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He walked away from THIS?
  1. shorena kontchoshvili

    shorena kontchoshvili10 seconds ago

    Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY

  2. Alexgotnicebody

    Alexgotnicebody14 minutes ago

    Nice! Live in the US but I’m Brazilian! Great to see some of my people for once. Car is nuts.

  3. Harry Maier

    Harry Maier20 minutes ago

    1320 videos .... I watched your channel years ago, I'm from Argentina ... here from the 70s to 90s Ford used those 6 cyl engines, 221 cubic inches and 230-250 the Chevy. In cars and vans. Iron block. They have nothing to envy a 2jz. 1500-2000 hp with quite cheap turbos and metals and basic engineering! aspirated and with crossed cams rotate at 11 thousand rpm and have 700hp. And they sound fkn insane

  4. Sisu Power

    Sisu Power21 minute ago

    7.2 something for the Barra boys to aim for....

  5. Jeff Cochrane VK4XA

    Jeff Cochrane VK4XA36 minutes ago

    Wow! What an awesome class, thanks 1320 for showing us some of the racing in Brasil.

  6. Irvin Ruiz

    Irvin Ruiz57 minutes ago


  7. iiPainnz

    iiPainnzHour ago

    5:05 EV Peak torque at 0 rpms my guy

  8. Tony Aliano

    Tony AlianoHour ago

    Just imagine knowing you're the only person to ever hit 5s in Drag Week history. That shit is insane, props to Tom Bailey.

  9. Ronald Hendrix

    Ronald HendrixHour ago

    Speechless! So I purchased 2 of your shirts. You guys are the best!!

  10. _Mango_

    _Mango_Hour ago

    Omfg stop with the teslas, they will never be a true drag car or race car. Its just a boring electric family car

  11. Kstubb

    KstubbHour ago

    It’s just ridiculous how fast it is

  12. Johnny Wrench

    Johnny WrenchHour ago

    1320 once again for a kick ass video

  13. Ragnar-USA

    Ragnar-USAHour ago

    they're so addicted to racing they put tar under the shoes

  14. Fateh

    FatehHour ago

    All that sound only to get chopped by a car running on batteries 😂

  15. NECRO 666

    NECRO 666Hour ago

    Somebody took a wire brush to a paint job and your praising it LMFAO NOOB

  16. Ragnar-USA

    Ragnar-USAHour ago

    I had the pink Thunderbird , went to heaven and came back to warn everybody.

  17. Masashi Iino

    Masashi IinoHour ago

    It's so fast.....it can send me to another timeline.

  18. Ragnar-USA

    Ragnar-USAHour ago

    I love not seeing shit out of my window , the last time i checked my washer fluid was in 1993

  19. Joshua Mueller

    Joshua MuellerHour ago

    When i saw the intro i thought they were rotary. Am i the only one?

  20. Peter Cole

    Peter ColeHour ago

    Nothing on the planet sounds like an SMX..Congrats thats badass!!

  21. Eric Johnson

    Eric JohnsonHour ago

    That's a Nova here in the states with a 250 I6, there are some serious go fast parts for the 250 and 292's but they are not cost effective vs a V8 here in the states.

  22. lautaro mosquera

    lautaro mosquera2 hours ago

    Vamos viturro carajo

  23. Tighe Matthew

    Tighe Matthew2 hours ago

    2j killers 😀

  24. Andy Cocchia

    Andy Cocchia2 hours ago

    That is nothing short of astonishing. They sound amazing and perform incredibly well. The drivers are brave as hell to do wheelies and just keep going. Wow

  25. james Grant

    james Grant2 hours ago

    There called Monaro's in Australia 🇦🇺 not much difference

  26. mcgee mcgee

    mcgee mcgee2 hours ago

    id love to be an ear surgent in this place. where do i apply?

  27. Dova Clashes

    Dova Clashes2 hours ago

    No smile is bigger than foreigners who dont understand what you're saying 😂 Much love for BRAZIL! Killing the game over there and great people!! ❤

  28. Brett Brumley

    Brett Brumley2 hours ago

    I think i am in love with these cars , the people are awesome too!! Brasil drag racing is def on my bucket list

  29. Be Lit Stay Lit

    Be Lit Stay Lit2 hours ago

    Tesla is all torque. The rest rely on shifts

  30. Lawrence

    Lawrence2 hours ago

    These cars are mental, you are not expecting it to sound like that. But this class makes it a whole new experience to watch at

  31. 1FAT6

    1FAT62 hours ago

    I had no idea this even existed! Great Video Kyle!

  32. Ross Frankton

    Ross Frankton2 hours ago

    My passtime

  33. Atlas Integrations

    Atlas Integrations2 hours ago

    Super cool class of cars!!!

