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Meet Our Goats!

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Our New House Tour!
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We messed up

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Why YouTubers Hate Me
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2 years ago

  1. Daniela Gonzalez Hernandez

    Daniela Gonzalez Hernandez4 minutes ago

    I was wishing it was Portland Oregon

  2. Laura Rivers

    Laura Rivers12 minutes ago

    hello from idaho 😂😂

  3. quyansmity

    quyansmity13 minutes ago

    I literally just spit Powerade all over my computer from laughing so hard. Lol. This is so cringy!!!!

  4. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep15 minutes ago

    21:25.. GURL.

  5. Willow Ellis

    Willow Ellis22 minutes ago

    These two, have got to be the most untalented, annoying, spoiled, people ever. So how did you get popular on USwork? Him; I rode my boyfriends coat tails, and you, Miss? Oh I rode my annoying brothers fake Gucci slides all the way, to the bank. My parents also financially support me, because they don’t want me to come home. EVER. UPDATE***** When their five minutes of fame is up, they plan on auditioning for the live cast of Fievel goes West, at the local community center. Him as Fievel, her as Tiger.

  6. Alissa Self

    Alissa Self24 minutes ago

    Let’s go on vacation to the Fairmont!!! 😂❤️

  7. Olivia Parr

    Olivia Parr26 minutes ago

    “What would we do for vacation in Nebraska??” Bitch wtf would you do for vacation in Idaho???

  8. CherrieCupcakex

    CherrieCupcakex45 minutes ago

    Everytime I have rough day I just watch Ryland’s videos and instantly feel better

  9. MY Online REVIEW

    MY Online REVIEWHour ago

    He look straight dad

  10. Thats Nick

    Thats NickHour ago

    12:07 I laughed sooo hard shane talks like grandpa

  11. Neon Roses

    Neon RosesHour ago

    8:44 that moan tho.

  12. sweey

    sweeyHour ago

    the headboard bothers me the taco bell wraps are flip-flopped

  13. Sofia

    SofiaHour ago

    Americans "travelling"

  14. Stoic Trainee

    Stoic Trainee2 hours ago

    Now do one where you just live there for the rest of your life but on a world map

  15. Ashley C

    Ashley C2 hours ago

    I’m so jealous I’ve been buying make up my whole life and what I have can fit in my purse..except the two pallets I sprung for. Single mom life yaaay... 🥳

  16. Anastasia Stock

    Anastasia Stock2 hours ago


  17. misolou fout

    misolou fout2 hours ago

    I’m from Seattle but I live in Orange County now. The depression rate isn’t even in the top 10 worst states and Colorado is actually. 😂😂😂

  18. Erica Sterling

    Erica Sterling2 hours ago

    Did they cut Jeffree getting triggered about Ryland touching his teddy bear at 2:04?

  19. oops

    oops2 hours ago

    you should’ve gone to idaho there’s so much to do :(

  20. Erica Riley

    Erica Riley2 hours ago

    i’m only 9 minutes into this video & i love it so much.

  21. Erica Riley

    Erica Riley2 hours ago

    shane losing his shit because ryland is leaving. 🥺

  22. Press TheButton

    Press TheButton2 hours ago

    Aww man I'm close to where shane putted the dart,the canada one

  23. Tao Tao

    Tao Tao3 hours ago


  24. Sarah Lathen

    Sarah Lathen3 hours ago

    (Looks at hot sauce packet) Shane: Eww look at this one! This is a Tana one, see look what I did!!! Lmfao I died 🤣🤣💗

  25. ljgriffith11

    ljgriffith113 hours ago

    I hope you guys experience this weeks video I was once all sorts of pressured going with the waft on some thing like this however we ended up having so tons fun. I be aware of the authentic Video Concept for this was once by using Julien Solomita two Collin Duddy, Ive linked their channel in the description above

  26. Brit Brit

    Brit Brit3 hours ago

    Shane's behavior is me everyday my husband leaves for work.

  27. Jame Andy

    Jame Andy3 hours ago

    I hope you guys experience this weeks video I was once all sorts of pressured going with the waft on some thing like this however we ended up having so tons fun. I be aware of the authentic Video Concept for this was once by using Julien Solomita two Collin Duddy, Ive linked their channel in the description above

  28. Lauren Dralle

    Lauren Dralle3 hours ago

    I’ve never seen someone do that to the soda fizz, other than myself. I AM NOT ALONE!!

