanDay ago

    Cuma gua doang kali ya yang dari indonesia :)

  36. Pornchai Phisarnanukunkit

    Pornchai PhisarnanukunkitDay ago

    Okay ya'll i like, wait let me correct that, i love the surfaces songs and music becase of the positivity(like they said) not because of the aesthetic stuff. and also if your reading this.. i hope you are loved and everyone cares about you! Stay different ;p btw, i don't want likes, i just want people to be happy and get what they deserve <3

  37. ArTemis .G

    ArTemis .GDay ago

    Feeling good, like I should Went and took a walk around the neighbourhood Feeling blessed, never stressed Got that sunshine on my Sunday best Everyday can be a better day despite the challenge All you gotta do is leave it better than you found it It's gonna get difficult to stand but hold your balance I just say whatever 'cause there is no way around it cause Everyone falls down sometimes But you just gotta know it'll all be fine It's ok, uh-huh, uh It's okay, it's okay Feeling good, like I should Went and took a walk around the neighbourhood Feeling blessed, never stressed Got that sunshine on my Sunday best Somedays you wake up and nothing works you feel surrounded Gotta give your feet some gravity to get you grounded Keep good things inside your ears just like the waves and sound did And just say whatever 'cause there is no way around it E-E-Everyone falls down sometimes But you just gotta know it'll all be fine It's ok, uh-huh, uh It's okay, it's okay Feeling good, like I should Went and took a walk around the neighbourhood Feeling blessed, never stressed Got that sunshine on my Sunday best Feeling good, like I should Went and took a walk around the neighbourhood Feeling blessed, never stressed Got that sunshine on my Sunday best

  38. Hidden Gems

    Hidden GemsDay ago

    Your music is gold y'all - keep it flowin'!

  39. Hidden Gems

    Hidden GemsDay ago

    Vibey <3

  40. Bored Hooman

    Bored HoomanDay ago

    Yall came up on my discover weekly and I LOVED IT AND CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT

  41. Analeah Caballero

    Analeah CaballeroDay ago

    What’s the Japanese sample ? @SurfacesMusic

  42. Itan Maldonado

    Itan MaldonadoDay ago

    At the beginning i didn’t think this song would be that big till i heard it today at work😭😭 i was like WHAt haha

  43. aalkamo

    aalkamoDay ago


  44. Jp Couto

    Jp CoutoDay ago

    vsco girl

  45. tran tüte

    tran tüte2 days ago

    your music is a rare gem that wraps me up in warmth and love

  46. a s t r o p h i l e

    a s t r o p h i l e2 days ago

    im in love with your music :)

  47. Lost in time

    Lost in time2 days ago


  48. Alvi Febryadi

    Alvi Febryadi2 days ago

    this song made my day

  49. Isabella Anon

    Isabella Anon2 days ago

    So chill and smooth. :)

  50. Blaise Speece

    Blaise Speece2 days ago

    this is basically anti depressants

  51. Blaise Speece

    Blaise Speece2 days ago

    my favorite song

  52. Fahri Anang

    Fahri Anang2 days ago

    asian girl

  53. Ludmila Oliveira

    Ludmila Oliveira2 days ago

    garota de Ipanema????????

  54. k klin

    k klin2 days ago

    The best one yettt after sunday best and ocean breez been rooting u since 6k GODSPEED

  55. Rolly Basry

    Rolly Basry2 days ago

    Im so glad my friend doesnt know about this epic song

  56. princechingo

    princechingo2 days ago

    The whitest song in existence

  57. Sweet

    Sweet2 days ago

    Me and the bois celebrating raiding Area 51 1:23

  58. Ashley Ellis

    Ashley Ellis2 days ago

    This is so good! Good job guys!

  59. Ashley Ellis

    Ashley Ellis2 days ago

    Great song!

  60. Infinity verse

    Infinity verse2 days ago

    *im in love (」゚ロ゚)」♡*

  61. Stick Man

    Stick Man2 days ago

    This is like the family friendly version of neffex

  62. sødaf _

    sødaf _2 days ago

    I wish I could have listened to this last Friday, I had a really really -good- best day :)

  63. omg it’s envy

    omg it’s envy2 days ago

    0:50 ur welcome

  64. Neo

    Neo2 days ago

    Its always good to see these guys get more attention, I personally found out about them maybe a year ago from Forrest’s solo career, then he promoted this album from his social media and I thought why not. This and surf are amazing!