  34. bonus x

    bonus x2 hours ago

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  35. 1FAT6

    1FAT62 hours ago

    LOVE the sound of a turbo inline 6 at 7000+ RPM

  36. Branden Wright

    Branden Wright2 hours ago

    If you can afford it it's no big deal but it's good to buy a cheaper car and build it.

  37. Anyjuan

    Anyjuan2 hours ago

    They were so nice. Those cars sound amazing. Almost like they’re about to blow up. I need to learn more about how they make those engines!

  38. Christian Rios

    Christian Rios2 hours ago

    2020 supra

  39. Leonardo Benine

    Leonardo Benine2 hours ago

    Don't forget it guys. Those cars are steel body lol. Hugs from Brazil. Thanks 1320video for showing a little bit our drag race scenario. VAI BRASIL!!!

  40. Big Bear

    Big Bear3 hours ago

    Best running inline 6 ever.. need wheelie bars and then the numbers will drop.. 🐻🇺🇸

  41. Doug Cohen

    Doug Cohen3 hours ago

    Our stick shift American cars run alcohol and nitro?

  42. icykickflip

    icykickflip3 hours ago

    It was so satisfying watching that guy rip down the track just to lose to a car that didn't move i almost masturbated Chase is a race is the dumbest shit since Vanilla Chocolate

  43. An Phan

    An Phan3 hours ago

    what state and city yall in ?

  44. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill3 hours ago

    I love it when the only issue with your car is traction

  45. Rene Stanneveld

    Rene Stanneveld3 hours ago

    WTF is that Brazilian driving an OPEL KADETT MODEL D ?!!?!?

  46. Eternity

    Eternity3 hours ago

    So cool seeing old I6's throw down.

  47. Moon Hitsearth

    Moon Hitsearth3 hours ago

    Someone needs to bring these guys to drag week.

  48. Waleed Khalid

    Waleed Khalid3 hours ago

    Where is goonzquad viper

  49. icykickflip

    icykickflip3 hours ago

    "i think you're just gonna have to race people" "oooohh noooo" Seems the attitude over in that part lol

  50. icykickflip

    icykickflip3 hours ago


  51. RUBÉN Alfonzo

    RUBÉN Alfonzo3 hours ago

    Exelente 1320 los felicito desde Caracas, Venezuela

  52. Ashton God reaper sans

    Ashton God reaper sans3 hours ago

    I own the cars and I drive them

  53. Shit Box

    Shit Box3 hours ago

    Check out the Hot Campinas USwork channel, been watching these guys for a long time. 👍🏻

  54. icykickflip

    icykickflip3 hours ago


  55. roger d

    roger d3 hours ago

    the sound inside the car on 7.20.pass holy cow

  56. Franco Rimoldi

    Franco Rimoldi3 hours ago

    29:40 Mopar Or no Car.

  57. Vasko Chicago

    Vasko Chicago3 hours ago

    Thank you 1320 and thank you Brazil.

  58. jimz68

    jimz683 hours ago

    That was just awesome ! Horsepower is the universal language.

  59. Ragnar-USA

    Ragnar-USA3 hours ago

    Superior video !!

  60. Maikon Camargo

    Maikon Camargo3 hours ago


  61. Rafael Vieira

    Rafael Vieira3 hours ago

    Eu vivi ver os opalas na 1320, caraca! Straight six rules

  62. Gregory Timmons

    Gregory Timmons3 hours ago

    I freaking LOVE 1967 Chevelle Malibu SS! One of my favorite muscle cars and one i owned and hobbied for about 4 years. Until it had to go for a home purchase. Love the way they look and drive. The way they accept a big big block. A bit more attainable than a Hemi car. Even if just gathering parts to clone one.

  63. RapidFire Muzik™

    RapidFire Muzik™3 hours ago

    The shape of the Chev Opala reminds me ALOT of the Holden HK Monaro....idk why.... **looks at GM cars in 1968/69

  64. Murillo Santos

    Murillo Santos3 hours ago


  65. Frank Gonzalez

    Frank Gonzalez4 hours ago

    No mater what,nothing can beat the beautiful sound of a v8

  66. Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson4 hours ago

    Try it on 2x speed INSANE!

  67. Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen4 hours ago

    Sorry... sounds like shit.

  68. Rachmaniar Setya Putri

    Rachmaniar Setya Putri4 hours ago

    even they've language barrier, there's a drag fans from all over the world..

  69. gustavo brito

    gustavo brito4 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this video 1320

  70. Jickmady Kulkarnisteakbacon

    Jickmady Kulkarnisteakbacon4 hours ago

    Random apostrophe for the win!