  29. Megan McConnell

    Megan McConnell4 hours ago

    this gave me deja vu from my trip to Seattle and we got the cheese box

  30. Ysiak

    Ysiak4 hours ago

    Video of shane proposing, But listen to the whole video before skipping to this 20:17

  31. Bagus HR

    Bagus HR4 hours ago

    I like how ryland and morgan content is like what shane content 5 years ago, feels nostalgic

  32. wirdo 310

    wirdo 3104 hours ago

    Why so many dislikes 😭

  33. Wellington Wells

    Wellington Wells4 hours ago

    Awww... I used to live in Seattle and I miss it every damn day. Hopefully I get to move back sooner than later.


    JT OMGLOL4 hours ago

    Shane please make videos come back to youtube.

  35. Yana Lovee

    Yana Lovee5 hours ago

    Shane with the umbrella omg I can’t 😂

  36. Mei Dan

    Mei Dan5 hours ago

    You gotta do a reservation there dudeee! Not just get invited. Just search up Taco Bell hotel and click the 1st link! They said they don’t accept any more reservations so ya

  37. Stitch_ FanGirl7

    Stitch_ FanGirl75 hours ago

    Come on ryland. We are still waiting for Tea in the G. Don’t think we forgot.

  38. Andre Keegan

    Andre Keegan5 hours ago

    Oh no. I used to live in Idaho🤣.

  39. Charlotte Johnson

    Charlotte Johnson5 hours ago

    Ryland looks so beautiful

  40. GeezNutz

    GeezNutz5 hours ago

    Is Shane wearing Gucci flip flops with socks on... absolute legend

  41. JP

    JP5 hours ago

    🤣 0:52 *smack* “When I met you, you prided yourself on saying that you never lie!” “..... THAT WAS A LIE”

  42. Anna_pdx_97

    Anna_pdx_976 hours ago

    Almost came to Portland

  43. Audrey B

    Audrey B6 hours ago

    Morgan is SO PRETTY!🥰🥰

  44. Mandy Oswald

    Mandy Oswald6 hours ago

    "Nightmare Before Christmas" "Corpse Bride" Same thing!

  45. amber eftekhari

    amber eftekhari6 hours ago

    As a someone who has always wanted to go to Seattle and literally wants to live there, this made me so happy that now ik where to go 😂😂

  46. It's Victoria

    It's Victoria6 hours ago

    Isn't Garrett the cutest thing ever? I'm actually in love


    JIMINIE_CRICKETS6 hours ago

    I live in Seattle fhdhhdhdch

  48. - Creep - Jninja

    - Creep - Jninja6 hours ago

    0:06 they playin gta 5

  49. VexedJarOnRude

    VexedJarOnRude6 hours ago

    I hope Shane thanked Ryland. :( Ryland is so sweet to just be sweet and loves Shane so so much

  50. Schuyler chandler

    Schuyler chandler6 hours ago

    As a local Washington sucks most of the time. But the sunset views are the best ever.

  51. Mathew Perez

    Mathew Perez6 hours ago

    9:26 imagine them taking the other dog and putting it into the kart

  52. Jenna H

    Jenna H7 hours ago

    *doesn’t know ryland and morgan were in Washington* *cries in Washingtonian* Also yes, Alkai beach makes you wanna cry

  53. Jose Rozea

    Jose Rozea7 hours ago

    *waffsicle has entered the chat*

  54. andrew scap

    andrew scap7 hours ago

    Lol this is what I do all the time.

  55. megan torres

    megan torres7 hours ago

    Everyone who thumbed down >:0 how dare you, it was thumbs up for Honey, Hunty

  56. Ondrea

    Ondrea7 hours ago

    I love how deep his voice is in this video lmao

  57. Meghna ABC

    Meghna ABC7 hours ago

    Shane is too precious

  58. Roy Tello-DeLa Rosa

    Roy Tello-DeLa Rosa7 hours ago

    that was so weird 27:59 ''HI ANDREW''

  59. victoria your mama

    victoria your mama7 hours ago

    7:34 shane's comment was fricking hilarious

  60. NotThatGreatAtAll

    NotThatGreatAtAll8 hours ago

    Come to Kansas

  61. Cannabis king

    Cannabis king8 hours ago

    Ryland! Please edge up your beard 🧔 it’s making me crazy!!!

  62. angie

    angie8 hours ago

    six months 🥺

  63. Sozo-teki_lexi

    Sozo-teki_lexi8 hours ago

    collab with joey's boyfriend daniel hes soo good at creating looks

  64. Jennifer Benitez

    Jennifer Benitez8 hours ago

    If you think the Space Needle's glass floor is scary, try the Skydeck at Willis Tower in Chicago ;))

  65. YouTube User

    YouTube User8 hours ago

    Woe they hated it. Lol. Great vid

  66. Beeza the Angel cat

    Beeza the Angel cat9 hours ago

    You see ryland his back is turned to you and your like damn girlllll, but then he turns around, your reaction?