    PEGGY YOUNG2 days ago

    You guys are now my favorite artist

  66. Awkward Aesthetics

    Awkward Aesthetics2 days ago

    *oh no, im in love*

  67. xiahluver

    xiahluver3 days ago

    Wow. Just in ten seconds... whoot. Already a fan. 💜💜

  68. Sofia Martinez

    Sofia Martinez3 days ago

    imagine this: you’re driving in your white keep wrangler and the roof is off. you are with your best friend that has been with you since 1st grade. you guys are traveling to Hawaii and this song comes on. it would be a whole summer vibe bro.

  69. Jacor

    Jacor3 days ago

    It's Logan Paul and Jake Paul LMAO!!!

  70. the snufkin

    the snufkin3 days ago

    O começo parece "garota de Ipanema"

  71. Seok Beom John Jang

    Seok Beom John Jang3 days ago


  72. Gucci Flames

    Gucci Flames3 days ago

    This guys are so good🔥🔥🙏

  73. S A R A H

    S A R A H3 days ago


  74. nblaz

    nblaz3 days ago


  75. Wardog soldier

    Wardog soldier3 days ago

    Should have been in fifa 20

  76. María L. Maestre

    María L. Maestre3 days ago

    Song: 00:01 Me: I love this song

  77. rafael

    rafael3 days ago

    Who's here because of forrest?

  78. Mr_Clean_Abused_Me

    Mr_Clean_Abused_Me3 days ago


  79. pastel pockii

    pastel pockii3 days ago

    hands off, tiktok.

  80. afi alvaro fahrezi

    afi alvaro fahrezi3 days ago


  81. Minette Salingay

    Minette Salingay3 days ago

    This one's my first song of Surfaces 💙 my fave.

  82. Tristen

    Tristen3 days ago

    bro i love this song

  83. Tristen

    Tristen3 days ago

    y’all are way 2 underrated 😔🌞

  84. stranger finns

    stranger finns3 days ago

    i’ve made so many edits with this song you don’t know how happy i feel finding the full song 🥺 surfaces really out here with so much good songs

  85. RthkZy

    RthkZy4 days ago

    When the song makes you wanna dance every time you know you've done something right.

  86. Shinyumbreoncat

    Shinyumbreoncat4 days ago

    I just want to say you guys helped me through my freshmen year of highschool and its good to see you are still making amazing music.

  87. Laurence Morin

    Laurence Morin4 days ago

    Best music 💯

  88. Esor Riego

    Esor Riego4 days ago

    damn, i was here before 1M

  89. Angie Nimo

    Angie Nimo4 days ago

    this video is so aesthetically pleasing and the song is a bop

  90. Millena Lossurdo

    Millena Lossurdo4 days ago

    Lembra muito o MPB brasileiro !

  91. Kyle Man

    Kyle Man4 days ago


  92. Brady Andino

    Brady Andino4 days ago


  93. wakasito

    wakasito4 days ago


  94. LaShawnda Adegbile

    LaShawnda Adegbile4 days ago

    This was the first song of yours I was playing at one of my son's football games! I recorded it on my son thought I was taking pictures of him...I said sorry no I am recording this song! Keep jammin' fellas!

  95. LaShawnda Adegbile

    LaShawnda Adegbile4 days ago

    You guys are fantastic! I sure hope you keep moving up in the music world...more people need to hear these jams! I can't help but smile listening to your songs! Keep it up!

  96. Sarah Into

    Sarah Into4 days ago


  97. clanaaa

    clanaaa5 days ago

    Is the intro sampled from something? If so, what?

  98. - M.D.N -

    - M.D.N -5 days ago

    I don't know who this Hannah is , but I and my mother was at Old Navy when we heard this come on and loved it. Since then , I've been listening to it non stop.

  99. Julia Oliveira

    Julia Oliveira5 days ago

    nobody explica my love por yours musics hahaha ❤🇧🇷❤

  100. Jane Townend

    Jane Townend5 days ago

    Does anybody have uke chords?