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Adults React To Joker
Kids React To Lizzo
Adults React To Hot Ones
  1. xgamergurlxd

    xgamergurlxd4 minutes ago

    Omg little mix and twice 😍❤

  2. Beeotch

    Beeotch8 minutes ago

    Kyocera already made a dual screen phone and it was so bad lol.

  3. Mixermoo

    Mixermoo9 minutes ago


  4. Georgios N. Telas

    Georgios N. Telas11 minutes ago

    The greatest Smackdown moment was the mini Undertaker.

  5. Cathie Mills

    Cathie Mills12 minutes ago

    Yooo the way that one lady goes they must be one of those foreign groups lmaooo

  6. Astronaut Cricket

    Astronaut Cricket14 minutes ago

    I wish I could meet Lilly

  7. Charlie Does games and art

    Charlie Does games and art14 minutes ago

    Brandon’s hair

  8. Charlie Does games and art

    Charlie Does games and art16 minutes ago


  9. Hannah Boucher

    Hannah Boucher18 minutes ago

    Joaquin Phoenix does demented very well.

  10. Shimul Sharma

    Shimul Sharma22 minutes ago

    When will bts come?

  11. poppy top

    poppy top30 minutes ago

    Food tapping!? 🤪

  12. Cat lover

    Cat lover34 minutes ago


  13. farisya dania

    farisya dania35 minutes ago

    whatch decpacito 2 plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  14. hannah

    hannah38 minutes ago

    Omg carson? Is that yoU?

  15. Lilac Ghost

    Lilac Ghost53 minutes ago

    i h a t e n u n s , d u d e

  16. Marina Flores

    Marina Flores53 minutes ago

    Someone tell LLusion bout thissss

  17. BLANK

    BLANK56 minutes ago

    Caleb?! Nani

  18. _ faithful _

    _ faithful _56 minutes ago

    Sunflower BEST SONG 👌👌👌👌🤙🤙🤙👍👍👍

  19. Prajit Narayan

    Prajit Narayan57 minutes ago

    Comic vs reality I don’t know where joker is

  20. michael kula

    michael kulaHour ago

    Their older stuff was better

  21. Strahinja Ostojic

    Strahinja OstojicHour ago

    Do a PanterA reaction



    Pentagon is my UNIVERSE

  23. idontlikesuit

    idontlikesuitHour ago


  24. Victoria B.

    Victoria B.Hour ago

    This was so wholesome

  25. wishtofly510

    wishtofly510Hour ago

    FBE! This is so awesome, thanks for the representation!!!

  26. Fangirl 727

    Fangirl 727Hour ago


  27. DryEK

    DryEKHour ago

    yo when is carson streaming?

  28. that one

    that oneHour ago


  29. Xochilt Gonzalez-Salinas

    Xochilt Gonzalez-SalinasHour ago


  30. MoNnArK_69 1

    MoNnArK_69 1Hour ago

    ridiculous tik tok!!!!

  31. karri koira

    karri koiraHour ago

    Oh well imagine

  32. Aymen.B

    Aymen.BHour ago


  33. MeanieandBinwooalwayswin

    MeanieandBinwooalwayswinHour ago

    I got 7 points

  34. Callum Wittenbrink

    Callum WittenbrinkHour ago

    These are just diabetes on a plate

  35. Callum Wittenbrink

    Callum WittenbrinkHour ago

    Hawaain pizza was actually made in Canada

  36. Cloud A.

    Cloud A.Hour ago


  37. fishing with the boys

    fishing with the boysHour ago

    bro it the real carson and jawsh, did they break in?

  38. Malawava Poppye

    Malawava PoppyeHour ago

    Skksksks teddy fred

  39. Prashant Chauhan

    Prashant ChauhanHour ago

    Wait what...??? She is my wife.....they are married????

  40. Gigi F

    Gigi FHour ago

    that Andrew guy doesn't know what good lyrics are MELANIES LYRICS ARE FREAKING AMAZING OKAY? PERIODT.

  41. Lazar Logan

    Lazar LoganHour ago

    Miss bee is on this haha

  42. Aurelle D’Arcala

    Aurelle D’ArcalaHour ago

    8:31 the best of all

  43. Diego Diego

    Diego DiegoHour ago

    Dany ia the best

  44. leo messi

    leo messiHour ago


  45. bri :3

    bri :3Hour ago

    I love the Beetlejuice ones

  46. cortni montgomery

    cortni montgomeryHour ago

    I want Carlo's hoodie. I 💜 the Dolan Twins.

  47. TurTle Codilina

    TurTle CodilinaHour ago


  48. Weewoo Birdie

    Weewoo BirdieHour ago

    "Queen is just superior" You're goddamn right.

  49. Samuel

    SamuelHour ago

    Twilight saga????

  50. Shinobi Warriors

    Shinobi Warriors2 hours ago


  51. Mund Alba

    Mund Alba2 hours ago

    YUTODAAAAAA!!!!! 😍💖 Looking fine af damn

  52. Jason Graubard

    Jason Graubard2 hours ago

    Bostontiktok 😂😂😂

  53. Yuni yanwari

    Yuni yanwari2 hours ago


  54. Jipan Enterprises

    Jipan Enterprises2 hours ago

    I wish I could meet Lilly so bad

  55. Jason Graubard

    Jason Graubard2 hours ago

    I'm living for Danny's beetlejuice tik tok!!! Best one of the whole episode.