  71. Cotton Hiker

    Cotton Hiker4 hours ago

    SO AWESOME!!!👏👍🏻🙏

  72. blooneyful

    blooneyful4 hours ago

    60 pounds of boost.......!!!!!!!!!

  73. Elivelton Caitano

    Elivelton Caitano4 hours ago

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 💪💪💪 Opala TT Velopark


    NWC SHREDDER4 hours ago

    The angriest straight sixes I've ever seen!

  75. John Klem

    John Klem4 hours ago

    6 in a row sure can go ! And i like how they drive and take care of their shit, if the pass goes bad they lift and don't try to show off.

  76. Dan Myers

    Dan Myers4 hours ago

    I don’t typically watch imports but I do respect what these guys are doing. Running 7.15 at over 230 MPH with a 1970’s stock block inline 6 in a small tire short wheelbase steel car with an H pattern manual is really impressive. Trying to manage the power and suspension in one of these things has to be really difficult. I may not know the cars but I know hot rodding and I tip my hat to these dudes. Obrigado!!

  77. Bruno Amaral

    Bruno Amaral4 hours ago

    Chevette AP do Brayan mandou Lembranças kkkkkkk

  78. Brad Butcher

    Brad Butcher4 hours ago

    Love the car, but Kyle's annoying ass wouldn't ride three miles with me.

  79. 'raf ael lopes

    'raf ael lopes4 hours ago

    de opalão e v8 a gente gosta!

  80. Pewy McPewerson

    Pewy McPewerson4 hours ago

    Man i love when language has no boundaries when it comes to racing. We all want 1 thing. To go fast! 👍🍻

  81. Sir Grumples

    Sir Grumples5 hours ago

    Holy shit, H-pattern nirvana

  82. Tim Z

    Tim Z5 hours ago

    Must be selling a Al pacino amount of cocalina to put 100 drag motors though that thing. And for the sons to LOL. Nice. Beastmode.

  83. Brad Butcher

    Brad Butcher5 hours ago

    Their politeness reminds me of some good ole southern men.i was around a lot.

  84. Stephen Alves

    Stephen Alves5 hours ago

    I want to know what that 2jz has in the Datsun

  85. Taylor Sharp

    Taylor Sharp5 hours ago

    WTF! That thing revs like a rotary!

  86. Lickhee Buchumnoi

    Lickhee Buchumnoi5 hours ago

    WOW SICK MODE... If they had Willy bars I think they would of had better times maybe 6’s

  87. Fabio Gutierres

    Fabio Gutierres5 hours ago

    Aqui é o Brasil

  88. Daniel Spencer

    Daniel Spencer5 hours ago

    imagine one of these at worldcup!!!!

  89. Cruzredeye

    Cruzredeye5 hours ago

    Thank you for bringing us these videos

  90. GordoWG1 WG1

    GordoWG1 WG15 hours ago

    Dang, those are fast, cool cars - quite the show! Op-E-l in Europe! :-) Seems to be a lot of Commodores and a few Kadettes? Looked like some of those were also re-badged (Aussie) Holdens, but hard to say as GM could be quite incestuous. WAY back in the day, there were a lot of six cylinder hot rods and drag cars - maybe a specific class, can't remember - with some exotic stuff like V8 heads cut up and welded to fit the six - but NOTHING close to that insanity :-D

  91. elitesoldier198

    elitesoldier1985 hours ago

    Anyone know the song at the 25 second mark?

  92. Maicol Vieira

    Maicol Vieira5 hours ago

    Greetings from Brazil.

  93. XOZ Industries

    XOZ Industries5 hours ago

    10 percent nitromethane? That's sick!

  94. elitesoldier198

    elitesoldier1985 hours ago

    Song please

  95. pro mod steve

    pro mod steve5 hours ago

    Great race. Love the vid.

  96. kurzah

    kurzah5 hours ago

    hahahahahahahah all the tiny dick faggots mad about their shitty ass muscle cars

  97. Patrick R

    Patrick R5 hours ago

    A nitro turbo car ....FINALLY!!!!

  98. Audierio Marinho

    Audierio Marinho5 hours ago

    Muito legal !!!

  99. father of2

    father of25 hours ago

    That let of in the last race were on orders.. he had him all the way!

  100. Fabio Zbonik

    Fabio Zbonik6 hours ago

    Always welcome to Brazil, I am Brazilian I live in Brazil and I have been enrolled in 1320channel for over a year, it was a pleasure to watch the Brazilian cars accelerating strongly, now I want to see the 4cc engine driving around 6 seconds, GOD SAVE THE AMERICAS !!!!!