  67. Grayrt Johnson

    Grayrt Johnson9 hours ago

    *When they hit Nebraska* Me:*from Nebraska* NEBRASKA YES!!!!!!!!!!! Them: Nebraska????

  68. Lana Bug

    Lana Bug9 hours ago

    13:04 Okay calm down.. (My favorite part)

  69. hehe_go_to_hell

    hehe_go_to_hell9 hours ago

    when ryland did the gucci hall all i focused on was morgan messing with cynthia 🤣

  70. LuvXEditZ

    LuvXEditZ9 hours ago

    “I had a shirt but...I lost it” I died 😂😂

  71. LuvXEditZ

    LuvXEditZ9 hours ago

    I felt hella poor when the new G wagon came in 😂

  72. Marissa Henderson

    Marissa Henderson9 hours ago

    I live in Idaho and i think it is an amazing state there are a lot more things to do here then anyone would think but i live in a small town and everything is about 30 or more minutes away but it is beautiful here

  73. ada banana

    ada banana9 hours ago


  74. Johnny Dee

    Johnny Dee9 hours ago

    Double edge razor are way more eco friendly.

  75. plkkmm ksjnensnnsns

    plkkmm ksjnensnnsns10 hours ago

    OK the naruto hoodie tho

  76. Miriam McCracken

    Miriam McCracken10 hours ago

    love the coffin shelf cool

  77. Anastasia Palacios

    Anastasia Palacios10 hours ago

    Andrew is so good looking. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  78. JAYL

    JAYL10 hours ago

    Video idea: person in front chooses flight

  79. Kaua Lopez

    Kaua Lopez11 hours ago

    3:05 When the teacher sees a roach on the floor

  80. Gachagirlfox

    Gachagirlfox11 hours ago

    My name is colleen and I wasn't paying attention and I heared my name and I was like how did he know I was watching 😂

  81. venus14

    venus1411 hours ago

    I think Ryan is sooo self assured n so unbothered in life that it gives a more self conscious n anxious Shane some stability.

  82. Jasmine kuwonu

    Jasmine kuwonu11 hours ago

    Yt knew I was sad so they put this is my recommendations

  83. Abderrahmane CHENAFI

    Abderrahmane CHENAFI11 hours ago

    Lie detector test on shane: 6 minutes Lie detector on Ryland: 14 minutes.. why

  84. Mandi Ray

    Mandi Ray11 hours ago

    The Winnie the Poo blanket though.❤️

  85. Mass Lass

    Mass Lass11 hours ago

    Gay guys travelling. This outta be good!

  86. Strawberry Slime

    Strawberry Slime11 hours ago

    Me: eating Cheetos whall I watch the cheeto clip

  87. Logan Me

    Logan Me12 hours ago

    I think that I’ve seen Shane in that shirt for about 5 videos in a row

  88. siviary13

    siviary1312 hours ago

    When his BF, her cousin AKA Shane, has earned the millions for them to do this... >.>

  89. Jenny Xin

    Jenny Xin12 hours ago

    I love Andrew’s laugh

  90. Jenny Xin

    Jenny Xin12 hours ago

    Is the pig that jumped on the Taco Bell float Shane?

  91. Ava Freeze-hrncirik

    Ava Freeze-hrncirik12 hours ago

    When ryland did the setting spray it all went right over his head

  92. foreversilent

    foreversilent12 hours ago

    "I know it's unhealthy, but if you die I'll kill myself. Also, side note, you have a booger in your nose''

  93. Doni Hill

    Doni Hill12 hours ago


  94. kata lina

    kata lina13 hours ago

    Aww i miss Shane

  95. OhMyVixen

    OhMyVixen13 hours ago

    I still die over Ryland picking his nose AND farting lol

  96. ayn ledina

    ayn ledina13 hours ago

    I'm crying I just want to get my parents something this special one day too :( <3

  97. Jaden Martinson

    Jaden Martinson13 hours ago

    You should’ve came to Colorado and visited me😢

  98. Megan fox

    Megan fox13 hours ago

    Bruhhhh I just re clicked on this video and saw I accidentally disliked it in the past 😂😂 sorry fam

  99. ayn ledina

    ayn ledina13 hours ago

    I really genuinely love and appreciate and respect Ryland and Shane even more for never treating Andrew as just their employee but as family and as a colleague. <3

  100. Nina Mercado

    Nina Mercado13 hours ago

    I still can’t get over “I’m gonna lose my apples”