  56. Mia Carney

    Mia Carney2 hours ago

    I need izzy’s skincare routine bc her face looks flawless😩

  57. kamara ssakka

    kamara ssakka2 hours ago

    How do you watch tiktoks on a laptop?

  58. Selena King

    Selena King2 hours ago


  59. Mayymaa. Nci

    Mayymaa. Nci2 hours ago

    Her Voice 😍

  60. Akemi B.

    Akemi B.2 hours ago

    wow her nails are so pretty

  61. Lucy Gonzalez

    Lucy Gonzalez2 hours ago

    I will mess with the ice cream as much as I damn well please 😋🍨🌱

  62. Shameless Entertainment Media

    Shameless Entertainment Media2 hours ago

    Wish they would have shown the Hocus pocus trend

  63. Martin Fernandez

    Martin Fernandez2 hours ago

    "quieres ser libre?... Ya lo eres...!"

  64. Suman gupta

    Suman gupta2 hours ago

    BTS is Teen

  65. Kirstin Opal

    Kirstin Opal2 hours ago

    Okay but Danny CRUSHED that

  66. Rundown Goon

    Rundown Goon2 hours ago

    I work at kfc in Norfolk va them shits getting worrisome

  67. JT Allen

    JT Allen2 hours ago

    ………………..where are the "adults"?

  68. Squiggleeey

    Squiggleeey2 hours ago


  69. J Becky

    J Becky2 hours ago

    티파니!!! ㅎㅎㅎ귀요웡

  70. Claire Uy

    Claire Uy2 hours ago


  71. Ferenc Szaffenauer

    Ferenc Szaffenauer2 hours ago

    "Review" lmao. Jahns...

  72. Rebound oωo

    Rebound oωo2 hours ago

    s top

  73. Hà Vy Trần

    Hà Vy Trần3 hours ago

    You guy should see asia version 😉👌 uswork.info/videos/b2_P2aP9kPA-video.html

  74. TheOnlyMarioBro

    TheOnlyMarioBro3 hours ago

    The woman at 3:55 is literally me

  75. Kaefer1973

    Kaefer19733 hours ago

    We have had geese for over 30 years and only once we had a bunch figure out the locking lever of a gate. It's not unrealistic that that goose could open a gate, but it means it's extremely smart as far as geese go. The rest was simply fiction of course.

  76. BryceTheGamer

    BryceTheGamer3 hours ago

    Now Travis is doing stuff with ghostemane and $uicideboy$

  77. Frost Rusher

    Frost Rusher3 hours ago

    Women and men are both equally good just in different ways.

  78. jakob duarte

    jakob duarte3 hours ago

    i love hailey she has such a big heart ♥️

  79. Linda Serck

    Linda Serck3 hours ago

    The POOPET is NOT scarery (for me)

  80. King Fede M.

    King Fede M.3 hours ago

    Fun fact, italy colonized etiopia

  81. Predrag Knezevic

    Predrag Knezevic3 hours ago

    most viwed mvs in first 24 h plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  82. Sky Tube

    Sky Tube3 hours ago

    The Last one who did the devil one was 😂😂😂😄

  83. Ilhan Nur

    Ilhan Nur3 hours ago

    I want cake now 🥮🍰🎂🍮🍞

  84. Somber Stricken

    Somber Stricken3 hours ago

    That Betelgeuse one is just awful. The movie is my favorite movie of all time, but the musical is cheesy and the tik tok is just as bad if not worse.

  85. Lisa

    Lisa3 hours ago

    gabi is there yesss

  86. ELiaN /11010101011000101010

    ELiaN /110101010110001010103 hours ago

    0:39 : My reaction when I hear my neighbors playing this😂😂

  87. JazminE2918

    JazminE29183 hours ago

    FBE Crew: *Saying positive things about Lil- Lilly: HIIIIIIIII!!!🏃🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  88. S Tinker Malu

    S Tinker Malu3 hours ago

    Benji and Eric YESSS

  89. Reagan Morris

    Reagan Morris3 hours ago

    what an oddly specific fear tom “i hate nuns” 😂😂😂😂

  90. cheesy sups

    cheesy sups3 hours ago

    Aww he's so sweet.😍

  91. 1ight Walker

    1ight Walker3 hours ago

    “Idk if they boy or they girls...but they fine” best line of the video 😂

  92. BB Ayers

    BB Ayers3 hours ago

    BTS YESsssssss💜💜💜 and I'm almost positive Max has no soul and is a very dull boy.

  93. Mobile Topia

    Mobile Topia3 hours ago

    Who wacthing at 17 oct ?

  94. Mac Robinson

    Mac Robinson3 hours ago


  95. you call me fan you call me army

    you call me fan you call me army3 hours ago

    I swear i've never related more with Rollins than in this video. The ranking was meh.

  96. Janine Bandoles

    Janine Bandoles3 hours ago

    “They keep saying Hercules, Loretta!”

  97. IxMsHaKss AutoFNS

    IxMsHaKss AutoFNS4 hours ago

    ihate bts

  98. Hayden Roblox

    Hayden Roblox4 hours ago

    maddi winter hell yaaaaaa

  99. Nether Empress

    Nether Empress4 hours ago

    the elders have been educated in the ways of ytka

  100. Miles Fogleman

    Miles Fogleman4 hours ago

    at 6:05 why was that persons face painted as pennywise for the beetle juice song?